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Climate Change May Be Getting Americans To Exercise More: Here’s How

The increasingly warmer temperatures might inspire Americans to be more physically active and spend time outside. A new study finds there is a link between global warming and increased outdoor exercise as the only positive outcome of climate change.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2017

Running Is Socially Contagious: Posting About Exercise On Social Media Can Influence Friends

When you run more, chances are high that your friends will run more, too. A new global study revealed that running is socially contagious and can influence your peers in a social network.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 20, 2017

Cosmopolitan Comes Under Fire For Weight Loss Feature On Cancer Patient

A weight loss article published by Cosmopolitan magazine has drawn the flak of readers. The real secret of reducing weight 'without a single session at the gym' turned out to be the case of a woman having lost weight because of cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 12, 2017

Stay On The Grind: New Report Urges Pregnant Women To Keep Exercising

A new viewpoint in the journal JAMA recommends exercising to pregnant women. It highlights benefits both for the mother and the developing fetus, contrary to traditional advice that expectant mothers should rest.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 22, 2017

Could Whole-Body Vibration Replace Regular Exercise? Study Says Yes

New research has suggested that whole-body vibration has similar health benefits to exercising. The study was carried out on mice, and could significantly impact obesity rates in humans.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 17, 2017

What Is Interval Training? Benefits, Risks, And How To Do Short Bursts Of Exercise

High-intensity interval training emerges in a new study as as key anti-aging strategy. Here are tips to perform interval training, potential risks and reminders, and a sample workout.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 13, 2017

Here’s How Interval Training Can Stop Aging In Its Tracks

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is seen to help slow the aging process. In a new study, it appears to lead cells into creating more proteins to feed their energy-producing mitochondria.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 8, 2017

Study Shows Exercise Provides Relief Against Cancer-Related Fatigue

Exercise has always been good for the health. Now, researchers are saying it’s also more effective at providing patients with relief against cancer-related fatigue compared with medication.

Public Health March 3, 2017

Exercise Reduces Impact Of Obesity On Heart Disease Among Elderly

A new study suggests physical activity may reduce the impact of obesity on heart disease among middle-aged and elderly adults. Researchers recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity for a healthy heart.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 2, 2017

Intense Physical Exercise May Reduce Men's Libido: Other Factors Than Can Lower Sex Drive

Strenuous physical exercise was linked to lower libido in men. Other factors that can lower sex drive include certain medications, alcohol and drugs, sleep problems and depression.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 27, 2017

Your Fitness Regimen Could Be Killing Your Sex Life: Study

Researchers from UNC in Chapel Hill have found that men with more strenuous exercise routines had a lower libido than those with lighter workouts. What could account for this link between male exercise and libido?

Healthy Living/Wellness February 24, 2017

Intense Stair Climbing Can Improve Your Fitness: Study

Couch potatoes now have no excuse to forego exercise. A new study suggests brief but intense stair climbing, which can be done anywhere, is just as good for the heart as structured physical activities.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 8, 2017

Exercise Not A Key Factor In Weight Control: Study

New research carried out in five different countries, among which the United States, suggests that weight gain may not be influenced by the overall physical activity. According to the study, diet could be more important.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 7, 2017

Sitting Too Much Makes Women Age Faster: Counter Accelerated Aging With These 5 Tips

A new study reveals too much sitting can speed up the aging process for women, but adds that it’s possible to slow it down through regular exercise and daily physical activity.

Public Health January 24, 2017

Weekend Exercise May Be Enough To Lower Death Risk From Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Says Study

‘Weekend warriors’ enjoy health benefits despite just engaging in physical activity once or twice in a week. According to researchers, that much exercise is enough to lower death risks associated with cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Public Health January 11, 2017

Your Apple Watch Will Challenge You To Work Out As The New Year Rolls In: What Happens If You Achieve Your Goals?

Apple Watch owners may have already received a notification for the Ring in the New Year Challenge. What can users get if they are able to achieve the goals put forward by the activity?

Apple December 29, 2016

Burning More Fat But Less Glucose Could Lead To Diabetes, Says Study

There really is a right time for everything. Burning more fat but less glucose offers energy benefits, but researchers have also found that it can lead to higher chances of diabetes developing depending on when exercise is carried out.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 27, 2016

Heavy Exercise When Angry Increases Risk For Deadly Heart Attack

Hard workouts and anger can be a deadly combination. People who engage in heavy exercise while emotionally upset up their risk for deadly heart attack.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 10, 2016

Exercise Can Help Seniors Recover Quickly From Disability

Older adults who regularly engage in physical exercise, especially walking, are most likely to recover quickly from a disability, a new study suggests. Researchers say it is not too late for seniors to begin exercising.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 27, 2016

CrossFit Enthusiasts Need Rest Day In Between Workouts To Avoid Impairing Immune System

CrossFit enthusiasts especially beginners and those recovering from illness should take a break after two consecutive days of intense workout. Otherwise, they risk impairing their immune system.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 26, 2016

31 Million Older Americans Do Not Exercise Enough: CDC

One in every four American adults aged 50 and above do not get enough exercise, a new CDC study suggests. Doing so puts them at risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and cancer, researchers said.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 17, 2016

How To Save Money? Exercise Regularly

Indulging in regular physical activity helps people save not only their health but also money. Heart disease patients who performed recommended levels of weekly exercise saved up to $2,500 more than their inactive counterparts.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 9, 2016

Lack Of Exercise, Sedentary Behavior Cost The World 5 Million Lives And $67.5 Billion Every Year

Physical inactivity costs the world $67.5 billion annually in healthcare expenses and also accounts for 5 million deaths every year. Findings suggest that lack of exercise is an economic burden but could also be the key in lowering chronic diseases.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 28, 2016

Sports Helps Protect Teen Athletes From Heroin And Opioid Addiction

Sports is a protective factor that can steer young athletes away from getting addicted to prescription drugs. How do sports help against heroin and opioid addiction?

Healthy Living/Wellness July 26, 2016

Hot Bath Shares Similar Health Benefits With Exercise

You can get the benefits of exercise with a long, hot bath. A new study suggests that soaking in toasty waters can burn a lot of calories and keep blood sugar levels within normal range.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 22, 2016

Cycling May Help Lower Risk For Type 2 Diabetes: Study

Riding a bike to work or cycling for fun could help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests. Researchers say it is not too late to pick up the habit.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 13, 2016

Exercise May Improve Stress-Related Memory Problems In Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer survivors may benefit from engaging in physical activities. Exercise may help improve their memory problems related to stress.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 10, 2016

Exercise Helps Children Learn, Make Better Grades In School: Experts

Play and exercise improve learning and boost brain power in school kids. An international panel of experts says time-out exercise or physical activities in school can help improve academic performance, promote core values and develop important life skills.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2016

How To Remember Better: Working Out Four Hours After Studying May Help You Improve Your Memory

Do you have trouble remembering information, especially new ones? New research suggests that to improve one’s rusty memory, you may want to hit the gym four hours after learning or studying.

Neuroscience June 17, 2016

Just 15 Minutes Of Exercise May Extend Life Span

In a new French study, just 15 minutes of physical fitness in elderly individuals translated to reduced mortality risk. Who says low exercise levels are useless?

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2016

Midlife Fitness May Help Lower Stroke Risk Later In Life

The fitter you are in midlife, the more likely you are to fight stroke beyond age 65, a new study found. Find out how this new research discovered exercise benefits on cardiovascular health.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 10, 2016

Get Paid To Exercise And Follow A Diet Plan With Pact: Here Are The Details

A fitness-oriented app dubbed 'Pact' enables users to earn money for meeting their exercise and diet goals. We give you a lowdown on what the Pact app offers.

Apps/Software June 7, 2016

Engaging In Physical Activity May Lower Risk For 13 Cancers

Individuals who have an active lifestyle are less likely to develop 13 cancers. Having at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week already shows significant results.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 17, 2016

Turn Your Trampoline Into An Outdoor Interactive Gaming System With Tgoma

Springfree Trampoline with tgoma transforms into an outdoor gaming system that provides fun exercise for the entire family.

Video Games May 9, 2016

New Fitness App Sweatcoin Rewards You For Getting In Shape

While other fitness apps rely heavily on information reported by users, Sweatcoin cross-checks activity and location data to verify steps taken.

Apps/Software May 5, 2016

Positive Effects Of Walking, Cycling In Cities Such As London Outweigh Harms Caused By Air Pollution

Cycling or walking around in cities with high levels of air pollution still has benefits that outweigh the harm, a new study revealed. However, this is no excuse for complacency, researchers said.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 5, 2016

What Is Interval Training? Everything You Need To Know

Engaging in interval-based workouts can provide the same health benefits as tradition methods of exercise, a new study says. People who want to jazz up their regular exercise may want to incorporate short bursts of high-intensity activities to help them burn more calories and improve their cardiovascular fitness.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2016

A Minute Of All-Out Exercise May Be Good Enough

Can’t find the time to work out? A new study revealed that a minute of all-out exercise may be good enough.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 28, 2016

Regular Exercise May Improve Survival Rate In Prostate Cancer Patients

Exercise plays a major role in reducing the risk of death from prostate cancer. Maintaining a regular exercise regimen before and after diagnosis may improve the odds of prostate cancer survival.

LIFE April 21, 2016

DNA-Matched Workout Thrice More Effective Than Regular Training

A new study reveals perhaps the solution to not giving up gym. The answer is right in a person’s DNA.

LIFE April 20, 2016

Activity Icons In Food Packaging Could Carry Details Needed For Exercise

Health experts in the United Kingdom have suggested putting up special activity icons on food labels, indicating the time needed to burn off extra calories. The icons should be simple and comprehensible, they said.

LIFE April 9, 2016

Living In Active Neighborhood Can Make You Exercise More

Activity-friendly neighborhoods can help promote physical activity among its residents. Those living in these areas had 90 minutes of activity per week.

LIFE April 6, 2016

Exercise May Slow Down Brain Aging By 10 Years: Study

A study has found that regular exercise ranging from moderate to intense can help slow down brain aging by up to 10 years. Participants who had regular exercise in the span of five years had slower brain decline and better cognitive test results.

LIFE March 26, 2016

High-Intensity Sprint Training May Do More Harm Than Good If You're Not An Athlete, Experts Warn

High-intensity sprint training is good for seasoned athletes but may cause more harm for untrained individuals. This type of training may increase performance but is not considered healthy.

LIFE March 26, 2016

New Equation More Accurately Predicts Calories Burned By Walking

Standardized equations that track calories burned by walking are relatively inaccurate. The SMU equation, however, is up to four times more accurate as it factored in different sizes of walkers and used data from a larger database.

LIFE March 21, 2016

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