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Great American Eclipse: Google And UC Berkeley Teaming Up For A 90-Minute Movie Of The Celestial Event

Scientists at UC Berkeley have teamed up with Google to create a 90-minute movie of the total solar eclipse in August. The movie will be made of pictures taken by amateur astronomers.


Google Cracks Down On Huge Android Malware Campaign, Kicking More Than 40 Apps Off Play Store

Security firm Check Point has discovered what could be the largest Android malware campaign to ever plague the Play Store. Google has already removed more than 40 apps that contained an ad-clicking function.

Apps/Software May 26, 2017

Apple App Store Publishers Reach $1 Million Milestone Twice As Often As Google Play Developers

There were more publishers who hit $1 million in revenue on the App Store than on Google Play last year. The numbers highlight the Apple’s lead in monetization, but Google isn’t performing too bad either.

Apps/Software May 24, 2017

Google Can Now See If Online Ads Lead To Offline Purchases

Google is already able to track different habits as it relates to online activity. Its newest feature, though, will allow advertisers to see if online campaigns lead to offline sales.

Google May 24, 2017

Google Will Track Your Offline Shopping Sprees To Help Advertisers

Google wants to bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds by tracking people's offline shopping sprees as well. The company will pair online ad clicks with physical retail store purchases to give advertisers better insight.

Internet May 24, 2017

Google Adds Family Sharing Options To Photos, Calendar, Keep And YouTube TV

Google has new family sharing options in place to bring families closer together in the digital world. Families of up to six members can now share Google Photos, Calendar, Keep and YouTube TV content, so here's how it works.

Google May 24, 2017

Jamboard Is Google's 4K Whiteboard For Collaboration, And It's Now Available For $4,999

Google just put its Jamboard collaborative touchscreen display up for sale, now retailing for $4,999 excluding support costs. Though its future is uncertain, Jamboard certainly holds appeal for both business and creative sectors.

Gadgets May 23, 2017

Google's AlphaGo AI Defeats World's Top Go Player

With every passing day, AI is becoming more of a reality. It took another step in that direction, with Google's AlphaGo AI defeating the world's top Go player.

Google May 23, 2017

The EU's Yearslong Antitrust Case May Finally Be Reaching The End

It has been years since the European Union began its antitrust case against Google. Now, according to the EU, the end of the case may be within sight.

Business Tech May 23, 2017

No, Android Go Isn't A New Android Version: Google Clarifies It's Just A Configuration

There’s so many Android versions littered around popular narrative that it’s often easy to get confused, especially now that Google has come out with a new one called Android Go. Fortunately, the company has now clarified what it is exactly.

Apps/Software May 22, 2017

New Google Play Services Feature Will Allow You To Pause Updates: How Will This Benefit Android O Users?

A new feature for Google Play Services that is currently being tested will allow Android device users to pause over-the-air updates. The feature is expected to widely roll out alongside the public release of Android O.

Google May 21, 2017

Here's Why You Should Install Google Assistant On Your iPhone - And Why You Should Keep Siri Too

Google Assistant is now available to iPhone users everywhere, and there are plenty of reasons why you should install her. That said, it's not exactly a Siri replacement, though.

Apps/Software May 20, 2017

2017 Google Play Awards: Here Are The Winners Of The Best Android App Categories

Google just unveiled this year’s Google Play Awards winner, with Memrise taking the Best App award, and 'Transformers: Forged to Fight' taking the Best Game Award. Take a look at the winners in each category.

Apps/Software May 20, 2017

Forget About Amazon Echo, Google Home Just Got Massive Updates And It's More Powerful Than Ever [Video]

Google Home is turning into a true productivity powerhouse with the latest updates announced at Google I/O. Amazon Echo now has a truly fierce competitor, so here’s all you need to know about the latest Google Home power features.

Gadgets May 19, 2017

Google's New Tool Seurat Lets Mobile Devices Render High-Quality Scenes: 'Star Wars' Gets The First Taste

Google, together with ILMxLAB, just demoed a tool called Seurat that enables mobile hardware to run intensive 3D scenes in real-time, which normally take hours to render. Plans for Seurat are unclear, but it could be crucial for Daydream.

Apps/Software May 19, 2017

Asus Zenfone AR Will Arrive This Summer On Verizon: What Does The Google Project Tango Smartphone Offer?

The Asus Zenfone AR will arrive in the United States in the summer, with Verizon the only carrier that will be selling the smartphone. The device is the first one that will support both Google's Project Tango and Daydream platforms.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 19, 2017

Google Debuts Newest Feature Of Its Search Engine: Google For Jobs

Among a slew of announcements and updates at Google I/O is the initiative called Google for Jobs. How does it work to make job hunting easier?

Google May 19, 2017

Could New Shared Libraries Feature In Google Photos Bring Privacy Issues?

Google has updated its popular picture app with some new sharing features. Could the new Google Photos have some privacy issues though?

Google May 19, 2017

Google I/O 2017 Biggest Takeaways: Android O, Android Go, Daydream VR, Assistant, Photos, And Home

Google kicked off its I/O 2017 conference strong, announcing how Assistant, Daydream VR, Photos, Home, Android O, and Android Go will be moving forward.

Google May 19, 2017

Google Wants To Save You Time From Typing Out Email Replies With Gmail's Smart Reply

Google has now made the Smart Reply feature available on Gmail for iOS and Android. The feature saves you time by giving out auto-generated one-tap responses to be used in certain emails.

Apps/Software May 19, 2017

Android Go Is Google's Second Attempt At Budget Phones After Android One

Google has officially announced Android Go, the spiritual successor to Android One. Coming in 2018, Android One is a platform able to run on smartphones with midrange-level specs, specifically geared toward developing markets.

Apps/Software May 18, 2017

Google Photos Gets Beefed Up With Photo Books, Sharing Features, And More: Time To Ditch iOS Photos?

Google just announced a few changes that will make Google Photos even better in terms of sharing photos. With its new features in two, Google Photos makes a great case convincing you to ditch iOS Photos altogether.

Apps/Software May 18, 2017

Say Goodbye To Those Weird Android Emoji Blobs: Google Will Introduce Redesigned Emojis In Android O

After being introduced in Android 4.4 KitKat, the weird emoji blobs of the mobile operating system will finally be replaced in Android O. The biggest change that Google made is the shape, which will become circular like most emojis.

Google May 18, 2017

Google Releases Android O Beta: What Can You Expect From The Updated Mobile OS?

Google launched the public beta of Android O at the annual Google I/O developer conference. Here are some of the new features that users can expect from the new operating system and how they can install the beta version.

Google May 18, 2017

Google Announces Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

At Google I/O the company announced its latest innovation in virtual reality. The company's standalone Daydream headsets will free users from their smartphones.

Wearable Tech May 18, 2017

Google Daydream VR Phone Lineup To Expand With Samsung Galaxy S8 And LG's Next Flagship

During Google's I/O 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus and LG's next flagship have been confirmed to get Daydream VR support soon.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 17, 2017

Google I/O 2017 Starts This Week, What Can You Expect To See?

Google's annual developer conference starts this week, where it will unveil its plans for the next fiscal year. What are some things that could be seen at Google I/O 2017?

Google May 17, 2017

Google Pixel Still Highest-Rated Smartphone Camera As Samsung Galaxy S8 Falls Short

The Google Pixel’s camera is better than the Samsung Galaxy S8’s, or at least that’s according to DxOMark’s recent review of the device. Here’s how Samsung’s flagship fared in the camera department.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 16, 2017

Audi And Volvo To Feature Next Generation Of Google's Android Auto In Newest Cars

With Google I/O around the corner, the company continues to search for partners to make a car running entirely on Android. Thanks to Volvo and Audi, it may have just taken the next step.

Car Tech May 16, 2017

Uber Ordered To Return 'Pilfered' Self-Driving Car Files To Waymo

Uber must return stolen files to Waymo by the end of the month, as ordered by Judge William Alsup, who also says that the company knew or must have known about the stolen documents. Here’s everything you need to know.

Business Tech May 15, 2017

Google Assistant To Share In Siri's iPhone Space As iOS Version Reportedly In Tow

Google will reportedly bring its Assistant over to iOS, possibly under a chat-style interface similar to Allo. If true, it could share a space with Siri, and eventually threaten it, too.

Apps/Software May 15, 2017

A Look At Lidar, The 54-Year Old Technology Fueling Google And Uber's Self-Driving Ambitions

Google and Uber went to court over a half-century-old technology known as lidar. Here's a lowdown on lidar and how it affects the self-driving car industry.

Car Tech May 15, 2017

Google I/O 2017: What To Expect And How To Watch The Event's Live Stream

Google’s I/O 2017 developer conference is almost upon us, in which Google is set to unveil products it’s working on. Here’s what to expect at the conference, and here’s how to watch even if you can’t attend.

Google May 15, 2017

Google Plans To Solve Android's Biggest Problem With Project Treble For Android O: What's It All About?

Google has unveiled Project Treble, which will be rolled out alongside the next major version of the Android mobile operating system, Android O. What is it all about, and how will it help solve Android's biggest problem?

Google May 13, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Concept Envisions Sleek All-Screen Design, Dual Cameras Front And Back [Video]

A neat new concept video surfaced, envisioning what the Google Pixel 2 could look like. The concept design shows an all-screen smartphone with dual cameras both front and back, set to complement the powerful specs rumored so far.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 12, 2017

Uber Could Face Criminal Prosecution For Allegedly Stealing Waymo Secrets: No Private Arbitration, Says Judge

Presiding over Waymo's case against Uber, Judge William Alsup denied Uber's motion for private arbitration to avoid trial. Moreover, the judge referred the case to the U.S. Attorney, so Uber could face criminal prosecution.

Business Tech May 12, 2017

Google Allo Can Now Transform Your Selfies Into Stickers And You've To Thank Neural Networks For It

Allo, Google’s messaging app, can now generate stickers based on your selfies. Here’s how it manages to do so with the help of neural networks and talented illustrators.

Apps/Software May 12, 2017

Google Taimen With Snapdragon 835, 4 GB RAM, Android O Shows Up On Geekbench But What Is It Really?

One of the three rumored flagships Google will release this year has now showed up on a Geekbench listing, giving us a look at some of its purported specs. But what exactly is Taimen?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 12, 2017

Google Acquires Successful VR Game Studio Behind 'Job Simulator' And 'Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality'

Google has purchased Owlchemy Labs, the studio behind popular VR titles such as 'Job Simulator' and 'Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.' How will Google's Daydream platform benefit from the acquisition?

Google May 11, 2017

Google Upgrades Chrome For Android To Make Offline Reading Much Easier: What's New?

Google added an offline download option to Chrome for Android last year and it proved widely popular, with more than 45 million webpages downloaded each week. The company has now upgraded the experience, adding new features to improve offline reading.

Apps/Software May 9, 2017

Google Working On A Brand New Smartphone OS Called Fuchsia

Google is reportedly working on a new operating system for smartphones dubbed Fuchsia. The details pertaining to the UI of the OS have leaked and it is reportedly called Armadillo.

Google May 9, 2017

Beta Testers To Get Android O Soon As Google Ends Android Nougat Beta

Google has finally concluded the Android Nougat Beta Program to make way for Android O. Here’s when you might get it, along with some features it’ll bring to the table.

Apps/Software May 7, 2017

San Bernardino Shooting Victims' Family Members Sue Tech Companies: Here's Why

Families of San Bernardino shooting victims filed a lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They accused the tech companies of providing "material support" to the Islamic State to spread its extremist views.

Internet May 5, 2017

Uber's Self-Driving Venture Might Live On As Judge Says Waymo Has No 'Smoking Gun'

The plot embroiling Google’s Waymo and Uber in a trade secret theft case thickens. A judge has now said there’s no 'smoking gun' evidence suggesting that Uber had actually used documents Anthony Levandowski stole from Waymo.

Business Tech May 4, 2017

Sophisticated Google Docs Phishing Attack Looks Legit: Here's What To Do If You're A Victim

A sophisticated phishing scam, sent through Gmail and mimicking Google Docs, likely victimized thousands of users. If you are one of them, here is what you should do to protect your Google account and information.

Google May 4, 2017

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