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Google Maps Is Now Wheelchair-Friendly: Here’s How To Find Wheelchair Accessible Routes

Google Maps now accommodates people with disabilities by adding the ability to see which routes are wheelchair accessible. It’s rolling out initially to several cities with busy transits and large city centers.

Apps/Software March 17, 2018

Google Opens Up Its Maps Platform So More Developers Can Make Real-World Games Like ‘Pokémon GO’

The next best location-based game after ‘Pokémon GO’ may finally be coming. Google has now opened up its Maps platform to developers and is launching a special software development kit for good measure.

Google March 15, 2018

It's Mario Time: Google Maps Adds Super Mario Kart To Navigation

Google and Nintendo joined forces for Mario Day on March 10 and Mario is now part of Google Maps. Mario Time will last for a week and will allow users to ride with Mario everywhere.

Apps/Software March 10, 2018

Google Maps For iOS Gets New Update With Real-Time Transit Info And More

A new update for the Google Maps iOS app adds new features including real-time transit information and more. This brings the iOS app on par with its Android counterpart, as Google Maps for Android got these features last year.

Apps/Software February 18, 2018

Google Maps Go Beta Now Open For All: What Does It Bring?

The Google Maps Go beta expanded its availability to more markets including the United States. The app is now available for download, so here's what it brings.

Apps/Software February 9, 2018

Google Refutes Claims Of China-Optimized Maps Version, Confirms App Not Available

A Nikkei report claimed that a Chinese-optimized Google Maps app launched on iOS, which Google refuted. According to Google, nothing has changed and no Maps app is available in China.

Google January 17, 2018

After 8-Year Absence, Google Maps Relaunches In China: Report

Google has entered China once again through its Google Maps app. The search company has released a modified version of the app specifically tailored to the Chinese market, marking yet another inroad toward the country.

Google January 16, 2018

Google Might Be Selling Off Yelp Competitor Zagat: Does It Even Ring A Bell?

Google is selling yet another one of its previous acquisitions. This time it’s Zagat, a restaurant listing and review service it purchased back in 2011.

Business Tech January 4, 2018

New Jersey Town Fines Drivers To Fight Google Maps And Waze Traffic

A town in New Jersey is fighting back against the influx of drivers due to Google Maps and Waze. Drivers from outside of the town will face a serious fine if they're caught driving in it.

Google December 28, 2017

Google Maps Will Nudge You If It’s Time To Get Off The Bus Or Train

Never miss your bus or train stop again with the help of Google Maps. You can daydream away as you commute, and Google Maps will tell you if you’ve reached your destination.

Apps/Software December 17, 2017

Google Maps Revamped With A New Color Coding System To Better Highlight Points Of Interest

Google Maps looks way nicer now, plus less confusing thanks to a much-needed visual revamp. A smattering of icons and color schemes are headed over the next few months to make traveling, driving, and transit better.

Apps/Software November 16, 2017

Google Will Help You Avoid Thanksgiving Traffic: Check Out The Mapping Thanksgiving Page

Google Maps and Google News Lab teamed up to create the Mapping Thanksgiving page, which includes a tool to help families avoid Thanksgiving traffic. The page also includes some interesting information on what users search for during the holiday.

Google November 15, 2017

Google Wants Its Upgraded Street View Cameras To Index The Whole World Using Machine Learning

Google has upgraded its Street View cameras to see the world better. It will feed such photos to its machine learning technology as a way to index the world and provide better, more nuanced location info.

Google September 6, 2017

Updated Google Maps App Now Helps You Find Parking Spots, But Only In A Handful Of Cities

Google Maps for Android has now been updated to include more cities in the parking difficulty feature. It can now also display all available parking spots in a given area.

Apps/Software August 30, 2017

Apple Taps Freelancers To Help Improve Accuracy Of Apple Maps: Can It Catch Up To Google Maps?

In France, Apple has turned to freelancers to help improve the accuracy of Apple Maps. Apple is looking to make the mapping service a better competitor to Google Maps, and now has both drones and humans working for the cause.

Apple June 3, 2017

Did Amazon, Google Maps Disappear From Your Apple Watch? You're Not Alone

Several apps have quietly removed support for the Apple Watch. Without any official announcements, no one knows if the disappearances are permanent or not.

Wearable Tech May 2, 2017

Google Map Maker Officially Shuts Down, Some Features Integrated Into Google Maps

Google shut down its Map Maker on March 31 and many key features are integrated into Google Maps. The company would strive to incorporate minor features of Google Map Maker into Google Maps in the near term.

Google April 3, 2017

Google Maps 'Save Your Parking' Beta Feature Removed After Testing, But Maybe It's Not Gone For Good

Google started testing a neat 'Save Your Parking' feature with a recent Google Maps beta, aiming to help users locate their car faster. After just 10 days of testing, however, the feature has been removed.

Apps/Software March 30, 2017

Google Maps Will Soon Allow Users To Temporarily Share Their Real-Time Location

Google Maps will soon receive a feature that will allow users to share their real-time location with others. The feature will be a very useful one due to its potential applications, but it also raises certain concerns on user privacy.

Google March 23, 2017

Latest Google Maps Beta Helps Remind You Where Your Car Is Parked And More

Google has released a beta version of Google Maps for Android, which adds parking and meter reminders. The features, however, look pale at present owing to the lack of any form of automation.

Apps/Software March 21, 2017

Google Maps Update: How To Make And Share Lists And Why You Should

Google Maps got a neat new update that now allows users to create lists and share them with friends and family. Here's a quick guide on how to create shareable lists in Google Maps, and how they could come in handy.

Google February 14, 2017

Google Maps Lets Users Create And Share Lists Of Places To Go

Google Maps add new list features that allows users to create a bucket list of places to visit, share lists to recommend places for friends and follow their friends lists.

Apps/Software February 13, 2017

Google Maps Makes It Easier To Navigate With 3 New Tabs: What Do The Places, Driving And Transit Tabs Bring?

Google has announced that it will be adding three new tabs to its navigation app. The new tabs are Places, Driving, and Transit, and will make it easier to get information from the app.

Apps/Software February 7, 2017

Google Maps Now Indicates 'Parking Difficulty' At Your Destination

Google announced that it will be adding a new feature to its Google Maps app that allows drivers to know if they will have difficulty finding a parking spot. The feature will be initially available to 25 cities in the US.

Apps/Software January 29, 2017

Google Maps For iOS Updated With Live 'Popular Times'

Google Maps for iOS has been updated with the Live Popular Times feature. The Live Popular Times assists in better navigation and is now available for iOS users of the Google Maps app.

Apps/Software January 26, 2017

How To Use Google Maps Offline Mode On iPhone And iPad

Google Maps can be accessed in the offline mode through your iPhone and iPad even without any Internet access. Here's a guide on how to use this handy feature.

Apple January 24, 2017

Google Maps Users Start Seeing Parking Space Details

Google has already released a beta build of Maps that enables the app to provide parking details in a specific location. The company has not yet provided any information regarding the launch of its stable version.

Google January 18, 2017

Uber Begins Mapping Out Australia To Be Less Dependent On Google Maps

After mapping areas in Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, Uber is now starting to gather mapping data on the streets of Gold Coast, Australia.

Car Tech January 16, 2017

Google Maps Update: You Can Now Book Uber Rides Directly From The App

Google has expanded the capability of its Maps with a new update for iOS and Android. Now users will be able to book their Uber ride directly from the app.

Apps/Software January 13, 2017

Facebook, Google Dominate List Of Top 10 Apps In US For 2016

According to consumer research company Nielsen, Facebook and Google dominated the list of top 10 apps in the United States for 2016. The report also revealed the top operating systems for smartphones in the country for the third quarter.

Apps/Software December 28, 2016

Google Maps Now Shows Which Locations Are Accessible By Wheelchair: Feature Is Still Incomplete, But Very Much Welcome

Google Maps has a new feature that displays information on whether a location is accessible by wheelchair. The feature is the latest product of Google's famous '20 percent time' policy.

Google December 19, 2016

Best Apple Watch Series 2 Apps And Games: Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Out Of The watchOS 3 Wearable

While there are around 20,000 apps available for the Apple Watch not all of these are useful. Here is a list of some that you will most likely use, make you more productive and even enjoy.

Apple December 18, 2016

Apple Drones For Apple Maps To Improve Services And Challenge Google Maps: iOS Indoor Mapping Also In The Cards

Apple has been tirelessly working on improving its Maps and it reportedly has big plans for the future. The company plans to use drones to infuse Apple Maps with a range of fresh data to challenge Google Maps, and some indoor mapping is reportedly in the cards as well.

Apple December 1, 2016

Trump Tower Renamed To 'Dump Tower' On Google Maps: Fix Issued Quickly

A prankster successfully replaced the Trump Tower at Google Maps last Saturday. Google was only able to revert the label back after users began talking about the error in social media.

Apps/Software November 28, 2016

Google Maps To Show How Busy An Area Is In Real-Time

Google introduced its 'Popular Times' feature for Google Maps last year, letting users know how busy places typically are at different times. A recent update of Google Maps now updates users with real-time data on how busy an area is.

Google November 24, 2016

Google Maps Can Now Help You Steer Clear Of Black Friday Mobs Via Popular Times

Google has introduced a very important feature to Google Maps in time for Black Friday and Thanksgiving. It is going to let you know how many people are in one place and how long they are staying there so you can plan the best time to go or avoid it entirely.

Google November 22, 2016

Google To Kill Off Photo-Sharing Service Panoramio This November

Google will start closing Panoramio on Nov. 4 because its features are already being offered in Google Maps and the company's Local Guides program. Users will, however, still be able to access their photos for a year.

Google October 9, 2016

Google Maps For Android Now Shows Your Calendar Events

Google's latest update to its Maps application integrates Calendar to give users a visual reference to their appointments. Calendar entries will begin showing up in the app as events as well as the directions to get there.

Google October 1, 2016

Google Street View Blurs Cow's Face For Bovine Privacy: Hilarity Ensues, But It Shows Face Recognition Technology Needs Work

Google Street View blurs an ordinary cow's face as it was grazing, and as expected, the bovine puns started coming in. Hilarity aside, it shows that the company's face recognition technology needs some tweaks.

Google September 17, 2016

Google Adds New User Interface To Google Maps Beta's Explore Menu

Google Maps may get a new Explore interface, suggests Google Maps beta testers. The interface in the works has a card-like design as found in Google Now.

Apps/Software September 12, 2016

Google Maps Gets Uber Alternatives: Ride-Hailing Options Now Include Lyft, Gett Too

Google Maps is no longer limited to Uber when it comes to ride-haling options. Lyft and Gett are now joining the scene, effectively making the app an all-in-one place for various booking services.

Google September 9, 2016

Google Maps Android App Update: Store Maps To SD, Use Wi-Fi-Only Mode To Save Data Costs

Google Maps for Android just got better-suited for emerging markets, with Wi-Fi-only option and SD storage capability. The company also offers more transportation possibilities than before, which should come in handy for tourists in many markets.

Apps/Software August 9, 2016

Beyond The Map: Google Maps Takes You Beyond Rio 2016 Olympics And Into The Heart Of The Favelas

Google's Arts & Culture initiative, aptly titled 'Beyond the Map,' documents the pulsating rhythm of life in Rio's favelas. While Google launched Doodle Games inspired by the 2016 Olympics, Beyond the Map shows the human face of the urban community.

Google August 7, 2016

Fun Google Maps App Now Lets Kids Explore The Himalayas In 3D As A Yeti [Video]

Google has launched a fun new app for Android called 'Verne: The Himalayas,' which lets children explore the Himalayas in 3D as a 500-foot tall Yeti called Verne.

Google August 4, 2016

Google Maps For iOS Gets Multiple Destinations Support For Multi-Stop Roadtrips

Apple mobile device owners can finally plan multiple-destination trips inside and out of the city, thanks to the feature landing on the Google Maps iOS app. The update is just one in a series of recent Google Maps improvements.

Apps/Software August 1, 2016

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