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Fake Doctor Arrested After Allegedly Infecting Dozens Of People With HIV In India

A fake doctor in India infected dozens of people with HIV by using the same syringe on multiple patients. He was arrested by the authorities and is set to face several charges in court.

Public Health February 8, 2018

Model Sues New York For Identifying Her As HIV Patient In AIDS Campaign Photo

After a state agency illegally used her stock photo for an HIV campaign, the NY court ruled in favor of Avril Nolan. The model can now pursue a lawsuit demanding payment for the emotional distress caused by the ad.

Public Health January 17, 2018

New Drug Capsule For HIV Treatment Could Someday Allow For Weekly Medication, Not Daily

A new drug capsule could one day allow once-a-week antiretroviral therapy for HIV rather than daily. The slow-release capsule could revolutionize HIV treatment delivery, combating one of the most prominent problems: adherence to treatment.

Medicine January 10, 2018

How Do You Stop The Spread Of HIV? Quarantine Those Infected, Suggests Georgia Lawmaker

Georgia lawmaker Betty Price has come under fire for asking whether there is legal basis for the quarantine of people infected with HIV. She has now spoken out amid the controversy, claiming her comments were taken out of context.

Public Health October 23, 2017

Knowingly Giving Someone HIV No Longer A Felony In California

California Governor Jerry Brown has now signed a bill lowering the punishment for HIV positive people who knowingly have unprotected sex with partners without telling them about their infection. Once a felony, it will soon just be a misdemeanor.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 9, 2017

Aetna Mailers Accidentally Expose HIV Status Of Thousands Of Clients

On July 28, possibly 12,000 Aetna clients received mailers from the health insurance provider, exposing private medical information. Clients are taking legal action as a result of the serious privacy breach.

Public Health August 26, 2017

More Than Half Of People Infected With HIV On Life-Saving Antiretroviral Treatment

More than half of HIV-infected people are now on life-saving treatment. Experts, however, said that more could have been done given the amount of money spent for battling AIDS epidemic.

Medicine July 21, 2017

Kenya Becomes First African Nation To Test Generic HIV/AIDS Drug

Kenya is the first African country to get a generic version of dolutegravir, the current first-line drug for people living with HIV. Experts also highlight the continuing importance of antiretroviral therapy in tackling HIV/AIDS.

Public Health June 28, 2017

Top Members In Trump's HIV/AIDS Advisory Council Resign Because 'Trump Doesn't Care About HIV'

Six top members of Trump’s presidential advisory council on HIV/AIDS have resigned on June 13 to protest the administration’s lack of HIV/AIDS policies. What will happen to the ongoing fight against this disease?

Public Health June 19, 2017

Cure For HIV May Already Exist: Here's How CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology Can Kill AIDS-Causing Virus

In experiments with mice, researchers found that the gene editing technology CRISPR works for active and dormant forms of HIV. How does treatment with this controversial technique differ from currently available drugs?

Biotech May 4, 2017

Syringe Vending Machines In Las Vegas May Help Lower Hepatitis C And HIV Transmission Rates

The new syringe vending machines in Las Vegas, Nevada will dispense clean needles for free to reduce the spread of HIV and hepatitis C. How do these machines work?

Public Health April 15, 2017

Beating HIV: Scientists Discover How To Make Body Cells Resistant To The Virus

The cure for AIDS could start by engineering immune cells to produce HIV-fighting antibodies that prevent the infection with the HIV virus. Researchers have already created HIV-resistant cells in a petri dish following this groundbreaking technique.

Public Health April 12, 2017

On World Health Day: Global Effort Necessary To End HIV/AIDS

Health organizations plan to continue the great progress in HIV treatment and prevention. Consistent efforts by PEPFAR are getting close to ending the AIDS pediatric epidemic in Africa.

Public Health April 7, 2017

Under New Bill, Not Disclosing HIV-Positive Status To Sex Partner Faces Lighter Punishment

New legislation seeks to downgrade some HIV-related felonies to a misdemeanor. Once it passes, it will no longer be a felony for someone to have consensual sex with others and expose them to HIV/AIDS without their partners knowing.

Public Health March 20, 2017

Therapeutic Vaccine Strategy May Be 'Functional Cure' For HIV Patients

A therapeutic vaccine strategy may be a 'functional cure' for patients with HIV, a new study revealed. The clinical trial found the vaccine is effective in controlling HIV levels without the need for antiretroviral drugs.

Medicine February 23, 2017

Bill Gates Worried Trump's America First Might Jeopardize Foreign Aid That Prevents Deaths In Poor Countries

President Donald Trump's America First policy has a shotgun effect that might also hit global health care. Bill Gates and wife Melinda are worried about its effects on foreign aids that help save lives in poor countries.

Public Health February 14, 2017

Lab On A Chip Can Detect Disease Early But Costs Only A Penny To Make

The lab on a chip technology promises early detection of cancers and other diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV. This new device, which costs only less than a penny to make, will advance the cause of healthcare and accelerate research in the field of biomedicine.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 12, 2017

HIV Patients More Susceptible To Diabetes, Says Study

A recent study reveals that the risk of getting afflicted with diabetes mellitus is slightly higher in HIV-positive adults. The researchers surveyed data from MMP and NHANES for the purpose of the study.

Public Health January 31, 2017

Combining 3 Antibody Drugs Shown Effective In Suppressing HIV

A new research at the Rockefeller University has shown that HIV can be suppressed by combining three antibodies in the treatment. This checks the ability of the virus to escape the immune system and mutate.

Medicine January 28, 2017

NIH Testing Injectable Cabotegravir To Prevent HIV: Move Over, Truvada?

Injectable cabotegravir is being tested by the NIH in an effort to develop other HIV prevention options. Currently, the oral tablet Truvada is the only HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis approved for use.

Public Health December 29, 2016

Study Suggests Blocking A Protein That Initiates Immune Response Can Actually Aid In Fighting HIV

A study performed by UCLA researchers revealed that blocking the Type I interferon protein, the functions of a failing immune system can be boosted, which in turn can fight against viral infections. The treatment is believed to be a stepping stone in the eradication of chronic infections like HIV.

Public Health December 26, 2016

Patients With HIV Have Nearly Double The Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke

Heart attack and stroke risks are important health indicators. Now, researchers have found that those with HIV actually have double the risk, saying that the current risk prediction tool needs an update.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 24, 2016

Dentist May Have Exposed Nearly 600 Veterans To HIV and Hepatitis

A dentist at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center possibly exposed 592 veterans to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C by failing to follow standard infection control procedures. The dentist had been using his own equipment, cleaning and reusing it.

Public Health December 3, 2016

Researchers Reformulate HIV Vaccine, Ready To Begin Clinical Trial In South Africa

New HIV trial will begin in South Africa, in the attempt to diminish and even eradicate this disease. The subjects taking part in this trial will be monitored for two years after being administered the medication.

Public Health November 26, 2016

New Antibody Can Neutralize 98 Percent Of HIV Strains

The newly identified N6 antibody was found potent in neutralizing 98 percent of HIV strains making it an attractive candidate for developing a potential treatment or preventive tool for HIV infection. What makes this antibody different?

Medicine November 20, 2016

HIV Test On The Go? Scientists Develop USB Tool For Convenient HIV Testing

An HIV test on a USB stick? Researchers have made the technology possible, making HIV tests more accessible without compromising the quality of test results.

Public Health November 10, 2016

'Patient Zero' Was Innocent: New Study Shows HIV Spread In The US Earlier Than Previously Thought

New research denies the influence of 'Patient Zero' on the AIDS epidemic in the U.S. in the 1980s. Far from being the epicenter of the disease, Gaétan Dugas was simply a patient who volunteered to help the research.

Public Health October 27, 2016

Researchers Turn To Gene Editing System CRISPR To Facilitate Research On Curing HIV

Researchers used a gene editing system, CRISPR, to test on different series of mutations. The team looked into the differences that could be responsible for some immune cells resistant to HIV.

Medicine October 27, 2016

Vending Machines Dispense HIV Testing Kits At A Chinese University As Virus Becomes Widespread Among Youth

A university in China's Sichuan Province has started selling inexpensive self-administered HIV testing kits to students. China's HIV/AIDS cases continues to grow, with 501,000 cases recorded at the end of 2014.

Public Health October 26, 2016

NIH, Emory Researchers Achieve Sustained HIV Remission In Monkeys

NIH and Emory University researchers have found that it’s possible for the simian immunodeficiency virus, HIV’s form in primates, to undergo sustained remission. This opens up the possibility of sustained HIV remission in human patients.

Medicine October 14, 2016

British Man ‘Cured’ Of HIV, Thanks To New Therapy From UK Researchers

A British man could likely become the first person to be cured of HIV infection. The researchers from five leading universities in Britain have developed a novel therapy to find a complete cure for the deadly disease.

Medicine October 7, 2016

Yale Hospital Receives Approval, Certification To Perform HIV-HIV Organ Transplants

HIV-HIV transplants are now approved at the Yale New Haven Hospital. With this, more of the life-saving procedure can be done, benefiting those with the disease and those without.

Public Health September 15, 2016

HIV Testing Shortfalls Could Limit Attainment Of Global Targets: WHO

Shortfalls in testing capacity could seriously undermine efforts to attain global targets against HIV/AIDS, a new WHO report revealed. Researchers suggest the improvement of both national and international measures.

Public Health August 24, 2016

People Hospitalized For Infection At Increased Risk Of Dying From Suicide

People who were hospitalized with infection have increased risk for suicide death, new research suggests. The risk is higher in those with HIV, AIDS or hepatitis.

Public Health August 11, 2016

Cancer Immunotherapy Could Be Useful In HIV Treatment

A promising research shows possible, new treatment for HIV using gene immunotherapy. A group of potent antibodies used in cancer research could also help in the global fight against the HIV epidemic.

Biotech July 17, 2016

Cash Rewards For HIV-Positive Drug Addicts Won't Improve Health Outcomes

Cash rewards may initially get HIV-positive patients to engage in healthy behaviors. The effect of the financial incentives, however, is no better than other interventions in the long run.

Public Health July 14, 2016

Prince Harry Makes HIV/AIDS Awareness Priority, Hopes To 'Smash The Stigma'

Prince Harry follows his late mother's footsteps in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. During his recent visit to the King's College Hospital's HIV service, he urged people who might have the virus to get tested.

Public Health July 8, 2016

Gay Men In The US Can't Donate Blood: 'Very Bizarre And Perverse Situation,' Says Gay Lawmaker

Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, an openly gay member of Congress, is calling on the FDA to lift the ban on gay men who wish to donate blood. The ban creates a 'very bizarre and perverse' situation.

Public Health June 17, 2016

Can Charlie Sheen-Endorsed LELO HEX Condoms Be A Game Changer In STD Prevention?

The 'condom of the future' is here and Charlie Sheen is endorsing it. Will the innovative LELO HEX condom be a game changer in sexual health and help prevent HIV?

Biotech June 16, 2016

Animals Can Spread Deadly Diseases To Humans: These New Maps Show Hotspots Where This Can Happen

Where will the next Ebola strike? These new maps reveal the global hotspots of animal hosts that can spread infectious diseases to humans.

Animals June 15, 2016

HIV Diagnostic Kit Wins Inventors Prize In Europe

Inventors of SAMBA, an HIV diagnostic kit, won a coveted prize in the European Inventor Award. The revolutionary device can also be used to detect hepatitis B in just 2 hours.

Biotech June 11, 2016

Screening Key To Fighting Syphilis Amid Rising Infections

USPSTF recently released new syphilis screening recommendations, from once a year to every three months among high-risk groups. Syphilis rates in the U.S. are increasing since 2000, when authorities thought they were close to eradicating it.

Public Health June 8, 2016

California Governor Signs Bill To Allow Organ Transplant Between HIV-Infected People

The first organ transplant between an HIV-positive donor and an HIV-positive patient in California can take place this month. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on May 27 that made the procedure legal.

Public Health May 28, 2016

More Than 1,100 Sign Up For Trial Of New HIV Drug In Australia

A clinical trial in Australia for the new HIV drug recruits over 1,100 participants. According to doctors, the PrEP drug called Truvada could help in significantly reducing the rates of infection.

Medicine May 24, 2016

Three Out Of 10 Gay Men In Southern Cities Have HIV: Report

A new report has found that HIV frequency rate is most dire among men who have sex with men (MSM) population in southern cities of the U.S. Findings show that three out of 10 gay men are diagnosed with HIV.

Public Health May 19, 2016

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