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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Captures Image Of Largest And Hottest Galaxy Ever Found

In 2012, astronomers discovered a cluster of twin galaxies colliding at an unimaginable speed. It was so massive that it earned the nickname El Gordo or “the Fat One.

Space January 17, 2018

Sunscreen Snow Falling On Exoplanet Detected By Hubble Space Telescope

Titanium dioxide, an ingredient used by sunscreens, 'snows' in the hot planet Kepler-13Ab. Astronomers also found that the atmosphere of the exoplanet has a characteristic that is different from other hot Jupiters.

Space October 28, 2017

Hubble Captures Mars Moon Phobos Orbiting Red Planet

The Hubble space telescope captured Phobos photobombing Mars during an observation in 2016. NASA finally releases the time-lapse image of the Martian satellite in orbit.

Space July 21, 2017

NASA's Hubble Telescope Captures Fireworks Image Of Stars That Formed Just After The Big Bang

Gravitational lensing and new computational methods helped NASA's Hubble Space Telescope capture sharper images of a galaxy that formed 2.7 billion years after the Big Bang. The images revealed two dozen clumps of newborn stars.

Space July 9, 2017

Images Taken By Hubble Telescope Reveal Small Moon Orbiting Third-Largest Dwarf Planet

Astronomers discovered a small moon orbiting 2007 OR10 or 'Snow White,' the third-biggest dwarf planet in our solar system. The Hubble Space Telescope took the images that helped astronomers spot the dwarf planet's moon.

Space May 22, 2017

James Webb Space Telescope Getting Ready For 2018 Launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is being readied for its 2018 launch and is in its final stages of inspection. The telescope is scheduled to be lifted off from Kourou, French Guiana, in 2018.

Space April 2, 2017

NASA Found Monster Black Hole Kicked Out Of Galactic Core

NASA's Hubble Telescope has detected a monster black hole hurtling away from the central hub of its parent galaxy. It is the first supermassive black hole discovered to have been evicted from its home.

Space March 24, 2017

Haunted By Ghosts? Photo Shows Phantom-Like Figures Around NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

Ghost-like figures can be seen around an image of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope at the Goddard Space Flight Center. NASA photographer Chris Gunn, who took the photo, explained what these spooky figures are.

Space March 19, 2017

Hubble Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Supernova 1987A With Spectacular Images

Hubble is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the discovery of Supernova 1987A, a blazing stellar explosion that provided insights into the nature of supernovas. NASA released spectacular images and time-lapse videos that display the supernova’s structure.

Space February 25, 2017

Hubble Captures Death Of Star In 'Rotten Egg' Nebula

The Hubble telescope has captured images that show the death of a star more than 5000 light years away in the Calabash Nebula. The star located in the 'Rotten Egg' nebula can be seen disintegrating in the image.

Space February 5, 2017

Hubble Photograph Shows Collision Of Two Galaxies 1 Billion Light Years Away

Using its Advanced Camera for Surveys, the Hubble Space Telescope captured two galaxies destructively colliding into each other. What caused the two galaxies to merge into one?

Space January 11, 2017

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Detects Exocomets Falling Toward Young Star

Gas detected by the Hubble Space Telescope hinted the presence of comets falling toward the young star HD 172555. What does the process known as gravitational steering hint about the waters on Earth?

Space January 11, 2017

NASA Astronaut Living On Space Station Will Hold Live Q&A With Kindergarten, Elementary Students

In a rare event, Shane Kimbrough, NASA astronaut at the International Space Station, will be interacting live with students of Nantucket New School, Massachusetts, at 10:25 a.m. EST Thursday, Dec. 15. The 20-minute session will be broadcasted live on NASA Television and the agency's website

Space December 15, 2016

There Are 10 Times More Galaxies In The Observable Universe Than Originally Thought

The open observable universe might contain at least 10 times more galaxies than initially thought, according to a new study. A team of researchers from the UK said this and explained the reasons why such galaxies are invisible to the human eye.

Space October 15, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Detects 'Cannonballs' Ejected Near Dying Star

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has detected superhot blobs of plasma being ejected nearby a dying star. The problem is that scientists have yet to determine where these cannonballs are coming from.

Space October 6, 2016

Astronomers Carry Out Deepest Ever Millimeter Observations Of Early Universe Using ALMA Telescope

Building upon what is currently known about the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, astronomers used the ALMA telescope to get a better look at the early universe. This resulted in the deepest observations at the millimeter wavelength.

Space September 27, 2016

Alien Life Forms Discovered On Europa? NASA To Present New Findings About Jupiter Moon

Has NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found signs of alien life on Europa? The U.S. space agency said it will reveal new findings about Jupiter's moon on Sept. 26.

Space September 24, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Spots Exoplanet Orbiting 2 Stars

Using gravitational microlensing and data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers confirmed the presence of a new alien planet that orbits two stars. What makes the discovery of this exoplanet different from those of other Tatooine-like worlds?

Space September 22, 2016

Astronomers Use Hubble, Capture Best Possible View Of A Comet Disintegrating

Astronomers have captured the best possible view of a comet disintegrating. The comet, 332P, was making a trip around the sun millions of miles away from Earth during the disintegration.

Space September 16, 2016

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Finds Two Dwarf Galaxies Migrating To Cosmic Big City

Two dwarf galaxies that spent most of their existence in the Local Void are migrating to a cosmic big city. Scientists expect Pisces A and B will grow rapidly and produce many stars in their new environment.

Space August 15, 2016

Crab Nebula On The Menu For Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has photographed the Crab Nebula like never before. What can astronomers learn from this new composite image?

Space July 7, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Sees Skyrocket In Tadpole Galaxy

A rarely seen form of galaxy that resembles a tadpole has been imaged by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope. What secrets did Kiso 5639 reveal?

Space June 28, 2016

Hubble Images NGC 1854 Star Cluster In Stunning Photo

The star cluster NGC 1854 has been imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope in a new photograph. What science can be gleaned from this dazzling image?

Space June 25, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Finds New Dark Spot On Neptune

Neptune has developed a new dark vortex, whipping around the planet. The mighty storm has just been imaged by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space June 23, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Spots Solitary Dwarf Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope spotted a very isolated irregular dwarf galaxy 2.3 million light-years away from its closest neighbor. UGC 4879 can help astronomers study star formations.

Space June 13, 2016

The Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Scientists Previously Thought

Researchers discover that the universe is growing at a 5 to 9 percent faster rate than what was initially thought. They believe this could be influenced by the amount of dark energy or dark radiation levels present in the universe.

Space June 3, 2016

Hubble Uncovers Secrets Of Black Hole Formation

Supermassive black holes form much faster than theories suggest they should. Now, astronomers using the world's most powerful space telescopes believe they know why.

Space May 25, 2016

View Stunning New Image Of Mars From Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Telescope turned its gaze to Mars as our two planets approach one another. Here is what astronomers see in a breathtaking new photograph.

Space May 19, 2016

Hubble Captures Close-Up Images Of Comet 252P/LINEAR As It Approaches Earth

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured close-up images of comet 252P/LINEAR as it approached our planet from millions of miles away. This encounter is one of the closest approaches of any comet in recorded history.

Space May 14, 2016

Astronomers Observe Peanut Shell-Shaped Galaxies For The First Time

For the first time, astronomers have seen two galaxies with a very unique peanut shell-shaped configuration. There’s not only one but two of these peanuts.

Space May 9, 2016

Take A Journey To The Center Of The Milky Way With NASA's New Timelapse Video

Would you like to travel to the center of the Milky Way for free? NASA has prepared a beautiful time-lapse video that you have to watch now.

Space May 6, 2016

Successor Of Hubble Space Telescope Has Giant Mirror Coated With Gold

Hubble's successor gets the gold treatment. For the first time, mission engineers unveiled the network of mirrors that will be the heart of the next-generation orbiting observatory, the James Webb Telescope.

Space May 1, 2016

View The James Webb Space Telescope - The Successor To Hubble

The 18-mirror main reflector of the James Webb Telescope was revealed for the first time since construction on the network of mirrors was completed. Why are astronomers so excited about this upcoming space-based observatory?

Space April 28, 2016

Makemake Is Not Alone: Hubble Detects Dark Moon Around The Dwarf Planet

The second brightest icy dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt is not alone. NASA's Hubble Space telescope has detected a small, dark moon around Makemake, revealing insight about dwarf planet systems.

Space April 27, 2016

Hubble Turns 26: A Brief History Of This Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope's operation has led to hundreds of discoveries about the universe in the past two decades. Take a look back to the time before Hubble helped Astronomers see the universe clearly.

Feature | Science April 23, 2016

A Birthday Bubble: Hubble's 26th Anniversary Image Placed In Hall Of Fame

NASA’s iconic Hubble Space telescope is now celebrating its 26th year in space. To mark this incredible feat, the space agency shared with us a spectacular new image of a birthday bubble – a sight that is one for the stars.

Space April 22, 2016

Hubble Celebrates Turning 26 With Photo Of Bubble Nebula

The Bubble Nebula is being seen like never before by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope. What is this strange body, and why did astronomers choose this target for Hubble's 26th birthday?

Space April 21, 2016

Cosmic Kiss: Hubble Telescope Snaps Colorful Image Of Two Colliding Galaxy Clusters

The Hubble Telescope along with two other telescopes, captured a splendid image of the moments before a cosmic collision took place. The image has been named 'Cosmic Kaleidoscope'.

Space March 31, 2016

China To Launch Own Version Of Hubble Telescope In 2020s

China is set to launch its smaller but more powerful version of the Hubble Telescope sometime in the 2020s. China's space telescope's field of view will be 300 times larger compared to that of Hubble's.

Space March 12, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Images Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen

Galaxy GN-z11 is seen by the Hubble Space Telescope, sitting 13.4 billion light years from Earth. How are astronomers searching for the oldest families of stars?

Space March 4, 2016

NASA's Hubble Telescope Captures Image Of Blue Bubble In Space

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture a blue bubble in space. The spectacular sea of blue are dust and gases that envelope a Wolf-Rayet star called WR 31a.

Space February 28, 2016

New NASA Telescope WFIRST To Unveil Secrets Of The Universe

NASA has revealed plans to create a potential successor of the Hubble Space Telescope. Dubbed Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), this new device is said to provide better data during space surveys.

Space February 22, 2016

Introducing The Next Generation Of Space Telescopes From NASA

Following 25 years of images from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), NASA officials are gearing up for the next generation of space-borne observatories. Here are some of the upcoming missions that will help unwrap the mysteries of the universe.

Space February 20, 2016

Hubble Takes Time-Resolved Pictures Of Super-Jupiter That Rains Liquid Iron And Glass

Researchers determined the rotation rate of exoplanet 2M1207b or Super-Jupiter using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The exoplanet is four times bigger than our own Jupiter and rains liquid iron and glass.

Space February 20, 2016

NASA Is Building A New Telescope With Field Of View 100 Times Wider Than Hubble: Here’s Why

New NASA telescope Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), which will be launched in the mid-2020s, will capture views of the universe that are 100 times bigger than those of the Hubble. It is deemed instrumental in the search of the mysterious dark matter as well as new planets and galaxies.

Space February 19, 2016

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