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This Year's Flu Vaccine Is More Effective In Young Children, CDC Says

Are your children already vaccinated for the flu? Recent data published by the CDC show that this year’s vaccines are actually more than 50 percent effective in protecting younger patients.

Public Health February 16, 2018

New Anti-Flu Drugs To Combat Viral Mutations Using Alternative Mechanisms

Coming into the market are new anti-flu treatments that work faster even with a smaller dosage. Among them is a single pill wonder that would significantly reduce the occurrence of future outbreaks.

Public Health February 12, 2018

Special UV Light May Kill Flu Viruses And Prevent Spread Of Diseases In Public Places

The Far-UVC light can kill airborne pathogens in public places without causing damage to skin tissues. What makes it better than vaccine when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases?

Public Health February 10, 2018

Family Blames Tamiflu For 16-year-Old Teen's Suicide

A day after starting his flu treatment, Charlie Harp took his own life. This tragedy happened so suddenly and his family could only think of one culprit behind his strange death.

Public Health February 2, 2018

Philadelphia Eagles Battling Deadly Flu Ahead Of Super Bowl LII

The Philadelphia Eagles have been hit with the deadly flu ahead of Super Bowl 2018. Coach Doug Pederson, cornerback Ronald Darby, and tackle Tim Jernigan reportedly got sick.

Public Health February 2, 2018

Hives Could Be A New Symptom Of Influenza

When her son came home scratching from school, a Nebraska mom had no idea that her son’s hives were already an indicator of a flu infection. She immediately took to social media to spread this important warning.

Public Health February 1, 2018

Feeling Sick? Here Are The Most Common Cold And Flu Symptoms

Feeling like you might be coming down with the common cold or flu? Here's a guide on how to tell the difference between common cold and flu symptoms.

Public Health January 29, 2018

This Flu Season Could Be The Worst In 15 Years

The current flu season is shaping to be one of the worst according to the CDC. Brace for more weeks of this fierce epidemic that has spread across 49 states and has affected more than 80,000 people.

Public Health January 28, 2018

Influenza May Increase Risk Of Heart Attack By Six Times: Study

The influenza virus can cause more than just respiratory symptoms, a Canadian study found. Based on hospital records and flu test results, the infection puts a person at higher risk of having a heart attack.

Public Health January 26, 2018

6-Year-Old Flu Patient Dies Hours After Paramedics Said She Would Be OK

Just hours after the paramedics left their home, the little girl’s condition made a turn for the worst. Her flu progressed so rapidly all because she missed this one important form of protection.

Public Health January 24, 2018

Does Tamiflu Cause Hallucinations? 11-Year-Old Saw 'Portal To Hell' After Taking It

Does Tamiflu really have psychiatric side effects? An 11-year-old's hallucination of the portal to hell is just one of the growing numbers of Tamiflu-related hallucination reports.

Medicine January 20, 2018

Flu Virus Can Spread Simply By Breathing: Study

Current measures observed to prevent the spread of flu are no longer enough. In a new study, scientists found that influenza can be spread through the air even if infected people do not sneeze or cough.

Public Health January 20, 2018

Tamiflu Side Effects: 6-Year-Old Tried To Jump Out The Window, And It's Not The Only Reported Case

It appears flu medicine Tamiflu (oseltamivir) can have some serious side effects, which may include psychosis. A 6-year-old girl tried to jump out the window after taking the drug, and other reported cases of side effects include a dozen deaths.

Public Health January 15, 2018

People Born Before 1968 More At Risk Of Deady Aussie Flu: H3N2 Virus Symptoms To Watch Out For

Age is a risk factor for H3N2. Hospitalization rates are higher for people between 55 and 64 years old. What should older people do to protect themselves from Aussie flu virus?

Public Health January 15, 2018

21-Year-Old Bodybuilder Dies Of Flu Complications: Septic Shock Led To Organ Failure

Kyler Baughman, a 21-year-old bodybuilder from Pennsylvania, died of flu complications just days after he started feeling ill. He developed complications as his flu caused a septic shock, which in turn, led to organ failure.

Public Health January 11, 2018

Pet Owners Worry Amid Rising Number Of Dog Flu Cases

From South Korea to the United States and now Canada, the H3N2 traveled a long way to reach Canadian shores With two dogs already infected and several more showing signs of respiratory distress, how can pet owners prevent further transmission?

Animals January 10, 2018

Deadly Flu Season In California: ERs Packed, Pharmacies Run Out Of Medicines

In less than four months, California's major counties experienced medicine and emergency service shortage as influenza spread throughout the state. All regions were severely affected with a particular strain that is known to be deadly.

Public Health January 8, 2018

Man Flu Does Exist: Study Shows Men Suffer More When Sick

Do men experience worse symptoms than women when they catch the flu or are they just overreacting? In a recently published review, a Canadian doctor delved further into the matter to find out whether this is true or not.

Medicine December 12, 2017

Young Mother Dies Just One Day After Flu Diagnosis

Alanie 'Joie' Murrieta, a 20-year-old mother of two from Arizona, had died on Nov. 28 just one day after she was diagnosed with the flu. The flu caused Murrieta to develop pneumonia, which is an infection in the lungs.

Medicine December 5, 2017

Frog Skin Mucus May Help Kill Strains Of Flu Virus

A peptide found in the skin mucus of a frog in southern India can potentially fight strains of flu. How does the peptide urumin work against influenza virus?

Medicine April 19, 2017

Healthy Kids Can Die From Flu: What Health Experts Recommend To Prevent This

Children with medical conditions have increased risk for flu-related complications and death. A new study by researchers from CDC, however, revealed fatal cases of children who were healthy before contracting the influenza virus.

Public Health April 5, 2017

How Effective Is The Flu Vaccine? Number Of Cases Continues To Rise

Flu vaccine is only 48 percent effective against the most common strain of flu virus, according to epidemiologists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health officials urged people to get vaccinated, noting that less than half of Americans got the shot.

Public Health February 26, 2017

Flu Cases In Children Still On The Rise, Doctors Warn

Pediatric flu death is considered a key marker of a harsh flu season. Thus experts are closely watching flu cases in children in the current flu season, which is fast turning into a harsh one.

Public Health February 8, 2017

Watch Out For Cold Spells! You’re Likelier To Catch The Flu After Outdoor Temperature Suddenly Drops

After looking into three years’ worth of scientific data from 20,000 virus samples and weather statistics, researchers from Sweden found that flu outbreaks always begin a week after the first cold spell of winter.

Public Health January 26, 2017

Scientists Develop Two Universal Flu Vaccines To Protect Against Future Pandemics

Flu season is here and the CDC is urging Americans to get vaccinated. Understanding the importance of flu vaccines, researchers have developed two universal formulations offering better, longer-lasting protection.

Medicine October 1, 2016

CDC Urges Americans To Get Flu Shots: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 2016-2017 Flu Season

The CDC is urging people to get their flu shots in preparation for 2016-2017 flu season. The decline in vaccination coverage last season has prompted health experts to emphasize the importance of flu shots.

Public Health October 1, 2016

Flu Vaccine Lowers Heart Failure And Stroke-Related Hospitalization Rates In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes patients who were vaccinated with flu vaccine are less likely to be admitted to the hospital because of stroke and heart failure. They also have lower risk of death during the flu season.

Medicine July 26, 2016

Programmable RNA Vaccines Fight Against Influenza, Ebola In Mice

A new type of programmable vaccine has been found to be 100 percent effective against influenza, Ebola and other parasites in mice. The vaccine's unique process can revolutionize the way vaccines are deployed during outbreaks.

Medicine July 4, 2016

AstraZeneca's FluMist Vaccine Fails Again, CDC Recommends Shots This Flu Season

AstraZeneca's FluMist failed to protect children for three consecutive years, causing an expert panel to recommend traditional flu shots to children this coming flu season. The recommendation could pose problems on vaccine supply this fall.

Medicine June 23, 2016

Flu Jab Is More Effective When Given Early In The Morning, Study Says

Flu shots given early in the morning are more effective than ones given later during the day, revealed a new study done by researchers at the University of Birmingham. These findings could prove instrumental in improving the overall vaccination strategies.

Public Health April 27, 2016

Did Flu Kill Pop Icon Prince? What You Should Know About Influenza

Pop superstar Prince was reportedly hospitalized because of influenza several days prior to his death. While there were no immediate details released regarding the singer's passing, some health experts believe the cause of death may be connected to his recent respiratory infection.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Spike In Influenza Cases Prompts Hospitals To Restrict Visitors

Several hospitals across the United States are taking precaution as cases of late-winter influenza continue to rise. The high number of influenza cases prompted officials to implement stricter visitor regulations.

Life March 6, 2016

Influenza Virus Can Hide From Body's Immune System

When a virus enters the body, the immune system acts to fight it. Researchers found that influenza can cheat the body's protective mechanism and go undetected.

Life February 26, 2016

Female Hormone Estrogen Helps Women Fight Flu Virus

A new study found that the female hormone estrogen helps women fight flu virus better. Researchers, however, do not recommend taking the pills just to prevent influenza.

Life January 20, 2016

Molecules That Promote Growth Of Influenza Viruses May Hold Key To New Flu Treatment

Researchers identified 20 new host molecules that promote the growth of the influenza A virus and may help in developing new flu treatments. By blocking these host molecules, the spread of IAV within the body can be prevented.

Life December 15, 2015

Permanent Flu Vaccine Could Make Annual Shots A Thing Of The Past

The constant mutation of the influenza virus strains make getting permanent immunity for flu difficult to achieve but if it can be made possible, annual flu shots and billions of dollars lost to these yearly efforts can become a thing of the past.

Life November 12, 2015

Popular Statin-Based Cholesterol Drugs May Reduce Effectiveness Of Flu Vaccines

Studies found that patients who take statin-based cholesterol medications may be lowering the protection of flu vaccines. Statin was also associated with reduced immune response and higher risks of respiratory illnesses during flu season.

Life October 31, 2015

Indiana Records First Flu Related Death Of The Season

The flu season is expected to kick start this December, but a flu-related death was first reported in Indiana this early. Hence, health officials are recommending that families get their flu shots immediately.

Life October 29, 2015

Drug Engineered From Banana Protein Could Help Fight Against AIDS, Hepatitis C, And Flu

Five years ago, a banana derived protein was found to combat HIV, Hepatitis C and Influenza viruses but with some side effects. Now, a new team of researchers has come up with a redeveloped version that retains the antiviral properties without the side effects.

Life October 24, 2015

Everybody Urged To Get Flu Shots: Vaccine Expected To Provide More Protection Than Last Year’s

CDC said at least 171 million doses of flu vaccine are expected in 2015. CDC director Tom Frieden urged Americans to “just get one” for protection.

Life October 9, 2015

Scientists Want To Test Efficacy Of Flu Drugs Tamiflu And Relenza In Pandemics

A report concludes that popular antivirals Tamiflu and Relenza can reduce the duration of seasonal flu symptoms by 14 to 17 hours. However, the evidence does not support the regular use of the drugs unless the flu strain is specifically severe or the patient is very ill, as the risks may outweigh the benefits.

Life October 9, 2015

Construction Worker Discovers Hundred-Year-Old Mass Grave In Pennsylvania

A construction worker accidentally discovered a mass grave of early Schuylkill locals who died during the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic. The bones are being collected for testing and identification. A proper burial will be held once testing is complete.

August 19, 2015

Researchers Studying Method of Preventing Flu Without Using Vaccines

The world has largely relied on flu vaccines to keep influenza at bay, but now that may all change as researchers reveal that it’s possible to prevent the flu without a vaccination.

Life August 13, 2015

Iowa Lifting Bird Flu Quarantine In Many Local Farms

Iowa is in the process of lifting quarantines in 69 local sites previously reported to be infected with bird flu. This leaves only eight remaining sites that have to complete cleaning and disinfection before being taken off of the list of control areas.

Life August 6, 2015

Scientists Working On Flu Forecasting Technology To Predict Future Outbreaks

Researchers have incorporated a technique similar to that used in weather predictions to be able to forecast influenza outbreaks. Previously, they have been able to predict flu outbreaks in the US. In a new study, the researchers successfully predicted outbreaks in Hong Kong, where outbreak patterns vary.

Life July 31, 2015

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