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Hewlett-Packard Enterprise To Cut 5,000 Jobs, Or 10 Percent Of Its Global Workforce: Report

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is preparing for a massive round of layoffs. Sources say the company is going to cut as much as 5,000 jobs worldwide, reportedly as a cost-cutting measure.

Business Tech September 22, 2017

Microsoft Job Cuts Imminent: Thousands Of Layoffs Reportedly Planned For This Week

Microsoft has been trying to reorganize its salesforce and reportedly plans more layoffs worldwide. The company is expected to announce thousands of job cuts this week.

Business Tech July 3, 2017

Ford Job Cuts Reportedly Imminent: Automaker To Cut 10 Percent Of Global Workforce

Ford is reportedly planning to cut $3 billion in costs and to achieve it, it will cut 10 percent of its global workforce. This may not sit well with President Donald Trump, who wants to boost employment in the auto industry.

Business Tech May 16, 2017

Microsoft Layoffs: 700 Employees Reportedly Getting Axed Next Week

Microsoft reportedly plans to announce 700 layoffs next week when it reveals its quarterly earnings. The job cuts will span across various divisions within the company's worldwide offices and businesses in a bid to update skills, not cut costs.

Business Tech January 21, 2017

Twitter Job Cuts: Here's Why 300 Twitter Employees Are In Danger Of Losing Their Jobs Soon

Twitter might sack up to 300 employees, according to the latest reports. Read on to know the reasons for the radical axing of the company’s workforce and to find out Jack Dorsey’s plans for the near future.

Business Tech October 25, 2016

HP Spectre And Envy Updates May Turn Things Around, But HP Job Cuts Are Inevitable: Up To 4,000 Layoffs Planned

HP announced that it will cut between 3,000 and 4,000 jobs over three years, in a bid to offset sluggish PC demand. The layoffs will be across the board, and 1,000 of those positions could be outsourced.

Business Tech October 13, 2016

Microsoft To Close Down London Headquarters: 220 Employees To Be Laid Off

Microsoft is following through on its recent announcement of 2,850 job cuts. The tech company will reportedly shut down its Skype offices in London, which is projected to affect 220 employees.

Business Tech September 18, 2016

Sluggish Microsoft Phone Business Leading To 2,850 Layoffs By Mid-2017

Microsoft announced more job cuts for the phone hardware and sales segment. In its annual 10-K report, the company said it plans to cut 2,850 more jobs by the end of the fiscal year, that is, June 2017.

Microsoft July 29, 2016

Walmart Cuts Back-Office Work Across US, Thousands Lose Their Jobs

Walmart is laying off invoicing and accounting workers in 500 U.S. stores in an attempt to become more efficient. The retailer says the affected employees will be given jobs in customer service but will not earn the same wage.

Business Tech June 16, 2016

Intel Plans To Cut Up To 12,000 Jobs As It Turns To Mobile

Intel plans to cut up to 12,000 jobs as it veers away from the PC and moves to mobile. The move is expected to bring in savings of $750 million for 2016 and $1.4 billion by mid-2017.

Business April 21, 2016

Brazil's Petrobras To Cut 12,000 Jobs To Save $9.2 Billion

Petrobras, Brazil's state-run oil and gas company struggles to save the business by implementing a voluntary layoff program. This will save about $9.2 billion for the company.

Business April 4, 2016

Avon To Eliminate 2,500 Jobs And Move Headquarters To UK

Avon Products Inc. is cutting about 2,500 jobs worldwide and moving its corporate headquarters to the United Kingdom as part of a three-year turnaround plan. The move follows a four-year decline in sales and waning door-to-door-sales in the United States.

Business March 15, 2016

Yahoo Cost Cutting-Plans Include Slashing 15 Percent Of Its Workforce: Report

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer is expected to announce 15 percent job cuts to the company's workforce. The layoffs will be part of the firm's cost-cutting strategies.

Business February 2, 2016

Toshiba In For Massive Layoffs: 'Revitalization Action Plan' Includes 7,000 Job Cuts

After the immense accounting scandal last summer, Toshiba has gone further south. The struggling company is planning to cut 7,000 jobs as part of its restructuring efforts.

Business December 23, 2015

ESPN Laying Off 4.3 Percent Of Its Workforce As Cable TV Struggles

ESPN prepares to announce job cuts, which can affect as much as 4.3 percent of its total workforce worldwide. While the cable network’s operating income rose 7 percent to $2.1 billion, its advertising revenue has dropped.

Business October 21, 2015

Samsung Plans To Cut Jobs In South Korea Due To Poor Sales Figures

Samsung announces a plan to cut 10 percent of its workforce in South Korea following the company’s failure to improve its sales figures. The company also plans to cut down on expenses next year.

Business September 8, 2015

HTC Makes Cuts To Counteract Low Sales Revenue

HTC's sales revenue is in and things aren't looking good for the smartphone manufacturer. As a result, the company plans on cutting jobs and discontinuing several of its smartphone models.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 6, 2015

Microsoft Set To Lay Off 7,800 Employees

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is making some “tough choices” to cut the parts of the business that are not making money.

Business July 8, 2015

Target To Sacrifice Thousands Of Jobs To Save $2 Billion

Target plans to cut thousands of jobs within two years to save money. Other plans include investing billions of dollars, streamlining operations, adding more focus on small stores and redefining products appeal.

Business March 4, 2015

'Angry Birds' studio Rovio announces layoffs as profits continue to fall

It may have been a cultural phenomenon a few years ago, but since then, interest in 'Angry Birds' has faded quite a bit. Developer Rovio is hurting as a result, and is cutting over 16 percent of its staff.

Geek October 2, 2014

Hatchet man returns to Microsoft as company lays off another 2,100

Microsoft begins its second round of layoffs, after promising to cut 18,000 jobs in 12 months. This time, a research facility and the Xbox Entertainment Studios are among the victims.

Business September 18, 2014

Finland sees red as 18,000 Microsoft job cuts hurt Nokia

Finnish citizens react to Microsoft's impending job cuts in their country, asking Microsoft to step up. Microsoft says its a responsible company and will offer support for terminated employees.

Business July 22, 2014

Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs in one of the biggest rounds of layoffs in tech history

Microsoft plans to cut 14 percent of its entire workforce in the biggest round of layoffs in its 39-year history. The move is part of restructuring and a mobile-first, cloud-first strategy.

Business July 21, 2014

Microsoft will shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios

The company is moving away from its ambition of dominating the living room with the Xbox One.

Business July 20, 2014

Xbox programming a victim of extensive Microsoft layoffs

With Microsoft preparing to cut 18,000 jobs, Xbox will lose its original programming in the process. Xbox Entertainment Studios intends to complete TV shows that are currently in production.

Video Games July 18, 2014

Microsoft to cut 1,000 jobs in Finland, report says

Microsoft is expected to start its biggest round of job cuts in five years, and it may start with Nokia's operations in Finland.

Business July 18, 2014

Microsoft's layoff figure will hit 18K this year, 14 percent of workforce

Microsoft is laying off around 18,000 workers over the next year. The move comes as it looks to increase synergy across the company, CEO Satya Nadella said in a letter to workers.

Business July 17, 2014

Lockheed Martin to slash 4,000 jobs, close facilities in austerity move

Lockheed Martin has announced 4,000 job cuts and closure of some of its facilities in austerity measures.

Business November 15, 2013

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