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NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Reaches 2,000 Sols On Red Planet

The Curiosity Rover registered a new milestone of reaching 2,000 sols or days on Mars. Data and samples observed by the rover showed the previous presence of lakes and freshwater that are essential in the survival of microbial life.


Astronomer Rediscovers The Planet Mars, Ends Up On Astronomy News Service

People still aren't sure who discovered the planet Mars, but it is now known that it wasn't this professor. An account of his discovery of the planet Mars was published in an astronomy news service.

Space March 22, 2018

Oceans On Mars Could Have Formed As Early As 4 Billion Years Ago, According To New Research

Scientists discovered that the oceans on Mars may be significantly older than previously thought. New estimates indicate that oceans on Mars formed 4 billion years ago.

Space March 19, 2018

NASA Might Send A Drone To Mars In Addition To New Rover

The Mars 2020 rover mission could be a trip for two. NASA is reportedly testing a drone that will fly and examine Mars from above.

Space March 19, 2018

The New Space Race: Vladimir Putin Says Russia Will Beat US To Mars

Vladimir Putin wants Russia to land on Mars before the United States does. So, it’s launching a Mars mission in 2019, earlier than NASA’s own Mars exploration program.

Space March 16, 2018

Still No Proof Of Life On Mars: Crystals Found By Rover Are Not Trace Fossils

The million-dollar question "Is there extraterrestrial life on Mars?" is being asked again. NASA insists that the crystal features spotted by Curiosity Rover on Martian surface are not traces of alien life -- just rock crystals formed by water.

Space March 7, 2018

A Must See Sky Show: Saturn, Mars, And Jupiter To Align This Week

A rare astronomical event is happening this week. Bright planets Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter will align before sunrise, while the moon will pass by them.

Space March 6, 2018

Scientist May Have Found Evidence Of Fossilized Alien Tracks On Mars

An astrobiologist who has published studies and books on Mars thinks he found fossilized alien footprints after studying images taken by NASA's Curiosity rover. He plans to present his hypothesis about trace fossils on Mars in a June conference.

Space March 5, 2018

Mars Curiosity Rover Is Drilling The Red Planet Again, This Time With A New Method

Since the Mars Curiosity Rover hit a snag in 2016 that broke its ability to drill the Red Planet’s surface, NASA has been hard at work trying to fix it. Now, the space agency may finally be on to something.

Space March 2, 2018

New Theory Suggests Moon Formed From A Vaporized Rock Within Earth

A new study suggests that the Moon was formed from a rapidly spinning vaporizing rock from early Earth and not from a collision of cosmic rocks. This new theory on the Moon's formation is unlike anything we've known before.

Space March 1, 2018

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster May Contaminate Planet Mars With Bacteria From Earth

Scientists at Purdue University think that Elon's Musk's Tesla car currently in orbit around the sun was not sterilized before it was launched into space. What could happen if it contaminated Mars?

Space February 28, 2018

Bacteria Survives In The Most Mars-Like Place On Earth, Giving Hope For Life On The Red Planet

David Bowie onced asked if there’s life on Mars. Well, according to a new study published in PNAS, it’s possible Mars harbors life despite its conditions.

Earth/Environment February 27, 2018

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter On 'Precautionary Standby Mode': What's The Problem?

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting Mars for 12 years, was placed on a 'precautionary standby mode.' What does this status mean, and is the spacecraft in danger of being lost in space forever?

Space February 20, 2018

NASA Opportunity Rover Hits 5000-Days Milestone On Mars Soil

NASA's Opportunity Rover was only set for a 90-day Martian exploration. Days turned into months and years and now, Opportunity has set another milestone for reaching 5,000 sols on the Red Planet.

Space February 19, 2018

Israeli Scientists Complete Mars Habitat Mission In Negev Desert

Six Israeli scientists lived in confined quarters in the Negev desert, conducted experiments, and ate food from capsules for four days. What are the objectives of this D-Mars experiment?

Space February 18, 2018

NASA To Return Mars Meteorite To Red Planet In 2020 Rover Mission

NASA and JPL are going to return the SaU008 Martian meteorite back to its home planet via a rover that’ll fly to Mars in 2020. It’s also being used to calibrate a highly sophisticated tool called SHERLOC.

Space February 16, 2018

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Just Took A Selfie And A Stunning Panorama Of The Red Planet

The Curiosity Rover just snapped a selfie on Mars, giving off some serious ‘Wall-E’ vibes. It also shared a stunning new panorama of the Red planet.

Space February 3, 2018

Dust Storms May Have Played Role On Atmosphere Loss On Planet Mars

A new study suggested that Martian dust storms play an important role in helping gas escape from the planet's atmosphere. A research team conducted the study based on observations made by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Space January 28, 2018

Kilopower: NASA Testing Nuclear Power System For Future Surface Missions

Kilopower is on its way to changing the future of exploration missions in space. The nuclear power source can provide 10 kilowatts of continuous energy for 10 years or more.

Space January 19, 2018

Here's How Large Deposits Of Ice Discovered On Planet Mars Could Benefit Mankind

Researchers found huge deposits of ice sheets just a few feet beneath the surface of Mars. The discovery can not only help scientists know more about the Red Planet but also address the issue of water availability for future manned missions.

Space January 15, 2018

Thick Layers Of Ice Water Discovered Below Surface Of Mars

3D scans from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of thick sheets of underground ice below the Red Planet's surface. This discovery could mean an accessible supply of water for astronauts and future explorers.

Space January 13, 2018

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Finds Unusual Formations On Red Planet

The Curiosity rover has spotted strange ‘stick-like’ figures on the red planet. The discovery is catching the attention of scientists as these could be indication of trace fossils.

Space January 7, 2018

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Will Really Send Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster To Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk previously said that the Falcon Heavy rocket will carry his own Tesla Roadster to Mars. New images reveal that Musk wasn't kidding, as the electric vehicle is being prepared to hitch a ride to space.

Space December 28, 2017

Where Did All The Water On Mars Go? A New Study Claims To Have The Answer

Scientists believe that where was once water on Mars, with different theories on where it all went. A new study, however, claimed that the water that used to be on the surface of the planet is still there somewhere.

Space December 21, 2017

Japan To Join US In Building Space Station That Will Orbit The Moon

Japan will be collaborating with the United States to build a new space station in the lunar orbit. The spaceport will serve as a deep space gateway.

Space December 14, 2017

Newborn Pacific Island May Offer Clues About Life On Mars

There is a newborn island in the South Pacific, borne out of a volcanic eruption of ash and rocks, named Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai. It may offer insightful clues to scientists about the possibility of life on the Red Planet.

Earth/Environment December 12, 2017

President Trump To NASA: I Want You Back On The Moon, Then Mars Next

Trump has officially signed Space Policy Directive 1, which sets NASA up for a lunar mission and a potential trip to Mars. However, there’s the issue of funding.

Space December 12, 2017

Mars Cannonball Evidence Of Ancient Alien War And Shattered Civilization, UFO Hunter Says

Prolific UFO hunter Scott C. Waring claimed that a mysterious object spotted on the surface of Mars is a cannonball, proof of an ancient alien war that destroyed the planet's civilization. Is there another explanation for the Mars cannonball?

Space December 5, 2017

Earthworms Can Reproduce In Mars-Like Soil: Study

Two young earthworms were found in Mars soil simulant NASA provided for researchers conducting studies on growing crops on the Red Planet. This is how worms can benefit a future Mars colony:

Space November 28, 2017

Beermaker Budweiser To Send Barley Seeds To International Space Station

Budweiser confirmed its plans to send 20 barley seeds to the International Space Station on Dec. 4. The company will use the seeds in two experiments that will study how they would react in a microgravity environment.

Space November 22, 2017

Flowing Water On Mars Could Actually Be Sand: NASA

NASA has recently said that the dark streaks on Mars could actually be only sand. Researchers had initially thought that the streaks, known as recurring slope lineae, indicated flowing water.

Space November 21, 2017

NASA Tests Supersonic Parachute For 2020 Mars Mission

The U.S. space agency successfully tested the supersonic parachute for the Mars 2020 mission. It will help in slowing down the descent of the rover through the red planet’s atmosphere.

Space November 21, 2017

UAE Wants To Grow Date Palms And Strawberries On Planet Mars

The UAE Space Agency is funding research to grow palm trees, strawberries, and tomatoes on Mars. Here's why the Arabic country wants to grow date palm trees on the Red Planet.

Space November 15, 2017

Is There Life On Mars? Man Claims Of Past Life On Red Planet

A man claimed to be a Martian in his past life. A new paper revealed microorganisms can live for several millions of years underneath Mars' surface. Suggesting the presence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet seems to support his statements.

Space November 10, 2017

NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Will Have 23 'Eyes' To Provide Dramatic View Of Red Planet

The next rover, scheduled to arrive at Mars in 2021, will have 23 cameras. The added 'eyes' will help the Mars 2020 mission achieve its goal optimally.

Space November 2, 2017

Boiling Water May Cause Sands To Levitate On Planet Mars

Boiling water under low pressure causes sand and sediments on the surface of Mars to levitate. What are the factors that cause liquid water on the Red Planet to boil?

Space October 29, 2017

Solar Wind Can Create Electric Charge On Mars Moon Phobos

NASA's probable plan of sending a human mission to Phobos in preparation for a robotic mission to Mars could be hazardous. New research has shown that solar wind can create risky static electricity for both astronauts and equipment stationed on the Martian moon.

Space October 24, 2017

NASA's Maven Mission Finds Planet Mars Has Magnetic Tail

New research from NASA's Maven spacecraft discovers Mars's 'invisible magnetic tail.' The research indicates that the tail is 'twisted' as a result of an interaction with the solar wind.

Space October 20, 2017

Methane Gas Produced Warm Climate That Kept Liquid Water Flowing On Ancient Mars

Methane could be behind the warm climate in ancient Mars that allowed liquid water to flow for millennia. What is the primary source of this heat-trapping greenhouse gas on the Red Planet?

Space October 3, 2017

Mars Science City: UAE Plans To Build City That Simulates Life On Mars

The Mars Science City project will build a prototype of a Red Planet colony on Earth. UAE said that it will be the most sophisticated building in the world. Here's how it will simulate Mars environment.

Space September 29, 2017

A Mock Crew Just Came Out Of An 8-Month Mars Isolation Experiment Backed By NASA

A Mars mock crew has emerged from an eight-month isolation experiment that was supposed to simulate what it's like to be on Mars. It marks the fifth Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation attempt.

Space September 19, 2017

NASA Hiring Planetary Protection Officer To Protect Earth From Alien Matter

The Planetary Protection Officer is tasked to protect planet Earth from contamination by alien matter brought by spacecraft from missions that explored extraterrestrial worlds. The job comes with a six-figure salary.

Space August 4, 2017

Hubble Captures Mars Moon Phobos Orbiting Red Planet

The Hubble space telescope captured Phobos photobombing Mars during an observation in 2016. NASA finally releases the time-lapse image of the Martian satellite in orbit.

Space July 21, 2017

Congressman Asks NASA Scientists About Ancient Mars Civilization

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher asked the panel of space experts at a House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology hearing if there was a Mars civilization thousands of years ago. A NASA scientists answered the questions.

Space July 18, 2017

NASA Admits Its Budget Can't Afford To Send Humans To Planet Mars

NASA's chief of human spaceflight, William Gerstenmaier, said that the space agency's current budget cannot afford the cost required for a manned mission to Mars. How much does it cost to send humans to the Red Planet?

Space July 14, 2017

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