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Authentication Issue Hits Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Skype Once Again

Microsoft services encountered issues as many users were unable to access their accounts in Outlook, OneDrive, and Xbox Live. This comes days after a similar problem prevented people from signing into their cloud services.

Microsoft March 22, 2017

Xbox Live Server Issues: All Problems Fixed Except Poker Central Access

Xbox Live services went down on March 21 and users reported issues signing in and accessing their accounts. The Microsoft team seems to have fixed all issues plaguing the service, barring Poker Central access, which is limited.

Video Games March 22, 2017

Microsoft Launches 'Tech Series' Xbox One Controllers With The $70 Recon Tech Special Edition

Microsoft has launched the new Tech Series of wireless controllers for the Xbox One, with the first device in the line being the $70 Recon Tech Special Edition. The announcement comes as Microsoft prepares to unveil the Project Scorpio console.

Video Games March 21, 2017

Microsoft, Amazon Offer Amazing Xbox One S Bundles, Just In Time For 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Microsoft and Amazon have released new offers for Xbox One S bundles that come just in time for the release of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda.' The latest installment in the 'Mass Effect' franchise is released March 21.

Video Games March 21, 2017

New Xbox Live Features, Including Custom Gamerpics, Games Filtering, And More, Coming To Insiders

Microsoft is bringing a laundry list of feature updates to Xbox Live, including custom gamerpics, improvements to Looking For Group posts, captive portal support, and more. The updates will roll out over the coming weeks to Xbox Insiders.

Video Games March 21, 2017

Microsoft Working On A Lumia Phone For 2017: Surface Phone Not Expected Until 2019

The Microsoft Surface Phone has again suffered a setback and is now rumored to launch in 2019. Microsoft will reportedly introduce a new device, which will be an addition to the Lumia lineup for 2017.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 20, 2017

Is Microsoft's Surface Book 2 Really Just A 'Regular' Laptop? [Analysis]

Rumors of the major Surface Book 2 redesign recently made rounds on the internet. Microsoft's decision for the new device could be anything but a 'downgrade.'

Feature | Tech March 19, 2017

Microsoft Reportedly Disabling Updates For Latest AMD, Intel Chips Running Windows 7 Or 8.1

True to its promise last year, Microsoft will disable any form of updates for modern processors still running older versions of Windows. Affected processors include those from AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm.

Apps/Software March 17, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Rumors: New Clamshell Design, Launching In April

Microsoft may ditch the 2-in-1 design for its Surface Book 2 and opt for a clamshell look instead. The upcoming laptop could possibly be priced lower than its predecessor and launch in April.

Microsoft March 17, 2017

Xbox One, Windows 10 Getting Game Chat Transcription Feature

Microsoft has launched a new feature for gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10. The new feature allows players to convert text into speech and speech into text to have a better gaming experience.

Video Games March 16, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Latest Rumors: Spring Release With AMD Ryzen And Windows 10 Creators Update?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 was a no-show at the MWC 2017, but it might be gearing up for a spring release. The latest clues now offer exciting hints, indicating that AMD Ryzen could fuel the Surface Pro 5 powerhouse.

Microsoft March 16, 2017

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Specs, Price, And More Compared

Dell's XPS 13 2-in-1 and Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 are some of the most eye-catching convertible laptops in the market, but which one is better in terms of specs, price, and features?

Computers March 16, 2017

Microsoft Teams Rolls Out To Office 365 Users Globally: Should Slack Be Worried?

Microsoft has officially rolled out its touted Slack killer, Teams, to all Office 365 users. Its already polished experience despite being fairly new, coupled with the Office 365’s outstanding productivity integrations, could send Slack in a tizzy.

Apps/Software March 15, 2017

Microsoft Tests Playable Ads: Lets You Try Out An App For 3 Minutes, No Downloading Required

Microsoft has launched a preview version of Playable Ads, its own version of Android’s Instant Apps which lets users try out three-minute previews of Windows Store apps. Microsoft believes that Playable Ads have a number of advantages over traditional ads.

Apps/Software March 13, 2017

Microsoft Cortana On iPhone Gets Major Update: What's New?

Cortana for iOS has received a massive update, sporting a fresh redesign and some new features. The update rolled out on March 10, and here's what it brings.

Apps/Software March 11, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Launch Delayed, May Debut In 2018 To Rival iPhone 9

Rumors are rife that the launch date of Microsoft’s much-awaited Surface Phone has been delayed once again. It is now hinted that the Windows smartphone may launch in late 2018 or 2019.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 11, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update To Go Live On April 11

Latest rumors suggest that Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update may go live on April 11. The update is expected to bring support for users to create 3D shapes in paint, as well as an enhanced Edge browser.

Microsoft March 10, 2017

Microsoft OneDrive Ads Are Showing Up On Windows 10’s File Explorer And Users Aren’t Happy

Users are growing upset about reported sightings of Microsoft’s self-promotion for its cloud service OneDrive on Windows 10’s File Explorer. The new ad follows a similar string of placements in the past.

Apps/Software March 10, 2017

WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Can Spy On You: Are Samsung And Windows Phones And Tablets Affected?

Microsoft and Samsung released statements assuring consumers that their devices would not be vulnerable to hacking and that they take cybersecurity very seriously. These statements were made after the Wikileaks report which exposed illegal hacking operations by CIA.

Security March 9, 2017

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2017: Company Promises Lighter Footprint And Faster Install

Microsoft promises a faster and more effective workflow with the release of Visual Studio 2017, its integrated development environment. What else can users expect from Microsoft's updated IDE?

Apps/Software March 9, 2017

Microsoft Silently Releases Surface Book With Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM

Microsoft has unveiled a new variant of the Surface Book laptop without much fanfare. The company has added various high end specs to the device like Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB external storage.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 8, 2017

Microsoft Claims Future Windows 10 Updates Will Need Up To 65 Percent Less Space

Microsoft revealed that future updates to the Windows 10 operating system will need up to 65 percent less space. However, this benefit will only be experienced by participants of the Windows Insider program.

Microsoft March 6, 2017

Windows Phones Set To Vanish By 2021, Forecasts IDC

Windows Phone could soon be wiped out of the market, predicts IDC. The market share is going to fall to 0.0 percent by 2021 per the estimations by IDC.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 6, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update Finally Gives Users More Control Over Privacy Settings

Microsoft is trying to make up for previous customer discontent. Windows 10 users will have more control over privacy features in the Creators Update.

Microsoft March 3, 2017

Microsoft Cortana Update For Android Brings Lock Screen Feature

Microsoft 's Cortana has been updated for Android users to version 2.5.0. Thanks to the latest update, Android users can now use Cortana from their device's lock screen itself.

Apps/Software March 3, 2017

Microsoft Creators Update: Brings New 'Snooze' Feature, Kills Forced Reboots Due To Windows Updates

Microsoft’s Creators Update will bring with an array of new features, including the ability to reschedule security updates if necessary. Users will be able to kill forced reboots that occurred due to Windows updates.

Microsoft March 3, 2017

Microsoft Jumps Into The Game VR Fray, Announces Mixed Reality For Project Scorpio And Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that it will release its Mixed Reality VR content to Project Scorpio in 2018. Mixed reality is combined virtual and augmented reality.

Gadgets March 3, 2017

Microsoft To Discontinue Skype Wi-Fi App By End March, Here's Why

Microsoft is gearing up to discontinue Skype Wi-Fi by March end. The company will delist Skype Wi-Fi and users will be unable to download it post the deadline even if they have the app installed on their device.

Microsoft March 3, 2017

Windows Malware Alert: Over 130 Apps On Google Play Store Attempted To Infect Users

The Google Play Store was affected by malware which led to over 130 apps installing malicious Windows files. The malware contained concealed IFrames, which linked users to local HTML pages containing malicious domains.

Apps/Software March 2, 2017

Microsoft Announces Xbox Live Creators Program: Everyone Can Now Make Games For Xbox One, PC

Microsoft is shortening the publishing process to a whole of bunch of developers-to-be out there. It has officially announced the Xbox Live Creators Program, through which anyone can build and publish games on Xbox One and PC.

Video Games March 2, 2017

Xbox Game Pass vs. PlayStation Now: Which Is The Better Gaming Subscription Service?

Microsoft announced a new subscription service for video games. Here’s how Xbox Game Pass compares to Sony’s PS Now.

Video Games February 28, 2017

Bought Anything From The Microsoft Store? The Company Could Owe You $100

Microsoft may have to pay consumers $100 as compensation for illegal revelation of the several payment card numbers. The company may have to shell out $1.2 million to settle the class action lawsuit that was filed against it in 2015.

Microsoft February 28, 2017

100 Percent IE And Microsoft Edge Vulnerabilities Can Be Mitigated By Removing Admin Rights, Says Study

All security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can be prevented if the admin rights are removed per a new report. Removing admin rights results in 94 percent lesser vulnerability in Windows 10 as well.

Security February 27, 2017

Unable To Install Windows 10 Build 15042? Here's How Even If Your PC Is Unresponsive

Microsoft pushed out the Windows 10 preview build 15042 on Feb. 25. However, many users reported that the update could not be installed, prompting the company to share a workaround.

Apps/Software February 26, 2017

Amazon's Productivity Suite To Take On Microsoft Office

Amazon Web Services will soon add office applications to its productivity suite as part of ongoing efforts to compete with Microsoft and Google.

Apps/Software February 26, 2017

Microsoft Leads $26 Million Investment In Drone Air Traffic Control Startup AirMap

AirMap, a startup working on technology that acts as air traffic control for drones, raised $26 million in a funding round. The investment was led by Microsoft Ventures and supported by Airbus Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures, among others.

Microsoft February 24, 2017

Microsoft Launches Skype Lite In India: Light On Data Usage And Optimized For Slow Internet Connections

Microsoft has launched a new Android app in India, introducing Skype Lite. The company says that Skype Lite is its fastest and lightest app to date and it's designed for slow internet connections and limited data.

Apps/Software February 22, 2017

Microsoft Cortana-Powered Harman Kardon Speaker Gets Wi-Fi Certification

The upcoming Harman Kardon speakers powered by Cortana has received Wi-Fi certification. The smart speaker is expected to be unveiled by Samsung during its MWC event on Feb. 26.

Gadgets February 22, 2017

EU Watchdogs Still Concerned For Windows 10 User Privacy After Changes By Microsoft In Creators Update

Despite the changes that Microsoft will implement in the upcoming Creators Update, authorities in the European Union are still concerned for the data privacy of Windows 10 users. Apparently, the additional measures are not enough.

Microsoft February 21, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone: Is The Company Canceling The Windows Smartphone?

Rumors that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone have been swirling online for sometime. However, reports suggest that due to the dismal performance of the Windows mobile OS, Microsoft may possibly cancel the smartphone.

Microsoft February 21, 2017

Google, Microsoft Agree To Crack Down On Piracy Sites In UK Search Results

Google and Microsoft will remove links leading to pirated content in the first page of search results in the United Kingdom. The agreement has been agreed upon after years of campaigning by the creative industry.

Internet February 20, 2017

Microsoft Gearing Up To Launch HoloLens V3 Headset In 2019?

Microsoft is allegedly skipping its second iteration of the HoloLens headset in favor of a version three. New reports suggest that the HoloLens V3 headset will be launched in 2019 and may revolutionize mixed reality.

Microsoft February 20, 2017

Microsoft Discounts Xbox One and Xbox One S For Limited Period

Microsoft has discounted the Xbox One S and Xbox One gaming console. Thanks to the limited period offer, consumers will be able to avail a discount of $50 on the gaming console bundles.

Gadgets February 20, 2017

Microsoft Presidents Day Sale: $200 Discount On Surface Pro 4, $50 Discount On Xbox S With Free Game

Microsoft's Presidents Day Deals include big discounts on the Surface Pro 4, select Xbox One S bundles, the Surface Book, and more. Here are the details to these best Presidents Day 2017 tech deals.

Gadgets February 18, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Image Leaks: Is The Surface Pro 4 Successor Launching Soon?

A leaked image of the rumored Surface Pro 5 has been spotted online on a French website alleged to belong to Microsoft. The appearance of the official-looking render suggests that the tablet may be launching soon.

Gadgets February 18, 2017

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