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Great American Eclipse Paves Way To In-Depth Study Of Bow Waves

Waves created by the solar eclipse of August 2017 provide brand new information about the Earth, Sun, and Moon. What did its discovery reveal to MIT researchers?

Earth/Environment December 26, 2017

Martian City: MIT Team Wins Design Contest For Future Mars Colony

An interdisciplinary team from MIT won the 2017 Mars City Design competition. The winning team's nature-inspired dome design mimics a forest in both structure and function.

Space November 26, 2017

Want To Quickly Construct An Entire Dome? This MIT 3D Printer Can Do It Within 14 Hours

MIT researchers constructed and developed a robotic system, which used 3D printing to construct primary architectural structures. The MIT 3D Printer successfully constructed a dome within 14 hours.

Robotics April 30, 2017

New Solar-Powered Device Harvests Water From Desert Air

The new technology could help you survive in the desert by using sunlight to evaporate condensed water. The solar-powered water harvester is based on a series of porous crystals that collect the water into a reservoir.

Material Science April 14, 2017

'Tree On A Chip' Device Mimics Hydraulics Of Plants: Huge Step For Robotics?

The 'tree-on-a-chip' developed by MIT engineers is a microfluidic device that mimics the pumping in trees without any moving parts or external pumps. It is part of the efforts of scientists to create hydraulic robotics on a nano scale.

Material Science March 22, 2017

MIT Predicts 1,200 Premature Deaths In Europe Due To Excess Emissions From German Cars

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology predict that 1,200 people in Europe are likely to die early due to excess emissions from Volkswagen cars sold between 2008 and 2015. These were the cars found to have been installed with 'defeat devices.'

Public Health March 3, 2017

Rivers In The Sky: Atmospheric Rivers Can Wreak Widespread Calamities

Atmospheric rivers can wreak widespread calamities that will prove to be costly because of the hazards it can bring to lives and properties. More than 10 rivers are expected this winter, according to the National Weather Service.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2017

Ethicists Say Go Slow On Gene-editing CRISPR, Ponder What It Means To Be Human

Ethicists have renewed the call for caution in handling gene-editing CRISPR, which has the potential not only to cure congenital and other serious illnesses but also can make permanent changes in human genome that can be heritable by a person's offspring.

Biotech February 18, 2017

Bad With Social Cues? MIT Researchers Built A Wearable For You

MIT researchers are developing a wearable AI system that can function as a social coach to aid socially challenged individuals figure out social cues with ease.

Life & Style February 3, 2017

This Invisible, Water-Powered Robot Snatches Unsuspecting Fish With A Claw [Video]

MIT scientists have developed an invisible robot that can swim and snatch fish effectively. It is made of interlocking hydrogel cubes that can inflate themselves when pumped up with water.

Robotics February 2, 2017

Department Of Defense Tests Swarm Of 3D-Printed Micro-Drones Called Perdix

The U.S. Department of Defense announced a successful demonstration of its semi-automated Perdix drones, which function as a collective organism. A swarm of these devices is considered the biggest thing since the nuclear bomb.

Defense January 11, 2017

Researchers Uncover What Goes Into Firefly ‘Wedding Gifts’

How do male fireflies attract mates? They present 'wedding gifts,' the contents of which have been analyzed for the first time by researchers from Tufts Univeristy and MIT.

Animals December 28, 2016

Unique ‘Flashing Light Therapy’ Holds Promise As New Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

MIT researchers have devised a unique flashing light therapy that holds a lot of potential as a treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease patients, utilizing a strip of LED lights to induce certain brain changes.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 8, 2016

MIT's MoVR Lets HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR Headsets Go Wireless Via Millimeter Waves

MIT has developed a system that enables wireless connection for virtual reality headsets. Named the MoVR system, it uses high-frequency radio signals called millimeter waves, pushing out data to the VR headset at speeds in the Gbps range.

Wearable Tech November 15, 2016

Meet NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite: What’s The TESS Mission Up To?

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite mission will be a groundbreaking one. It will be going after bright stars to look for rocky planets like Earth and Venus.

Space October 10, 2016

MIT Researchers Developing Beaver-Inspired Wet Suits To Keep Surfers Warm

MIT researchers wanted to create sustainable, functional wet suits and they’re drawing inspiration from semiaquatic animals like beavers. These beaver-inspired wet suits were particularly designed to keep surfers warm while shedding water quickly at the same time.

Material Science October 6, 2016

MIT Machine Uses Radio Waves To Read Human Emotions

MIT's new device called EQ-Radio can read four human emotions using radio signals. It can be used as a lie detector but it has other potential applications in the the field of medicine and film industry.

Biotech September 21, 2016

Ahoy! Autonomous Boats Are 'Self-Sailing' Through Amsterdam Canals Next Year

MIT has teamed up with Amsterdam's AMS Institute and two universities for Roboat, a $27-million, five-year autonomous boat program. Researchers will start testing self-sailing boats in Amsterdam next year, ferrying goods and commuters.

Business Tech September 20, 2016

Can 3D-Printed Objects 'Remember' Their Original Shapes?

An international team of scientists successfully manipulated a 3D-printed structure that can 'remember' its original shape. The process can lead to advancements in a wide range of fields.

Material Science August 28, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop Smart Routers To Solve Wi-Fi Problem With Overcrowded Networks

MIT researchers propose that MegaMIMO, a smart router system, can solve Wi-Fi problems in congested and overcrowded networks. It may also be a possible solution to the United States' Spectrum Crunch dilemma.

Computers August 24, 2016

MIT Researchers Are Working On Mobile Phones That Assemble By Themselves: Imagine The Possibilities

Researchers from MIT's Self-Assembly Lab are working on a self-assembling mobile phone. The project, which uses concepts learned from atoms, cells and planets, is already generating excitement for its future applications.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 23, 2016

MIT Unveils DuoSkin: Temporary Tattoos That Function As On-Skin Interfaces To Interact With Computers, Mobile Devices

MIT Media Lab's DuoSkin project is a fabrication process for customized temporary tattoos that can serve as connected interfaces. These tattoos can eventually serve as a great alternative to cumbersome wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Wearable Tech August 13, 2016

MIT Introduces Tech That Lets You 'Touch' Objects In Videos, Shows AR Possibilities With 'Pokémon GO'

MIT unveils Interactive Dynamic Video or IDV, a technology that allows users to 'touch' objects in videos. The team behind the project also showcased how it can make 'Pokémon GO' more realistic.

Apps/Software August 4, 2016

Ford, MIT Team For New Research Project, Deploying On-Demand Electric Shuttles

Ford and MIT signed a research partnership that will delve on autonomous driving and pedestrian traffic pattern recognition. The project is supposed to debut this fall, with a number of on-demand electric shuttles for MIT’s students.

Car Tech July 28, 2016

This MIT Invention Brings Glasses-Free 3D To Movie Theathers

Scientists at MIT finally have created a movie screen that brings all the benefits of 3D-viewing without any of the annoyances — particularly the glasses.

Gadgets July 25, 2016

MIT Develops Wireless, Wearable Sensor For Toxic Gas: Military Applications?

MIT researchers created low-cost sensors that will allow smartphones to detect toxic gas. The technology, which is also lightweight, will have military applications.

Defense July 10, 2016

Machine Learns To Predict Human Behavior By Watching TV, YouTube

Humans can easily anticipate the next actions in a TV show or clip, but artificial intelligence systems can't. So what's the best way for them to learn? By binge-watching videos, of course.

Robotics June 23, 2016

Own A Tesla Model S Or X? Here's How You Can Get Up To $1,000 From MIT

MIT's AgeLab announced a new research initiative that aims to study advanced vehicle technologies for safer driving. Tesla owners who agree to participate in this study can earn up to $1,000, so here's the deal.

Car Tech June 7, 2016

Cruisin' In Duckietown: MIT's Rubber Duckie Taxis Can Self-drive

MIT's rubber duckie taxis called Duckiebots can navigate around the streets of Duckietown by self-driving. Cruisin' has never been cooler than this.

April 21, 2016

Pill Designed For Long-Term Drug Release Developed

Proper dosage is necessary for effective treatment, but many patients have trouble sticking to their dosing schedules. A new pill design aims to address this by facilitating long-term drug release.

Life April 9, 2016

Print Out A 3D Robot And Watch it Walk Away (Almost) - No Assembly Required!

A new 3D printing technique has been developed that allows solids and liquids to be created simultaneously. How could this affect the future of robotics?

FUTURE TECH April 7, 2016

Forget Passwords: New MIT Wireless Technology Makes Password-Free Wi-Fi, Safer Drones, Smarter Homes Possible

The new-age Wi-Fi system, Chronos, brought to light by the MIT research team, might be the answer to a password-free wireless device. From a single Wi-Fi point, this system tracks localization with 20 percent more accuracy and may ensure safer drones and prevention of Wi-Fi theft.

FUTURE TECH April 3, 2016

Public Private Consortium Pours $317 Million For Advanced Functional Fibers of America: What The Project Is About

A public-private consortium will receive $317 million deal for a very promising project. It will develop a range of advanced functional fabrics that can change many things from fashion to national security.

Business April 1, 2016

If Health Insurance Isn't Good Enough, Will 'Drug Loans' Help Cover For Expensive Cancer, Hepatitis C Drugs?

Drug loans or health care loans (HCL) are proposed to provide patients with payment terms for expensive Hepatitis C and cancer drugs. HCL was presented to an MIT conference, with insurance companies in attendance.

Life March 30, 2016

Scientists Develop Voice-Controlled Calorie Counter That May Aid People Trying To Lose Weight

MIT researchers are in the process of developing a voice-controlled calorie counter. It is aimed at helping people have an easier and accurate food-logging experience.

Life March 28, 2016

Forget Post-Processing: Scientists Create Reflection-Removing Camera

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have modified a Microsoft Kinect One camera for removing reflections from photos. The camera is used for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Gadgets March 27, 2016

MIT Develops Polaris System That Helps Load Webpages 34 Percent Faster

Researchers from MIT's CSAIL and Harvard University have developed Polaris, a system that helps webpages to load faster. The technology is suited for large and complex websites, along with mobile networks.

Apps/Software March 11, 2016

This Solar Cell Is Incredibly Thin And Lightweight It Can Rest On Top Of Soap Bubble

Scientists invented an ultra-thin solar cell so lightweight it can lay on top of a soap bubble without popping it. The research team said the breakthrough is in the process, not in the materials used.

Energy February 27, 2016

New MIT Prediction Tool Can Warn Sailors Of Incoming Sea Rogue Waves

Rogue waves are very hard to predict because it needs very sophisticated and expensive equipment capable of determining when they are possible to arrive. MIT scientists figured a faster and cheaper way to predict these killer waves.

Earth/Environment February 27, 2016

Scientists Have Discovered What Glues Concrete Together

Scientists at MIT have discovered the chemical makeup of one of the most widely-used substances on the planet, and more importantly, what binds the material in the first place.

Animals February 9, 2016

MIT Has Built A Low-Power AI Chip For Mobile

MIT has announced a new low-power chip that is extremely efficient, making it a good option for mobile devices and helping them offer better artificial intelligence.

Gadgets February 8, 2016

Buh-bye Insulin Injections? Encapsulated Pancreatic Cells Could Cure Diabetes For Up To Six Months

Researchers from MIT, Harvard University and other scientific organizations have developed a new technology that would allow insulin-producing beta cells to be implanted into the body. The device effectively protects these cells from immune system attacks.

Life January 27, 2016

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Marvin Minsky Dies At 88

Computer scientists and artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky died on Sunday in Boston because of cerebral hemorrhage. Minsky was 88 years old.

January 26, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop An Incandescent Light Bulb That Partially Uses Its Own Heat For Power

Researchers from MIT created an incandescent light bulb that has a special filter that allows it to recycle heat to serve as a source of power.

FUTURE TECH January 13, 2016

New Material Soaks Up And Stores Solar Heat, Can Release It Later On Demand

Researchers have developed a new material that could be used in self-warming clothing or for melting ice on car windshields. The simple polymer film stores the sun's energy in a chemical state.

Animals January 11, 2016

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