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Apollo 12 Astronaut Dick Gordon Dies At Age 88

Former NASA astronaut Richard 'Dick' Gordon passed away at the age of 88. Gordon was one of only 24 men that have flown to the moon.

November 10, 2017

Beaver Moon Illuminates Early November Night Skies

Be dazzled by the glorious Beaver moon this weekend, as it shines brightly. Know the best time to view it, as well as get a quick refresher about the many names of the moon.

Space November 4, 2017

New Discovery Takes Us One Step Closer To Living On The Moon

NASA and JAXA scientists have confirmed that there are underground caves on the Moon, left behind by flowing lava. The discovery brings the human race one step closer to living on the Moon.

Space October 19, 2017

Ancient Volcanoes Caused The Moon To Have An Atmosphere For 70 Million Years: Study

A new study from the Lunar and Planetary Institute suggests the moon once had an atmosphere that lasted for 70 million years. It was apparently caused by gases from volcanic eruptions.

Space October 9, 2017

Harvest Moon To Rise On Oct. 5: What Makes It So Special, And What Time Should You Look Up?

America's fascination with celestial bodies continues with this year's harvest moon, which will rise on the evening of Oct. 5. Why is it named as such, and what time will it appear in the sky?

Space October 5, 2017

Water Reservoir On The Moon? Lunar Interior Could Be Hiding Significant Amount Of Water

Data from NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument suggest that the moon may have a significant amount of water in its interior. A lunar water reservoir could make colonization of the moon much easier.

Space September 12, 2017

German Startup To Set Up Cellphone Tower On The Moon

A startup based in Berlin is planning to build the first telecommunications structure on the surface of the moon. The startup and its partners aim to explore the landing site of the Apollo 17 mission.

Business Tech August 11, 2017

These Might Have Happened If The Apollo Space Program Continued

Since astronaut Gene Cernan stepped back into the Apollo 17 lander back in 1972, no human has set foot on the moon again. Learn what could have happened if the Apollo program continued and proceeded with its space missions.

Space July 25, 2017

Moon Interior May Hold More Water Than Previously Thought

Satellite data suggest that the interior of the moon may hold substantial amounts of water. What are the implications of the findings on future moon missions and our understanding of the early history of Earth’s natural satellite?

Space July 25, 2017

Here's How Moon Express Plans To Build Lunar Outpost, Harvest Lunar Rocks Using Robots

Florida-based private company Moon Express is seeking to deploy robotic landers in a planned series of missions to the moon. Here are details on its projected lunar outpost and moon mining initiatives.

Space July 13, 2017

Moon Express Wants To Deliver Goods To The Moon And Beyond

Moon Express is closer than ever to winning Google's $20 million prize, but the company's ambitions go much further. It plans to be among the first companies to provide commercial transportation to the moon.

Space July 13, 2017

Fungus In Space Can Make Astronauts Sick, NASA-Led Team Warns

NASA has warned that fungus in space could serve as an enemy of astronauts in the Mars mission or other forms of space exploration. Certain fungi types could colonize the human body and lead to infection.

Space July 12, 2017

China Simulates Life On The Moon With 200-Day Test Of Self-Sustaining Space Station

How is it like to live on the moon or another world beyond Earth for an extended period of time? China will soon find out as it begins the 200-day experiment of a self-sustaining ecosystem at the Lunar Palace-1.

Space July 11, 2017

Asian Space Race Heats Up As Japan Unveils Plan To Put A Man On The Moon

The Asian space race is heating up as Japan has announced its plans to put a man on the moon. It's only the latest move in a new 21st-century space race.

Space July 1, 2017

Stephen Hawking Issues Call To Leave Planet Earth And Head To The Stars

At an arts and science festival, Stephen Hawking has issued a dire warning for humans: it's time to leave Earth and explore other worlds. The cofounder of Breakthrough Starshot calls for interstellar travel to preserve the species.

Space June 21, 2017

'Overwatch' Is Going To The Moon In New Assault Map

Blizzard has managed to keep a steady stream of content to 'Overwatch' players through new maps, characters, and events. Blizzard isn't slowing down the reveal of the new assault map joining the rotation, and it will send players to the moon.

Video Games May 31, 2017

China Moon Mission: 8 Postgraduate Students Move Into Lunar Palace Cabin That Simulates Lunar-Like Environment

China steps up its efforts for its planned permanent lunar laboratory. Eight postgraduate students begin simulated space cabin trials at the Lunar Palace 1 until 2018.

Space May 11, 2017

NASA’s Mars Plan May Involve Yearlong Manned Mission To The Moon

Before the journey to the red planet, NASA wants to send astronauts on a yearlong mission around the moon to test the Deep Space Transport vehicle that will ultimately take humans to Mars. Also in store is the Deep Space Gateway mini-station.

Space May 11, 2017

In Case We Manage To Land On Planet Mars, What Are The Chances Of Living There?

The human mission to Mars has ignited popular attention. However, the mission is dotted with many challenges. Topping the list is tough living conditions triggering the question whether how successful will be human life on Mars.

Space May 9, 2017

NASA's Cassini Ends Date With Saturn: Here Are Some Of The Best Images Snapped By This Spacecraft

Cassini spacecraft, now in the final phase of its mission, has made a successful dive between Saturn and its rings. It is now gearing up for the final plunge into the planet's surface in September.

Space April 30, 2017

NASA's Inflatable Greenhouse For Growing Plants On Mars And Moon Mimics Biological Systems On Earth

Astronauts may be able to grow their own plants during Mars and moon missions using a greenhouse system that NASA and University of Arizona researchers are working on. How does this system work?

Space April 25, 2017

Cassini Spacecraft Flies By Saturn Moon Titan For The Last Time

Cassini spacecraft has made its prelude to the Grand Finale with its last flyby of Titan. The probe's last encounter with the moon changed its orbit so it will pass through the gap between Saturn and its rings.

Space April 25, 2017

Saturn Moon Enceladus Has Life-Supporting ‘Chemical Energy’: What Does This Mean In The Pursuit Of Earth-Like Life?

NASA has revealed that Saturn’s moon Enceladus, with its frozen ocean and liquid water, might be harboring life. According to Cassini spacecraft data, the presence of hydrogen in the plumes from the icy surface of the moon bolsters this conclusion.

Space April 15, 2017

American Flags Planted On Moon By Apollo 11 Astronauts Have Bleached

Six American flags planted by astronauts on the lunar surface in 1969 have become discolored, owing to bleaching. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter first shared the image of the bleached flags in 2012.

Space April 10, 2017

Saturn Moon Titan Could Have Electric Sand

Titan, the largest of Saturn's moons, is one strange, sticky world, thanks to its electrically charged sand dunes. It is, in fact, one of the weirdest things there is in space.

Space March 29, 2017

NASA Planning Lunar Orbit Gateway For Mars And Deep Space Missions

NASA is scripting big plans for deep space missions, including Mars, by dovetailing it with a lunar orbit gateway. The mini space station will support missions to Mars and other parts of the solar system including lunar surface.

Space March 29, 2017

NASA Gives Nod For 10 SmallSat Missions To Study Solar System: What Are Their Goals?

NASA has approved to launch 10 small satellite missions to explore the solar system. SmallSats have proven their utility for cutting edge science allowing easy deployment from larger spacecraft to carry out targeted investigations in the inner solar system.

Space March 28, 2017

NASA Mulls Laser-Powered High-Speed Sky Internet For Mars, Moon Missions, And Beyond

NASA is working on LCRD (Laser Communications Relay Demonstration) for using laser communications to fast track communication between spacecraft and Earth. The upgrade will apply to many upcoming projects in deep space including Mars, lunar, and other missions.

Space March 27, 2017

Privately Funded Space Team Looking To Brew Beer On Moon In Global Competition

TeamIndus, a privately sponsored space team from India, is looking forward to participating in an exciting experiment. This experiment is part of a global competition, which has proposed brewing beer with yeast on the moon.

Space March 20, 2017

After Moon, Buzz Aldrin Takes You To Mars Via Virtual Reality

Shaking the moon dust off, legendary Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin wants to go to Mars. Thanks to technology, you, too, can tag along via virtual reality.

Space March 19, 2017

Solar System Could Have More Than 100 Planets

A group of scientists is proposing a new definition that would classify celestial objects as planets. If the new criteria get adopted, the Solar System could be home of more than 100 planets, which would include the Earth's moon.

Space March 19, 2017

Lost In Space: How New NASA Radar Technique Found India’s Chandrayaan-1 Orbiter

NASA successfully found two missing spacecraft, including India’s lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-1 that got lost in 2009. Learn more about how a new application of NASA's interplanetary radar technology made it possible.

Space March 13, 2017

Indian Lunar Spacecraft Missing For 8 Years Found Orbiting The Moon: How NASA, ESA Find Lost Space Probes

NASA found India's first lunar probe Chandrayaan-1 orbiting the moon about eight years after the spacecraft went missing. Here's how NASA and ESA found other probes that were lost in space.

Space March 11, 2017

Private Space Stations Essential For Lunar Tourism: Vital For Landing And Refueling, Says Expert

Aerospace scientist Robert Bigelow said privately-owned space stations can start orbiting the moon by 2020 if the Trump administration supports private spaceflights. He said such stations are indispensable for sustaining lunar tourism in terms of landing and refueling.

Space March 10, 2017

SpaceX Shoots For The Moon In 2018: How Feasible Is It?

In 2018, SpaceX plans to fly people around the moon using the Falcon Heavy rocket and the Dragon V2 capsule. How feasible is Elon Musk's moonshot and what does the spaceflight company's track record say about its future success?

Space March 5, 2017

Official Name Themes For Pluto And Its Moons Get The Nod From IAU

The International Astronomical Union has approved the naming themes for features on Pluto, along with largest Pluto moon Charon and four smaller ones. Some themes continue focusing on the mythology of the underworld ruled by Roman god Pluto.

Space February 28, 2017

SpaceX Planning To Take Passengers Around The Moon In 2018, Says Elon Musk

SpaceX is set to take two passengers for the trip around the moon. The company's CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the duo will fly with the company's Dragon spacecraft in Q2 2018.

Space February 28, 2017

Crew In SLS Mega Rocket Flight: NASA Weighing Risks

In view of the interest expressed by the Trump administration for an early manned flight, NASA is examining the option of adding astronauts to the maiden flight of Space Launch System rocket, whose unmanned flight is set for late 2018.

Space February 26, 2017

Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse: All You Need To Know About The Celestial Event On Feb. 26

NASA confirmed that on Feb. 26, people in the United States will be able to view a rare cosmic event. On that day, a solar eclipse will take place, which scientists are calling the 'Ring of Fire.'

Space February 25, 2017

Columbia Goes On Tour: 11 Fast Facts On Apollo 11 Command Module

The Apollo 11 command module Columbia will leave the National Air and Space Museum and go on a four-city tour for the first time in almost 50 years. Learn 11 fast facts on this piece of lunar landing mission history.

Space February 23, 2017

Great American Total Solar Eclipse On Aug 21: NASA Plans Broad Study

The total solar eclipse in the United States on Aug 21. will be as significant as the first total eclipse since 1979. It will happen when the moon comes in front of the sun and blocks the solar disc.

Space February 23, 2017

Inert Helium’s Sodium Compound Is Extra Strong: Study

Helium, famous for its reluctance to react with other elements, has formed a very strong chemical compound with sodium. According to scientists, the new compound sodium helide is highly stable and was made after squeezing helium to high pressure.

Material Science February 21, 2017

China And India Pump Up Space Programs

China and India have enhanced their space spending. China has many space ventures in 2017 including a lunar mission while India jacked up space budget by 20 percent and put Mars and Venus missions on high priority.

Space February 15, 2017

Proposed NASA Europa Mission To Drill Into Icy Crust Of Jupiter Moon To Search For Alien Life

Members of NASA'S Science Definition Team submitted a report detailing the concept of a new Europa mission. The team proposed sending a probe to drill into the icy crust of the Jupiter moon.

Space February 11, 2017

Radioactive Glass From First Nuclear Explosion Test Site May Hold Clues To Moon Formation

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego have used fragments of radioactive glass from the test site of the first nuclear bomb to explain the formation of the moon.

Space February 10, 2017

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