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Astronauts Aboard International Space Station To Conduct Emergency Spacewalk After Computer Failure

The ISS station managers gave the go-ahead to conduct an emergency spacewalk. Expedition 51 crewmembers Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer would undertake the spacewalk on May 23 to replace the failed data relay box.


Images Taken By Hubble Telescope Reveal Small Moon Orbiting Third-Largest Dwarf Planet

Astronomers discovered a small moon orbiting 2007 OR10 or 'Snow White,' the third-biggest dwarf planet in our solar system. The Hubble Space Telescope took the images that helped astronomers spot the dwarf planet's moon.

Space May 22, 2017

Will The Billionaires Beat NASA To Planet Mars?

The Trump administration refocused NASA’s budget to the Mars mission but it may not be enough to succeed. An expert believes Musk and Bezos will get there first.

Space May 21, 2017

NASA Releases An Image Showing How The Earth Looked From Space 48 Years Ago

NASA on Thursday, May 18, released an aerial image of Earth taken from space. In 1969, the crew of Apollo 10 lunar orbital space mission captured the image from a distance of 36,000 nautical miles.

Space May 21, 2017

Ellen Ochoa And Michael Foale Inducted To NASA Astronaut Hall Of Fame

Former NASA astronauts Ellen Ochoa and Michael Foale were inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center director Bob Cabana presided over the ceremony.

Space May 20, 2017

Meet KalamSat: World's Smallest Satellite Designed By A Teen

An 18-year old teen from India created the smallest and lightest satellite ever dubbed KalamSat. The science genius used 3D-printed reinforced carbon fiber to create the satellite, which will be launched by NASA in June.

Space May 18, 2017

The World Just Had Its 2nd Warmest April In 137 Years

April 2017 emerged as the second warmest April on record or in 137 years. Find out more about the details on record-setting global temperatures recently and what role global warming plays in these extremes.

Earth/Environment May 17, 2017

Mysterious Light Flashes Caught By NASA Camera 1 Million Miles Away From Earth

What could be causing the mysterious flashes of light captured by the EPIC camera of the DSCOVR satellite? Here's a quick clue that scientists used: ice crystals up in the atmosphere.

Space May 16, 2017

Trump Aims For First Crewed Mars Mission By 2024, But NASA Not Keen On It

Despite President Trump’s statement during the Earth-to-space videoconference on April 24, when he hinted NASA should expedite its Mars mission, the space agency will be proceeding as originally scheduled. The plan remains to send humans to Mars in the 2030s.

Space May 15, 2017

Cost, Not Safety, Reason Why NASA Will Not Put Human Crew On First SLS Flight

NASA’s plans for a manned SLS maiden flight will not push through after study concludes it is too late in the planning process to accommodate changes. A source says it’s really all about the money.

Feature | Science May 14, 2017

Not Just Radiation: Other Ways Planet Mars Could Kill Human Explorers

A Mars mission in the 2030s won't come easy and risk-free for NASA. Here are some ways human explorers to the Red Planet could die, including the problem of space radiation.

Space May 12, 2017

NASA Denies Plans Of Joint Lander Mission To Jupiter Moon Europa

NASA and the European Space Agency are not yet officially pursuing a lander mission together to explore Jupiter moon Europa. The joint Europa lander mission was brought up weeks ago by a scientist at a geosciences summit.

Space May 12, 2017

Buzz Aldrin Wants NASA To Retire ISS At The Earliest: Here's Why

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin recommended that NASA scrap the ISS as soon as possible. NASA allots $3.5 billion annually to maintain the International Space Station and is currently funded through 2024.

Space May 12, 2017

NASA’s Mars Plan May Involve Yearlong Manned Mission To The Moon

Before the journey to the red planet, NASA wants to send astronauts on a yearlong mission around the moon to test the Deep Space Transport vehicle that will ultimately take humans to Mars. Also in store is the Deep Space Gateway mini-station.

Space May 11, 2017

LOOK: Stunning New Photos From Cassini’s 2nd Saturn Dive Released By NASA

NASA Cassini took its second dive on May 2 and delivered brilliant images of Saturn and its rings. The spacecraft also made magnetic field observations when it got closer to the Saturn.

Space May 10, 2017

In Case We Manage To Land On Planet Mars, What Are The Chances Of Living There?

The human mission to Mars has ignited popular attention. However, the mission is dotted with many challenges. Topping the list is tough living conditions triggering the question whether how successful will be human life on Mars.

Space May 9, 2017

New Frontiers: NASA Receives 12 Proposals For Future Solar System Exploration

NASA is looking forward to the next exploration mission of our solar system and is mulling over a dozen proposals submitted through the New Frontiers Program. This is the program’s fourth robotic probe to be sent into the unknown, destination pending.

Space May 9, 2017

Stephen Hawking Says Humans Need To Leave Earth In 100 Years: Here Are The Technologies That Can Make This Possible

Leading physicist Stephen Hawking has called for colonization of other planets as human race may not survive beyond 100 years. This is because of too many problems haunting mankind, including climate change and asteroid strike.

Space May 6, 2017

New 3D 'Space Fabric' Marries Fashion And Engineering To Protect Astronauts, Spacecraft From Debris

Meet the new 'space fabric,' a versatile, pliable 3D-printed material courtesy of NASA engineers. This highly flexible metallic fabric resembling chain mail has multiple scientific applications and could be used to shield spacecraft from asteroids and insulate astronaut spacesuits.

Space May 5, 2017

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Spots Distant Galaxies That May Need Guarding

A newly released image from NASA Hubble telescope reveals that a huge cluster of galaxies called Abell 370, has an array of galaxies guarding it and is useful in studying far-flung galaxies by its gravitational lensing property.

Space May 5, 2017

NASA Offers $15,000 Prize To Anyone Who Can Improve Performance Of Its Fluid Dynamics Software

NASA issues a challenge to speed up its supercomputer by 10 to 10,000 times its current speed. Qualified contestants can win up to $15,000 If successful.

Feature | Science May 5, 2017

NASA Finds Solar System Similar To Ours: Can The Discovery Help Better Understand The Evolution Of Milky Way?

NASA discovered a new planetary system, similar to that of Earth's, 10.5 light years away. The star of the newly-discovered solar system has been named Epsilon Eridani.

Space May 4, 2017

NASA Releases Video Of Cassini's First Dive Over Saturn

NASA uploaded a video which reveals the images the Cassini spacecraft captured during its first dive between Saturn and its rings. Although the images were unclear, they showcased the closest pictures of the planet ever to be clicked.

Space May 4, 2017

What’s This Creepy Dark Streak Across The Arabian Sea Seen On A NASA Satellite Image?

The latest satellite image from NASA shows a mysterious and unsettling dark figure forming across the Arabian Sea. Discover the ordinary cause of this extraordinary phenomenon.

Earth/Environment May 3, 2017

Listen To The Sound From 'The Big Empty' Between Saturn And Its Rings

The April 26 dive of NASA Cassini spacecraft in the gap between Saturn and its rings came across few particles and gave freaky sounds indicating empty space and an eerie silence.

Space May 3, 2017

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Set To Peak This Week: Here's How To Watch The Celestial Event

The annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower, which takes place between April and May, is set to reach its peak on May 6. People would be able to view as many as 30 meteors per hour during the peak stage.

Space May 3, 2017

How NASA’s Inflatable Greenhouse Could Nourish Astronauts On Mars, Other Planets

To attain in-situ resource utilization in space missions and become self-reliant in food production, NASA has come up with an inflatable greenhouse deployable in space. This will address the food needs of astronauts on Mars or moon missions.

Space May 2, 2017

Cassini Finds The Gap Between Saturn And Its Rings Relatively Dust-Free

The Cassini spacecraft completed its first dive between Saturn and its rings on April 26. However, scientists were astonished to discover that the region almost had no dust particles.

Space May 2, 2017

No-Bake Bricks For Future Mars Colony: Will They Actually Work On The Red Planet?

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have created bricks using Mars-like soil. But will these be strong enough for human habitats on the red planet?

Space May 1, 2017

NASA's Cassini Ends Date With Saturn: Here Are Some Of The Best Images Snapped By This Spacecraft

Cassini spacecraft, now in the final phase of its mission, has made a successful dive between Saturn and its rings. It is now gearing up for the final plunge into the planet's surface in September.

Space April 30, 2017

Trappist-1: Could Planets In Recently Discovered Solar System Be Seeding Each Other With Life?

Consequent to the announcement of NASA that seven exoplanets have been discovered, a new study has argued that life forms on one planet can seed life in other planets by riding on space debris to reach other planets.

Space April 30, 2017

NASA Apollo Mission In A Box: LEGO Launches Meter-Tall Saturn V Rocket

LEGO is unveiling a new NASA-inspired Lego set. It comes in the form of a detailed replica of the first manned rocket to put people to the moon, the Saturn V.

Geek April 29, 2017

NASA SLS Rocket First Launch Delayed To 2019 Due To Technical Problems

NASA confirmed that it would have to delay the launch of the Space Launch System rocket to 2019. The space agency has delayed the launch of the SLS rocket because of technical issues.

Space April 29, 2017

Engineers Find A Way To Make Bricks On Mars Using Martian Soil: Will It Make Human Settlement Easy On The Red Planet?

Scientists invented a new way of manufacturing bricks using Martian soil. The new process would not require the help of additives of complex machinery and technology and could potentially make human settlement on the Red Planet easy.

Space April 28, 2017

NASA May Have Spent Too Much On Inferior Spacesuits, According To A New Audit Report

The spacesuits used by NASA astronauts, like the one worn by Peggy Whitson on her Jan. 6 spacewalk, are outdated. The agency made inefficient investments in spacesuit technology, which might challenge the upcoming Mars missions, says a NASA audit.

Space April 28, 2017

Scientists Discover A New 'Iceball' Planet Through Microlensing

NASA scientists discovered an ‘iceball’ planet through microlensing. The newly-discovered exoplanet was named OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb and boasted extremely low surface temperatures due to its faint host star.

Space April 27, 2017

UFO Hunter Claims This Is A Petrified Ancient Tree Stump On Mars

An image taken by the Curiosity Rover has turned viral after a video posted by a group insisted that the image was the vestige of an ancient Martian tree on the planet as an assertion of life on Mars.

Space April 27, 2017

Collaboration Between China And European Space Agency To Build Moon Outpost Is Now Brewing

China and the European Space Agency are bracing for collaboration on a human outpost on the moon and many other joint programs. ESA has been hard selling the 'Moon Village' as an international launching pad for deep space missions.

Space April 27, 2017

Peggy Whitson Sets Spaceflight Record: A Look At Women’s History In NASA

Peggy Whitson bagged another record in space. Learn more about the history of women working for NASA and what it took before they could fly in space.

Space April 26, 2017

NASA Launches Super Balloon In New Zealand To Help Solve Mystery Of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Particles

NASA lifted off a football-stadium-sized, heavy-lift super pressure balloon from Wanaka Airport, New Zealand. The SPB has been designed to detect cosmic rays that enter the Earth from beyond Milky Way.

Space April 26, 2017

Can Bill Nye Save The World? The Science Guy On March For Science And His Latest Netflix Series

Bill Nye gave an inspiring speech at March for Science in Washington, D.C. Critics ask: is he really a science guy and how does he plan to save the world?

Earth/Environment April 26, 2017

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft To Dive Between Saturn And Its Rings Before Fatal Plunge Into Planet's Atmosphere

NASA announces that the Cassini-Huygens Mission will conclude in a literal blaze of glory. Cassini spacecraft will perform 22 dives before burning up like a meteor.

Space April 23, 2017

Veggies In The Cosmos: Why Scientists Need To Grow Edible Plants In Space

NASA has intensified efforts for growing vegetables in space. The latest is the payload of supplies sent to ISS with systems for the Advanced Plant Habitat experiment.

Space April 21, 2017

Soyuz Spacecraft Brings Astronaut And Cosmonaut To International Space Station

An astronaut and cosmonaut have recently blasted off to the International Space Station on the first two-crew spaceflight in 14 years. Find out more launch details and the resulting new ISS team once they arrive.

Space April 20, 2017

President Trump To Call NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson In Space This Monday

Expedition 51 Commander Peggy Whitson will be chatting live with President Donald Trump on April 24. Find out what the videoconference with the NASA astronaut will be all about and where you can watch it.

Space April 20, 2017

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