Scott Kelly Says China's Space Program Could Surpass The US If They're Allowed To

Astronaut Scott Kelly voiced his concerns about the U.S. falling behind in their space program. China is rapidly making advances in its space technology and Kelly fears it could surpass the U.S. if the country doesn't advance rapidly.

Space March 16, 2018

The New Space Race: Vladimir Putin Says Russia Will Beat US To Mars

Vladimir Putin wants Russia to land on Mars before the United States does. So, it’s launching a Mars mission in 2019, earlier than NASA’s own Mars exploration program.

Space March 16, 2018

Exploring Ultima Thule: New Horizons' Next Target MU69 Gets Mythical Nickname

New Horizons' next flyby target has been given the nickname Ultima Thule, which is used for places 'beyond the known world.' As the most primitive and distant object to be explored in history, the name fits MU69 just perfectly.

Space March 16, 2018

NASA Confirms Scott Kelly's Genes Have Been Altered By Space Travel

NASA revealed preliminary findings that confirm recent stories that Scott Kelly's genes have changed after being in space for a year. Scott Kelly's identical twin brother now has different genes than him.

Space March 15, 2018

NASA Kepler Spacecraft Nears Death: Fuel To Run Out Within Several Months

The Kepler space telescope will run out of fuel and end its mission within several months, NASA said. The spacecraft, which has survived through several close calls, has detected 2,245 exoplanets and will continue collecting data until it shuts down.

Space March 15, 2018

NASA To SpaceX: A Design Flaw Was The Reason Your Rocket Exploded In 2015

NASA has released the results of its inquiry into what went wrong during SpaceX’s catastrophic CRS-7 mission rocket launch in 2015. It turns out SpaceX failed to be extra careful about testing components.

Space March 14, 2018

NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot To Retire, White House Appointee Not Yet Confirmed

NASA's longest-serving acting administrator, Robert Lightfoot, announced his retirement. Who will lead NASA now as Trump's nominee Rep. Jim Bridenstine's appointment was stalled by Senate?

Space March 13, 2018

NASA HAMMER Spacecraft May Save The World In The Future From An Incoming Asteroid

NASA is working on a spacecraft named HAMMER that may save the world from a possible asteroid crash. To change the path of the asteroid, HAMMER will either crash into it or nuke it.

Space March 11, 2018

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly’s DNA Was Altered In Space: How Did That Even Happen?

Scott Kelly’s DNA did indeed change after staying in the International Space Station for a long time. What are the factors that contribute to such changes?

Space March 11, 2018

Trump Praises SpaceX CEO Elon Musk For Falcon Heavy's Simultaneous Booster Landing

In a cabinet meeting on March 8, President Donald Trump mentions Elon Musk and the recent simultaneous landing of the Falcon Heavy's boosters. He also explains the beneficial role of the private space companies in the aerospace industry.

Space March 9, 2018

Twins Study Update: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA Altered In Space

NASA will soon release an integrated paper on its Twins Study featuring brothers Scott and Mark Kelly. Preliminary findings of the Human Research Program confirm that 7 percent of Scott’s DNA has changed.

Space March 9, 2018

Do You Want To Send Your Name To The Sun? Let The First NASA Solar Probe Take It There

The NASA Parker Solar Probe, which will launch this summer, will be the first spacecraft that Earth will send to the sun. You can send your name to the sun through the solar probe by signing up for a promotion.

Space March 7, 2018

Space Tech Goes To The Oscars: Statuettes And NASA Telescopes Use The Same Gold Coating

There is still a lot more to talk about the Academy Awards after the official ceremonies. Did you know that the much-coveted Oscar statuette has the same gold coating used by NASA telescopes to glimpse into distant stars and galaxies?

Space March 5, 2018

Space Tesla May Contaminate Mars: Here's How NASA Protects Other Planets From Earth Bacteria

Planetary protection is something that NASA takes seriously. Every interplanetary mission is guided and designed based on planetary protection principles aiming to prevent biological contamination of solar system bodies.

Space March 4, 2018

Mars Curiosity Rover Is Drilling The Red Planet Again, This Time With A New Method

Since the Mars Curiosity Rover hit a snag in 2016 that broke its ability to drill the Red Planet’s surface, NASA has been hard at work trying to fix it. Now, the space agency may finally be on to something.

Space March 2, 2018

Watch Asteroid 2018 DV1 Zoom Past Earth Today

An asteroid known as 2018 DV1 is passing near our planet on Friday at 12:54 p.m. EST. Although invisible to the naked eye, it can be viewed through a live stream by The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0.

Space March 2, 2018

Three Space Station Crew Members Return Home To Earth Closing 168-Day Mission

Three members of the International Space Station are finally home after months of research. They landed safely on Feb. 28 in Kazakhstan through the Soyuz spacecraft.

Space February 28, 2018

NASA’S In-Development Space Launch System Just Had An Ignition Test And Oh, Boy

NASA performed another Space Launch System test fire recently, reaching its highest thrust level yet. Once completed, the SLS, with the RS-25 engines, will be able to create a thrust level of 2 million pounds.

Space February 26, 2018

NASA Developing New Spacesuits With A Built-In Toilet In Case Of Emergencies

NASA wants to make sure that astronauts can survive for six days while in their suits in case of spacecraft emergencies. So it’s including a built-in toilet in the design, but there are some problems.

Space February 24, 2018

NASA Juno Spacecraft Takes Time-Lapse Sequence Of Jupiter's Blue South Pole

The Juno spacecraft of NASA, which may see its two-year mission extended, took a sequence of time-lapse photos of Jupiter. The images show a rarely seen side of the planet, namely its blue south pole.

Space February 24, 2018

Lunar Missions Reveal Moon May Have Widespread Water

NASA scientists have found that there could be widespread water on the Moon. If it is proven that the Earth's satellite has ample water, then future explorers could use it in multiple ways as a resource.

Space February 24, 2018

Astrophysicists Discover Ultramassive Black Holes In Far-Off Galaxies

A team of scientists discovered ultramassive black holes located billions of years away from the Milky Way galaxy. The celestial objects are said to be growing faster than the stars in their galaxies.

Space February 22, 2018

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter On 'Precautionary Standby Mode': What's The Problem?

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting Mars for 12 years, was placed on a 'precautionary standby mode.' What does this status mean, and is the spacecraft in danger of being lost in space forever?

Space February 20, 2018

NASA Opportunity Rover Hits 5000-Days Milestone On Mars Soil

NASA's Opportunity Rover was only set for a 90-day Martian exploration. Days turned into months and years and now, Opportunity has set another milestone for reaching 5,000 sols on the Red Planet.

Space February 19, 2018

'Make Pluto A Planet Again,' 6-Year-Old Girl Tells NASA

A six-year-old girl from Ireland wrote to NASA, asking the space agency to 'make Pluto a planet again.' The little astronaut wannabe is now the most adorable member of the contingent pushing to give Pluto back its planetary status.

Space February 19, 2018

NASA To Return Mars Meteorite To Red Planet In 2020 Rover Mission

NASA and JPL are going to return the SaU008 Martian meteorite back to its home planet via a rover that’ll fly to Mars in 2020. It’s also being used to calibrate a highly sophisticated tool called SHERLOC.

Space February 16, 2018

Trump's New NASA Budget Could Cancel Important Telescope Project That Can Solve Dark Matter Mystery

The new budget for the fiscal year 2019 for NASA was released on Monday, Feb 12. It could be detrimental for the WFIRST project that aims to study dark energy.

Space February 13, 2018

Trump Administration Wants To Turn Over The International Space Station To The Private Sector

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to turn over the International Space Station to the private sector after the White House cuts funding by 2025. Will this move really push through?

Space February 12, 2018

NASA, International Team Of Scientists Conduct Snow Studies At The 2018 Winter Olympics

NASA scientists and their colleagues from 19 countries are also at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea to observe snow. What are the objectives of their work?

Earth/Environment February 10, 2018

Can Volcanoes Help Cool The Earth? Scientists Are Preparing For The Next Big Eruption

In 1991, the eruption of Mount Pinatubo resulted in a 1 degree Fahrenheit drop in average global temperature in the following years. Could it be possible to mitigate climate change with geoengineering?

Earth/Environment February 3, 2018

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Just Took A Selfie And A Stunning Panorama Of The Red Planet

The Curiosity Rover just snapped a selfie on Mars, giving off some serious ‘Wall-E’ vibes. It also shared a stunning new panorama of the Red planet.

Space February 3, 2018

NASA Confirms That An Amateur Astronomer Found Its IMAGE Satellite Lost In 2005

An amateur astronomer recently scanned the skies and accidentally found what seemed to be a long lost NASA satellite, missing since late 2005. NASA has now confirmed that it is indeed the IMAGE satellite it lost 12 years ago.

Space February 1, 2018

Sandstone Slab Found At NASA Goddard Shows Interactions Between Dinosaurs And Mammals Through Ancient Footprints

A slab of sandstone discovered a few years back provided a glimpse into the how dinosaurs and mammals interacted millions of years ago. Ironically, it was found at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Ancient February 1, 2018

Lost NASA Satellite Found After A Decade By Amateur Astronomer

After over 10 years of being "lost in space," NASA's IMAGE satellite finally phoned home. It was discovered by an amateur astronomer who was looking for signals from Zuma.

Space January 28, 2018

Here's What Could Happen If Trump Cuts NASA Funding For Space Station

NASA is letting go of the International Space Station to free up $4 billion in funding for lunar and deep space exploration. What are the implications?

Space January 28, 2018

Trump Administration Wants To Cut NASA Funding To The International Space Station

Keeping with the America First economic agenda, the Trump administration wants to cut NASA funding to the International Space Station. A new draft of the budget shows the way the administration is headed.

Space January 26, 2018

NASA Honors Fallen Astronauts On Day Of Remembrance 2018

On Day of Remembrance 2018, NASA paid tribute to the crew members of the Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia. The pilots of NASA Armstrong who died in the line of duty were honored and remembered as well.

Space January 26, 2018

NASA's Parker Solar Probe To Get Closer To Sun Than Any Other Man-Made Object

This summer, the atmosphere of the sun will get a visitor from Earth. The Parker Solar Probe by NASA will set on a close solar journey to investigate the sun's mysteries.

Space January 23, 2018

NASA Marks 2017 As The Second Hottest Year On Earth Since 1880

NASA tagged 2017 as the second hottest year since 1880, second to 2016. However, without taking into account the effects of the El Niño phenomenon, 2017 would be considered the warmest year on record.

Earth/Environment January 23, 2018

NASA Removes African-American Astronaut Jeanette Epps From ISS Mission

For unclear reasons, Jeanette Epps was bumped from the upcoming launch in June. She would have become the first African-American astronaut to be an ISS crew member.

Space January 22, 2018

Eyes On The Moon, Mars, And Beyond: Deep Space Gateway Is NASA’s Next Big Plan

After the International Space Station retires in 2028, NASA is slated to launch a new space station that will orbit the moon. It would be located farther into deep space to also train the crew for future Mars missions.

Space January 20, 2018

Kilopower: NASA Testing Nuclear Power System For Future Surface Missions

Kilopower is on its way to changing the future of exploration missions in space. The nuclear power source can provide 10 kilowatts of continuous energy for 10 years or more.

Space January 19, 2018

NASA Engineers Created Space Makeup Kit For Women Astronauts

When women joined NASA in the 1970s, engineers wrongly assumed that they would want to use cosmetics in space. They invented a specialized makeup kit for female astronauts.

Space January 19, 2018

Planetary Field Researcher Finds 3 Space Rocks From Michigan Meteor

Dozens of space rock hunters flocked to Hamburg Township looking for meteorites worth thousands of dollars each. Unfortunately, not all of them know exactly where to look for extraterrestrial treasure.

Space January 19, 2018

NASA Commercial Flights Will Launch Later This Year, Final Stages of Spacecraft Development Underway

NASA targets August 2018 as the schedule of its first commercial crew mission. The next generation spacecrafts made by Boeing and SpaceX are in the final stages of development and evaluation.

Space January 15, 2018

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