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Wellness Sticker Promoted By Gwyneth Paltrow's Brand Not Made Of NASA Material: Other Goop Claims Debunked By Experts

The wellness sticker posted on Goop is not made of astronauts' spacesuit material, NASA said. This is not the first time a product promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand gets debunked by experts.

Public Health

NASA Orders Closeout Of Asteroid Redirect Mission Due To Lack Of Financial Support

NASA confirms that its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) program has officially been scrapped due to the budget reshuffle. What this means for the projects and scientists connected to the program?

Space June 24, 2017

Forget The Moon, We May Be Going To Neptune Or Uranus

NASA is currently planning a mission to Mars, but they're looking beyond that. One mission takes a spacecraft to the ice giants Neptune or Uranus.

Space June 23, 2017

India’s Mars Orbiter Completes 1,000 Earth Days In Orbit

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has just completed 1,000 Earth days in orbit, with signs of continuing good health. ISRO has also started work with NASA on their joint mission called the NISAR satellite.

Space June 21, 2017

NASA Discovers 10 New Planets That Could Support Life Including Earth's 'Cousin'

Are we alone in the universe? NASA's latest findings reveal 10 new planets which may be capable of supporting life.

Space June 19, 2017

Here's Why NASA Will Shoot Colorful Clouds Across The Sky On Father's Day

On Father’s Day, NASA will be performing a colorful light show visible across the East coast. The light show will help scientists visibly track how clouds move in Earth’s ionosphere.

Space June 18, 2017

Orbital ATK Test-Fires Rocket Motor For NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Orbital ATK has test-fired a rocket motor that's part of the Orion spacecraft's Launch Abort System. This will hurl the crew capsule back to safety once something goes wrong with the primary rocket.

Space June 17, 2017

Martian Crater Named After Lunar Module That Carried Apollo 16 Moon Mission Astronauts

The young Martian crater that Opportunity rover passed by in April has been named after the Apollo 16 mission. Discover the interesting connections between the two.

Space June 17, 2017

ISS Scientists Begin Tests On Cancer Treatment Drug

Scientists aboard the ISS have started investigations on an antibody drug for cancer treatment. Microgravity will play a major role in advancing the cancer research.

Medicine June 16, 2017

NASA To Share Research Opportunities On ISS In The Portland Area

NASA will share future research opportunities aboard the International Space Station with Portland area residents. Officials from the space agency will visit different sites to educate the general populace about the scientific studies aboard the ISS.

Space June 15, 2017

Cassini Sends Rare Image Of Saturn's Moon Iapetus

NASA released a new image of Saturn’s moon Iapetus, which it dubbed a 'cosmic puzzle.' The rare image of Iapetus showed Saturn’s natural satellite sporting a two-toned surface.

Space June 15, 2017

Where Did These Turquoise Swirls In The Black Sea Come From?

Bosphorus Strait, dividing Europe and Asia in Turkish city Istanbul, has suddenly become home to milky turqoise swirls. Scientists say there's no need to worry, as it's the byproduct of phytoplankton bloom.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2017

Jupiter Adds Two More Moons To Its Collection: Here's What We Know

Jupiter has more moons than any other planet in the solar system, and we keep finding more. Scientists have discovered two more moons in orbit around the gas giant.

Space June 13, 2017

NASA And ISS Crystal Growth And More: How Astronauts Are Keeping Humans Healthy

NASA and the ISS astronauts are now growing crystals that could help with drug development on Earth. That is just one of the ways that these explorers have kept humans healthy.

Public Health June 13, 2017

NASA Once Again Attempts To Fill The Sky With Red And Blue Clouds: Here's How To Watch It

NASA's fifth attempt to launch a rocket that will produce multicolored clouds will take place tonight. Here's how to watch it and where you'll need to be

Space June 13, 2017

What's Baking? Crumb-Free Bread Could Soon Be Made Fresh On The International Space Station

Astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) could soon wake up to the smell of crumb-free bread on the ISS. Learn more about Bake In Space and its ambitions for freshly baked bread in space.

Space June 13, 2017

Curiosity Rover Finds Evidence Of Different Environments On Mars

A wide variety of mineral deposits were found in layers of sedimentary rocks collected from the base of Mount Sharp. The different minerals point toward presence of diverse environment in Mars’ early days.

Space June 13, 2017

Here's How NASA Selected Its 12 New Astronauts

On June 7, NASA gained 12 new recruits as they announced the 2017 astronaut candidates. The chosen candidates were the ones that surpassed the necessary requirements for application.

Space June 9, 2017

Cost Of NASA’s Dark Energy Mission Swells: What’s In Store For The Next Big Space Observatory?

It looks like NASA’s much-anticipated WFIRST infrared telescope may go over budget. The agency could be forced to reconsider the design plans for its future big space observatory or even push back its launch date because of financial concerns.

Space June 8, 2017

Deep Hole Found On Mars' Surface: What Could It Be?

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of a deep dark spot on the Red Planet's surface. Researchers opined that the picture belonged to an underground cave, which could support life if it was deep.

Space June 8, 2017

NASA Selects 12 New Astronauts For Its Futures Space Missions

Vice President Mike Pence announced the names of the 12 new astronaut who would be joining NASA this year. The space agency received a record-breaking 18,300 applications, from which the 12 were selected.

Space June 8, 2017

NASA OKs 3 New Studies On Drones And Autonomous Vehicle Technology

NASA picked three teams to research autonomous technologies for drones and unmanned aircraft. One of the projects will focus on algorithms for autonomous systems in aviation, while the other two will tackle remotely-piloted drones.

Space June 6, 2017

NASA All Set To ‘Touch The Sun’: Here’s What The Bold Mission Is For

NASA is gearing up for the launch of the Parker Solar Probe summer of 2018. Learn the role of solar storms and space weather in this daring mission, the first flying into the sun's atmosphere.

Space June 6, 2017

Mike Pence To Announce Names Of NASA's Newest Class Of Space Travelers

NASA revealed that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence would announce the names of the new class of astronauts who would join the agency this year. Nearly 18,000 people applied to be NASA astronauts, but only 14 may have been selected.

Space June 6, 2017

NASA Experiment To Fill Sky With Red And Green Clouds Gets Postponed

The launch of the Terrier Improved Malemute sounding rocket from NASA’s Virginia facility has been postponed Sunday morning. Find out why the launch has been delayed, and when the artificial clouds will be finally seen in the East Coast.

Space June 5, 2017

Hollywood Prop Designers Making Future Mars Rover Prototype For NASA

NASA unveiled a Mars rover prototype, which weighs roughly 5,000 pounds. Famous Hollywood prop designers Shanon Parker and Marc Parker conceived and build the prototype, which will be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center.

Space June 5, 2017

NASA Experiment Expected To Produce Artificial Light Show On Sunday: Here's How To Watch It

Sky watchers in the mid-Atlantic coast could witness a cloud show along with the launch of NASA’s sounding rocket very early on Sunday morning, June 4. Even if you're not in the area, there are other ways to witness the artificial lights.

Space June 4, 2017

NASA's LRO Finally Solves Moon's Blinking Spots Mystery

A new study found evidence of the presence of frost on the Moon’s surface. According to researchers, the surface frost was present in areas that seldom received sunlight and are known as Cold Traps.

Space June 3, 2017

Ancient Lake On Gale Crater Had Varied Oxygen Levels Across Depths: What This Tells About Life On Mars

Martian lake paints a picture of environmental changes on the planet. Scientists find evidence that Mars could have supported life at many points in the past.

Space June 3, 2017

Curiosity Rover Finds Ancient Lake On Mars That Could Have Supported Life

The Curiosity rover found that an ancient Martian lake may have supported life more than 3 million years ago. The lake could have been the stronghold of microbes.

Space June 2, 2017

NASA's Juno Sends Spectacular Images Of Clouds In Jupiter's Atmosphere

NASA's Juno probe sent images of Jupiter which showed immense cloud covering the planet. Scientists posit that these clouds are very high in the Jovian atmosphere and so cause snowfall or hailstorms on the planet.

Space May 31, 2017

Saturn's Moon Enceladus May Have Tipped Over: Cassini Mission Finds The Reason

A new study based on the Cassini Mission's observations suggested that Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have tipped over in the past. This phenomenon resulted in the reorientation of the satellite’s spin axis.

Space May 31, 2017

Safe Drone Crash-Landing? This NASA Technology Can Help

NASA researchers are developing a software for safe drone crash-landing. After all, drone emergencies can potentially become more common as the unmanned aerial vehicles increase in numbers.

Robotics May 30, 2017

NASA's Sun Observatory Watches Partial Solar Eclipse From Space: See SDO's Image Of The Sun And Moon

NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory captures stunning images of the moon crossing the sun’s path on May 25. Watch the animated version of the lunar transit.

Space May 27, 2017

Solar Probe Plus: NASA To Announce Its First Mission To Fly Directly Into The Sun's Atmosphere

NASA revealed that it would announce its first mission that would fly directly to the sun's outer atmosphere. The mission is dubbed Solar Probe Plus and the probe would fly within four million miles of the sun to conduct research.

Space May 27, 2017

NASA Study Of Greenland’s Rink Glacier Reveals New Type Of Ice Loss

NASA has discovered a new mode of ice loss that was previously undetected despite its huge impact on Rink Glacier. The gigantic wave dented the bedrock underneath the ice sheet.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2017

Juno Mission’s First Results Are In: Here Is The Sequence Of Juno’s Approach To Jupiter In A Single Photo

Juno mission’s first flyby sent back an immense amount of significant data about Jupiter. A single photo showing the sequence of Juno's flyby shows just how majestic Jupiter truly is.

Space May 26, 2017

These 5 Earth Science Missions Of NASA Are Getting Axed

What are NASA's planned and ongoing Earth science missions on the chopping board? The Trump administration’s fiscal 2018 budget request allots $19.1 billion for NASA, a $561 million decrease over previously enacted levels.

Space May 26, 2017

Acting NASA Chief Upbeat About Agency’s Proposed 2018 Budget

The 2018 NASA budget is tied at $19.1 billion, a $561 million drop from previously enacted levels. The agency's acting administrator Robert Lightfoot chooses to stay positive over the development, highlighting the agency's wins.

Space May 24, 2017

Kepler Space Telescope Determines Orbital Time Of The Outermost Planet Of TRAPPIST-1 System

Astronomers at NASA were finally able to determine the orbit of the outermost TRAPPIST-1 planet, the TRAPPIST-1h. They also concluded that six of the seven planets in the system are in orbital resonance with each other.

Space May 24, 2017

Astronauts Aboard International Space Station To Conduct Emergency Spacewalk After Computer Failure

The ISS station managers gave the go-ahead to conduct an emergency spacewalk. Expedition 51 crewmembers Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer would undertake the spacewalk on May 23 to replace the failed data relay box.

Space May 23, 2017

Images Taken By Hubble Telescope Reveal Small Moon Orbiting Third-Largest Dwarf Planet

Astronomers discovered a small moon orbiting 2007 OR10 or 'Snow White,' the third-biggest dwarf planet in our solar system. The Hubble Space Telescope took the images that helped astronomers spot the dwarf planet's moon.

Space May 22, 2017

Will The Billionaires Beat NASA To Planet Mars?

The Trump administration refocused NASA’s budget to the Mars mission but it may not be enough to succeed. An expert believes Musk and Bezos will get there first.

Space May 21, 2017

NASA Releases An Image Showing How The Earth Looked From Space 48 Years Ago

NASA on Thursday, May 18, released an aerial image of Earth taken from space. In 1969, the crew of Apollo 10 lunar orbital space mission captured the image from a distance of 36,000 nautical miles.

Space May 21, 2017

Ellen Ochoa And Michael Foale Inducted To NASA Astronaut Hall Of Fame

Former NASA astronauts Ellen Ochoa and Michael Foale were inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center director Bob Cabana presided over the ceremony.

Space May 20, 2017

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