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Top 10 Most Common Digital Piracy Myths Busted: Who’s Pirating What And Why?

Piracy has been quite a topic for years now, and a lot of myths have been spreading on the Internet. Here are 10 of the most common ones.

Internet January 5, 2016

4K Is Still New But Pirates Have Already Found A Way To Rip It

Ripped 4K content from Netflix and Amazon are making rounds on torrent sites all over the web. It seems a loophole has been found in the security protocol protecting 4K streams on services like Netflix and Amazon.

Internet November 30, 2015

Netflix's 'Breaking Bad' First Episode Becomes First 4K Leak: Pirates Feast On 18GB Torrent

The 4K variant of the pilot episode for Netflix's Breaking Bad has surfaced online thanks to pirates finding a way to bypass the HDCP protection system for Ultra HD.

Internet August 29, 2015

'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Will Have Jack Sparrow Hunting For Poseidon's Trident

The fifth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie has an official title and plot synopsis, and it sounds crazier than usual.

Movies/TV Shows February 18, 2015

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