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'Sega Genesis Classics' Collection With 50 Retro Games Coming Soon To The PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

'Sega Genesis Classics' will launch on May 29 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The collection will include 50 retro games from the 30-year-old console, which remains popular to this day.

Video Games March 15, 2018

'Shadow Of The Colossus' For PlayStation 4 Studio Is Working On A 'Bigger' Remake

Bluepoint Games succeeded with the 'Shadow of the Colossus' remake for the PlayStation 4. The studio has now confirmed that its next project will be a 'bigger' remake, leading to speculations for another classic title.

Video Games March 11, 2018

'Days Gone' Release Date Pushed Back To 2019, Making Way For 'The Last Of Us Part II'

The release date of 'Days Gone' has been pushed back from 2018 to 2019. No official explanation was provided, but a plausible reason is that the game was delayed to make way for 'The Last of Us Part II.'

Video Games March 11, 2018

Check Out This $400 Limited Edition ‘God Of War’ PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle That’s Coming April 20

Sony is launching a special edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle on the same day as the release of the new 'God of War' title. It comes with a custom design console and controller, plus a physical copy of the game.

Video Games March 7, 2018

'Detroit: Become Human' Gets A May 25 Release Date

Quantic Dream finally confirmed the official release date of 'Detroit: Become Human' for the PlayStation 4. The game is scheduled to come out on May 25, 2018.

Video Games March 2, 2018

Bloodborne Leads PlayStation Plus March 2018 Free Games Lineup; PS3, PS Vita Support Ends Next Year

Notoriously difficult action RPG 'Bloodborne' headlines the free PlayStation Plus games for March 2018. Sony also announced that free PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games will no longer be offered starting March 2019.

Video Games February 28, 2018

Blasters Of The Universe PSVR: 10 Tips And Tricks

In 'Blasters of the Universe' for PlayStation VR, users dodge their way through intense battles against hordes of enemies. Here are the top 10 best tips and tricks to play this video game.

Video Games February 27, 2018

Video Game Industry On Fire: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One All Had A Great January 2018

The video game industry started 2018 strong, with the three major consoles all booking strong sales for the first month of the year. The figures suggest that the dominance of the PlayStation 4 might be over.

Video Games February 22, 2018

PlayStation Network Flash Sale Now Online: Grab Massive Discounts For 'Uncharted 4,' 'Overwatch' And Many More

The latest PlayStation Network flash sale is now online, offering PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita games at up to 70 percent off. Standout PS4 titles include 'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End' and 'Overwatch.'

Video Games February 17, 2018

'The Evil Within 2' First Person Mode Now Available, In Case The Game Isn't Scary Enough For You

A free update added first person mode for 'The Evil Within 2' on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The feature will give players a closer look at the game's enemies and environments for more realism and scares.

Video Games February 15, 2018

'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' Day One Patch For Consoles Is 23 GB: Here's The Explanation

The historical RPG 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' is finally released after four years. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have to wait a bit longer to play the game, as it requires a massive 23 GB day-one patch.

Video Games February 13, 2018

PlayStation 5.50 Beta Rolls Out: Here's What The Next PS4 Firmware Update Offers To Gamers

Sony launched the beta version of the PlayStation 4 system software update 5.50. The frimware upgrade offers new features such as Play Time Management, additional tabs on the Library, and a new graphics mode for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Video Games February 7, 2018

Sony Is Trying To Convince You To Buy The PS4 Pro With Opera Music

Sony prepared a new ad for the PS4 Pro complete with an opera singer and theme music. The short commercial highlights upcoming games like 'God of War' and 'Far Cry 5.'

Video Games February 5, 2018

Shadow Of The Colossus Review Roundup: PlayStation 4 Remake Breathes New Life Into The PlayStation 2 Classic

According to early reviews, 'Shadow of the Colossus' may be 2018's first must-have game. The PlayStation 4 remake breathes new life into the PlayStation 2 classic, creating a massive masterpiece that both newcomers and old players will appreciate.

Video Games January 31, 2018

Shadow Of The Colossus PS4 Remake: New Trailer Arrives, Plus Complete Trophy List Leaks

The PS2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus gets a new trailer for its PlayStation 4 remake. Plus Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals the complete trophy list for the game.

Video Games January 30, 2018

Monster Hunter: World Receives Positive Reviews, One Critic Calls It A ‘Total Revamp’

Now that Capcom has officially launched 'Monster Hunter: World' for home consoles, reviewers have altogether praised the game. The long-running action-RPG franchise is reportedly accessible for both veteran and casual players.

Video Games January 28, 2018

Motion Twin Announces ‘Dead Cells’ Heading To PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And Switch Later This Year

Motion Twin has announced that its acclaimed Early Access action-platformer, 'Dead Cells,' is coming to all home consoles sometime this year. However, a specific release date has yet to be announced.

Video Games January 26, 2018

PlayStation 4 Hack Enables Homebrew, Piracy, And PlayStation 2 Emulation, But Of Course There's A Catch

Hackers have finally been able to unlock the PlayStation 4 hardware through a firmware exploit, enabling homebrew apps, pirated games, and PlayStation 2 emulation. However, there is a huge catch on which consoles the hack will work.

Video Games January 24, 2018

This Is Why 'Monster Hunter: World' On Nintendo Switch Will Not Happen

'Monster Hunter: World' will not be launched on the Nintendo Switch, and its directors explained why in an interview with IGN. The massive creature-slaying game will launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan. 26.

Video Games January 23, 2018

The Next Major PlayStation 4 System Update Needs Beta Testers: Here's How To Sign Up

Sign-ups are now open for gamers who would like to become beta testers for the PlayStation 4 version 5.50 system update. Users who are selected into a group for future beta tests will receive an exclusive PlayStation Network avatar.

Video Games January 16, 2018

Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 In December, But The Nintendo Switch Was Back On Top

The Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 over the lucrative holiday shopping season of December 2017. However, it was the Nintendo Switch that sold the most units, reclaiming its spot at the top.

Video Games January 14, 2018

Sony PlayStation Store Unveils Most Downloaded Games of 2017

Sony has announced the most downloaded games of 2017 from the PlayStation Store. The popular ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ and ‘Destiny 2’ led the roster, but there were some surprises, too.

Video Games January 8, 2018

Special Edition ‘Monster Hunter: World’ Starter Pack and DualShock Controller Announced, But You Can’t Buy It

Capcom revealed some of their 'Monster Hunter: World' products that will be released together with the game. A special Dualshock 4 controller, keyboard, headsets, and more will be available later this month.

Video Games January 8, 2018

Bloodborne Hackers Datamine Game To Find Hidden Unused Bosses

'Bloodborne' hackers used datamining to dig through the game's files to find hidden bosses. New dungeons were found containing bosses that weren't used in the game.

Video Games January 3, 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Breaks Its Own Steam Record: Is The PlayStation 4 Version Coming Soon?

The popularity of 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' has reached new heights, with over 3 million concurrent players on Steam after the launch of its full release. When will 'PUBG' arrive to the PlayStation 4?

Video Games January 1, 2018

PlayStation 4 Sales To Reach 100 Million In 2019 And PlayStation 5 Release Date In 2021, Analyst Predicts

IDC research director for gaming and VR/AR Lewis Ward predicted that PlayStation 4 sales will reach 100 million units by 2019. He also believes that its successor, the PlayStation 5, will be released in 2021.

Video Games December 31, 2017

Destiny 2 Gods of Mars DLC Info Leaks, Introduces New Enemy Faction

'Destiny 2' just received a new DLC at the beginning of the month but details about the next DLC have started to leak. This time players will be introduced to a new enemy faction and more.

Video Games December 30, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For January 2018: Explosive Start For The Year With 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' And Telltale's 'Batman'

'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' and 'Batman: A Telltale Series' will headline the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2018. Next month's lineup of free downloads for PlayStation Plus subscribers is arguably the best one in recent memory.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Destiny 2 Ads Appearing On PlayStation 4 Dashboards Are Pissing Off Gamers: Here’s How To Disable Them

An ad for 'Destiny 2' is appearing on PlayStation 4 systems out of the blue, pissing many gamers off. Here’s how to delete it and prevent other ads from appearing in the future.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Years Later 'Destiny' Soundtrack 'Music Of The Spheres' Leaks Online

Four years ago Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell completed a soundtrack for ‘Destiny.’ The soundtrack never made it to the public but has now leaked online for the world to hear.

Video Games December 27, 2017

PlayStation Store Holiday Flash Sale 2017: See What PS4 Titles Are Available For Christmas

Sony is getting into the Christmas spirit and its PlayStation Store holiday sale has gone live. Find out what games you can get while the sale last.

Video Games December 25, 2017

You Don't Need VR To Play 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' Anymore

Ubisoft provided a 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' update that will allow gameplay without VR hardware on the title. The important game patch is released as a free download.

December 25, 2017

'Catherine: Full Body' Western Release Confirmed: Watch The Already Controversial Game's Debut Trailer

Atlus confirmed the 'Catherine: Full Body' Western release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game's debut trailer has also been launched, and it is already generating controversy for the upcoming remake.

Video Games December 23, 2017

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta To Launch In January: Watch The PlayStation 4 Exclusive's Official Story Trailer

The 'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT' open beta will launch in North America and Europe on Jan. 12, 2018. While waiting, players can watch the recently released official story trailer to know more about the lore surrounding the fighting game.

Video Games December 19, 2017

PlayStation 4 Beats Nintendo Switch, Sets All-Time Sales Record In November 2017

The PlayStation 4 sold more units than the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in November 2017 and set an all-time monthly sales record in the process. Meanwhile, 'Call of Duty: WWII' dominated the software sales charts.

Video Games December 15, 2017

PlayStation Plus Membership Discount Brings Price Down To $39.99

PlayStation fans can avail a PlayStation Plus membership for just $39.99, down from the standard $59.99. This is just perfect for those who want to extend or renew their subscription or take it for a spin for the first time.

Video Games December 11, 2017

The Last Of Us Part II PSX 2017 Panel Teases The Game's Setting, Darker Themes, And A Pregnancy

The panel for 'The Last of Us Part II' at the PlayStation Experience 2017 teased more details about the highly anticipated game. The survival horror title was also confirmed to be making an appearance at E3 2018.

Video Games December 10, 2017

Here Are The 6 Best Things From The Awesome PlayStation Experience 2017 Opening Ceremony

PlayStation Experience 2017 kicked off with a bang, with various game trailers showcased at the event's opening ceremony. Here are the six best things that happened, including Mega Man in 'Monster Hunter: World' and 'MediEvil: Remastered.'

Video Games December 10, 2017

Mega Man 11, All X Games Heading To The Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC

The Blue Bomber is making a comeback this 2018 in 'Mega Man 11.' It's heading to the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, along with all eight 'Mega Man X' games to boot.

Video Games December 5, 2017

PlayStation 4 Exclusive 'Monster Hunter: World' Beta Details Revealed: Are You Ready, PlayStation Plus Subscribers?

Capcom released all the details about the upcoming 'Monster Hunter: World' beta on the PlayStation 4. The beta involves three quests that will provide in-game rewards that can be used once the full game is released in January 2018.

Video Games December 3, 2017

Sony Wants To Send You A PlayStation VR Demo Unit: Here Are The Requirements

Sony just launched a demo program letting PlayStation Plus members receive a PSVR bundle, complete with a game, a demo disc, controllers, and more. If they want it, they’ll get to keep it for a very low price.

Video Games December 3, 2017

You Can Soon Play All The 'Jak And Daxter' Games On The PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to download 'Jak II,' 'Jak 3,' and 'Jak X: Combat Racing.' With the rerelease of these titles, does this mean that Naughty Dog is working on a new 'Jak and Daxter' game?

Video Games December 2, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For December 2017: End The Year With 'Darksiders II' And 'Kung Fu Panda' For PS4

Sony revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for December 2017, headlined by 'Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition' and 'Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends' for the PlayStation 4. Subscribers may also participate in the upcoming 'Monster Hunter: World' beta.

Video Games November 30, 2017

Bungie Updates 'Destiny 2' XP System Following Complaints From Players

Bungie has deactivated the XP system by making it work without any glitches. Players had noticed that their XP levels were not showing up properly on XP bar after level 20 and asked Bungie to normalize game experience.

Computers November 26, 2017

Say Hello To The Flaming Undead Giant: Bloodborne Players Spot Missing Monster 3 Years After Release

The players of Bloodborne are surprised at finding the Flaming Gaint in the game which was long thought to be deleted before the release. The new development has put the gamers in a frenzy to explore the depths of the game to find what more is hidden.

Video Games November 22, 2017

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