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Shadow Of The Colossus For PlayStation 4 Not A Remaster: Giant Slaying Game Will Get A Full Remake

Sony revealed that 'Shadow of the Colossus' is coming to the PlayStation 4 next year. Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the game will not be a simple remaster but rather a remake.

Video Games June 19, 2017

Xbox One X Comes With $500 Price Tag And It's Not The Only Reason Why We're Not Buying It

The Xbox One X will launch on Nov. 7 with a $500 price tag. Here are the top reasons why we're not buying 'the world's most powerful console,' and it's more than just its price.

Video Games June 17, 2017

Sony Explains Why It's Against Cross-Platform Play Between PlayStation 4 And Xbox One: Microsoft Fires Back

Sony has so far rejected Microsoft's invitation to open up cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The explanation for Sony's stance did not sit well with Microsoft, pushing Xbox chief Phil Spencer to fire back.

Video Games June 16, 2017

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says PlayStation Pro Is Competing With Xbox One S, Not The Xbox One X

The console wars are about to get even more heated. Xbox's Phil Spencer has thrown down the gauntlet by declaring that the PlayStation 4 Pro isn't powerful enough to compete with the Xbox One X.

Video Games June 14, 2017

'Days Gone:' Here's The New Gameplay Footage Of Sony's Zombie Survival Game

Sony revealed a seven-minute-long gameplay footage of 'Days Gone.' The video showed off the mechanics such as combat and stealth, as well as gave a peek into how various diversionary tactics could be used to progress.

Video Games June 14, 2017

E3 2017: Grading Ubisoft And PlayStation Press Conferences

Before the show floor opens, some of gaming's biggest studios took to the stage to show what will be at E3 2017. So how did Ubisoft and PlayStation's press conferences measure up?

Video Games June 13, 2017

Sony Sells More Than 60 Million PlayStation 4 Units Worldwide

Sony revealed that it sold 60.4 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide. The company also shared that it sold 487.8 million copies of games through its retail and digital stores.

Business Tech June 13, 2017

Spider-Man Swings To PlayStation 4 In 2018: New Gameplay Trailer Drives Up The Hype, Teases Miles Morales

The PlayStation 4 exclusive 'Spider-Man' will swing its way to the console in 2018. A new trailer for the open-world game, meanwhile, revealed its massive potential, along with a very exciting teaser right at the end.

Video Games June 13, 2017

Confirmed: 'Destiny 2' Heading To The PS4 And Xbox One Before The PC, Coming Earlier Than Expected

Bungie has announced that 'Destiny 2' is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One earlier than expected this September. The highly anticipated shooter is also set to arrive to the PC in October.

Video Games June 13, 2017

God Of War 4 Gets An Early 2018 Release Date For The PlayStation 4

Sony has just revealed new gameplay footage for 'God of War 4' during its E3 2017 conference, while also confirming an early 2018 release date. This time around, Kratos seems calmer, perhaps even fatherly.

Video Games June 13, 2017

Xbox One X: Without Exclusives, Is Microsoft's New Console Really Worth $499?

The Xbox One X may be 'the most powerful console ever,' but that doesn't mean anything if it lacks exclusive content. Sadly, Microsoft has given us little reason to invest in the Xbox One X.

Video Games June 12, 2017

PlayStation Store Sale Alert: Days Of Play Now Online With Deals For 'Horizon Zero Dawn,' 'Prey,' 'Battlefield 1' And More

Sony has launched the Days of Play sale on the PlayStation Store ahead of E3 2017. The sale includes popular titles such as 'Horizon Zero Dawn,' 'Prey,' and 'Battlefield 1,' along with a discount to PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Video Games June 9, 2017

'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' Is Getting The Port Treatment From Arcade To PS4

After 'Final Fantasy XV,' you would think Square Enix would shift all its focus to finishing 'Kingdom Hearts III' and 'Final Fantasy VII Remake.' That doesn't appear to be the case with the announcement of 'Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT' coming to trading the arcade for PS4.

Video Games June 7, 2017

Sony Thanks Fans With 1 TB Gold PS4, Game Discounts, And More Via Days Of Play Event

To show its gratitude to fans, Sony is kicking off the PlayStation Days of Play promotion with a gold-colored PS4 Slim, retailing for a discounted price of $250. The promotion, which starts June 9, also includes discounted titles.

Video Games June 7, 2017

PlayStation 4 Backward Compatibility Will Likely Never Happen, According To Sony Exec's Controversial Comments

Gamers who are hoping for PlayStation 4 backward compatibility may have to give up their dreams. According to a controversial comment by a Sony executive, the feature may never come to the console.

Video Games June 6, 2017

PlayStation 4: The Success And Future Of Sony's Platform According To Shawn Layden

In the lead-up to E3, Sony is taking a minute to celebrate the massive success of the PlayStation 4 since its launch in 2013. In the midst of this, CEO Shawn Layden took a minute to talk about the present and future of the platform.

Video Games June 5, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For June 2017: Zombie Shooter 'Killing Floor 2' And Time Travel Adventure 'Life Is Strange'

The free PlayStation Plus games for June include co-op zombie shooter 'Killing Floor 2' and time travel adventure 'Life is Strange' for the PlayStation 4. The free titles will be available for download starting June 6.

Video Games May 31, 2017

PlayStation 4 Update 4.70: Common Issues And Potential Fixes

Users from around the world reported facing severe issues such as freezing and crashes after the 4.70 update arrived on the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. Here are some potential fixes to counter the problems the update caused.

Video Games May 31, 2017

PlayStation E3 Experience Returns: Here's How To Watch Sony's E3 2017 Press Conference Live In Local Theaters

Sony will be bringing back the PlayStation E3 Experience to allow gamers to watch its E3 2017 press conference live from their local theaters. Here's how to secure a ticket to the show, which will be on June 12.

Video Games May 30, 2017

Road To E3 2017: Can Sony Keep PlayStation On Top?

With the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo a couple weeks out, it's time to take a look at what fans could see. First up, can Sony keep the PlayStation on top?

Video Games May 23, 2017

LawBreakers Cross-Platform Play Not Happening: Dev Says It's 'Dumb' As $30 PS4 Version Is Announced

A PS4 version of the upcoming game 'LawBreakers' has just been announced, raising speculation over the possibility of cross-platform support. The game’s lead developer, however, isn’t a fan of the idea.

Video Games May 22, 2017

PlayStation Store Launches Golden Week, May The 4th Sales: 'Final Fantasy XV' For $36, 'Star Wars: Battlefront' For $10, And More

The PlayStation Store has launched its Golden Week and May The 4th sales, with discounts on titles such as 'Final Fantasy XV' and 'Star Wars: Battlefront.' PlayStation Plus subscribers will also enjoy additional discounts on some games.

Video Games May 3, 2017

Sony May Launch Next PlayStation Console In Second Half Of 2018, Slash PlayStation 4 Price Soon

According to analysts, Sony may launch the PlayStation 5 by the second half of next year, and the PlayStation 4 could soon see a price cut. These moves will be made in response to Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio.

Video Games April 30, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For May 2017: 'Tales From The Borderlands' And 'Abzu' For PlayStation 4

Episodic adventure 'Tales from the Borderlands' and underwater explorer 'Abzu,' both for the PlayStation 4, will headline the free PlayStation Plus games for May. The games will be available for download starting May 2.

Video Games April 26, 2017

Controversial Horror FMV Game 'Night Trap' To Relaunch On PlayStation 4, Xbox One For 25th Anniversary

Full-motion video game 'Night Trap' will be relaunched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after 25 years since it was initially released on the Sega CD. The controversial horror game helped lead to the formation of the ESRB.

Video Games April 26, 2017

Cockroaches In PS4? Here's Why The Console Doubles As A Bug Hotel

The problem of cockroaches in PlayStation 4 units is much more prevalent than you may think, according to repairmen. Thankfully, there are some ways to prevent the console from being infested by the pests.

Video Games April 17, 2017

Overwatch For Consoles To Soon Get More Aiming Options: Good News For Expert Players

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of 'Overwatch' will soon get more aiming options in the form of an aim smoothing slider. The change has long been requested by expert players who want more control over their heroes.

Video Games April 13, 2017

Tekken 7 Release For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC Draws Near: Here's What We Know

'Tekken 7' is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2. Here is what we know so far about the latest installment in the iconic fighting game franchise.

Video Games April 10, 2017

Jak And Daxter Classics To Arrive On The PlayStation 4 This Year: What's New?

Four classic games from the 'Jak and Daxter' franchise will be coming to the PlayStation 4 this year. What will be new about the titles that developer Naughty Dog will re-release?

Video Games April 4, 2017

Will Insomniac Release 'Spider-Man' For The PlayStation 4 This Year? Here Are The Clues

Clues have provided hints that 'Spider-Man,' being developed by Insomniac Games as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, could be released this year. If true, the launch will coincide with the upcoming film 'Spider-Man: Homecoming.'

Video Games April 3, 2017

Nintendo Sells 500,000 Switch Units In Japan Faster Than PlayStation 4

The Nintendo Switch keeps on rolling in its homeland as it hit the 500K mark in Japan in just four weeks. Rival PlayStation 4 took seven weeks to sell the same number.

Video Games April 1, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For April 2017: 'Drawn To Death' Launches For PS4

The free games that PlayStation Plus members can download for April 2017 have been revealed. One of the titles is 'Drawn to Death' for the PlayStation 4, a cartoon multiplayer shooter-brawler hybrid.

Video Games March 29, 2017

Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City: How To Download And Install The DLC

The second DLC of 'Dark Souls 3,' The Ringed City, has rolled out March 28. Learn how to access the game’s latest level, the titular Ringed City.

Video Games March 28, 2017

PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Issues After Update: Sony Is Aware Of The Problem And Is Working On A Fix

The PlayStation 4 update 4.50 broke the console's Wi-Fi connectivity, yielding error NW-31297-2. Sony is aware of the PS4 Wi-Fi issues and is looking into the matter, but no fix is available yet.

Gadgets March 23, 2017

Crazy Multiplayer Shooter 'Drawn To Death' To Launch April 4 As Free PlayStation Plus Game

Crazy third-person shooter and brawler 'Drawn to Death' will launch on April 4 as a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game is described by its director as a combination of 'Super Smash Bros.' and 'Quake.'

Video Games March 16, 2017

PlayStation 4 Games Coming Soon To Windows PC Through PlayStation Now Streaming Service

PlayStation 4 games will soon be added to the catalog of the PlayStation Now service. This will allow players to stream PlayStation 4 titles on their Windows PCs and PlayStation 4 consoles for the same monthly fee of $19.99.

Video Games March 14, 2017

Square Enix Unveils ‘Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’ At PAX East 2017, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Square Enix has unveiled the remaster of its 2006 classic 'Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age' at PAX East 2017. The game will release exclusively for PS4 on July 11.

Video Games March 13, 2017

WATCH: ‘Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’ Gameplay Trailer Released: Remastered Hang Eight Level Looking Crisp

The newest gameplay trailer for 'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy' has just been released, featuring the gorgeously remastered Hang Eight level 'Crash Bandicoot' fans know and love. The game, which bundles three remastered 'Crash Bandicoot' titles, drops June 30.

Video Games March 12, 2017

Sony PS4 Update 4.50 Brings User Friendly Quick Menu, Redesigned Notifications, Blue-Ray 3D Content Support And More

The Sony PlayStation 4 has released its update version 4.50 which brings a host of tweaks and improvements. The most significant feature is the provision for adding an external hard drive to store and save games.

Video Games March 9, 2017

PlayStation 4 Pro Boost Mode Arrives Via 4.50 Update On March 9

Sony has announced that software version 4.50 for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro arrives on March 9. The update adds a handful features for both systems, most notably Boost Mode for the more powerful Pro.

Video Games March 8, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For March 2017 Include 'Disc Jam' Launch For PS4, 'Severed' For PS Vita

Sony has announced the free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download for the month of March. Among the titles are 'Disc Jam' for the PlayStation 4, which is looking to be the next 'Rocket League.'

Video Games March 2, 2017

PlayStation VR Nears 1 Million Units Sold After Four Months: Better Than Sony Expected

Sony Interactive Entertainment global chief executive Andrew House revealed that around 915,000 units of the PlayStation VR have been sold as of Feb. 16. The figure is well above the company's expected sales figures for the virtual reality headset.

Video Games February 27, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Roundup: One Of This Generation’s Best Open World Games?

A massive breathtaking world, the machine creatures running amok inside it, and a badass heroine to combat them and discover its profound lore. These are things that might make 'Horizon Zero Dawn' one of the best open world games ever.

Video Games February 20, 2017

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana Is Heading West In Fall 2017

NIS America is bringing the popular JRPG ‘Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana’ to the States. The game will come to PlayStation 4 in fall 2017.

Video Games February 20, 2017

Microsoft Discounts Xbox One and Xbox One S For Limited Period

Microsoft has discounted the Xbox One S and Xbox One gaming console. Thanks to the limited period offer, consumers will be able to avail a discount of $50 on the gaming console bundles.

Gadgets February 20, 2017

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