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Pokémon GO Code Reveals That Legendary Pokémon Are Finally Coming To The Game

Data mining carried out by The Silph Road group on the latest 'Pokémon GO' update revealed code referring to Legendary Battles. This likely means that the highly anticipated legendary Pokémon are finally coming to the mobile game.

Video Games June 23, 2017

Pokémon GO Cheaters, Beware: Pokémon Caught Using 'Third-Party Services' Will Be Branded

Niantic has officially announced that in 'Pokémon GO,' it will begin marking Pokémon caught through cheating. What’s more, these creatures might also misbehave from time to time, potentially spoiling the whole experience.

Video Games June 21, 2017

Pokémon GO Update Officially Detailed: New Gyms, Multiplayer Raids And More

Niantic has officially unveiled what its next 'Pokémon GO' update brings to the table and it's exciting. Gyms are redesigned and more exciting, while cooperative raid battles herald some serious multiplayer fun.

Video Games June 19, 2017

Pokémon GO Gyms Shutting Down: What Does Niantic Labs Have In Store For Pokémon Trainers?

Niantic Labs is shutting down the Gyms feature of 'Pokémon GO' temporarily. Whatever the developer has in store for players, it will be part of the celebration of the mobile game's upcoming first anniversary.

Video Games June 19, 2017

'Pokémon GO' And Niantic Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary With In-Game And Real World Events

Hard to believe, but it's been nearly a year since 'Pokémon GO' launched and became one of the biggest crazes of the summer. To celebrate the one-year anniversary, Niantic is hosting events in-game and in the real world.

Apps/Software June 8, 2017

Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Aren't Enough: Nintendo Owes Its Fans Better

Nintendo's Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct turned out to be a disappointment and Nintendo owes its fans better. Here's what Nintendo needs to do to make things right.

Video Games June 7, 2017

Pokémon GO: Here's Everything We Know About The Upcoming Pokémon-Themed Nintendo Direct

Curious about the future of 'Pokémon Go?' Here's what we expect from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct event.

Video Games June 5, 2017

Niantic Continues Crackdown On 'Pokémon GO' Cheaters With Shadowbans: Here's What Happens If You're Caught

Niantic Labs continues its crackdown against cheaters in 'Pokémon GO' by handing out shadowbans to players who use third-party apps. The developer is seemingly trying to address the prevalent cheating in the mobile game before summer hits.

Video Games May 23, 2017

Niantic Wants 'Pokémon GO' To Have A 'Legendary' Summer

While not the giant it was when it debuted, Niantic's 'Pokémon GO' still maintains a faithful player base. This summer, the developer wants to bring players back in with the hopes of something 'legendary.'

Apps/Software May 23, 2017

Get Ready To Rock: 'Pokémon GO' Announces 'Adventure Week' With Chances At Rare Pokémon

Niantic has announced a new 'Pokémon GO' event called Adventure Week. This event will make it easier to level up your Pokémon, buy items cheaper, and have a chance to capture the elusive Aerodactyl.

Video Games May 17, 2017

Pokémon GO Promo Codes Heading To Android Players: Get Free Poké Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, And More Soon

'Pokémon GO' is giving its players a nice treat in the form of promo codes. These codes for redeeming freebies are only available for Android for now.

Video Games May 4, 2017

Pokémon GO Easter ‘Eggstravaganza’ Starts: More Candy, Double XP, And Gen 2 Starters From Egg Hatches

The 'Pokémon Go' Easter Eggstravaganza event has officially started. During the event, players will get double XP, more candy from egg hatches, and surprise 5-kilometer egg hatches.

Video Games April 14, 2017

People Who Play 'Pokémon GO' Are Likely To Be Friendly And Positive

A new study revealed that individuals playing augmented-reality mobile game ‘Pokémon GO’ are more happy and positive. The study looked into the psychological benefits of the game on people's frame of mind.

Video Games April 13, 2017

Pokémon GO Still Going Strong: 65 Million Monthly Players, Co-Op Gameplay Coming Soon

'Pokémon GO' is still going strong with 65 million monthly players. The interest in the title will likely not die down any time soon, as hints and leaks could mean that co-op gameplay is coming soon to the mobile game.

Video Games April 10, 2017

Pokémon GO Water Festival Draws To A Close, But Shiny Magikarp Will Stay

Niantic Labs surprised 'Pokémon GO' players last week with the addition of the shiny Magikarp as part of the Water Festival. The event has ended, but the developer said that the shiny Pokémon will remain in the game.

Video Games March 30, 2017

Shiny Magikarp Caught In 'Pokémon GO': Are Other Shiny Pokémon On The Way?

After the launch of the Water Festival event for 'Pokémon GO,' players have reported catching a shiny Magikarp. Does this mean that other shiny Pokémon are coming soon to the mobile game?

Video Games March 23, 2017

Pokémon GO Water Festival Event Announced: Catch Lapras, Gyarados, And More Water-Type Critters

'Pokémon GO' events always boost excitement and the latest one could be the best one yet, helping players catch Lapras in the wild. The new 'Pokémon GO' Water Festival boosts chances of catching water-type Pokémon, so get ready to make some waves.

Video Games March 23, 2017

Pokémon GO Players Finds A Neat Trick To Bypass The Game's Speed Cap

A ‘Pokémon GO’ player discovered a glitch that can bypass the speed limit restriction of the popular mobile game. Developer Niantic put a speed limit restriction on the game to prevent accidents for those playing while driving.

Video Games March 20, 2017

Pokémon Trainers, Take Note: Game Boy Emulator Brings 'Pokémon Yellow' To Apple Watch

The Giovanni emulator by iOS software developer Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan has made it possible to port 'Pokémon Yellow' into the Apple Watch. Is the game able to be properly played on the smartwatch?

Video Games March 20, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Egg Hatching Rates After Gen 2 Pokémon Update: Rarity Chart

The 'Pokémon GO' Gen 2 update brought a number of changes in addition to new Pokémon from the Johto region. For those curious about the egg hatching rate, a new chart maps out the rarity of certain Pokémon.

Video Games March 18, 2017

Man Dies Of Heart Attack After Catching Rare Pokémon Go Monster Lapras

A man died after catching a rare Pokémon Lapras while playing 'Pokémon Go.' The man, Liang Weiming, suffered from a heart attack in excitement of catching this rare monster and died soon after being admitted to the hospital.

Life & Style March 7, 2017

Pokémon Go: Niantic Confirms Three Updates Coming In 2017, Player Vs Player Battles On The Cards?

Niantic Labs' CEO John Hanke has revealed that ‘Pokémon Go’ will receive three major updates in 2017. These updates may incorporate player versus player battles and allow trading of Pokémon.

Video Games March 1, 2017

Pokémon GO Guide: How To Evolve Gen 2 Pokémon And The Items That You Need

The Gen 2 update for 'Pokémon GO' added 80 new Pokémon, some of which can only be acquired by evolving Gen 1 Pokémon. Here are all the evolutions involving Gen 2 Pokémon and the items required for some of them.

Video Games February 22, 2017

Pokémon GO GPS Drift: Some Players Are Hatching Eggs Without Walking

Some 'Pokémon GO' players are reporting that the game's GPS drift is greater than ever and they're able to hatch eggs with little to no walking involved. On the other hand, the inaccurate in-game GPS tracker seems to be making things worse for other players.

Video Games February 21, 2017

Unown Spotted In 'Pokémon GO' After Gen 2 Update: Is It Possible To Catch All 26?

The mysterious Unown has been added to 'Pokémon GO' in the Gen 2 update. Is it possible to capture all 26 kinds of the Unown, one for each letter of the alphabet?

Video Games February 20, 2017

Pokémon GO Gen 2 Update Eeveelutions: How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon And Umbreon

The massive Gen 2 update for 'Pokémon GO' is now available, adding Espeon and Umbreon as new evolutions for Eevee. Here's how to make sure that evolving an Eevee will result in one of these two new Pokémon.

Video Games February 17, 2017

Pokémon GO Update: 80 Gen 2 Pokémon, New Berries, Evolution Items, And More Coming This Week [Video]

'Pokémon GO' is ready to receive its biggest update since launch, with 80 new Pokémon joining the party later this week. Other changes and improvements are also in the mix, so here's what the update will bring.

Video Games February 15, 2017

Pokémon GO Will Get Trading, Player vs Player Battles Soon: Why Is It Taking So Long?

It has been previously hinted that Pokémon trading and player vs. player battles will be coming to 'Pokémon GO,' but the features are still nowhere to be found. What is taking Niantic Labs so long to add them?

Video Games February 15, 2017

Here Are 5 Games With Hot Valentine's Day Events, Why 'Overwatch' Has None

Here are five games with confirmed awesome Valentine's Day events. These are giving away costumes, items, pets and other merchandise as well as in-game events such as fireworks display and NPC popularity contest.

Video Games February 13, 2017

Pink Pokémon Invading 'Pokémon GO' This Valentine Include Super Rare Monsters

The weeklong 'Pokémon GO' Valentine event includes a special feature that involves the increased spawn rates for adorable pink Pokémon. The list of creatures up for grabs until Feb. 15 is quite long, including some ultra rare finds.

Video Games February 9, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Valentine's Day Event Spreads The Love All Week Long: What You Get

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, 'Pokémon GO' wants to spread the love with a special week-long event. Starting now through Feb. 15, players will get special treats such as six-hour-long Lure Modules, double candy and more.

Video Games February 8, 2017

Milwaukee Stifles 'Pokémon Go': Niantic Labs Now Needs Permit To Use Parks As Monster Hunting Grounds

The Milwaukee County Board approved an ordinance that will require developers to acquire permits before using the county's parks as locations in games. The ruling was passed in response to the damage that 'Pokémon GO' players caused to Lake Park.

Video Games February 7, 2017

Pokémon GO Breaks Record With $1 Billion Revenue In Just Six Months

'Pokémon GO' has raced to the $1 billion mark faster than any billion-dollar games such as 'Candy Crush.' It earned that amount in a span of six months.

Video Games February 2, 2017

Super Mario Run: Revenue Exceeds $53M, Downloaded Over 78M Times

Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Run’ has been downloaded over 78 million times by gamers per reports. The game has raked in revenue in excess of $53 million.

Video Games February 1, 2017

Pokémon GO Update For Android Lets Players Listen To Music While Playing

Niantic Labs has pushed out the latest update for ‘Pokémon Go.' Thanks to the update, Android users will be able to listen to their favorite tracks while on the hunt without any interruption and can even adjust the volume.

Video Games January 30, 2017

The Pokémon Company May Release New Pokémon GO Plus Accessory To Keep Players Safe

The Pokémon Company's CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that a new Pokémon GO accessory is in the works. It cited Nintendo as a developer partner to produce a device that will ensure gameplay is safe for trainers.

Video Games January 30, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Update 0.55.0 For Android, 1.25.0 For iOS: Improved Loading Times, Pokémon GO Plus Connectivity Fix

Newer versions of the 'Pokémon GO' app for Android and iOS have now come out, although the changes are minor, to say the least. The new version brings over shorter loading times on Android, minor text fixes, and more.

Video Games January 30, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Finally Hits South Korea: Why So Late?

'Pokémon GO' has finally made its debut in South Korea, six months after its initial launch in other markets. Why is South Korea so late to the party?

Video Games January 24, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Server Issues Resolved, Confirms Niantic

Niantic has finally announced that the ‘Pokémon GO’ server issues have been resolved. The players will soon get to access their favorite game and indulge in using the updated version.

Video Games January 20, 2017

Pokémon GO Gets New Update, What Does It Change?

Niantic has launched the latest patch for ‘Pokemon GO’ which features several exciting elements hidden in the APK code. The code has features like new avatar changes, spawning of evolution items and new attack moves embedded in it.

Video Games January 18, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Events: Region Unlocking, Mewtwo, Shiny Pokémon And More

‘Pokémon GO’ players have several exciting events to look forward to in 2017. The launch of 'Mewtwo', 'Gen 2 Pokémon,' legendary Pokémon and many more such thrilling events are on the cards.

Video Games January 16, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Ended 2016 With A Bang, Scoring Highest Weekly Revenue Since Launch

'Pokémon GO' bagged its highest weekly revenue in the last week of 2016, scoring nearly $5 million on Dec. 31 alone. This marked the game's highest-grossing week since launch and the holiday event played a big role in this performance.

Video Games January 10, 2017

Best Android Games Of 2017: 'Apollo Justice,' 'Fallout Shelter,' Hearthstone,' 'Pokémon GO,' And 'Minecraft'

Another year, another 365 days for gaming. To help you decide which ones to try, check out some of the best Android games of 2017, including 'Apollo Justice,' 'Fallout Shelter,' 'Hearthstone,' and more.

Video Games January 3, 2017

Top 10 Tech News Of 2016: Galaxy Note 7, 'Pokémon GO,' Nintendo Switch, AirPods, Touch Bar, And More

As 2016 comes to a close, let’s take a brief glance at the controversy-addled year, filled with breaches, VR headsets, and exploding Note 7 devices. Here are the biggest tech news of 2016.

Gadgets December 31, 2016

Can Nintendo Bring Back Its Glorious Past?

Nintendo is struggling to bring back its glory days but its future still remains uncertain

Feature | Tech December 30, 2016

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