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LOOK: Robot In China Successfully Performs Dental Surgery On Living Person

A robot in China successfully performed dental surgery on a brave volunteer. Along with 3D printing, this new technology could help solve China's dentist shortage.

Medicine September 24, 2017

Stanford Researchers Debut Vine-Inspired Soft Robots That Can Grow On Command

Researchers develop a flexible robot that can grow to 1,000 times its size, move fast, inflate or deflate, and manage complicated obstacles. Meet the Vinebot.

Robotics July 22, 2017

How Are Fire Ants Able To Build Amazing Towers For Escape?

A new study sheds insight on how ant towers are built: fire ants form Eiffel-like structures without a leader or coordinated efforts. The findings hold potential applications in robotics technology, such as in search-and-rescue operations.

Animals July 12, 2017

Russia Trains Robot To Shoot Guns: Can Humans Prevent Rise Of Terminator-Like Killing Machines?

Russia's Fedor robot has learned to shoot guns with impressive precision. How do companies like Google, groups and individuals try to stop killer robots from taking over the world?

Space April 17, 2017

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Pilots The Giant Robot Method-2, And He Looks Like A Real-Life BattleMech Pilot

At Amazon's annual MARS 2017 event, CEO Jeff Bezos took the stage to show off the giant robot Method-2, with him riding in the cockpit.

Geek March 20, 2017

London's Science Museum Showcases Half A Century Of Robotics

London's Science Museum exhibits 500 years’ worth of human ingenuity in the field of robotics. Learn about the evolution of robots, from simple mechanical contraptions to humanoid androids.

Robotics February 11, 2017

This Robot Drone Can Mimic How Bats Fly

Bats have sophisticated flight mechanisms that are difficult to incorporate into robotics. In a new study, however, researchers create a robot design that can mimic how these mammals fly.

Robotics February 6, 2017

Proposal Seeks Giving Robots Legal Status As Electronic Persons With Rights And Obligations

The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs voted in favor of a draft report that proposes to give robots legal status. The report calls for giving the machines rights, obligations, and kill switches to prevent dangerous damages.

Robotics January 13, 2017

WATCH: Could This Giant Humanoid Robot Only Be A Hoax?

Could this giant mech robot piloted by a human only be a hoax? The company building the robot does not have an online presence.

Gadgets December 25, 2016

Lemur-Like African Primate Galago Inspires Design Of Fast Leaping Robot

The galago, a lemur-like primate found in Africa, inspired the designs of the new robot named SALTO. What are the abilities and potential applications of this new robot?

Robotics December 7, 2016

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tries To Balance On One Foot [Video]

Boston Dynamics showcased a video of its Atlas robot keeping its balance on a narrow piece of wood. The company’s research into human-like robots could bring us closer to seeing replicants, but the path is long and windy.

Robotics September 12, 2016

LG 'Aggressively Investing' In Smart Home, Seeing Robots As The Future Of Home Appliances

LG Electronics recently made a statement saying that its efforts will focus on robotics as a way to make home appliances more user-friendly and efficient. The company is already dipping its toes into the future with smart home appliances.

Smart Home September 5, 2016

Harvard's Soft-Bodied Robot Octobot Runs On Hydrogen Peroxide And Can Revolutionize Robotics

Harvard researchers have created a soft robot whose design is inspired by the octopus. Octobot uses hydrogen peroxide as source of power and can potentially change the course of robotics.

Robotics August 27, 2016

Training With Robots And Virtual Reality May Help Patients With Brain Or Spinal Injury Recover

Eight paraplegic patients with spinal cord injuries regained sensation and motor abilities after undergoing a 12-month neurorehabilitation program using a robotic exoskeleton and virtual reality. The method uses the brain-machine interface (BMI).

Neuroscience August 12, 2016

New Breed Of Robots Compete For Space At The Operating Table

Robots are finding increasing use in cancer treatments, urology, gynecology and gastroenterology ops, as they all vie for space at the operating table.

Robotics July 28, 2016

Ford Testing Assembly Line Robots To Help Humans Build Cars And Make Coffee

Ford’s assembly line in Cologne, Germany, is being assisted by robots. The company said that the machines are helping assembly workers with heavy lifting and precision actions, creating a better work environment.

Car Tech July 15, 2016

Anki's AI-Powered Robot Cozmo Will Come With Substantial SDK And Easy-To-Understand Lines Of Code

Anki aims to revolutionize the way we look at robotics by bringing it to the masses’ fingertips. To make AI coding much easier, a purported novice-friendly SDK will ship with Cozmo once the cutesy robotic companion launches this coming October.

Robotics July 12, 2016

Quantum Computing, AI And More: How The Future Of Technology Is Shaping Up, As Per Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin talked about the developing technologies in the next decade, and his money is on AI, robotics and quantum computing. The tech veteran has high hopes for the future, and is ready to invest a lot in it.

Computers June 15, 2016

That Bionic Arm From 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Is Now A Real Thing

In the video game 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided,' much of humanity has at least one bionic body part, but now, such a prosthetic exists in the real world, thanks to Open Bionics.

Video Games June 9, 2016

New Robotic Arm May Help Restore Sensation Of Touch To Amputees

Researchers in Australia are developing a robotic arm that can help amputees function more normally. The artificial limb may allow amputees or stroke sufferers to regain their sense of touch.

Robotics May 29, 2016

Egypt Deploys Robot Submarine To Search For EgyptAir's Flight MS804

An Egyptian robot submarine is joining the underwater search for the black boxes of EgyptAir Flight MS804, which disappeared from radar on May 19 while crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Robotics May 23, 2016

Spider Capture Silk Inspires Creation Of 'Liquid Wire' Material

Researchers recently used spider capture silk, the sticky silk making up the spiral of its web, to produce a liquid wire material that can potentially benefit material science.

Material Science May 18, 2016

UK Wants To Bring Back To Life Eric, Grandfather Of Robots: Here's How You Can Help

Museum curators in the United Kingdom are planning to bring back to life a sensational robot that once became prominent in the late 1920s. Here is how you can help turn this into reality.

Robotics May 15, 2016

This Remote Control Robot Created By Disney Can Nearly Match Human Movements

Disney's new remote control robot can match human movements with incredible precision. The telepresence robot uses a unique hybrid hydrostatic transmission that allows for better maneuver.

Robotics May 14, 2016

New Computerized System CardBoardiZer Allows Novice Designers To Build Robot With Cardboard

The models can be controlled using Ziro, a commercial product that uses joint modules equipped with wireless communicators and micro-controllers.

Apps/Software May 10, 2016

New Computer Model Inspired By Honeybees Could Help Improve Flying Robots

How do bees really see? A new computer model helps determine one component in the bees' vision - speed - which may help designers improve flying robots and drones.

Animals May 9, 2016

Robot Surgeon Successfully Performs Pig Intestine Surgery By Itself: What This Means For The Future

Scientists have developed a programmable robot surgeon that can perform surgeries by itself. The autonomous robot was able to stitch a pig intestine more precisely than human surgeons.

Robotics May 5, 2016

Tim Peake Successfully Drives Remote Robot On Earth From ISS

British astronaut Tim Peake was able to successfully drive a robotic rover on Earth from the ISS. Despite some glitches, he was able to fulfill the mission, giving hope to the future of space exploration.

Space April 30, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake To Control Terrestrial Rover From Space Station

ESA astronaut Tim Peake will control a rover in a hangar in Stevenage, UK while in orbit aboard the International Space Station. The experiment aims to help prepare for future space missions that require collaboration between humans and robotic systems.

Space April 29, 2016

Darwin-OP2 Robot To Help Children With Autism Communicate More Easily

The newly designed Darwin-OP 2 Robot comes equipped to help autistic children in bettering their communication skills and social interactions. The robot is designed by Chung Hyuk Park, a biomedical engineering professor.

Robotics April 28, 2016

Eelume Looks Like An Alien Killer Robot, But It Actually Helps Humans Maintain Undersea Equipment

Meet Eelume, an eel-like robot that can perform undersea maintenance work. Its developers suggest that it can help operators significantly reduce undersea equipment maintenance cost.

Robotics April 23, 2016

No Pets Because Of Allergies? Try Antbo, The Insect Robot Companion You Can Build

Tired of getting the sneeze because of house pets but still want one nonetheless? Here's an ant-inspired robot companion you can build from scratch called Antbo, a mechanical pet you'll love and is also guaranteed allergy-free!

Gadgets April 23, 2016

Self-Healing Polymer Could Help Create Artificial Muscle For Robotics, Prosthetics

The world of prosthetics or robotics could most probably benefit from this newly discovered polymer material that can stretch up to 100 times its own length. It also comes with the phenomenal capability of self-healing.

April 21, 2016

Touching Robots In Sensitive Places Turn On Humans: A Peek Of Things To Come?

Researchers have found that a person can be aroused when touching a humanoid robot's private parts. Experts believe that this emotional response can change the future of robots and humans, as well.

FUTURE TECH April 6, 2016

Hong Kong Man Fulfills Lifelong Dream, Builds Life-Like Scarlett Johansson Robot

A Hong Kong graphic designer, who knows nothing about robotics, achieves his dream of building a humanoid robot from scratch with the help of 3D printing, $50,000 and incredible determination.

FUTURE TECH April 3, 2016

This Girl Designed A Prosthetic Arm Cannon That Shoots Glitter

A 10-year-old girl named Jordan Reeves has designed an arm cannon that even Mega Man would want. But instead of bullets or bombs, Reeves' cannon shoots glitter.

FUTURE TECH March 29, 2016

UK Launches Robotics And Artificial Intelligence Inquiry: Worried About Robots Taking Over The World?

Could robots really take over the world? Given the recent shocker, wherein robots are beating humans at complex games such as Go, could it be our near reality?

FUTURE TECH March 26, 2016

Realistic, Human-like Robot Sophia Cheerfully Says She Wants To Destroy Humans

Hanson Robotics presented its most advanced humanoid to date and it agreed to destroy humans. The robot named Sophia was interviewed by its creator David Hanson and talked about her functions, purpose and ambitions.

FUTURE TECH March 24, 2016

Panasonic Assist Robots Will Do The Heavy Lifting For You [Video]

Panasonic released a YouTube video showcasing its latest developments in assisted robotics. Regardless if you work in construction, medical care or warehouse management, the company’s exoskeletons could be game changers.

FUTURE TECH March 22, 2016

There's A 101 Percent Probability You Will Add The iRobot Braava Jet Mopping Robot To Your Wishlist: Here's What It Can Do

iRobot's new Braava Jet Mopping Robot will be welcomed by household owners as it can clean floors with ease. The device is priced at an affordable $199.

FUTURE TECH March 15, 2016

Watch Six Tiny Robots Towing A 3,900-Pound Car [Video]

Called microTug or uTug robots, a group of six microbots pull a 3,900-pound car, proving that teamwork is the key to achieving great success. The project was inspired by how ants work together to carry massive weight.

FUTURE TECH March 15, 2016

Watch The Final Race Of The World Drone Prix: 15-Year-Old Champ Takes Home $250,000

A team led by a British teenager has won this year's World Drone Prix in Dubai. The team took home the $250,000 prize.

Gadgets March 14, 2016

Humans Trust Emergency Robots More Than Common Sense: Study

Humans trust robots more during emergency situations, a new study found. Even if the robots failed in previous performances, humans still opt to rely on it instead of their own common sense.

FUTURE TECH March 1, 2016

Boston Dynamics Robot Gets Up After Being Bullied, Pushed Down [VIDEO]

In a new video, Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot managed to get up after being pushed down — a display of its LIDAR, stereo sensors and other features for optimum indoor or outdoor performance. It was a good day for robotics after all.

FUTURE TECH February 24, 2016

Robots May Soon Be Able To Read Minds, Launch War Against Humans

Technology just keeps on getting more and more sophisticated. Experts say robots may soon acquire the ability to read minds and even the capacity to start wars against humans.

FUTURE TECH January 24, 2016

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