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Apple Reportedly Working On AirPods Upgrades: Water Resistance And Hands-Free Siri

Apple plans to upgrade its AirPods this year, adding a hands-free Siri option and likely a new wireless chip, according to a new report. In 2019, meanwhile, Apple's AirPods could be water-resistant.

Apple February 23, 2018

Apple HomePod Owners, Beware: The Smart Speaker May Damage Wooden Furniture

The Apple HomePod may permanently damage wooden furniture if the Siri-powered smart speaker is placed on top of it. Apple has confirmed the problem, which is the latest entry in the growing list of issues with the device.

Apple February 15, 2018

Apple HomePod Review Roundup: An Incredible Speaker, Just Not A Very Smart One

The HomePod secures Apple’s entry into the smart speaker race that’s currently dominated by Amazon Echo. Does Siri stand a chance against Alexa? Here’s what the critics are saying.

Apple February 7, 2018

Major Apple HomePod Leak Hints At Multiple User Accounts, Mute Option, And More

A new leak was posted on Twitter that reveals some of the unannounced features of the Apple HomePod. Icons hidden within the Home app's files revealed more functions.

Apple January 23, 2018

Siri, Shush! Apple Patent Suggests Siri May Detect If You’re Whispering, And It’ll Whisper Back

Imagine if Siri knows when you’re whispering and also whispers back in response. Apple apparently made a patent exactly for that feature, but don’t get excited yet.

Apple December 16, 2017

Apple iMac Pro Will Come With A10 Chip And Always-On 'Hey Siri'

Apple's latest iMac Pro will have the A10 Chip and an Always-On 'Siri' feature. The shipping of new iMac Pro will take place before the end of this year.

Computers November 22, 2017

New $199 Sonos One Smart Speaker Comes With Amazon Alexa, Will Also Feature Google Assistant, Siri

There’s a new smart speaker in town. Sonos just unveiled One, a $199 speaker that in addition to supporting Amazon Alexa right off the bat, will also include Google Assistant and Siri into the mix.

Smart Home October 5, 2017

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, And Cortana Can Be Hacked Using Sound Frequencies Humans Can’t Hear

Turns out hacking voice assistants is an easy thing to do. A group of researchers discovered that ultrasonic frequencies inaudible to humans can be used as a way to access voice-enabled assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana.

Security September 7, 2017

Apple's Siri Saves Sick Girl From Hurricane Harvey Flood: Here's The Story

Tyler Frank, a 14-year-old girl suffering from sickle cell anemia, was stuck on her home's roof with her family during the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey. Tyler called for help from the Coast Guard through Apple's digital assistant Siri.

Apple September 4, 2017

With The Home Button Gone, iPhone 8 Users Will Get Another Way To Wake Up Siri

The iPhone 8 will have no home button, eliminating one of the ways for users to wake up Siri. However, an iOS developer discovered that there will be another way to activate Apple's digital assistant in the upcoming premium smartphone.

Apple September 4, 2017

Apple Picks Craig Federighi As The New Head Of Siri As The Voice Assistant Race Heats Up

Apple has now put Craig Federighi as the head of Siri in an attempt to integrate the voice assistant across its other products and platforms. The move comes amid heated competition in the voice assistant race.

Apple September 2, 2017

Apple Will Allow Google Assistant To Replace Siri On iPhone 7s And iPhone 8: Is This Rumor True?

A new rumor claims that Apple will allow Google Assistant to replace Siri on the upcoming iPhone models as the default virtual assistant. Is this rumor true, or does it sound absurd?

Apple June 18, 2017

Uh-oh, Siri: Smart Speaker Users Value Price Above All Else But Sound Quality Comes In Second

A poll conducted by Morning Consult has revealed that shoppers consider price as the most important factor in smart speakers. In other words, Apple's HomePod will be facing more than just a tough competition.

Smart Home June 15, 2017

Is Apple's HomePod Just A Glorified $350 Smart Speaker?

The HomePod is Apple's foray into the smart home competition, taking on the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, it seems to emphasize more on music rather than its smart qualities.

Smart Home June 8, 2017

Andy Rubin Wants Essential Home To Have Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, And Google's Assistant

Andy Rubin wants his Essential Home device to run all three major virtual assistants, including Alexa, Assistant, and Siri. Other devices who’ll do otherwise, he said, will fail.

Smart Home June 4, 2017

Apple Reportedly Begins Manufacturing Siri Speaker: Should Amazon Echo And Google Home Be Worried?

Apple has now started manufacturing Siri smart speakers, tipped for a WWDC unveiling early June, according to new reports. Apple will reportedly focus on making the device stand out in terms of high-quality audio, among other features.

Apple June 1, 2017

Google Assistant, Siri, And Alexa To Find New Homes In Ikea's Smart Light Bulbs

Ikea is betting big on its line of smart home products. To that end, its range of smart lighting systems will soon integrate with the three major voice control systems, namely Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Gadgets May 24, 2017

Here's Why You Should Install Google Assistant On Your iPhone - And Why You Should Keep Siri Too

Google Assistant is now available to iPhone users everywhere, and there are plenty of reasons why you should install her. That said, it's not exactly a Siri replacement, though.

Apps/Software May 20, 2017

Google Assistant To Share In Siri's iPhone Space As iOS Version Reportedly In Tow

Google will reportedly bring its Assistant over to iOS, possibly under a chat-style interface similar to Allo. If true, it could share a space with Siri, and eventually threaten it, too.

Apps/Software May 15, 2017

Apple's Siri To Get Smarter As $200 Million Acquisition Of 'Dark Data' AI Specialist Lattice Data Pushes Through

Siri could soon become smarter than it is today, as Apple has acquired the AI and machine learning company Lattice Data that specializes in turning unstructured 'dark data' into usable information.

Apple May 14, 2017

Samsung's Bixby Raps If You Ask, Disses Apple's Siri Too

The voice command of the Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby has rolled out in Korea this week. A video posted online showed the AI’s skills, including busting out some rhymes.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 4, 2017

More Details Emerge About Rumored Apple Siri Speaker: Premium Parts Will Make It More Expensive Than Amazon Echo

According to rumors, Apple is planning to unveil a Siri-powered smart speaker at the upcoming WWDC. More details on the device have emerged, including premium parts that will make it more expensive than the Amazon Echo.

Apple May 2, 2017

Apple May Unveil Siri Smart Speaker At WWDC: What Will The Amazon Echo And Google Home Challenger Offer?

According to rumors, Apple is planning to unveil a Siri-powered smart speaker at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference. What will the device look like, and will it be a worthy challenger to the Amazon Echo and Google Home?

Apple May 1, 2017

Marriott Hotel Deciding Between Amazon’s Alexa And Apple’s Siri As Digital Assistants For Its Hotel Rooms

You could soon find Alexa or Siri in a hotel room as a digital assistant. Marriott is currently testing which technology it’ll use for many of its hotel rooms, hoping it could turn into a global platform down the line.

Gadgets March 23, 2017

Will Apple Develop A Rival To The Amazon Echo And Alexa?

Siri is facing serious competition against the Amazon Alexa and Echo tandem in the smart home AI assistant race, but Apple is not even concerned.

Apple February 19, 2017

Apple TV: 7 Nifty Tricks To Enjoy The Entertainment System

The Apple TV has many features that you can enjoy. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your entertainment system.

Apple February 19, 2017

Huawei Reportedly Working On Its Own Voice Assistant, But Don’t Get Excited Yet

Huawei is cooking up its own voice assistant to rival Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant. However, the technology could only find its way to the Chinese market, reports suggest.

Apps/Software February 16, 2017

Alexa Trounces Google Now As Most Popular Smart Assistant, Siri Is Least Accurate: Survey

A survey found that consumers are using Alexa more frequently than Google Now. It also revealed that participants perceived Cortana as the most accurate smart assistant while Siri trailed all three in this area.

Smart Home February 10, 2017

Siri For iPhone 8 Getting Smarter But How Can It Beat Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa?

Apple is working to improve Siri in time for its flagship phone's launch this September. The A.I. has fallen behind after facing tough competition from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Apps/Software February 5, 2017

Siri Updated To Answer Super Bowl Questions: Here's What You Can Ask

With the final NFL Super Bowl 51 game all set to be played at the NRG stadium, Apple has updated Siri. Siri will be able to answer all Super Bowl-related questions thanks to this update.

Apps/Software January 31, 2017

Apple Releases watchOS 3.2 Developer Beta: Theater Mode, SiriKit To Be Added To Apple Watch

Apple has released the first developer beta for watchOS 3.2. Confirming a previous report, the wearable operating system update adds Theater Mode to the Apple Watch, along with support for SiriKit.

Apple January 31, 2017

Nokia Working On A Virtual Assistant Called Viki

A trademark filed by Nokia in the EU suggests that it has a virtual assistant dubbed Viki in the works. Nokia is possibly looking to integrate the AI-based voice assistant in impending smartphones.

Apps/Software January 9, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Voice Assistant To Have Male, Female Versions Called Bixby And Kestra And Work With Samsung Pay: Report

Samsung is not only developing one but two virtual assistants to challenge the likes of Google Now and Siri. These technologies will likely ship with the upcoming Galaxy S8, possibly even determining the handset's gender identity.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 27, 2016

Siri vs. Google Asssistant: Apple's Notable Steps To Beat The Bubbly AI So Far

The competition between Siri and Google Assistant is kicking off as Google's bubbly AI is rolling out on a strong note, but that doesn't mean Apple's out, as it has already taken steps to improve its virtual assistant.

Apps/Software October 31, 2016

Skype For iOS Update: You Can Now Send Messages With Siri

A new update to Skype for iOS is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new update brings the ability to send messages right inside Siri, without having to open the Skype app.

Apps/Software October 29, 2016

Google Assistant vs Siri: Watch The Voice Assistants Face Off In A New Comparison Video

Is Google Assistant really smarter than Siri? In this new comparison video on YouTube, where the two digital assistants face off, Siri shows no sign of backing down against Google Assistant.

Apps/Software October 22, 2016

Apple Taps Carnegie Mellon AI Expert Ruslan Salakhutdinov: Siri Getting Beefed Up?

Apple has hired Carnegie Mellon professor Ruslan Salakhutdinov as the company's director of artificial intelligence research. No clear goals yet, but he's expected to improve machine learning capabilities on iOS 10, Siri and more.

Apple October 18, 2016

Samsung Acquires AI Startup Viv Labs: Will We See A Siri Killer Soon?

Samsung snapped up California-based startup Viv Labs', which was responsible for Apple's popular virtual assistant Siri, latest offering Viv. The South Korean company is anticipated to integrate the superior virtual assistant - touted as the Siri killer - into its products, which include mobile devices, TVs and home appliances.

Business Tech October 6, 2016

Samsung Acquires Viv: Why The South Korean Brand Wants The Team Behind Siri

Samsung acquires Viv Labs, a startup founded by the creators of Siri. The company has developed Viv, a technology touted as an intelligent interface for everything, one that can also handily beat Apple's virtual assistant.

Business Tech October 6, 2016

StubHub Rolls Out First Apple TV Ticketing App: Here's What You Can Do With It

The StubHub ticketing app will enable viewers to browse and purchase tickets to events, concerts and shows through the fourth-generation Apple TV. It is the first of its kind and promises a convenient, easy and immersive experience.

Apps/Software October 5, 2016

Siri Can Now Make Calls With The New Skype For iOS Update

The latest version of Skype for iPhone and iPad now features Siri integration. Making Skype calls is now possible using Siri voice commands, and Skype contact information can now be stored directly inside iOS contacts.

Apps/Software September 30, 2016

Apple Acquired Machine Learning Company Tuplejump: AI Push For Siri, Cloud Services And More?

Apple's acquisition of Tuplejump Pvt Ltd. is expected to help the company improve its artificial intelligence initiatives. This can cover its virtual assistant technology Siri as well as the company's push to refine its iCloud Drive service and the emerging focus on data management.

Business Tech September 23, 2016

Apple Unleashes macOS 10.12 Sierra To Bring Cross-Platform Tools: Siri On Desktop, Apple Pay For The Web

Apple released the macOS 10.12 Sierra on Tuesday, introducing cross-platform features such as Siri on desktop and Apple Pay for the web. The software update makes it easier for iDevice lovers to switch between platforms, from the Mac to the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

Apple September 20, 2016

Siri Gets Cool New Features In iOS 10: Top 3 Things You Can Now Do

Apple's voice assistant Siri is now more responsive in iOS 10 and has benefited from some cool new features to boot. We share our top three picks.

Apple September 17, 2016

iOS 10 Update Coming Sept. 30 With Siri Improvements In Tow, Says Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand is about to add another accolade to her resume: the improvement of iOS 10. The star has appealed to Tim Cook himself to make sure that iOS 10 Siri pronounces her name correctly.

Apps/Software August 23, 2016

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