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NASA Creating Coldest Spot In The Universe That Is 10 Billion Times Colder Than Vacuum Of Space

NASA will be using lasers on the International Space Station to create the coldest spot in the universe. This spot will be 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of space.


Scientists May Have Found Evidence Of Planet Nine Due To Strange Orbit Of Trans Neptunian Object

Scientists have theorized that there may be a ninth planet in the solar system due to strange orbits that many Trans Neptunian objects have. One of those objects may have just delivered evidence of a ninth planet.

Space May 17, 2018

Dutch Astronomers Discover Possible 'Toddler Planet' By Accident

Dutch astronomers and an international team of scientists accidentally discovered a toddler planet. It was found to be a small companion of the binary CS Cha that they were studying.

Space May 14, 2018

Gravity On Super Earth Planets May Be Preventing Alien Life From Visiting Earth

A new theory suggests that if life was possible on Super-Earth planets, gravity may be holding aliens back from leaving. The theory uses information that's already known about these planets to reach the conclusion.

Space May 7, 2018

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, And More To Appear During The Spring And Summer Evening Skies

Certain planets and stars will become more visible to the eye during the spring and summer evening hours. Planets such as Venus, Saturn, and Mars will be seen during the late evening hours.

Space May 4, 2018

Australia Set To Start Space Agency With $50 Million Funding From Government

Australia is set to start its new space agency with a $50 million budget allocation from the Australian government. This is only part of the investment, most of which will be provided by private companies.

Space May 3, 2018

National Air And Space Museum Appoints First Female Director: Who Is Ellen Stofan?

Dr. Ellen Stofan has started as the new director for the National Air and Space Museum. After a long career at NASA, she will be the first woman to hold the position.

Space May 1, 2018

Russia Also Planning To Send Humans To The Moon

Russia confirms it plans to send humans to the moon and subsequently build a lunar space station there. The space race for the modern era, with heavyweight players the likes of SpaceX, seems to be in high gear.

Space April 14, 2018

LOOK: The Hubble Space Telescope Just Captured An ‘Einstein Ring’

When a cluster of galaxies create a massive gravitational pull against each another, it often results in what’s called gravitational lensing. The Hubble Space Telescope just captured one.

Space April 9, 2018

So NASA Just Sent Sperm To The International Space Station

Right now, in the International Space Station, astronauts are recording video of sperm cells — for science. NASA wants to study how human reproduction works in microgravity.

Space April 6, 2018

Astronomers Spot 72 Mysterious Cosmic Flashes While Searching For Dark Energy

Astronomers think a series of 72 cosmic flashes may have been supernovae, though it’s possible they belong to another category altogether. They’re just as bright as supernovae, but only visible for far shorter periods.

Space April 6, 2018

Aurora Station, The First Ever Luxury Space Hotel, Will Open Its Doors In 2022

Aurora Station, the first-ever luxury space hotel, will look to make space tourism relatively cheaper. The modular space station will launch in late 2021 and open its doors in 2022 for guests who will be able to afford it.

Space April 6, 2018

The Milky Way Is Still Growing, And It Is Growing Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

Researchers find that the Milky Way galaxy hasn't stopped growing and is growing at an extremely rapid rate. The Milky Way is growing faster than the speed of sound.

Space April 4, 2018

Hubble Telescope Able To See Most Distant Star Due To Rare Cosmic Alignment

The Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture the most distant star with the help from a rare cosmic alignment. Scientists have named the newly discovered star Icarus.

Space April 2, 2018

Experts Theorize That Universe Will End When It Collides With A Bubble Of Negative Energy

There is a new theory that the Universe will end when it collides with a bubble of negative energy. Scientists warn that this process may have already begun to take place.

Space April 2, 2018

Comet Sheds Light Into The Origins Of The Solar System, Providing Clues About Its Earliest History

Samples taken from a comet may shed light on just how the solar system formed. The dust particles date from the time of the formation of the solar system and could give clues to the possible origin.

Space March 30, 2018

The FCC Gave SpaceX Permission To Build High-Speed Satellite Internet Service, Starlink

SpaceX was authorized by the FCC to build its broadband satellite service. This will give SpaceX the ability to give huge swaths of the U.S. internet access.

Space March 30, 2018

Newly Discovered Earth-Sized Metallic Exoplanet Is Just As Dense As Mercury

A new exoplanet has been discovered that could shed some light on the formation of Mercury. What scientists found was that it was just as dense as Mercury and is the size of Earth.

Space March 28, 2018

Giant Planet Found Orbiting A Brown Dwarf Star Complicating Scientists' Definition On Both

A brown dwarf star has been found with a giant planet orbiting it. Scientists still aren't sure what constitutes a brown star or if it is even a star.

Space March 27, 2018

NASA Astronaut Andrew Feustel Admits To Having A Fear Of Heights

Astronaut Andrew Feustel was launched into space on March 21 to board the International Space Station. Feustel admitted that he has a fear of heights, despite now living in low-Earth orbit.

Space March 23, 2018

Astronomer Rediscovers The Planet Mars, Ends Up On Astronomy News Service

People still aren't sure who discovered the planet Mars, but it is now known that it wasn't this professor. An account of his discovery of the planet Mars was published in an astronomy news service.

Space March 22, 2018

Exoplanets Discovered In TRAPPIST-1 May Have 1,000 Times More Water Than Earth, But This May Be A Problem

Scientists have found that the exoplanets in the TRAPPIST-1 system may have water. Which sounds good, however, the problem is that they may have too much water to support life.

Space March 20, 2018

Interstellar Asteroid 'Oumuamua Discovered To Have Come From Binary Star System

'Oumuamua is the first known interstellar object that has been observed in this solar system. New research suggests that it may have come from a binary star system.

Space March 19, 2018

Oceans On Mars Could Have Formed As Early As 4 Billion Years Ago, According To New Research

Scientists discovered that the oceans on Mars may be significantly older than previously thought. New estimates indicate that oceans on Mars formed 4 billion years ago.

Space March 19, 2018

Firefly Aerospace Makes A Comeback With Lightning 1 Engine Demo In Texas

Two years after declaring bankruptcy, Firefly Space System reemerges with new branding and the test launching of its innovative engine, Lightning 1. Unlike traditional engines, it has a self-pressurizing system and runs only on methane.

Space March 18, 2018

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Getting Taller While It Is Shrinking, It Is Also Changing Colors To Orange

Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been shrinking. As it is, the storm is getting taller on the planet. A recent change to the Great Red Spot is that it is also slowly changing colors.

Space March 16, 2018

Scott Kelly Says China's Space Program Could Surpass The US If They're Allowed To

Astronaut Scott Kelly voiced his concerns about the U.S. falling behind in their space program. China is rapidly making advances in its space technology and Kelly fears it could surpass the U.S. if the country doesn't advance rapidly.

Space March 16, 2018

Space Radiation Is Getting Worse, Placing Future Astronauts In Danger

Researchers from the University of New Hampshire discovered that space radiation is increasing at a much faster pace than expected. This places future astronauts in danger of experiencing the negative health effects of space radiation exposure.

Space March 16, 2018

Airbus Constructing Gigantic 'Space Harpoon' To Remove Rogue Satellites And Some 20,000 Junk Items

With rogue satellites and other junk floating in space, European firm Airbus is developing a harpoon to remove most of it. Airbus is currently testing the capabilities of the harpoon inside the company’s facility.

Space March 15, 2018

NASA Confirms Scott Kelly's Genes Have Been Altered By Space Travel

NASA revealed preliminary findings that confirm recent stories that Scott Kelly's genes have changed after being in space for a year. Scott Kelly's identical twin brother now has different genes than him.

Space March 15, 2018

Trump Wants To Create 'Space Force' To Fight Wars In Space

President Donald Trump is now throwing around the idea of creating a new branch of the military called the Space Force. A previous proposal saw a similar idea fail last year.

Space March 14, 2018

Mysterious Signal In The Center Of The Milky Way Comes From Old Stars, Not Dark Matter

Researchers have been able to locate the source of a mysterious signal at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. They've concluded that this signal comes from very old stars.

Space March 14, 2018

Space Junk Theory Suggests Alien Life Could Be Found By Looking At Advanced Satellites

A theory by astrophysicist Hector Socas-Navarro suggests that satellites could be used to find extraterrestrial life and to gauge their technological achievements. Humans would need about 10 billion to 1 trillion satellites before aliens could spot them.

Space March 7, 2018

China's Tiangong-1 Space Station Could Crash Down To Earth As Early As March 24

China lost control of a space station last year. Now people know when the space station will crash to Earth. Tiangong-1 will come crashing down to Earth before April 19.

Space March 6, 2018

Researchers Working On 'Happy Suit' For Astronauts To Make Space Life Easier

Researchers from Florida Polytechnic University are working on a so-called happy suit that will make living in space easier for astronauts. The suits will be powered by new technology named Smart Sensory Skin, which will address physical and emotional deficiencies.

Space February 23, 2018

Solar Storm Headed Towards Earth Expected To Reach Planet Today, Feb. 16

The sun reportedly unleashed a solar flare on Sunday, Feb. 11, causing a solar storm. The Earth is expected to be affected by the storm today, Feb. 16.

Space February 16, 2018

Trump Administration Wants To Turn Over The International Space Station To The Private Sector

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to turn over the International Space Station to the private sector after the White House cuts funding by 2025. Will this move really push through?

Space February 12, 2018

TRAPPIST-1 Planets Are Rocky And May Have Water

A new study shows that the planets found in the TRAPPIST-1 system are more Earth-like than previously thought. The planets were found to possibly have as much as 250 times more water than Earth.

Space February 8, 2018

Japanese Space Agency Paying People $3,500 To Spend Two Weeks In A Simulated Space Station

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is giving individuals a chance to take part in an experiment. It is willing to pay $3,500 to people to spend two weeks in a simulated space station.

Space January 31, 2018

First Blue Moon Total Eclipse In More Than 150 Years Coming By End Of January

The night will be long for skywatchers on Jan. 31 with a Blue moon, a supermoon and total lunar eclipse happening in one night. This rare event is not to be missed so mark your calendars.

Space January 5, 2018

Zoo Hypothesis: MIT Study Suggests Aliens Are Silently Studying Humans

An MIT astronomer theorized that humans are not alone in the universe. Among the 10 theories he proposed, the zoo hypothesis has spawned the most reactions, as it asserts that aliens are quietly but carefully observing mankind.

Space January 2, 2018

Astronauts Prepare To Celebrate New Year In Space

On the last work days of 2017, ISS astronauts wrapped up research work that would allow humans to stay longer in outer space. NASA’s Scott Tingle, in particular, was collecting samples of a specimen that could potentially sustain astronauts in space.

Space December 30, 2017

Photographer Captures Amazing Time-Lapse Of SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

On the night of the SpaceX rocket launch, Jesse Watson was rolling his time-lapse cameras from a hill in Arizona. What he captured left even his fellow photographers in awe.

Space December 27, 2017

SpaceX Rocket Launch Leaves Glowing Cloud Mistaken As Proof Of UFO

The Falcon 9 launch left a mysterious light in Southern California’s sky. It stirred panic among residents who wrongly thought it was an alien sighting.

Space December 25, 2017

Russia Announces Plan To Build Luxury Hotel On International Space Station

A proposal submitted to Russia’s Roscosmos calls for a space tourism module. It included a design plan for a four-room luxury space hotel.

Space December 23, 2017

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