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Goodbye, Starman: Floating Tesla Roadster Now Heading Toward The Asteroid Belt

Starman has officially gone dark. The mannequin astronaut riding a Tesla Roadster through space is now heading toward the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Space February 8, 2018

Beermaker Budweiser To Send Barley Seeds To International Space Station

Budweiser confirmed its plans to send 20 barley seeds to the International Space Station on Dec. 4. The company will use the seeds in two experiments that will study how they would react in a microgravity environment.

Space November 22, 2017

A Mock Crew Just Came Out Of An 8-Month Mars Isolation Experiment Backed By NASA

A Mars mock crew has emerged from an eight-month isolation experiment that was supposed to simulate what it's like to be on Mars. It marks the fifth Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation attempt.

Space September 19, 2017

NASA Hiring Planetary Protection Officer To Protect Earth From Alien Matter

The Planetary Protection Officer is tasked to protect planet Earth from contamination by alien matter brought by spacecraft from missions that explored extraterrestrial worlds. The job comes with a six-figure salary.

Space August 4, 2017

Fungus In Space Can Make Astronauts Sick, NASA-Led Team Warns

NASA has warned that fungus in space could serve as an enemy of astronauts in the Mars mission or other forms of space exploration. Certain fungi types could colonize the human body and lead to infection.

Space July 12, 2017

NASA Sign On Orion Spacecraft Says 'Do Not Touch,' But VP Mike Pence Still Does Anyway

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence touches the Orion spacecraft’s titanium forward bay cover with his full palm despite a sign that read 'Critical Space Flight Hardware DO NOT TOUCH.' Learn what happens next and how the internet reacts.

Space July 10, 2017

Sending Humans To Mars Is Now NASA's Primary Mission, But First We'll Go Back To The Moon

NASA's plans for the future include a manned trip to Mars, but first, we'll need to return to the moon. Here's what NASA has planned for establishing bases on the moon and beyond.

Space June 22, 2017

In First Flybys, Juno Reveals How Little We Know About Jupiter

The first round of data from NASA's Juno mission has been released and it reveals that we know very little about Jupiter. From the planet's core to water and unexpected cyclones, here's what we learned.

Space May 25, 2017

How The Moon Could Propel Humanity To Mars And Beyond

NASA is planning on returning to the moon before making the trip to Mars. Here's how that will affect future space missions including the trip to Mars.

Space May 15, 2017

Cost, Not Safety, Reason Why NASA Will Not Put Human Crew On First SLS Flight

NASA’s plans for a manned SLS maiden flight will not push through after study concludes it is too late in the planning process to accommodate changes. A source says it’s really all about the money.

Feature | Science May 14, 2017

China Moon Mission: 8 Postgraduate Students Move Into Lunar Palace Cabin That Simulates Lunar-Like Environment

China steps up its efforts for its planned permanent lunar laboratory. Eight postgraduate students begin simulated space cabin trials at the Lunar Palace 1 until 2018.

Space May 11, 2017

New Frontiers: NASA Receives 12 Proposals For Future Solar System Exploration

NASA is looking forward to the next exploration mission of our solar system and is mulling over a dozen proposals submitted through the New Frontiers Program. This is the program’s fourth robotic probe to be sent into the unknown, destination pending.

Space May 9, 2017

China’s 1st Cargo Spacecraft Just Docked With Its Orbiting Space Laboratory

China’s Tianzhou-1 cargo spacecraft has successfully docked with the Tiangong-2 space station last April 22. This is considered a major step toward the nation's goal of putting up its own manned space station by 2022.

Space April 24, 2017

NASA Funds 22 Awesome Space Exploration Ideas: Here’s A Close Look At Them

NASA has funded 22 interstellar projects that could change the face and future of space exploration. Find out which projects received funding from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program.

Space April 13, 2017

These Missions Are On The Losing End In Trump’s NASA Budget

A document containing Trump’s 2018 budget proposal is now out. NASA's earth sciences program, the Office of Education, and the ARM mission are just some on the chopping board.

Space March 16, 2017

Congress Passes Bill Pushing NASA To Send Humans To Mars By 2033

Congress has passed a NASA authorization bill for the first time in almost six and a half years. Find out some sections within the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017, including a call for NASA's detailed Mars mission.

Space March 9, 2017

After China And India, UK Plans To Bolster Space Exploration Plans

A bill will be proposed in the UK parliament to bolster the space exploration programs of the country. The bill has been named Spaceflight and will be submitted sometime this week.

Space February 21, 2017

LOOK: SpaceX Gives The World A Glimpse Of The Falcon Heavy Rocket In This New Photo

SpaceX posted a teaser photo of the much-anticipated Falcon Heavy rocket on Instagram. Have a peek at the world's largest and most powerful rocket.

Space December 31, 2016

What's In Store For The World Of Science In 2017?

The scientific community made amazing discoveries and innovations in 2016. What will keep scientists and innovators busy in 2017?

December 31, 2016

WATCH: SpaceX Makes History: Here's A Look Back At The Monumental Falcon 9 Landing

Elon Musk's ambitious company SpaceX made history by successfully launching Falcon 9, sending a satellite into orbit, and safely landing upright in Cape Canaveral. Now, watch the historic scientific event that ushered in new possibilities for space exploration.

Space December 25, 2016

What A Trump Presidency Means For Space Exploration And Earth Science

How will Donald J. Trump's election as the 45th President of the United States affect NASA's ongoing space projects? Trump's space advisor explains in an op-ed the administration's proposed policies.

Space November 10, 2016

China Successfully Launches Long March-5 Rocket

China successfully launched its Long March-5 rocket. The new heavy-lift Long March-5 rocket will enable ambitious future missions, including a planned trip to Mars.

Space November 4, 2016

First Space Nation 'Asgardia' Announced

There’s a new nation in town and it’s the first one to be located in space. Full-fledged and fully independent, Asgardia aims to promote peace in space and bring commerce and science to the next level.

Space October 12, 2016

Elon Musk Says First Humans To Colonize Mars Must Prepare To Die

To many, Mars could become the next Earth, but before that can happen, humans need to conquer it first. Elon Musk believes he and his SpaceX company can make this a possibility, but first-timers must prepare to never make it back home alive.

Space October 2, 2016

A Beginner's Guide For 'No Man's Sky': Tips For New Space Explorers

Starting out in "No Man's Sky" could be almost impossibly daunting at first due to the massive universe of the space exploration game. Here are some helpful tips to get new players started with their adventures.

Video Games August 9, 2016

No Man's Sky Just Went Gold: One Step Closer To Release

'No Man’s Sky' finally went Gold and space exploration fans are on their toes waiting for the official launch. The game masters the magic of algorithm for world generation and is expected to go live in August.

Video Games July 8, 2016

This Startup May Become First To Venture Into Private Lunar Mission

A startup is close to securing the approval of federal authorities for its first private lunar mission. The company, Moon Express, is competing for the $20 million reward from the Google Lunar XPrize.

Space June 7, 2016

Luxembourg, Deep Space Industries Team Up For Asteroid Mining Test

Luxembourg has sealed the deal with space mining company Deep Space Industries to work on a spacecraft that will test technologies in Low Earth Orbit. The agreement hopes to open up opportunities in commercial asteroid mining.

Space May 9, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake To Control Terrestrial Rover From Space Station

ESA astronaut Tim Peake will control a rover in a hangar in Stevenage, UK while in orbit aboard the International Space Station. The experiment aims to help prepare for future space missions that require collaboration between humans and robotic systems.

Space April 29, 2016

Atlantis Spacecraft Mice Detected With Liver Damage: What This Means For Space Travel

Mice aboard Atlantis spacecraft returned home with liver damage after a two-week space travel. The finding would significantly affect future space travel, as scientists believe human live damage could also occur.

Space April 23, 2016

Jeff Bezos Wants To See Millions Of People Living And Working In Space

Jeff Bezos addressed the audience in the 32nd Space Symposium in Colorado and shared his plans of bringing affordable commercial space tourism that would enable millions of people to work and live in space. Blue Origin, Bezos' investment in space exploration, was able to relaunch for the third time its reusable rocket, New Shepard last week.

Space April 13, 2016

Houston We've Got A Problem: NASA's Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Is In Emergency Mode

Kepler has entered into emergency mode, or the lowest operational mode and is consuming significant amounts of fuel. The spacecraft is on a planet-hunting mission 75 million miles away from Earth.

Space April 9, 2016

China Successfully Launches Retrievable SJ-10 Satellite: It's Carrying Crude Oil And Here's Why

Oil companies are partnering with international space agencies for a very important and interesting mission. They hope to learn more about how crude oil behaves on Earth by bringing it to space.

Space April 9, 2016

Madagascar Lemur Holds Key To Human Hibernation During Deep Space Exploration

Researchers said understanding how mammals such as the Madagascan dwarf lemur spontaneously hibernate can hold the key to human hibernation for deep space exploration. A team of researchers from the ESA program is looking for ways on how to put astronauts in a state of motionlessness.

Space March 20, 2016

China Plans to Send A Rover To Mars In 2021

China is pursuing its own Mars exploration in 2020 as an independent probe of the Red Planet. The mission is expected to reach the planet in 2021 after a flight of seven to 10 months, revealed a top scientist and national political adviser.

Space March 9, 2016

A Glimpse Of Space Tourism: NASA Outs 'Visions Of The Future' Posters

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has unveiled new posters that advertise the possibility of exploring destinations in space. The artworks were produced by artists working at the JPL's design studio.

Space February 11, 2016

NASA Needs Solid Plan To Make Manned Mars Mission Possible, Panel Tells Congress

A space subcommittee hearing criticized NASA for its lack of a concrete plan for its manned Mars mission, which could be halted by lack of funding or a space-unfriendly administration taking over in 2017. Private agencies and other countries also have their own Mars exploration plans.

Space February 5, 2016

Tiny Luxembourg Unveils Plan To Become Big Player In Space Mining Industry: European Nation To Mine Minerals From Asteroids

Luxembourg plans to join the space mining industry as it announced plans to mine asteroids. The European country aims to position itself as a hub for space explorations.

Space February 4, 2016

France, India To Jointly Explore Mars And Venus

The Indo-French partnership will proceed to space exploration in a bid to probe Mars and Venus. French space agency chief Jean-Yves Le Gall spilled the details in a recent interview.

Space February 1, 2016

Opportunity Rover Celebrates Stunning 12th Anniversary On Mars

The original expedition was expected to last for three months.

Space January 28, 2016

NASA Is Developing Humanoid Robots For Future Deep Space Missions

Robots, not humans, may be the first to reach deep space, if NASA has its way.

Space January 28, 2016

A Robot Built An Entire Launch Pad

A team of researchers has successfully used a robot to build an entire launch pad, something that could be very helpful in our push further into space.

FUTURE TECH January 22, 2016

2016 Will Be A Busy Year Of Launches, Landings: Space Missions To Watch This Year

This year is expected to have its share of spectacular milestones in spaceflight. Here is a rundown of space missions in 2016 involving NASA, ESA, private firms like SpaceX, and other key figures in space exploration.

Space January 13, 2016

ESA To Build 3D-Printed Moon Village For Astronauts By 2030

The European Space Agency unveiled its plan of establishing the first lunar base for human settlement on the moon. This plan can be a reality as construction of this lunar base could begin in five years.

Space January 7, 2016

ISRO's Reusable Launch Vehicle Set For 2016 Trial

India's reusable launch vehicle is set for a 2016 trial in April. The development of this vehicle will reduce the cost of access to space in the future.

Space January 2, 2016

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