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Solar-Powered Water Harvester Creates Drinkable Water Out Of Thin Air

Scientists developed a new device that can harvest water from thin air using energy gleaned from the sun. The water harvester could be useful particularly to people living in areas where water is scarce.

Earth/Environment June 12, 2018

Drinking Water Actually Comes In Two Forms: Ortho-Water And Para-Water

A team of scientists from Switzerland introduced the less-known forms of water: the ortho-water and para-water. The team became the first group to successfully differentiate the two H2O types from each other.

Feature | Science May 30, 2018

England At Risk Of Water Drought Due To Overuse, According To Study

The United Kingdom’s Environment Agency released a new study that England would face a potential water drought in 2050. The agency believes that climate change, population growth, and leakage could cause it.

Earth/Environment May 23, 2018

Woman Dies After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria During Vacation: How To Protect Yourself From Necrotizing Fasciitis

Carol Martin may have contracted flesh-eating bacteria from a hot tub during her vacation. Experts advise ways to avoid contracting necrotizing fasciitis particularly when using hot tubs and swimming pools.

Public Health May 12, 2018

Teenagers Consuming Sports Drinks Instead Of Water Are At Risk Of Health Problems Such As Diabetes, Study Suggests

A study was conducted to examine the amount of sports drinks that teenagers consume daily and its impact on their health. The researchers also said that those who have stopped drinking soda are still at risk for severe health problems.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 7, 2018

Teen Finalists On NASA Competition Want Clean Water In Public Schools

An all-girl team of 17-year-old students' submission to a NASA competition focused on providing clean water to public schools. Their invention is based on NASA technology created for previous missions.

Feature | Science May 4, 2018

Asteroid Impact Experiment Shows That Asteroids Could Have Brought Water To Earth

The origin of water is still a big mystery. A new experiment suggests that the Earth’s water could have come from asteroids that hit the planet during its early life.

Space April 26, 2018

Exoplanets Discovered In TRAPPIST-1 May Have 1,000 Times More Water Than Earth, But This May Be A Problem

Scientists have found that the exoplanets in the TRAPPIST-1 system may have water. Which sounds good, however, the problem is that they may have too much water to support life.

Space March 20, 2018

More Than 90 Percent Of Bottled Water Are Contaminated With Microplastic Particles

Analysis of more than 250 water bottles revealed that 93 percent of the samples are contaminated with tiny pieces of plastic particles. It is not yet clear how ingestion of microplastic can impact human health.

Public Health March 15, 2018

Ice Crystals In Diamonds Reveal There Is Liquid Water In Earth's Mantle

Analysis of diamonds that formed 610 to 800 kilometers below the Earth’s surface revealed ice crystals called ice VII. How do these prove there is liquid water in the Earth's mantle?

Earth/Environment March 9, 2018

NASA Finds Lots Of Water In Hot Saturn's Atmosphere: Can Exoplanet WASP-39b Host Life?

The exoplanet WASP-39b that circles a quiet sun-like star 700 light-years away has three times the amount of water in Saturn. Does the presence of water vapor in its atmosphere mean the planet can host life?

Space March 2, 2018

Minnesota Toddler Is Allergic To Water And Her Own Tears: Other Odd Allergies You May Not Know Exist

A toddler in Minnesota was diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria, a condition that makes her allergic to water. Here are other things that oddly cause allergic reactions to some people.

Feature | Health February 27, 2018

Astronomers Find Widespread Water On The Moon: Can This Sustain Future Lunar Habitat?

Lunar data show that water on the moon is widespread and appears to be present regardless of the time of day. Can this water help future moon explorers and lunar colonies?

Space February 25, 2018

How Much Water To Drink In A Day? The Answer Is Not As Simple As 8 Glasses

Staying hydrated is important, leading to questions on how much water people should drink each day. The popular answer is eight glasses, but the recommended amount of daily water intake is not as simple as that.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 8, 2018

Where Did All The Water On Mars Go? A New Study Claims To Have The Answer

Scientists believe that where was once water on Mars, with different theories on where it all went. A new study, however, claimed that the water that used to be on the surface of the planet is still there somewhere.

Space December 21, 2017

Death Planet: Astronomers Find Exoplanet Almost Made Up Of Carbon Monoxide And Has No Water

Data from the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes suggest that the hot Jupiter WASP-18b has an overabundance of carbon monoxide and little water vapor. The exoplanet may have formed different from other gas giants.

Space December 3, 2017

Liquid Oceans In Icy Bodies Expand Potential Worlds In The Solar System To Find Alien Life

Ice worlds beyond the orbit of Neptune known as Trans-Neptunian Objects may have liquid oceans beneath their icy surface, a NASA study suggested. If correct, this could impact our search for potentially habitable worlds in the Solar System.

Space December 3, 2017

Water Reservoir On The Moon? Lunar Interior Could Be Hiding Significant Amount Of Water

Data from NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument suggest that the moon may have a significant amount of water in its interior. A lunar water reservoir could make colonization of the moon much easier.

Space September 12, 2017

Moon Interior May Hold More Water Than Previously Thought

Satellite data suggest that the interior of the moon may hold substantial amounts of water. What are the implications of the findings on future moon missions and our understanding of the early history of Earth’s natural satellite?

Space July 25, 2017

Most Habitable Planets Likely To Be Dominated By Oceans

The exoplanets that are most likely to host alien life are worlds dominated by oceans. A statistical model suggests that 90 percent of the surface area of these planets is made up of water.

Space April 22, 2017

Solar-Powered Device That Sucks Moisture From Air Can Save Millions From Water-Related Diseases

Diarrhea and other water-related diseases affect people living in regions where water is scarce. These illnesses can be potentially averted using a new device that can harvest water even with low humidity.

Feature | Science April 14, 2017

New Solar-Powered Device Harvests Water From Desert Air

The new technology could help you survive in the desert by using sunlight to evaporate condensed water. The solar-powered water harvester is based on a series of porous crystals that collect the water into a reservoir.

Material Science April 14, 2017

Solar Wind, Radiation Stripped Away Most Of Mars Atmosphere: How This Transformed Red Planet's Climate And Habitability

New data from NASA's MAVEN spacecraft suggest solar wind and radiation were most responsible for loss of Martian atmosphere. How did thinning of the atmosphere transformed the Red Planet's climate and ability to support life?

Space April 2, 2017

Mars Lost Liquid Water From Escape Of Hydrogen Through Atmospheric Route, Says Study

A new study by researchers at the University of Colorado has attributed erosion of liquid water from the surface of Mars to accentuated escape rate of hydrogen from the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Space February 10, 2017

Earth's Water May Have Originated From Within The Planet's Mantle Not From Space

Computer simulations revealed Earth makes its own water deep in the mantle. The discovery could mean that water may have been formed within the planet and did not come from asteroids in space.

Earth/Environment January 30, 2017

Curiosity Rover Spots Potential Mud Cracks On Mars: Another Evidence Of Water On Red Planet?

NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars has found rock cross-hatched with ridges, which are considered mud cracks and potential evidence of water on the red planet.

Space January 18, 2017

New Study Raises Doubt About Liquid Water Flowing On Planet Mars

A new study raises doubt about the presence of liquid water flowing on Mars today. Experiments involving anhydrous salt suggest another possible origin of the water that RSL salts on the red planet contain.

Space December 20, 2016

Dwarf Planet Ceres Is Full Of Water: Biggest Asteroid In Solar System Was An Ocean World

Water on dwarf planet Ceres is frozen as ice, but the biggest asteroid in the solar system was once an ocean world. Early in its history, Ceres had water that churned and flowed, helping separate it into layers of rocks and ice.

Space December 16, 2016

Earth's Oldest Water Untouched For 2 Billion Years Holds Clue To Finding Alien Life On Mars

The world's oldest known water is discovered in Canada. At 2 billion years old, the ancient liquid hints of the possibility of alien life thriving underground on planet Mars.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

NASA Curiosity Rover Finds Evidence Of Past Environmental Changes Supporting Microbial Life Today On Mars

New data from NASA's Curiosity rover, which is currently studying Martian mountains, have indicated life-supporting chemical conditions in Mars millions of years ago. That is reinforced by the high presence of boron in the rocks as an index of evaporated water even on earth’s surface.

Space December 15, 2016

Dramatic Climate Cycles On Early Mars May Explain How Liquid Water Carved The Red Planet’s Surface

A new study proposed a different theory on how marks of liquid water on Mars came into existence and repudiated the asteroid impact. It suggests a frozen Mars had a long spell of dry weather impacted by a thick atmosphere greenhouse gasses that deglaciated it.

Space December 7, 2016

Drinking Plenty Of Fluid Could Be Harmful: Woman Hospitalized Due To Water Intoxication

A woman who drank plenty of water after developing symptoms of urinary tract infection suffered from water intoxication. What are the symptoms of this potentially deadly condition?

Public Health December 3, 2016

Water Should Be Boiling But Turns Solid Instead In Carbon Nanotubes

Inside the confines of carbon nanotubes, water behaves differently. According to researchers, this unusual behavior gives rise to unusual applications like ice-filled wires that are highly conductive.

Earth/Environment November 30, 2016

Florida Water Polluted: Giant Sinkhole Leaks Dirty Water Into State Aquifer

More than 200 million gallons of water contaminated by low-level radiation and pollutants has leaked into the main drinking aquifer in Florida, reports revealed. Residents are worried about the safety of the water.

Earth/Environment September 30, 2016

Geysers On Europa: NASA Finds More Evidence Of Water Plumes On Jupiter Moon

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found what appear as water vapor plumes from the icy surface of Jupiter moon Europa. How will astronomers confirm the existence of this water geyser?

Space September 27, 2016

Pluto Heart Suggests Dwarf Planet Has Underground Liquid Water Ocean

Pluto's heart-shaped region hints that a subsurface ocean exists on the dwarf planet. Simulations of an asteroid impact suggest this body of liquid water is at least 60 miles deep.

Space September 24, 2016

Cancer-Causing Chromium 6 Featured In 'Erin Brockovich' Movie In Tap Water Of More Than 200 Million Americans

Dangerous amount of chromium 6, a carcinogen that can also cause liver and reproductive problems, is present in the tap water used by millions of Americans. What states have the highest levels?

Public Health September 23, 2016

Britain Calls For Worldwide Ban Of Microbeads Used In Exfoliating Soaps And Other Cosmetic Products

Members of Britain's Parliament call for ban of plastic microbeads used in many cosmetic products such as toothpaste and soaps. Here's why these tiny beads pose threat to the environment and the food chain.

Earth/Environment August 24, 2016

US Drinking Water Sources Contaminated By Firefighting Chemicals That Cause Cancer, Hormonal Disruptions

Many public drinking water sources in the U.S. were found to have high levels of toxic chemicals known as PFASs. These are the places with particularly high concentration of these dangerous substances known to cause cancer, hormonal disruptions and obesity.

Public Health August 9, 2016

South Carolina Girl Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba Infection She Contracted While Swimming In River

A girl in South Carolina died after contracting brain-eating amoeba naegleria fowleri while swimming in Edisto River. Health experts said that infection rarely occurs and requires specific circumstances.

Public Health August 7, 2016

Astronomers Find Water Clouds Outside Solar System For The First Time

Astronomers found evidence that the brown dwarf WISE 0855 has atmospheric water vapor and clouds. The object has water absorbing features similar to what was observed in Jupiter's atmosphere.

Space July 9, 2016

There's More Water Beneath California Than What Scientists Expected

California has been struck by severe drought in recent years, and its scientists are turning to groundwater to meet the surface water the state needs. New research suggests that the state's Central Valley actually holds more water than what scientists estimated.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2016

Yellowstone Slaps Chinese Tourist With $1,000 Fine For Taking Water, Reminds Visitors Thermal Water Remains Off Limits

A Chinese national who visited Yellowstone National Park was fined for violating park rules. The visitor collected thermal water from the hot springs for medicinal purposes.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2016

Atmospheric Water On Exoplanets May Be Blocked By Clouds

Most hot Jupiters have been found to possess atmospheric water, but others appear to be without it. New research by NASA suggests that clouds or haze may play a role in this phenomenon.

Space June 10, 2016

A World With Little Water Supply Has Dire Economic Consequences: World Bank

A report by the World Bank warns that water shortage across the globe could have dire economic consequences. The report suggests methods to counter the phenomenon.

Earth/Environment May 24, 2016

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