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Apple's Leaked Safety Report Alludes To AR Glasses Prototype Or Other Similar Technology

An employee incident report compiled by a Safety contractor working for Apple has uncovered some Apple secret tech. One incident alludes to what looks like AR glasses prototype.

Apple April 21, 2017

Huawei Watch 2 With Android Wear 2.0 Hits US, Bundling Free Google Play Music Trial: Pricing, Options, And Availability

The Huawei Watch 2 has finally launched in the United States, going on sale for $300 and up. The smartwatch runs Android Wear 2.0 and bundles a free 10-week Google Play Music trial, so here's what you need to know about pricing, options, and availability.

Wearable Tech April 19, 2017

Heart Rate Monitor In Fitness Trackers May Not Always Be Accurate: Study

Your favorite wristband fitness tracker may not have a completely reliable heart rate monitor, a new study finds. However, although the monitor's readings are altered while you exercise, you can still use the tracker to keep in shape.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 12, 2017

ZTE Quartz Smartwatch Heading To T-Mobile: Android Wear 2.0, 3G Connectivity In Tow

ZTE has finally unveiled Quartz, its first Android Watch. The smartwatch will launch exclusively on T-Mobile on April 14.

Wearable Tech April 11, 2017

Pebble Final Update Will Keep It Ticking After Cloud Services Shuts Down

Pebble is releasing its final update for the watch as it ushers into the Fitbit era. Pebble owners can still enjoy the watch even after the cloud server shuts down.

Wearable Tech April 6, 2017

Fitbit Alta HR Review Roundup: Fit Enough For Function And Fashion

Fitbit released on March its latest fitness wristband, the Fitbit Alta HR. It claims to track heart rate, but is it performing enough to capture the hearts of reviewers?

Wearable Tech March 28, 2017

Smart Condom Tracks Performance, Warns Against STIs: Another Privacy Threat On Hand?

The world's first smart condom that can record intercourse variables and possibly detect STIs is set to be released some time in 2017. Is there a potential privacy threat to this bedroom wearable?

Biotech March 3, 2017

You Can Now Buy Snapchat Spectacles Online: How To Order, Price, Colors, And Delivery Details

No need to look for Snapbots! Snap’s video-recording glasses Spectacles are now available online. Here’s how you can get a pair of the wearable technology.

Wearable Tech February 21, 2017

LOOK: This Graphene Dress Lights Up Based On Breathing Pattern

The world's first graphene dress is unveiled in Manchester. The little black dress that lights up based on breathing pattern gives a whole new meaning to wearable technology.

Life & Style February 5, 2017

Bad With Social Cues? MIT Researchers Built A Wearable For You

MIT researchers are developing a wearable AI system that can function as a social coach to aid socially challenged individuals figure out social cues with ease.

Life & Style February 3, 2017

Fitbit Confirms Workforce Reduction, To Lay Off 110 Employees

Fitbit confirmed its rumored plans of laying off 110 people from the company. The disappointing Q4 2016 results are being cited as the reason for the reduction in workforce.

Business Tech January 31, 2017

Wearable Smartphone Baby Monitors May Cause More Harm Than Good, Pediatricians Warn

Pediatricians warned parents about the dangers of using wearable smartphone baby monitors. How can these devices that supposedly track vitals such as oxygen levels harm babies?

Public Health January 25, 2017

Fitbit App Store Confirmed For This Year: Is A Fitbit Smartwatch In Tow?

In an interview at CES 2017, Fitbit CEO John Park said the company plans to launch its own app store 'as soon as possible.' Does this mean a real Fitbit smartwatch is in tow as well? Most likely.

Wearable Tech January 7, 2017

Samsung Gear S2 And S3 Finally Work With The iPhone

Samsung plans to provide support for Gear smartwatches on the iOS platform soon. The app will allow the Samsung Gear S2, Gear Fit 2, and Gear S3 to sync with the iPhone.

Wearable Tech January 7, 2017

LG Tone Studio Is The Speaker You Can Wear Around Your Neck

LG has announced the Tone Studio, a Bluetooth-enabled, surround-sound capable speakers housed on a neckband. This, along with the company’s wearable lineup, will be showcased at CES come January 2017.

Wearable Tech December 29, 2016

Star Wars Wearable Tech: 4 Coolest Real-Life Wearables Inspired By A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The popularity of wearables has risen in the past years. But these awesome Star Wars-themed gadgets are simply out of this galaxy.

Wearable Tech December 18, 2016

Huawei Watch Gets Pulled From Google Store: Android Wear Options Waning

Google has pulled the Huawei Watch from its online store, leaving merely five smartwatches on the company’s online store able to run the operating system. Does this represent a bigger, more general problem for smartwatches?

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Google Expands Daydream VR Games And Apps: 'Gunjack 2: End Of Shift,' 'Need For Speed VR,' HBO Now And More

More apps are headed for Google’s virtual reality platform, Daydream VR. 'Gunjack 2: End of Shift,' 'Need for Speed,' and 'Wands' are just some of the mobile VR experiences added in Daydream’s expanding roster of applications.

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Pebble Is No More: Here Are Some Smartwatch Alternatives To Consider Instead

Now that Fitbit has bought Pebble, highly acclaimed Pebble smartwatches will no longer crowd the flimsy smartwatch market. Here are a few worthy smartwatch alternatives in light of Pebble’s eventual pullout.

Wearable Tech December 7, 2016

Motorola Steps Back From Wearables For Now: Don't Hold Your Breath For A Moto 360 Successor

Motorola has pushed away plans for a new wearable product indefinitely, the company confirmed during a press event. There will be no successor to the Moto 360 for the time being, but things could still change for Motorola.

Wearable Tech December 1, 2016

Researchers Develop Low-Cost, Wearable ‘Lab On The Skin’ To Analyze Sweat For Health Monitoring

Sweat contains a number of chemicals that can give clues about the body’s physiological state. Researchers developed a 'lab on the skin' device that analyzes sweat for health monitoring.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 25, 2016

Matrix PowerWatch Uses Your Body Heat To Run: No Charging Required

Matrix Industries is currently in the process of crowdfunding the first smartwatch you can charge with your body heat. Employing thermoelectric technologies, the Matrix PowerWatch can convert your body heat to power.

Wearable Tech November 15, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Gets Official Teardown Treatment: Here's What The Innards Of The Upcoming Wearable Look Like

Samsung has uploaded an exhaustive teardown of its upcoming Tizen-based smartwatch. The Samsung Gear S3 hits shelves Nov. 18 with a retail price of $349 for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth model.

Wearable Tech November 15, 2016

Smartwatch Prototype WristWhirl Lets You Control Your Wrist Like A Joystick

Researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of Manitoba bring to light the WristWhirl smartwatch prototype. The WristWhirl offers a unique alternative for one-handed smartwatch operations by using the wrist like a joystick.

Wearable Tech October 15, 2016

Pebble 2 Review Roundup: Good Battery And Affordable Price, But Don't Expect Too Much

The first Pebble 2 reviews are in, so let's see what critics think about this affordable gadget that tries to combine smartwatch and fitness tracking functionality without compromising battery life.

Wearable Tech October 5, 2016

Microsoft Band Wearables, No More: Fitness Device Pulled From Microsoft Store, No Microsoft Band 3 In Tow

Microsoft has apparently given up on fitness trackers, at least for now. The company is no longer selling the Band 2 via the Microsoft Store nor does it plan to release a Band 3 this year.

Wearable Tech October 3, 2016

Health Insurance Company Aetna Subsidizes Apple Watch To Boost Health And Wellness Of Employees

Aetna, the U.S. health insurer covering 23 million people, will soon start subsidizing the Apple Watch to promote health and wellness. The company will also offer free Apple Watches to all 50,000 of its employees.

Gadgets September 28, 2016

Apple Watch Rules The Smartwatch Market: The Apple Watch 2 Should Only Bolster Leading Position: Kantar

New data from Kantar Worldpanel reveals that Apple dominates the smartwatch market, leading sales in the U.S. and the four biggest markets in Europe. With the new Apple Watch Series 2 now boasting even better specs and features, Apple should see further growth.

Wearable Tech September 23, 2016

Fitbit Charge 2 And Flex 2 Unleashed: Specs, Pricing And Everything You Need To Know About These Fitness Trackers

Fitbit launched two new wearables to replace its most popular trackers, introducing the heart-rate-tracking Charge 2 and the fully waterproof Flex 2. Both gadgets are now available for preorder, so here's what they have to offer.

Wearable Tech August 30, 2016

Judge Rules Fitbit Did Not Steal Jawbone Trade Secrets: Fitbit Pleased, Jawbone Pushes For Review

A judge for the United States International Trade Commission has ruled that Fitbit did not steal trade secrets from Jawbone. Despite the claim, the rival fitness tracker companies will continue their legal battle.

Business Tech August 24, 2016

Apple Bets More On Health Technology With Gliimpse Startup Acquisition: Health-Focused Wearable En Route?

Apple acquired health and wellness-focused startup Gliimpse earlier this year, but the deal has only just now come to light. This bolsters claims of a new health-focused wearable product category from Apple, but it remains to be seen what will come of it.

Apple August 22, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Unveiling: 'Timely Innovation' Officially Set For This Month, Ahead Of IFA 2016

Samsung has officially confirmed the Gear S3 unveiling date, and it's just a fortnight away. Mark your calendars for some 'timely innovation' on Aug. 31, when the Gear S3 will debut in Berlin ahead of IFA 2016.

Wearable Tech August 16, 2016

Intel's Peak May Be Too Hot To Handle, But Wearable Technology Market Should Surge To $170.91 Billion By 2025

A survey from The Insight Partners showed that the wearable technology market is about to bloom to more than $170 billion by 2025. A few elements will contribute to the appeal of wearable gadgets, despite existing drawbacks.

Wearable Tech August 4, 2016

Nintendo Explains Pokémon GO Plus Delay: Production Issues Not To Blame

Nintendo confirmed last week that it pushed back the Pokémon GO Plus release to September instead of July, but it offered no reason for the delay so far. The company is now clearing the air, explaining why it decided to push back the launch.

Gadgets August 1, 2016

Sorry, 'Pokémon GO' Plus Accessory Will Not Launch This Month: Nintendo Confirms Delay

If you're eagerly waiting for the 'Pokémon GO' Plus accessory to launch this month, you may not like this news. Nintendo has confirmed the device is facing delays and the promised July release is off the table.

Gadgets July 27, 2016

3 Ways Your Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker Make You Vulnerable To Hacking

As one study reports, your smartwatch and fitness tracker can easily give away your ATM PIN based on your hand movements. Wearable technology has become so commonplace these days that the potential for hacking is just too obvious.

Wearable Tech July 8, 2016

Nexus Smartwatches On The Way? Google Said To Be Working On Its Own Android Wear Devices

Google is said to be working on two Android Wear smartwatches. Codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish, the devices could possibly carry the company's Nexus brand.

Wearable Tech July 7, 2016

This Ultra-Thin Solar Cell Is So Flexible It Can Wrap Around A Pencil

An ultra-thin solar photovoltaic cell developed by scientists in South Korea is so flexible it can wrap around virtually any surface. What are its potential applications?

Energy June 23, 2016

Wearables Shipments Poised To Hit 213.6M Worldwide By 2020

The wearables market is forecasted to reach 213.6 million units in shipment by 2020, achieving about 20 percent growth, according to a new report from IDC. Smartwatches are predicted to be the winner.

Wearable Tech June 16, 2016

Lenovo Shows Off A Pair Of Smart Shoes: Here's What They Can Do

Lenovo took the veils off the pair of its intelligent running shoes. Here is a rundown of what these smart shoes have to offer to wearers.

Wearable Tech June 11, 2016

Fast, 'Stretchy Circuits' May Redefine Internet Of Things: Wearable Tech For Your Skin Coming Soon?

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have devised a wearable that is stretchable, quick and has integrated circuits. The technology can potentially enable wearables to become wireless.

Wearable Tech May 30, 2016

In The Age Of IoT, There's A Smart Tampon That Tells You When It's Time To Change

my.Flow is a Bluetooth sensor connected to a traditional tampon to notify a user when it's time to change. Is this smart tampon the menstruation tracking device we need, or do we need one at all?

Healthy Living/Wellness May 18, 2016

Wearable Keyboard Tap Strap Does Away With Touching Your Mobile Device When Typing

Will the Tap Strap be a game changer or another failed attempt to mainstream gesture control devices?

Wearable Tech May 12, 2016

Halo Neuroscience Wearable Promises To Actively Influence Physical Activities: Can Neurostimulation Turn You To A Superhuman?

Halo Neuroscience is developing the Halo Sport, a wearable that can help out athletes with their training. The device can place wearers into a state of hyperplasticity, where athletes can benefit from increased strength and skill acquisition.

Wearable Tech May 10, 2016

OSU Researchers Are Learning How To Stitch Better Cell Reception Into Your Clothes

With continuous development, these circuits could eventually evolve into technology that allows people to monitor everything from fitness level to tissue healing — all through the clothes they're wearing.

Wearable Tech May 2, 2016

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