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Xbox One, Windows 10 Getting Game Chat Transcription Feature

Microsoft has launched a new feature for gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10. The new feature allows players to convert text into speech and speech into text to have a better gaming experience.

Video Games March 16, 2017

Microsoft Tests Playable Ads: Lets You Try Out An App For 3 Minutes, No Downloading Required

Microsoft has launched a preview version of Playable Ads, its own version of Android’s Instant Apps which lets users try out three-minute previews of Windows Store apps. Microsoft believes that Playable Ads have a number of advantages over traditional ads.

Apps/Software March 13, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update To Go Live On April 11

Latest rumors suggest that Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update may go live on April 11. The update is expected to bring support for users to create 3D shapes in paint, as well as an enhanced Edge browser.

Microsoft March 10, 2017

Microsoft OneDrive Ads Are Showing Up On Windows 10’s File Explorer And Users Aren’t Happy

Users are growing upset about reported sightings of Microsoft’s self-promotion for its cloud service OneDrive on Windows 10’s File Explorer. The new ad follows a similar string of placements in the past.

Apps/Software March 10, 2017

Microsoft Claims Future Windows 10 Updates Will Need Up To 65 Percent Less Space

Microsoft revealed that future updates to the Windows 10 operating system will need up to 65 percent less space. However, this benefit will only be experienced by participants of the Windows Insider program.

Microsoft March 6, 2017

Windows Phones Set To Vanish By 2021, Forecasts IDC

Windows Phone could soon be wiped out of the market, predicts IDC. The market share is going to fall to 0.0 percent by 2021 per the estimations by IDC.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 6, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update Finally Gives Users More Control Over Privacy Settings

Microsoft is trying to make up for previous customer discontent. Windows 10 users will have more control over privacy features in the Creators Update.

Microsoft March 3, 2017

Microsoft Creators Update Brings New 'Snooze' Feature, Kills Forced Reboots Due To Windows Updates

Microsoft’s Creators Update will bring with an array of new features, including the ability to reschedule security updates if necessary. Users will be able to kill forced reboots that occurred due to Windows updates.

Microsoft March 3, 2017

Chromebooks, Watch Out! $199 Lenovo Miix 320 2-in-1 Debuts At MWC 2017

Lenovo has unveiled a new Miix 320 2-in-1 at the MWC 2017 and it might well give Chromebooks a run for their money. The Lenovo 320 brings the full Windows 10 experience on a budget, starting at just $199.99.

Computers February 27, 2017

100 Percent IE And Microsoft Edge Vulnerabilities Can Be Mitigated By Removing Admin Rights, Says Study

All security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can be prevented if the admin rights are removed per a new report. Removing admin rights results in 94 percent lesser vulnerability in Windows 10 as well.

Security February 27, 2017

Unable To Install Windows 10 Build 15042? Here's How Even If Your PC Is Unresponsive

Microsoft pushed out the Windows 10 preview build 15042 on Feb. 25. However, many users reported that the update could not be installed, prompting the company to share a workaround.

Apps/Software February 26, 2017

Dead Rising 4 Coming To Steam, Capcom Announces

The popular zombie game 'Dead Rising 4' is coming to PC players via the Steam store. The game will be available on March 14.

Video Games February 24, 2017

EU Watchdogs Still Concerned For Windows 10 User Privacy After Changes By Microsoft In Creators Update

Despite the changes that Microsoft will implement in the upcoming Creators Update, authorities in the European Union are still concerned for the data privacy of Windows 10 users. Apparently, the additional measures are not enough.

Microsoft February 21, 2017

Sony Removes PlayStation Now Support For Vita, PS3, And More Devices To Focus On PC, PS4

If you’re subscribed to PlayStation Now and you don’t have either a PS4 or a PC, Sony has bad news for you. The game streaming service is ending for other devices by August 15 and on some platforms even earlier.

Video Games February 16, 2017

Alcatel Idol 4S: Windows 10 Mobile Variant Now Reduced To $288 On T-Mobile

The Windows variant of the Alcatel Idol 4S is now available for purchase at a lower price of $288. The smartphone can be bought from U.S. carrier T-Mobile's online store.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 13, 2017

Windows 10 Cloud Is 'Ransomware,' Says Epic CEO Tim Sweeney

Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney is ruffling feathers on Twitter and has targeted Microsoft yet again. This time, he has slammed Microsoft's impending Windows 10 Cloud and called it 'ransomware.'

Microsoft February 9, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update To Come With Picture-In-Picture Mode

Microsoft has just released Windows 10 Build 15031, which introduces a picture-in-picture mode called Compact Overlay. The new feature is part of the Creators Update out in April.

Apps/Software February 9, 2017

Windows 10 Cloud: Early Build Of Microsoft’s Answer To Chrome OS Leaks

Screenshots of Windows Cloud, apparently Microsoft’s own version of a Chrome OS-like platform, have been leaked. There’s no word, however, on when the company plans to release the lightweight OS.

Apps/Software February 4, 2017

Fallout Shelter Comes To Xbox One, Windows 10: How Is It Different From The Mobile Version?

Mobile game 'Fallout Shelter' has retained its popularity among iOS and Android users since it was released in 2015. The Vault management simulator is now coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Video Games February 4, 2017

Here's How Microsoft Plans To Demolish Mac, Rivals

In an event, Microsoft outlined a strategy that will give next-generation Windows computers edge over the competition. This involves three criteria that aims to foster hardware innovation and differentiated user experience.

Microsoft February 3, 2017

5 Ways Microsoft Is Enhancing Windows 10 Creators Update: Cortana, 3D, VR And More

Microsoft is bulking up the Windows 10 with powerful and amazing applications in order to get ahead of the competition. Find out the biggest improvements for the new OS

Apps/Software January 29, 2017

Windows 10 Game Mode Is Now Live On Insider Build

The Windows 10 Game Mode has gone live in the latest Insider Build. Microsoft promises an enhanced gaming experience for its users who can now test out the Game Mode.

Apps/Software January 28, 2017

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Build 15019, But It Comes With Bugs Aplenty

Microsoft has just released the newest Windows 10 build, carrying the number 15019, via Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program. The build, however, contains a number of issues, especially ones that might heavily affect games.

Apps/Software January 28, 2017

Microsoft Will Continue To Spend Over $1 Billion Per Year On Cybersecurity To Keep Users Safe

Microsoft will continue to invest more than $1 billion per year on cybersecurity research and development. The figure was revealed by the company's VP of security Bharat Shah, adding that spending is necessary as more users move to the cloud.

Microsoft January 27, 2017

Microsoft Provides More Details On Windows 10 Game Mode: FPS Increase By Up To 5 Percent, More Features On The Way

Microsoft has not fully explained the Windows 10 Game Mode, but more information has been released to give a clearer picture on what gamers can expect. For example, testing has resulted in frame rate improvements of up to 5 percent.

Microsoft January 26, 2017

Dell Launches Education Laptops With Either Windows 10 Or Chrome On Board: Pricing And Availability

Dell has launched a new line of Latitude and Chromebook education laptops, offering a choice of either Windows 10 or Chrome. Here's all you need to know about the new devices, their prices and availability.

Computers January 25, 2017

Microsoft Offering Surface Pro 4 Without Surface Pen

Microsoft has reintroduced a lower priced version of Surface Pro 4. According to this offer, the Surface Pen has been ousted from the package which automatically lets the price-conscious buyer save $100.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 24, 2017

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Its First Creators Update: Copilot Controller Mode, Home Improvements, And More

Creators Update has now landed on the Xbox One. The first wave of changes already introduce exciting features to the user interface as well as new elements that allow a more optimized and people-focused gaming experience.

Microsoft January 23, 2017

Original Windows 10 Version 1507 Reaching End Of Support This March: What This Means And What To Do

Microsoft has officially announced that the original Windows 10 version 1507 will reach the end of support on March 26, 2017. What does this mean?

Microsoft January 23, 2017

Windows 10 Bombards Chrome Users With Spam: Microsoft Shopping Assistant Keeps Popping Up

Windows 10 users have expressed their displeasure over Microsoft's latest aggressive marketing for its Shopping Assistant extension on Google Chrome.

Microsoft January 22, 2017

Minecraft Pocket Edition For Windows Mobile Devices Will Not Receive Any Updates, Here's Why

Microsoft will reportedly withdraw support for 'Minecraft Pocket Edition' from Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. The company will allegedly do so due to lack of sufficient active players.

Video Games January 19, 2017

Microsoft Says Windows 7 Is 'Outdated' And Unsafe, Promotes Successor Windows 10

In a latest statement, Microsoft is reminding users that time is running out for Windows 7. The company maintains that it is not only outdated, but it will no longer get security support beyond 2020.

Microsoft January 18, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update May Bring Baked-In Ebook Store

Microsoft has apparently started testing a new ebook store for Windows 10, which would allow users to buy ebooks and read them in Microsoft Edge. The prospect is intriguing, but it remains to be seen whether it will actually reach the public.

Microsoft January 18, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 VR Headsets Get A March Shipping Date

Microsoft executive Vlad Kolesnikov confirmed that Windows Holographic VR headsets will be available in March. The devices, however, will only ship to developers, who will be using the devices to write and test VR applications.

Microsoft January 18, 2017

Alcatel Idol 4S: Windows 10 Mobile Variant Now Available From Microsoft Store, VR Headset In Tow

Microsoft has listed the Alcatel Idol 4S’ unlocked version on its official website. The smartphone that comes with a VR Headset is priced at $470.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 17, 2017

Microsoft Working With Fitbit, Garmin And More To Bring Improved Bluetooth Support For Windows 10

Windows has shared details of a tie up with wearable device manufacturers like Fitbit and Garmin, to improve Bluetooth connectivity support. This collaboration will aim to implement several new features in its Bluetooth services for Windows 10.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 16, 2017

Windows 10 Game Mode Will Boost Gaming Experience, Says Microsoft

Microsoft’s Creators Update will bring a new Game Mode that will optimize the performance of the Windows 10 PC. This mode will maximize the gaming performance of the PC.

Microsoft January 15, 2017

Microsoft To Undercut Licensing Cost For 2017 Windows 10 Notebooks: Report

Microsoft is looking to reduce its Windows 10 licensing cost for low-end notebooks that are smaller than 14.1 inches. The new fees will take effect by March 1.

Computers January 14, 2017

Microsoft Confirms Themes 'Coming Soon' For Windows 10, Both Free And Paid

Microsoft Officially declare themes are slated to go live on the Windows store. The feature would be available in the Creators Update for the 15007 build, due to release in April 2017.

Microsoft January 13, 2017

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15007: Cortana, Edge Improvements In Tow

Microsoft has now released the latest Windows 10 preview build for those enrolled in its Windows Insider program. Build 15007 contains improvements to Edge, Cortana, and a lot more changes.

Apps/Software January 13, 2017

Microsoft January Patch: One Of The Smallest Ever Monthly Patch

Microsoft released one of its smallest monthly software update which has four security bulletins and three patches. Windows 10 users will be able receive the patches through an easy installation process unlike Windows 8.1 users.

Apps/Software January 11, 2017

Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update To Come With Privacy Control Changes To Address Criticism

Moving to address criticisms regarding the perceived abuse in usage data collection, Microsoft announced that its upcoming Creators Update will have more options that will let users take control of their privacy.

Microsoft January 11, 2017

Microsoft's Windows 10 Preview Build 15002 Launches: Creators Update Features Edge Improvements, Lower Blue Light Option, And More

The Windows 10 Creators Update is nearing its release, with a planned rollout schedule in April. Releasing ahead of it, however, is the preview build 15002, which shows just how filled to the brim the forthcoming update will be.

Apps/Software January 9, 2017

CES 2017: Dell's Canvas 27 Gives Your Windows 10 PC The Microsoft Surface Studio Treatment

Dell's long rumored Surface Studio-like device has been unveiled at CES 2017. It offers key differences that could appeal to more users, particularly its competitive price point.

Computers January 5, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update To Be Rolled Out In April: What Does Microsoft Have In Store For Users?

According to an exclusive MSPoweruser report, Microsoft will be launching the Creators Update for Windows 10 in April. What are the new features and improvements that are said to be coming with the update?

Microsoft January 3, 2017

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