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PES 2015 set for Winter 2014 roll out on Xbox One, PS4

The PES 2015 from Konami will soon be available to PS4 and Xbox One users. The new game franchise is scheduled to have its release around winter 2014.

Video Games July 9, 2014

Lindsay Lohan thinks Rockstar's hit title GTA V is based on her life. Do you?

Washed up actress Lindsay Lohan has set her sights on Rockstar, the creators of GTA V. The actress and her lawyers claim a character in the game was created in the image of Lohan.

Video Games July 7, 2014

Valiant Hearts game feedback: Stirring, beautiful are reviewers' take

Bringing nothing new in terms of gameplay mechanics, Valiant Heart: The Great War touches the hearts of reviews through art and storytelling. The puzzler-platformer receives generally warm reviews from the gaming world.

Video Games July 3, 2014

New D&D launches today with free online rulebook

Wizards of the Coast released Basic Rules today, to kickoff the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Video Games July 4, 2014

Lindsay Lohan no fan of 'Grand Theft Auto V,' sues game maker for misuse of likeness

'Mean Girls' star alleges 'Grand Theft Auto V' features her likeness and scenes from her life without permission. After rumors of the pending lawsuit surfaced in late 2013, Lohan filed suit on July 2.

Video Games July 2, 2014

WWE 2K15 will feature John Cena on cover

WWE Champion John Cena will be the latest cover of the 2k15 Video Game by Yukes and Visual Concepts. Cena is popular fixture in media so he’s expected draw more attention this year.

Video Games July 3, 2014

Bigger is apparently better, at least with TVs as super-size screen sales take off

Sales of television screens 65-inches and up are soaringj, up 50 percent in the past year while overall TV sales have dipped. Hardcore TV watchers and video gamers are finding affordable prices and are in a buying mood.

Video Games July 2, 2014

Xbox One to cost $800 when it launches in China: A blow to Xbox One success in the country?

Microsoft needs all the help it can get to turn tide against the Sony PlayStation 4. However, selling the Xbox One for $800 in China where there are over 500 million gamers, might not be the best idea.

Video Games July 2, 2014

Xbox One vs. PS4: Which game console is more popular in which U.S. state? Facebook to the rescue!

The Xbox One is the most popular next generation video game console in the United States, but only on social media. PlayStation 4 takes second place, while the Wii U is nowhere to be found.

Video Games June 24, 2014

Video gamers duke it out as Major League Gaming Championships get underway in Anaheim, California

The next big thing in athleticism is eSports, as it is gaining strong momentum year over year. The next Major League Championship is taking place in California beginning Friday to Sunday.

Video Games June 23, 2014

Steam Summer Sale is on: Which games will you buy?

Gamers rejoice! Steam's entire catalog enjoys discounts for its Summer Sale. Get your wallets ready. If want to know how to find the best deals, read on.

Video Games June 22, 2014

UK court finds Nintendo Wii infringing on Philips hand gestures, motion patents

Patent woes: Nintendo Wii has infringed on hand gesture and motion tracking system patents filed by Philips. This is bad timing as the Nintendo Wii U gets a bump in sales.

Video Games June 22, 2014

Nintendo 64 games will make jump to Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo announced that Nintendo 64 games will soon be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. The online gaming platform only previously showcased titles from the NES and SNES consoles.

Video Games June 22, 2014

Valve's Steam Summer sale is on: Best-selling games at bargain prices

Wallets, beware. PC and Mac owners can get popular video games at deep discounts from the Steam Store for the next 10 days.

Video Games June 19, 2014

Lego snaps together a virtual tablet, smartphone app connection

Lego is bridging the virtual world and the physical one with a new app game. It should continue to move the brand into new territory as it banks on the success of its recent film.

Video Games June 19, 2014

OnLive, Wikipad team up on gaming strategy

Wikipad gets a lift from OnLive revamped service. OnLive's CloudLift enables Wikipad 7 to stream blockbuster games over the cloud.

Video Games June 19, 2014

Gamers hack 'Watch Dogs' to restore higher graphics fidelity and character abilities

The 'Watch Dogs' shown at E3 2012 isn't the same game players are enjoying at home. Modders have found the features that are missing and added them back in.

Video Games June 17, 2014

Sony PS4 leading the gaming resurgence wave

Sony beat out rival Microsoft for top gaming platform in May, for the fifth straight month. It also shows that gaming appears to be getting new traction in the market.

Video Games June 17, 2014

Wii U is No.2 in console war, says Nintendo of America boss. Surprised?

Nintendo's Wii U has outsold the Xbox One to date. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime believes that trend will continue thanks to the console's strong upcoming titles.

Video Games June 18, 2014

PS4 outsells Xbox One in May. Fifth month in a row. Weep, Microsoft, weep

Sony’s PS4 has taken the lead in the sales of video game consoles for the past five months, surpassing Microsoft’s Xbox One. Come holiday season, will it retain its lead?

Video Games June 17, 2014

Consumers spend $586 million on video game hardware, software in May: Report

The NPD Group reported that new video game hardware sales amounted to $187 million while new physical software sales amounted to $274 million. The report also said that the PlayStation 4 beat the Xbox One in sales for the fifth straight month.

Video Games June 18, 2014

Virtual Reality: Is it hype or is it really reality?

The state of virtual reality seems to be gaining some more steam. The media push for the sector has garnered much attention, but is VR here to stay?

Video Games June 16, 2014

Destiny may help rewrite Bungie's destiny: E3 2014 trailer shows why

Destiny made its second debut at E3 2014, and what Bungie showed is a game that could turn out to be the best first person shooter of 2014.

Video Games June 18, 2014

Aaron Paul Xbox One is very creepy: It turns on consoles without user permission

Breaking Bad star is causing all sorts of problems for Xbox One users in Microsoft's new advertisement after he said the iconic words, "Xbox On."

Video Games June 18, 2014

Ubisoft leaves out female characters in 'Assassin's Creed: Unity' because they spell trouble

Ubisoft is under fire after refusing to add a female lead character in the new 'Assassin's Creed: Unity' video game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Video Games June 16, 2014

As games become more realistic, their depiction of violence goes more extreme

An Ohio State professor says that violence and gore are on the rise in video games, and E3 2014 is the proof. Developers counter the violence advances the story and helps illustrate the horrors of war.

Video Games June 17, 2014

Aaron Paul's Xbox One ad takes control of users' consoles

Some Xbox One owners are surprised to find a new commercial interacting with their consoles.

Video Games June 17, 2014

DICE may grant 'Battlefield' early access, involve gaming community in development

DICE may grant early access for future Battlefield games. To ensure a stable launch, DICE also hints at involving the gaming community for the development of the games.

Video Games June 17, 2014

Aaron Paul TV ad turns on Xbox One consoles without users' permission: Not cool at all!

A new Xbox One commercial features Aaron Paul using voice commands to turn on an Xbox. While the commercial plays, some users are seeing their own Xbox consoles turn on as well. That's creepy.

Video Games June 14, 2014

E3 2014: After all the noise and hype, who scored the biggest points?

E3 2014 has come and gone. Which company scored tops with gamers?

Video Games June 13, 2014

Oculus gaming foray getting fave reviews, it's been a 'Lucky Tale'

Oculus's surprise entrance into third-party VR gaming has received positive reviews. The game, 'Lucky's Tale,' has done surprisingly well despite its odd change from traditional first-person VR.

Video Games June 13, 2014

Sony's PlayStation TV strategy is no game as it eyes home entertainment expansion

Sony is to launch its PlayStation TV and its Internet TV service in the United States. The company believes in its strategy as a winning development.

Video Games June 12, 2014

E3 2014: Microsoft press conference was filled with games, though it felt underwhelming

Microsoft came out with all intentions to take E3 2014, but the plethora of CGI trailers shown was the main distraction from what could have been a splendid showing.

Video Games June 15, 2014

E3 2014: Nintendo's digital press conference was short, sweet, fun and Zelda

Best press conference goes to Nintendo's pre-recorded, and it was very different and better than what Microsoft and Sony delivered. We wish the competition will take a page out of Nintendo's book.

Video Games June 13, 2014

Nintendo unveils 'Code Name: Steam' for 3DS at E3 2014

'Code Name: Steam' is a turn-based strategy game set in a 19th-century steampunk-inspired London. The developers of 'Code Name: Steam' aim to make the game less intimidating to cater to a wider audience.

Video Games June 14, 2014

Sony shows off The Assembly: The first VR title for Project Morpheus

Sony's Project Morpheus is getting a huge boost to stardom with the first game designed for VR from the ground up. Please welcome to the party, The Assembly.

Video Games June 14, 2014

E3 2014: Sony press conference was solid...almost

Sony did a fairly good job with its E3 press conference, though the presenters and the boring TV robbed the company from having an amazing E3.

Video Games June 14, 2014

How Tim Schafer plans to resurrect Grim Fandango

With a little help from his friends and fans, Tim Schafer is bringing an MIA classic back to life.

Video Games June 12, 2014

Nathan Drake leaves retirement to hunt pirate treasure in 'Uncharted 4'

What's got Nathan Drake back in action for Uncharted 4? Family members in danger, most likely.

Video Games June 12, 2014

E3 2014 Spotlight: 'Grim Fandango' gets a revival in gaming

'Grim Fandango' is coming back. Sony and Double Fine have reported that the new game will be available on Sony PlayStation and Vita platforms.

Video Games June 11, 2014

Can Amiibo toys make Nintendo matter again?

Nintendo has a new strategy for winning back players from Sony and Microsoft: Skylanders-like figures that transport into games.

Video Games June 14, 2014

E3 2014: Pac-Man joins 'Super Smash Bros.' crew for Wii U, 3DS

Nintendo's E3 announcement reveals that Pac-Man will join as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The character will be able to throw fruits and eat pellets.

Video Games June 14, 2014

Welcome Nintendo's Amiibo figurines to Wii U world

Nintendo's Amiibo figurines is the company's entry into the "toys to life" category. The first game that will be compatible with the Amiibo is the highly-anticipated Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U.

Video Games June 13, 2014

Doom 4 trailer teased at E3 2014: Expect full reveal at QuakeCon 2014

Bethesda released a teaser trailer for Doom 4 promising more information at this year's QuakeCon. An upcoming beta for the game was also announced.

Video Games June 13, 2014

E3: Games, games and more games from top names in gaming

E3, the annual trade show for computer and video games, opened in Los Angeles. The first three days have been one of game announcements.

Video Games June 11, 2014

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