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'Call Of Duty' Swatting Prank Leads To Death Of Innocent Kansas Man

A local Kansas man has been killed by the police after two kids' dispute over a "Call of Duty" game took an unexpected turn.

Video Games December 30, 2017

Nintendo Switch Sales Target Of 20 Million Units Next Year Looks Possible After Breaking PlayStation 2 Record In Japan

The Nintendo Switch has broken the long-standing sales record held by the PlayStation 2 in Japan. The achievement gives the hybrid console an additional momentum boost, as Nintendo expects to sell 20 million units in fiscal year 2018.

Video Games December 30, 2017

Bloodborne Hackers Datamine Game To Find Hidden Unused Bosses

'Bloodborne' hackers used datamining to dig through the game's files to find hidden bosses. New dungeons were found containing bosses that weren't used in the game.

Video Games January 3, 2018

Diablo III's The Darkening Of Tristram Will Return To Kick Off 2018

Blizzard will relaunch The Darkening of Tristram in 'Diablo III' to kick off 2018. Players will again be able to explore a recreation of the cathedral from the original 'Diablo' as a 16-level dungeon, complete with a 'RetroVision' filter.

Video Games December 29, 2017

Destiny 2 Gods of Mars DLC Info Leaks, Introduces New Enemy Faction

'Destiny 2' just received a new DLC at the beginning of the month but details about the next DLC have started to leak. This time players will be introduced to a new enemy faction and more.

Video Games December 30, 2017

PlayStation 4 Sales To Reach 100 Million In 2019 And PlayStation 5 Release Date In 2021, Analyst Predicts

IDC research director for gaming and VR/AR Lewis Ward predicted that PlayStation 4 sales will reach 100 million units by 2019. He also believes that its successor, the PlayStation 5, will be released in 2021.

Video Games December 31, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For January 2018: Explosive Start For The Year With 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' And Telltale's 'Batman'

'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' and 'Batman: A Telltale Series' will headline the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2018. Next month's lineup of free downloads for PlayStation Plus subscribers is arguably the best one in recent memory.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Nintendo Switch 64 GB Game Cards Delayed To 2019: Here's How Developers And Gamers Are Affected

The launch of Nintendo Switch 64 GB game cards has been delayed to sometime in 2019 due to technical issues. The decision largely affects developers and gamers, as physical releases of data-heavy titles may also be pushed back.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Microsoft May Have Copied A Redditor's 'PUBG' Concept For An Ad

Microsoft may have copied a designer's idea for a 'PUBG' ad from a post on Reddit. Its ad for the full release of the game bares a strong resemblance of the original idea.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Nintendo Switch Online Rumored To Launch In Fall 2018: Will Gamers Really Have To Wait That Long?

A new rumor claims that Nintendo Switch Online will launch in the fall of 2018. That will mean that the paid online subscription service will be about one-and-a-half years delayed from the Nintendo Switch release in March this year.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Destiny 2 Ads Appearing On PlayStation 4 Dashboards Are Pissing Off Gamers: Here’s How To Disable Them

An ad for 'Destiny 2' is appearing on PlayStation 4 systems out of the blue, pissing many gamers off. Here’s how to delete it and prevent other ads from appearing in the future.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Fans Create 'Super Smash Bros. 4' Melee HD Mod

Fans have been clamoring for an HD re-release of 'Super Smash Bros. Melee'. Until then this fan mod of 'Super Smash Bros. 4' will have to hold them over.

Video Games December 27, 2017

Nintendo Switch Tips And Tricks: 12 Things Every New Owner Should Know

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest gaming console on the market right now. These top 12 tips, tricks, and hidden features will help gamers maximize on their new console.

Video Games December 27, 2017

Years Later 'Destiny' Soundtrack 'Music Of The Spheres' Leaks Online

Four years ago Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell completed a soundtrack for ‘Destiny.’ The soundtrack never made it to the public but has now leaked online for the world to hear.

Video Games December 27, 2017

Nintendo Switch Hidden 'Golf' Game Removed In Latest Update: Try It With A New Console

The Nintendo Switch 4.0.0 update overwrites the code for the hidden 'Golf' game in the hybrid console. The secret NES game was a tribute to the legendary Satoru Iwata, so why did Nintendo remove it?

Video Games December 26, 2017

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Sits In Front Of A Fireplace, And 39,000 People Watched

Jeff Kaplan, the game director for 'Overwatch', sat in front of a fireplace on Christmas Eve doing mostly nothing. The quirky stream proved to be a very popular one, with 39,000 viewers at one point.

Video Games December 25, 2017

Nintendo Switch 2017: A Look Back At The First Year Of The Hybrid Console

The Nintendo Switch had its ups and downs since its March 2017 launch. Here's a look back at the hybrid console's first year, and what next year might hold for it.

Video Games December 25, 2017

PlayStation Store Holiday Flash Sale 2017: See What PS4 Titles Are Available For Christmas

Sony is getting into the Christmas spirit and its PlayStation Store holiday sale has gone live. Find out what games you can get while the sale last.

Video Games December 25, 2017

No More 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' DLC: Nintendo Already Working On The Next 'Zelda' Game

The game's producer revealed that there will be there will be no third 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' DLC. Nintendo, however, has already started working on the next 'The Legend of Zelda' game.

Video Games December 25, 2017

'Catherine: Full Body' Western Release Confirmed: Watch The Already Controversial Game's Debut Trailer

Atlus confirmed the 'Catherine: Full Body' Western release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game's debut trailer has also been launched, and it is already generating controversy for the upcoming remake.

Video Games December 23, 2017

Xbox Games With Gold January 2018 Lineup Revealed

Microsoft has announced the lineup for Xbox Games With Gold for January 2018. Find out what games you’ll be able to play for free on Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Video Games December 22, 2017

China Accounts For Most 'PUBG' Cheats, Says Game Creator

'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' is widely popular, but it also has a serious cheating problem and the Chinese are apparently to blame. According to the game's creator, 99 percent of 'PUBG' cheats currently come from China.

Video Games December 23, 2017

ARMS Free Version 5.0 Update Comes With Dr. Coyle

Nintendo released a new patch for 'ARMS' that includes a new character, stage and gameplay fixes. Dr. Coyle joins the cast along with three new weapons.

Video Games December 24, 2017

Destiny 2 Glitch Makes The Warlock Unstoppable: When Will Bungie Fix It?

A glitch in 'Destiny 2' allows the Voidwalker Warlock to launch its super attack as many times as the player wants. Bungie said that it knows the problem, but it will take a while before the bug is fixed.

Video Games December 22, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Holiday Event 2017: Get New Gen 3 Pokémon, Santa Hat Pikachu, And More

It’s the holiday season and 'Pokémon GO’ is ready to celebrate! The newly released holiday event will bring with it a handful of new Pokémon, equipment, and much more.

Video Games December 23, 2017

Steam Winter Sale 2017 Now Online: Enjoy Big Discounts For Games Like 'Elite Dangerous' And 'Dark Souls III'

The Steam Winter Sale 2017 is finally upon us, offering discounts of up to 75 percent for titles such as 'Elite Dangerous' and 'Dark Souls III'. The sale is not just all about the games though.

Video Games December 22, 2017

Destiny 2's The Dawning Hiding Event-Based Bright Engrams Behind Paywall

Bungie is facing more problems with 'Destiny 2'. Loot boxes are once again causing friction with the game's player base, this time with how they affect the game's economy in the new event.

Video Games December 22, 2017

NBA 2K18 Patch Update 1.07 Now Live For PS4, Xbox One: Here Are The Details

Update 1.07 for 'NBA 2K18' has been released for most platforms. The patch fixes problems with the gameplay and updates some of the character models.

Video Games December 21, 2017

'The Witcher 3' Adds 4K Support For Xbox One X

'The Witcher 3' releases graphics update for Xbox One X version of the game. New updates allow the game to run at 60 fps.

Video Games December 24, 2017

The 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Full Release Is Finally Here: What's Next For 'PUBG'?

'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' version 1.0 is finally online, adding the Miramar desert map and a replay feature. PUBG Corp.'s CEO, however, said that the work on the massively popular multiplayer shooter is far from being finished.

Video Games December 21, 2017

Pokémon GO Gets Better AR Features, But Only On iOS

'Pokémon GO' is getting more advanced AR features on iOS, thanks to Apple's ARKit framework. The new AR+ mode brings exciting improvements and a special bonus for Expert Handlers.

Video Games December 20, 2017

Destiny 2 'The Dawning' Event Now Live: Here's What You Need To Know

'The Dawning' event has been launched for 'Destiny 2.' Players can expect new gear, game modes, and new activities.

Video Games December 20, 2017

Arena Of Valor Now Available On iOS, Android: Here's How Big This MOBA Game Is

Tencent officially launched 'Arena of Valor' for North and South America. The game has been reportedly localized with 38 characters available.

Video Games December 20, 2017

Atlus Unveils 'Catherine: Full Body' For PlayStation 4, PS Vita

The remake of Atlus' popular puzzle platformer has been recently leaked. 'Catherine: Full Body' will reportedly launch for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita soon.

Video Games December 20, 2017

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild: Here's What You Need To Defeat Maz Koshia

Maz Koshia is the final boss of the 'Champion's Ballad' DLC for 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.' Players recently discovered an amusing weakness that can help win the fight against the monk.

Video Games December 19, 2017

Destiny 2 Three Of Coins Boost Problems: Bungie Clarifies Functionality, Promises A Fix

Fans complained about 'Destiny 2' as multiple reports have surfaced regarding the Three of Coins. Bungie claimed that it discovered the problem but cannot fix it until early 2018.

Video Games December 19, 2017

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta To Launch In January: Watch The PlayStation 4 Exclusive's Official Story Trailer

The 'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT' open beta will launch in North America and Europe on Jan. 12, 2018. While waiting, players can watch the recently released official story trailer to know more about the lore surrounding the fighting game.

Video Games December 19, 2017

Overwatch Holiday Sale Drops The Standard Edition To $19.99, GOTY Edition To $29.99

'Overwatch' is on sale right now at 50 percent off. That brings the standard edition down to $19.99 from $39.99 and the Game of the Year Edition to $29.99 from $59.99.

Video Games December 18, 2017

The Next RPG By Obsidian, The Studio Behind 'Tyranny' And 'Pillars Of Eternity', Will Have No Microtransactions

Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind 'Tyranny' and the 'Pillars of Eternity' series, revealed that its next RPG will have no microtransactions. The announcement is a bold move, considering that microtransactions have become a norm in the gaming industry.

Video Games December 18, 2017

What's Next For 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild'? Game Director Reveals

Hidemaro Fujibayashi, director for 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,' provided insight into his plans for the future of the open-world adventure. The Champions' Ballad DLC introduced the Master Cycle Zero - how will the developers beat that?

Video Games December 17, 2017

A Kid Gave Up His Xbox One Money To Donate Blankets To The Homeless, So Microsoft Sent Him A Gift

Instead of using his $300 to buy a new Xbox One, 9-year-old Mikah Frye used the money to buy blankets for the homeless. After learning about his generosity, Microsoft decided to surprise him.

Video Games December 18, 2017

WATCH: New 'Far Cry 5' Trailer Focuses On The Resistance

Ubisoft released a new trailer for 'Far Cry 5' that gives players a glimpse of The Resistance. Players can enlist these NPCs to help fight back against the game's main antagonists.

Video Games December 17, 2017

You Get 'PUBG' For Free When You Buy Xbox One X, But Should You?

Microsoft announced a new promotion for the Xbox One X console. Buyers will reportedly receive a free copy of 'PUBG' together with the new game system.

Video Games December 17, 2017

Popular 'PUBG' Streamer DrDisRespect Admits Infidelity, Decides To Take Time Off To Focus On Family

An award-winning Twitch Streamer for 'PUBG' revealed his plans to stop streaming due to personal reasons. DrDisRespect admitted that he cheated on his wife and intends to work on his relationship until further notice.

Video Games December 15, 2017

GTA Online Data Miners Spot 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Mission In 'The Doomsday Heist' Update

New data mined code from 'The Doomsday Heist' update for 'GTA Online' revealed some content related to another Rockstar game. A new mission reportedly allows players to encounter a challenge that involves a 'Red Dead Redemption 2' item.

Video Games December 15, 2017

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