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Leap Motion Demonstrates How Users Can Hold Objects In VR With Its Interaction Engine

Leap Motion's Interaction Engine has now made it possible to seamlessly grasp, pick up and throw digital objects. The Interaction Engine is currently on early beta access.

Wearable Tech August 26, 2016

Samsung Officially Starting Gear S2 iOS Beta Program

Waiting for iOS compatibility with the Samsung Gear S2? Well, you might not have to wait much longer anymore, as the South Korean company has already started a beta program for it.

Wearable Tech August 26, 2016

Best Buy To Launch Oculus Rift VR Demos Across 500 Stores This Holiday Season

Best Buy has revealed its plans to launch Oculus Rift VR headset demos across 500 of its stores during the holiday shopping season. Demos for the PlayStation VR are also in its plans.

Wearable Tech August 25, 2016

The HTC Vive Is The Preferred VR Headset Among Game Developers, And It's Easy To See Why

According to a report by UBM Game Network, developers prefer working on the HTC Vive over rival virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift. The report does not provide an explanation, but the reason behind the trend is clear.

Wearable Tech August 24, 2016

Google To Launch Daydream VR In The 'Coming Weeks,' Hires YouTube Stars To Promote It: Report

Google is reportedly going to launch the Daydream VR in the next couple of weeks. Until then, it's promoting the VR platform by employing the talent of YouTube celebrities.

Wearable Tech August 24, 2016

Microsoft Reveals Specs Of HoloLens Holographic Processing Unit

Much is known about Microsoft HoloLens, but when it comes down to the Holographic Processing Unit that makes everything click, the company decided to keep this piece of information close to its chest. However, such is no longer the case because the secret is out, and impressive.

Wearable Tech August 23, 2016

Forget Oculus Rift, Meet Nosulus Rift: This Wearable Tech Will Let You Smell Fart In New 'South Park' Game

Ubisoft has developed a new VR wearable device dubbed the Nosulus Rift, which will offer gamers an immersive experience when playing 'South Park: The Fractured But Whole' game. Players wearing the mask-like device will be able to smell the farts of the new character.

Wearable Tech August 22, 2016

Samsung Level Active Bluetooth Headset Rolls Out: Price, Features And More

Samsung finally released the price and detailed features of the Level Active Bluetooth headset that was uploaded to its online store last week. After the U.S. launch, Samsung announced releases for other countries.

Wearable Tech August 22, 2016

Apple Watch 2 Release In September Will Include New GPS Chip For Enhanced Fitness Tracking And Navigation

A new report claims Apple is planning to launch the Apple Watch 2 in the fall. The smartwatch will reportedly include a GPS chip for fitness features.

Wearable Tech August 19, 2016

Intel Unveils Project Alloy: Standalone Wireless Virtual Reality Headset Capable Of 'Merged Reality'

Intel has unveiled Project Alloy, which is a virtual reality reference design that enables the operation of a standalone wireless VR headset. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich also explained the concept of merged reality, which is different from augmented reality.

Wearable Tech August 17, 2016

Oculus Rift Preorders In Europe And Canada Start Today: Where To Buy The VR Headset

Oculus Rift preorders have now started in Europe and Canada. A number of retailers in the UK, Germany and more will offer the VR headset, which will hit the shelves on Sept. 20.

Wearable Tech August 16, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Unveiling: 'Timely Innovation' Officially Set For This Month, Ahead Of IFA 2016

Samsung has officially confirmed the Gear S3 unveiling date, and it's just a fortnight away. Mark your calendars for some 'timely innovation' on Aug. 31, when the Gear S3 will debut in Berlin ahead of IFA 2016.

Wearable Tech August 16, 2016

Asus ZenWatch 3 Images Leak, Confirm Circular Display

Leaked images show the ZenWatch 3 with a round dial. The Asus smartwatch may launch at the upcoming 2016 IFA that kicks off in early September.

Wearable Tech August 13, 2016

HTC Vive Free Games Bundle Gets Shaken Up: Buh-Bye 'Fantastic Contraption' And 'Job Simulator'

The HTC Vive is going to come with a new set of free games out of the box. But it is bidding adieu to 'Fantastic Contraption' and 'Job Simulator.'

Wearable Tech August 13, 2016

MIT Unveils DuoSkin: Temporary Tattoos That Function As On-Skin Interfaces To Interact With Computers, Mobile Devices

MIT Media Lab's DuoSkin project is a fabrication process for customized temporary tattoos that can serve as connected interfaces. These tattoos can eventually serve as a great alternative to cumbersome wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Wearable Tech August 13, 2016

Where To Preorder The Second-Generation Samsung Gear VR

Consumers can now preorder Samsung’s second-generation Gear VR headset. Here’s where to make the purchase.

Wearable Tech August 12, 2016

Fossil Q Wander, Q Marshal Android Wear Smartwatches Arriving This August: Preorder, Release Date Revealed

The Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches are set to land on online and retail stores this August. Preorders are about to go up this week.

Wearable Tech August 10, 2016

Samsung Gear IconX US Release Delayed To Aug. 19

The Samsung Gear IconX launch has been postponed in the United States, moving from Aug. 14 to Aug. 19. Here's why the Bluetooth earbuds got pushed back by a few days.

Wearable Tech August 8, 2016

Google Killing Off 'Together' On Sept. 30, Making Way For Android Wear 2.0

Google is closing down the popular watch face for Android Wear Together on Sept. 30, paving the way for the anticipated 2.0 update that will offer features similar to the app's.

Wearable Tech August 8, 2016

Intel's Peak May Be Too Hot To Handle, But Wearable Technology Market Should Surge To $170.91 Billion By 2025

A survey from The Insight Partners showed that the wearable technology market is about to bloom to more than $170 billion by 2025. A few elements will contribute to the appeal of wearable gadgets, despite existing drawbacks.

Wearable Tech August 4, 2016

Intel Issues Recall Of All Basis Peak Smartwatches After Burning Wearers

Intel recalls every Basis Peak smartwatch across the globe after it reportedly burned some wearers. To compensate users, the company promises to give full refunds for the products, including official accessories from authorized sellers.

Wearable Tech August 4, 2016

Waterproof Polar M600 Android Wear Fitness Smartwatch Rocks GPS, Music Streaming And More: Pricing And Availability

Polar launched the M600 smartwatch that has integrated GPS, heart rate monitoring and more. The wearable will be available later this year at a price tag of $329.90.

Wearable Tech August 3, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Tipped To Debut At IFA In September, Rocking Sleek Rotary Bezel

Samsung will reportedly launch its next-gen smartwatch, the Gear S3, at the IFA 2016 in September. The wearable will allegedly sport a sleek rotary bezel, which means it will have a round dial like the Gear S2.

Wearable Tech July 29, 2016

New Samsung Gear VR Headset Leaks Ahead Of Galaxy Note 7 Unveiling: Coming Soon?

Samsung may launch a new Gear VR headset along with the Galaxy Note 7 on Aug. 2. The latest Gear VR may have a price tag of $90.

Wearable Tech July 29, 2016

Thync Relax: First-Of-A-Kind Wearable for Stress Relief

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman introduces the prototype for Thync's second-generation stress-relieving wearable: Thync Relax. The neck-worn device works by signaling nerves along the back of the head to trigger the brain’s natural calming mechanism.

Wearable Tech July 27, 2016

Limited Edition Apple Watch Bands For 2016 Olympics Launching Soon, With One Caveat: Availability

National flag-themed Apple Watch bands will retail for about $100 as part of the 2016 Olympics celebrations. The limited edition bands, however, will be available only in Rio.

Wearable Tech July 23, 2016

Apple Watch Maintains Market Leadership Despite Struggling Sales In Q2: What This Means For The Smartwatch Industry

According to IDC, the Apple Watch maintained its market leadership standing in the smartwatch industry with a 47 percent market share in the second quarter. However, sales figures for the device fell compared with the corresponding quarter last year.

Wearable Tech July 22, 2016

Samsung Is Working On A Standalone Virtual Reality Headset, And It Is Likely Named Odyssey

Samsung is known to be working on a standalone virtual reality headset, but not much is known about the upcoming device. Trademark and logo applications, however, reveal that the headset could be named Odyssey.

Wearable Tech July 22, 2016

HyperX Unwraps 'Gears Of War' Gaming Headset, And It's As Blood-Red As The Special Edition Xbox One S

HyperX showcases the new CloudX Revolver 'Gears of War' gaming headset, and needless to say, it goes well together with the recently unveiled blood-red 'Gears of War 4' Xbox One S.

Wearable Tech July 21, 2016

Waterproof LG Action CAM LTE Starts Rolling Out, Rocking Remote Control And Easy Live Stream Anywhere

LG announced that its much-anticipated Action CAM LTE will soon roll out, starting in South Korea. The cam packs many capable features, such as seamlessly streaming to YouTube and other sites.

Wearable Tech July 20, 2016

Nexus Smartwatch Renders Show How Google's Android Wear Devices Could Look Like

Rumors about Google’s proprietary line of wearables leaked once more. A recent report noted that two smartwatches running on Android Wear 2.0 are in tow, but they feature quite distinct configurations.

Wearable Tech July 12, 2016

Warning: Your Wearable Device Can Track Your ATM PIN And Give It Away

Wearable devices can be great allies for your fitness routine, but they could also track and disclose your sensitive info. Those sophisticated tracking sensors? They can also track your ATM PIN.

Wearable Tech July 7, 2016

Nexus Smartwatches On The Way? Google Said To Be Working On Its Own Android Wear Devices

Google is said to be working on two Android Wear smartwatches. Codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish, the devices could possibly carry the company's Nexus brand.

Wearable Tech July 7, 2016

3 Ways Your Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker Make You Vulnerable To Hacking

As one study reports, your smartwatch and fitness tracker can easily give away your ATM PIN based on your hand movements. Wearable technology has become so commonplace these days that the potential for hacking is just too obvious.

Wearable Tech July 8, 2016

Samsung Gear VR Owners Will Be Able To Watch Some Rio Olympics Events In Virtual Reality

Olympics fans will be able to watch some 2016 Rio Olympics events in virtual reality via the Samsung Gear VR. The headset is compatible with a number of Samsung smartphones.

Wearable Tech July 1, 2016

Pebble Ends Third Kickstarter Campaign For Pebble 2 And Time 2, Raises Less Than Last Year

Pebble recently closed off its third Kickstarter campaign, and the company fared less majestic than last year. In 2016, the Pebble 2 and Time 2 smartwatches scored slightly more than half the sum from 2015.

Wearable Tech July 1, 2016

Last Wave Of PlayStation VR Preorders Coming: Here's What You Need To Know

Sony has recently announced that the last wave of preorders for its highly anticipated wearable device, PlayStation Virtual Reality headset, is coming very soon. Here is when and where you can preorder one.

Wearable Tech June 30, 2016

The BioRing Wearable Brings A Personal Trainer To Your Fingers

BioRing is the new health and fitness wearable worn on a user’s finger that tracks and monitors calories, including protein and carb metrics, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration and heart health.

Wearable Tech June 30, 2016

The Octopus Smartwatch For Kids Teaches Them Responsibility So Parents Don’t Have To

This smartwatch for kids teaches them how to be independent and responsible, while parents can set a routine to provide structure.

Wearable Tech June 23, 2016

Next Apple Watch May Sport Camera And New Hardware Buttons, Patents Suggest

Apple's next smartwatch should land this year and it's shaping up as an interesting upgrade over the current model. According to new Apple patents, the Apple Watch 2 could sport a camera and a couple of new hardware buttons.

Wearable Tech June 18, 2016

Sony PlayStation VR Demos Starting This Weekend In US, Canada To Follow Soon

Sony wants as many of its fans to know what PlayStation VR feels like, and it started a demo program for that. More than 300 locations across the U.S. and Canada will feature demo units of the headset in June.

Wearable Tech June 17, 2016

Researchers Find New Way To Prevent Motion Sickness On VR Systems: What Did They Do?

Virtual reality headset users experience motion sickness due to the mismatch between physical and virtual motion. Researchers from Columbia University claimed that they have found a solution to the problem.

Wearable Tech June 16, 2016

Pebble Time Round Now Available In Polished Silver And Gold

Pebble has come up with special Kickstarter editions for its Time Round smartwatch. The Pebble Time Round will be available in polished Silver and Gold options.

Wearable Tech June 16, 2016

Wearables Shipments Poised To Hit 213.6M Worldwide By 2020

The wearables market is forecasted to reach 213.6 million units in shipment by 2020, achieving about 20 percent growth, according to a new report from IDC. Smartwatches are predicted to be the winner.

Wearable Tech June 16, 2016

Monohm Smart Pocket Watch Runcible Now Available Via Indiegogo

Monohm's smart pocket watch named Runcible is now up for preorder through Indiegogo. Here are the things that you have to know about this smartphone-slash-smart-pocket-watch from Monohm.

Wearable Tech June 16, 2016

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