Apple Working On Own Power Management Chips: What Does This Mean For The iPhone?

Reports claim that Apple is is working on in-house designed power management chips that may be used in iPhones as early as 2019. Apple is increasingly looking to own its core technologies instead of acquiring components from suppliers.

Apple April 12, 2017

Goodbye, 32-Bit Apps: Apple To Drop 32-Bit Support Entirely With iOS 11

Apple will soon drop its support for 32-bit apps when iOS 11 rolls out. The company have shown hints of its move away from 32-bit in its most recent update, the iOS 10.3.

Apple April 11, 2017

Leaked iPhone 8 Drawings Show What The Smartphone May Look Like

Crude sketches of the alleged iPhone 8 have leaked online. The drawings suggest that the Apple smartphone may boast a bezel-less display, as well as a dual-camera setup.

Apple April 10, 2017

3 Big Reasons To Fall In Love With iPhone 7 (Product)RED Special Edition And 1 Big Reason To Hate

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy the iPhone 7 Product(RED), but there’s also one glaring reason why you might think twice.

Apple April 8, 2017

iPhone 7 Explodes In China While Charging, Gets Blown In Half

Another smartphone ended with a bang as an iPhone 7 exploded in China while charging. The explosion caused the device to burn and split in half.

Apple April 7, 2017

Apple Mac Pro Announcement Means A Lot To Loyal Users: Here's Why

Apple recently revealed that a major overhaul will come next year to its flagship desktop Mac model, the Mac Pro. The announcement means a lot to loyal users, who have been waiting for years for an upgrade to the computer.

Apple April 6, 2017

iPhone 8 Release May Be Delayed According To Rumors

The iPhone 8 may not release alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus as previously rumored. Apple may delay the release of its iPhone 8 to October or November as opposed to the anticipated September launch.

Apple April 6, 2017

iPhone 8 May Not Cost $1000, UBS Analyst Says

The 10th anniversary edition iPhone 8, which is expected to be priced at $1,000 or more, may not be so expensive. A UBS analyst suggests that the iPhone 8's price may not hit four figures as previously rumored.

Apple April 5, 2017

Premium Apple TV Bundle Could Be A Game Changer With HBO, Starz, And Showtime In 1 Package

Apple has reportedly contacted three premium TV networks to propose an exciting premium TV bundle. If it succeeds, it could seriously disrupt the TV scene with a game-changing offer packing HBO, Starz, and Showtime in the same bundle.

Apple April 3, 2017

Imagination Technologies Stock Crashes After Apple Pulls Plug On Its Chips

British chipmaker Imagination Technologies suffered a blow in the stock market after Apple decided to stop using the former’s chips. Apple is Imagination Technologies’s biggest customer.

Apple April 3, 2017

iPhone 8 Details Leaked: iPhone Edition Name, Rear Touch ID Scanner, Metal Back, And More

A report by iDrop News claims that the upcoming premium smartphone iPhone 8 will be named by Apple as the iPhone Edition. The report also leaked several other details regarding the highly anticipated device.

Apple March 31, 2017

Apple Rolls Out iOS 10.3.2 Public Beta

Apple has released its iOS 10.3.2 public beta, a test version of the new OS. The OS will be available for users who signed up for the Beta testing program.

Apple March 30, 2017

iOS Guide: How To Downgrade From iOS 10.3 To iOS 10.2.1 In Just A Few Easy Steps

Apple released the final version of iOS 10.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch a few days ago, but not everyone may like it. If you've upgraded and don't get along with the new OS version, here's how to downgrade from iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.2.1.

Apple March 29, 2017

Apple iOS 10.3 Update Fixes Safari Exploit: Scammers Tricked Victims With 'Broken' Browser

Apple recently released the iOS 10.3 update, which added several new features to the mobile operating system. The update, however, also fixed several security issues, one of which is an exploit that attackers used for a scareware campaign.

Apple March 28, 2017

macOS Sierra Adds Night Shift Mode So You Can Sleep Better At Night

You can now use the popular iOS Night Shift mode on your Mac. Apple is rolling out the Night Shift feature with its macOS 10.12.4 available now in Mac App Store.

Apple March 29, 2017

Apple Wins Court Battle In China: iPhone 6 Did Not Infringe Design Patent

Apple emerged victorious in the lawsuit filed by Shenzhen Baili. The Beijing Intellectual Property Office has overturned the previous decree, which stated Apple violated some design patents.

Apple March 28, 2017

Apple Files Patent Application For An iPhone-Powered Laptop

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Apple has filed a patent application for a new electronic device. The laptop-like gadget fits an iPhone that will power it.

Apple March 26, 2017

Excited To Own An iPhone 8 On Launch Day? Good Luck Getting One

The iPhone 8 will still launch despite the limited supplies in stock. The rumored flagship phone is expected to come out in September.

Apple March 24, 2017

New iPad Pro 2017 Models Still Expected: iPad Pro 2 Could Debut At Apple Park In April

Apple's cheap new 9.7-inch iPad is great for budget shoppers, but what about the Pro line? Well, the iPad Pro 2 could make its grand entrance next month, when the Apple Park opens its gates.

Apple March 25, 2017

Red Alert: Apple China’s Website Curiously Drops AIDS Charity Branding For New Red iPhone 7

Apple has recently launched its red iPhone 7 in partnership with AIDS group (RED). But in China where HIV is a controversial issue, the (PRODUCT)RED branding is missing in Apple China.

Apple March 23, 2017

Hackers Threaten Apple: If No Ransom Paid, iPhones Will Be Remotely Wiped

Turkish Hackers have threatened that they will wipe out iPhones remotely unless Apple agrees to pay their ransom demand. The hackers have stated that they will wipe out 200 million iCloud accounts if their demands are not met.

Apple March 23, 2017

Apple Launches New 9.7-Inch iPad At $329 To Replace iPad Air 2: What Does The New Model Bring?

Apple has announced a new 9.7-inch iPad coming to take the place of the iPad Air 2, which is now discontinued. The new model is more affordable at a $329 starting price and packs a beefier A9 processor as well as other attractive highlights.

Apple March 21, 2017

Apple Launches (Product) RED iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus, Updated iPhone SE: Pricing, Options, And Availability

Apple has officially announced new (Product) RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in bold and vibrant red avatars, as well as an upgraded iPhone SE with double the storage. Here's all you need to know about pricing and availability.

Apple March 22, 2017

Viral Video Dreams Made Easier As Apple Launches Its Latest iOS App Clips

Apple has announced the launch of its video editing app called Clips. It is an easy-to-use iOS app that lets users combine videos, photos and music to create a shareable video clip.

Apple March 21, 2017

Apple Patent Hints At Shape-Changing Mobile Devices

Apple has acquired a patent to develop user interfaces that can change shape and dimensions. This is a novel concept that could be used for many exciting innovations in MacBook and iPhones.

Apple March 21, 2017

Apple Store Down: New Products Coming Up?

The online Apple Store went down on March 21 for maintenance. As a result, there are now speculations about the release of new Apple products like the iPad Pro and the Apple Watch.

Apple March 21, 2017

Apple Will Feature 'Water Drop Design' In iPhone 8 As Homage To Original iPhone

A new report claims that the iPhone 8 will feature a 'water drop design' in the form of a curved back. The design will be a homage to the original iPhone released in 2007.

Apple March 21, 2017

Is Augmented Reality iPhone’s Next Big Thing? Here Are The Signs Apple Is On It

Augmented reality is slowly reaching ordinary consumers and companies are beginning to capitalize on this. Apple, for one, seems to be seriously working on its own AR tech based on recent business moves.

Apple March 20, 2017

Apple Extends AppleCare+ For iPhone Purchase Window From 60 Days To 1 Year

Apple has extended the window for purchasing AppleCare+ for iPhone. The extended protection plan was previously available to buy up to 60 days after purchasing the smartphone, but the window now stretches to one year.

Apple March 20, 2017

MacBook Pro 2017 Specs, Design, Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Waiting for the 2017 MacBook Pro? Here are some of the rumors and the things we know so far about Apple’s next offering in the Pro line up

Apple March 18, 2017

Apple Found Guilty Of Price-Fixing In Russia

The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service has found Apple guilty of price-fixing in Russia. The company could face a fine of up to 15 percent of its sales in the country.

Apple March 16, 2017

iMac 2017 Specs And Release Date Rumors: New iMac Arriving This Month?

Apple has not delivered an iMac refresh since 2015 and it would be about time for an upgrade. Will the 2017 iMac finally make its debut at Apple's upcoming March event?

Apple March 16, 2017

iPad Pro 2 Features And Rumors: When Will Apple Unveil The New Tablet?

Rumors have been swirling on the iPad Pro 2 since last year. Here is a quick review on the rumored specifications and features for the iPad Pro 2, including when it will be unveiled.

Apple March 14, 2017

Apple May Reveal New iPads Next Week: New Models Spotted Being Tested In Public

Supply chain sources claim that Apple is preparing to announce new products as soon as next week. The devices are expected to be new models of the iPad, supported by the fact that they were spotted being tested in public.

Apple March 13, 2017

iOS 11 Concept Envisions How Dark Mode, Siri Assistant, Group FaceTime, And More Could Look Like [Video]

Apple has been keeping iOS 11 under a tight wrap, but some rumors still seeped through. A new concept video now envisions those rumors showing a sleek iOS 11 with Dark Mode, split-screen, group FaceTime, Siri Assistant, and more tricks, so here's what it could look like.

Apple March 8, 2017

Apple's Latest iOS Version Already Patched 'Many' Vulnerabilities Mentioned In WikiLeaks' CIA Leak

WikiLeaks caused an uproar in the tech world after dumping a trove of documents detailing how the CIA hacks into devices, and companies are now responding. Apple, for its part, says it already patched many of the vulnerabilities detailed in the leak.

Apple March 8, 2017

Apple Gearing Up To Release iPads In April, New iPad Pro And iPad Mini 5 Coming?

Speculations about the release of next-gen iPads from Apple are afloat in the tech world. The latest buzz suggests that Apple could debut the new iPad Pro tablet and iPad mini 5 may in early April.

Apple March 8, 2017

Apple Plans To Have OLED Displays In All iPhones By 2019

Rumors claim that Apple will unveil an ultra-premium iPhone 8 this year with OLED displays. A new report claims that OLED screens will be a big part of the company's future, with all iPhones to feature the technology by 2019.

Apple March 7, 2017

iOS 10 Guide: How To Downgrade From iOS 10.3 Beta To iOS 10.2.1 In Just A Few Easy Steps

Apple added a number of neat features and improvements with iOS 10.3 beta, but it may not work well for everyone. If you've taken the plunge and now regret it, here's how to downgrade from iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.2.1.

Apple March 6, 2017

Apple's 2017 iPhones To Feature Fast Charging Without Replacing Lightning Port With USB-C: KGI Analyst

A recent report said that Apple would replace the Lightning port with a USB Type-C port with the iPhone 8, but KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has refuted the claim. According to Kuo, all three 2017 iPhones will feature fast charging, but via the proprietary Lightning port.

Apple March 3, 2017

Apple Says Third-Party Repair Will No Longer Void iPhone Warranty

Apple reportedly circulated an internal memo instructing its store employees that iPhones repaired by third-party technicians are still covered by warranty. There is no word yet on what prompted the policy change.

Apple February 26, 2017

iPhone 7 Plus User Posts Video Of Smoke Spewing From The Smartphone

Apple has managed to create headlines yet again, this time for its iPhone 7 Plus smartphone. An iPhone 7 Plus user uploaded a video, which shows smoke coming out of the device profusely after the handset exploded.

Apple February 24, 2017

Users Report 2016 MacBook Pro Keyboard Issues: High-Pitched Sounds, Non-Functional Keys, And More

Users are reporting 2016 MacBook Pro keyboard problems. Here's what we've learned so far about the MacBook Pro keyboard issues.

Apple February 23, 2017

Apple Spaceship Campus Opening In April As Apple Park, Auditorium Called 'Steve Jobs Theater'

Apple has officially announced that its second campus, often dubbed the Spaceship Campus, will open in April as the Apple Park and will run entirely on renewable energy. The campus auditorium will be called the 'Steve Jobs Theater' to honor the legendary Apple co-founder.

Apple February 23, 2017

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