Best Cyber Monday 2016 Deals On Apple iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Carrier And Unlocked Devices

If you've been considering an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, here's a rundown on some of the best Cyber Monday deals being offered. Consumers looking for huge savings on unlocked iPhone 7 models can save big via eBay.

Apple November 28, 2016

Apple Black Friday Event: One-Day Shopping Event Offers Discounts On iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch And More

Apple has kicked off a one-day shopping event as promised, where it is offering gift cards worth $150 on the purchase of select models of the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and more.

Apple November 25, 2016

iOS 10.1 Issues Persisting Across iOS 10.1.1 And iOS 10.2 Beta: Severe Battery Drain, Broken Audio

iPhone users have been experiencing battery drain and audio issues for a good while now and the problems persist in iOS 10.1.1. Apple has yet to roll out an update to address the issues.

Apple November 25, 2016

Apple Has A Special Tool To Recover Data From Your New MacBook Pro 2016's Non-Removable SSD

Since the 2016 MacBook Pro SSD is attached to its logic board, users fear that their data are lost forever if the board fails. Now, a special device reportedly available to Apple technicians can address the problem.

Apple November 25, 2016

Apple To Release iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus And Premium iPhone 8 With OLED Display In 2017?

A new report suggests that Apple may release three new iPhones in 2017. The company could possibly launch an iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 next year.

Apple November 26, 2016

No Need To Worry, Apple Fans: Jony Ive To Continue Designing Future iPhones

Sources inside Apple has indicated that Jony Ive is still very much in control of product design at Apple. No details of actual projects he is involved in have been made available.

Apple November 24, 2016

Apples For Apple: Donald Trump Offers Tim Cook Incentives To Manufacture iPhones, iPads And Macs In The US

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has been trying to convince Apple CEO Tim Cook to move his company's device production to the United States. Trump said that with the right incentives, such as hefty tax cuts and regulation cuts, Apple could go for iPhones made in USA.

Apple November 24, 2016

Apple's Jony Ive Might Not Be 'Directly Involved' With iPhone Design Anymore, Experts Say

Jony Ive has been credited for iconic Apple products since 1998. Speculations, however, revealed that he is no longer involved in product design and this started with his promotion as Chief Design Officer last year.

Apple November 23, 2016

Black Friday 2016: Best Deals For MacBook Pro, MacBook Air And iMac From Best Buy, eBay, Amazon And Newegg

Apple products will once again be popular this Black Friday. For customers who will be looking to acquire a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac, here are some of the best deals that will be offered.

Apple November 23, 2016

iPhone Crashing Bug Wreaks Havoc With Five-Second Prank Video That Completely Freezes iOS Devices

A new iPhone-crashing bug has hit the scene, as a corrupted five-second video can crash any iPhone. Playing this video will cause the display to become unresponsive, the home button to stop working and everything just freezes until a hard reset.

Apple November 22, 2016

Apple Will Hold A Black Friday Sale - But It's A Secret For Now

Apple has recently unveiled a new page on its website on what could possibly be a teaser for its products going on sale within this week. There was not enough information on the webpage to give away what the tease was about.

Apple November 22, 2016

iPhone 7 Accessory Oaxis InkCase i7 Adds A Secondary E-Ink Display To Your Phone

The InkCase i7 promises to add a secondary 4.3-inch display to the iPhone 7. It also protects the device from accidental drops and everyday abuse with its military standard build.

Apple November 22, 2016

Apple's Jony Ive Decorated A Christmas Tree With Minimalistic Vision, And You Probably Won't Want One

Jony Ive designed the new Christmas tree at Claridge, and you may be sure that it lived up to his reputation. It is minimal and magical, but why are some people disappointed?

Apple November 22, 2016

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Perfect For Playing 'Doom'

A Facebook iOS developer uploaded a video of him being able to play popular PC game 'Doom' on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar display, although it was distorted. Many were fascinated to see the game run on the Touch Bar.

Apple November 22, 2016

Apple Wi-Fi Router Division Reportedly Dissolved As The Company Shifts Focus To More Profitable Devices

Apple has reportedly been dismantling its Wi-Fi router division over the past year, reassigning engineers to other divisions in a bid to focus more on profitable devices. If this turns out to be true, Apple AirPort routers might soon become collectibles.

Apple November 21, 2016

Is Your iPhone 6s Suddenly Shutting Down? Apple Will Replace Your Battery For Free To Fix The Issue

Apple has launched a new repair program that will fix iPhone 6s units that are suddenly shutting down. The problem will be fixed by replacing the batteries of the affected devices.

Apple November 21, 2016

iOS 10 Problems: This iPhone Lock Screen Exploit Lets Hackers Access Your Sensitive Info, But Here's A Quick Fix

A new exploit on devices running iOS 8 or above bypasses the security of the lock screen/passcode and enables hackers to gain access to a user's sensitive personal data. We familiarize you with exploit and offer a quick fix.

Apple November 19, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Issues: Some 15-Inch Models Indicate Iris Pro 580 Instead Of Intel HD Graphics 530 By Mistake

Users have begun noticing inaccurate graphics card readouts in some MacBook Pro units. The glitch may be caused by the operating system and adds to other issues owners have been reporting since the laptop's release.

Apple November 19, 2016

Apple Limiting iPhone 7 LTE Perfomance On Verizon, Lowering Data Speeds To Match AT&T Variant

LTE performance of the iPhone 7 on Verizon is reportedly limited by Apple to match the data speeds the AT&T variant is capable of.

Apple November 19, 2016

Black Friday 2016 Best Deals On iPhone And iPad From Best Buy, Walmart, Target And More

Chances are you've been hoping to get your hands on an iPhone or iPad this Black Friday from one of the top retail stores. Worry not, there are several great deals that could tickle your fancy. From the iPhone 5s to the iPad Pro, these deals are rocking.

Apple November 20, 2016

Analysis: Why Apple Is Keeping FaceTime And iPhone Call Logs On iCloud

A Russian security firm reports that Apple has been storing call logs and FaceTime logs to iCloud for as long as four months to date. Unfortunately, these are the only two apps that users cannot turn off syncing for.

Apple November 17, 2016

Apple Announces iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Repair Program To Fix Multitouch: It's Not Free, But It's Cheaper

Apple acknowledged that some iPhone 6 Plus units are affected by the so-called iPhone Touch Disease and it's launching a program to address the issues. The repair is still not free, but at least it costs much less than it used to.

Apple November 18, 2016

Firefox Focus Saves iPhone Users From Advertisers, Provides Simple And Private Web Browsing Experience

Firefox Focus blocks all web trackers by default, setting privacy at the top of its user experience. It also features barebones interface that allows the app to load pages faster.

Apple November 18, 2016

Remember The $300 'Designed By Apple In California' Photo Book? It Was A 'Responsibility,' Says Jony Ive

Apple's bulky new tome called 'Designed by Apple in California' looks at Apple’s 20-year design history. Jony Ive, the company's chief design officer, has confessed that it felt an obligation to create the book.

Apple November 18, 2016

Will Apple Help 'Make America Great Again' After Trump Victory? iPhone Manufacturing In The United States Being Considered, Report Reveals

President-elect Donald Trump previously said that he wants Apple to bring its manufacturing processes into the United States. A report reveals that the company is, at the very least, considering the move.

Apple November 18, 2016

Apple AirPods Release Date Rumor: French Retailer Hints Wireless Earphones Will Ship Nov. 30

Apple has yet to announce the release date of the AirPods, but several retailers have let it slip on a possible date. From what they're saying, it would seem as if fans can get their hands on the device before the end of 2016, and not 2017 according to some.

Apple November 17, 2016

Apple iPhone With OLED Display Might Arrive In 2017, But Suppliers Reportedly Not Ready To Meet Demand

A new report affirms that the impending iPhone - set to debut in 2017 - will have an OLED screen. However, suppliers may not be able to meet the demand due to manufacturing constraints.

Apple November 17, 2016

Apple Reportedly Halving App Store Fees For Video Services Integrated With New 'TV' App: From 30 Percent To 15 Percent

The drastic price drop in App Store premium could allow Apple to aggressively push its own video strategy. Video services' eligibility for reduced fees will require an agreement to be integrated into Apple's new TV app.

Apple November 18, 2016

MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Teardown: Tough To Repair, Impossible To Upgrade

Ever wondered what's inside the new Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Well, it's all the things you'd expect. However, when it comes down to repairing the device should those things go bad, that's where things begin to get hurt the DYI folks right in the gut and the pocket.

Apple November 17, 2016

iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple May Release 3 iPhones Next Year, Analyst Says

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple may release three iPhone 8 models next year: 4.7- and 5.5-inch variants with LCD displays and a version with an OLED screen with dual cameras.

Apple November 15, 2016

Apple Cleaned Up App Store, Removed 47,300 Outdated iOS Apps In October

Apple is currently culling thousands of applications and it largely involve game titles. The company is targeting those that have not been updated or those that do not meet its guidelines.

Apple November 16, 2016

Apple Makes Things Right, Restores Peach Butt Emoji Via iOS 10.2 Beta 3

Due to public furor, Apple has brought back the controversial peach emoji it recently redesigned in a beta version of the iOS 10. It only got a bit more shiny and realistic.

Apple November 16, 2016

'Designed By Apple In California,' A New Book That Features 450 Photos Of iPhones, iPods And Other Apple Creations

A new Apple book is on the horizon, one that is designed to showcase images of every Apple products from the last 20 years. There are 450 images here, and according to the company, the book is dedicated to late CEO, Steve Jobs.

Apple November 16, 2016

iPhone 7 Overheating Issue: Pregnant Australian Woman Suffers Second-Degree Burn From Her iPhone

Another iPhone 7 overheated and caused harm to its user in Australia. The owner of the iPhone 7 suffered second-degree burns after sleeping on the device accidentally.

Apple November 15, 2016

Apple Is Thinking About Launching Its Own Smart Glasses That Can Connect To iPhones: Is This A Good Idea?

Apple is thinking about launching its own smart glasses, according to a Bloomberg report. The device is said to be similar to the Google Glass, and will connect to the iPhones of its users.

Apple November 15, 2016

Apple Tested Touch Screens On Macs, But Found It Absurd: MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Is As Far As It Goes

Apple has apparently toyed with the idea of adding multi-touch to the Mac, but thought it would be a disaster. The MacBook Pro's touch bar is one thing, but adding touch to a 27-inch iMac would be absurd and it's not going to happen, says Apple's Phil Schiller.

Apple November 14, 2016

Apple Releases Third Developer Beta For macOS 10.12.2, iOS 10.2 And tvOS 10.1

Apple has released beta 3 updates for macOS Sierra 10.12.2, iOS 10.2 and tvOS 10.1. This round of updates target developers and users enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program, although a public beta could arrive soon.

Apple November 14, 2016

Apple Pay Gets Into Charity, Now Lets You Donate To Nonprofits Such As UNICEF, American Red Cross And More

Apple entered the holiday mood with an update to Apple Pay, now allowing users to donate to nonprofit organizations quickly and easily. A total of 19 organizations are already on board, with more to follow in the coming months.

Apple November 14, 2016

Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro 2016: Can The Updated Microsoft Laptop Give The New MacBook A Run For Its Money?

Microsoft launched the Surface Book i7 a day before Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 2016 lineup. With specs for both laptops closely similar to one another, which laptop is the better option?

Apple November 14, 2016

MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Review Roundup: Here's What Tech Experts Are Saying About The Late-2016 Apple Laptop

Apple's late 2016 Macbook Pro's most impressive new feature is the Touch Bar, but to some, this is more of a gimmick than anything else. From what reviewers are saying, it would seem Apple has a winner here, but the Touch Bar, the price and lack of ports could be its Achilles heel.

Apple November 15, 2016

Apple AirPods Release Date Might Not Be This Year After All: Barclays

Apple delayed the AirPods release date back in October and the wireless earphones have yet to hit the market. According to analysts, the AirPods will enter production in December at last, which means they might not be ready in time for a 2016 launch.

Apple November 12, 2016

iPhone 8 Specs Rumors: Upcoming iPhone's Wireless Charging Technology Will Make You Go Wow

Apple is rumored to be working on a groundbreaking wireless charging tech for the iPhone 8, which is nothing like traditional wireless charging methods. We share with you how the new tech will work.

Apple November 11, 2016

Target Black Friday 2016 Deals On Apple Products: Two Waves Of Promos, Great Discounts On iPads, Apple TVs And More

Target Black Friday 2016 deals include some neat discounts on various Apple products, including iPhones, Apple TVs, iPads and more. The deals come in two waves and the first one is already on, so here's what's on offer and how much you can save.

Apple November 11, 2016

Apple 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Wants To Put An Apple Device Under Each Christmas Tree

Apple launched its 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, confident that there's an Apple device for everyone. The company is not offering any fabulous deals, but it is throwing in free next-day shipping for in-stock iPhones, including the iPhone 7.

Apple November 11, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 First Batch Of Orders Now 'Preparing For Shipment': Customers May Get Their Laptops By Nov. 11

The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 models with the Touch Bar display feature will soon arrive to customers who preordered the variants. The order status of the said laptops has changed to the 'preparing for shipment' tag.

Apple November 11, 2016

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