Elago W3 Stand Lets Your Apple Watch Look Like The Original Macintosh When Charging

A clever Apple Watch stand transforms the smartwatch into a miniature Macintosh computer. Elago W3 was originally unveiled in November 2016 and is currently gaining the attention of Apple fans today.

Apple January 6, 2017

Apple Forced To Take Down New York Times App In China, And Here's Why

Apple was forced to take down news apps created by The New York Times from China's App Store. Who requested for the apps to be pulled out, and what was the reason behind the order?

Apple January 4, 2017

Apple AirPods Charging Case Battery Issues: An AirPods Reset Does The Trick For Some, But Not All

Users have been complaining about battery drain issues affecting the Apple AirPods Charging Case, but a simple workaround might fix the problem. Based on user reports, resetting the AirPods apparently solves the issue for some, albeit not all.

Apple January 3, 2017

Apple Kicks Off Chinese New Year Promos With Free Beats Solo3 For Mac, iPhone Purchase

Apple has announced its first promotion in celebration of the Chinese New Year, offering Mac and iPhone customers the $299.95 Beats Solo3 wireless headphones for free. However, there is a catch.

Apple January 3, 2017

Afraid Of Your Apple AirPods Getting Stolen? Protect Them From Thieves With This Nifty Sticker

A new product has surfaced at Etsy that promises to keep AirPods from being stolen by thieves. It is very easy to use and quite cheap to boot.

Apple January 2, 2017

AirPods Production Going Into Overtime To Keep Up With Demand: How Successful Are The Wireless Earphones Of Apple?

The AirPods are a 'runaway success,' Apple CEO Tim Cook said, despite the criticism against the wireless earphones. It seems that Cook's claim is true, as the factories of Apple's manufacturing partner are working overtime to keep up with demand.

Apple January 2, 2017

Apple iOS 10.3 Beta Tipped For January With New 'Theater' Mode In Tow: What Could It Be?

Apple has been working on iOS 10.3 and is apparently preparing to release the first beta on Jan. 10. According to a new leak, the upcoming beta update will bring a 'Theater' mode to the table, but what could it entail?

Apple January 1, 2017

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over Fatal Car Accident Allegedly Caused By FaceTime

A family in Texas is holding Apple accountable for the death of their daughter in a car crash involving a driver distracted by FaceTime. Texas does not have any law preventing motorists from using their smartphones while driving in its highways.

Apple December 31, 2016

Apple Supplier Foxconn Begins To Fully Automate Factories: Your iPhones Will Soon Be Made By Robots

Foxconn, a prominent Apple supplier, is ramping up its efforts to fully automate its factories. Upon the completion of the initiative, factories will only have a minimal number of human employees.

Apple December 30, 2016

New iMessage Prank Text Crashes iPhones And Rebooting Won't Fix It: Here's What To Do

A new iMessage prank is making rounds, freezing the app altogether. Closing the app or rebooting the iPhone won't fix the problem, but there's a simple workaround to solve the issue.

Apple December 30, 2016

Aerial Shot Of Apple Campus 2 Shows More Detail Of Silicon Valley 'Spaceship'

The Apple Campus 2 is nearly finished, but ahead of its opening, SkyIMD has uploaded a gorgeous high-resolution aerial shot of the building and its surrounding area. The Apple Campus 2 officially opens early next year.

Apple December 30, 2016

Despite Criticism, Tim Cook Calls The AirPods A 'Runaway Success'

Tim Cook says the iPhone 7’s much talked-about AirPods have contributed to a 'great holiday season' for Apple. Criticism against the wireless earbuds did nothing to slow down the product in becoming a 'runaway success.'

Apple December 29, 2016

Your Apple Watch Will Challenge You To Work Out As The New Year Rolls In: What Happens If You Achieve Your Goals?

Apple Watch owners may have already received a notification for the Ring in the New Year Challenge. What can users get if they are able to achieve the goals put forward by the activity?

Apple December 29, 2016

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak May Be Released Sooner Than Expected

iOS 10 has already fallen to jailbreakers but the existing iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is still in early beta build. Fortunately, reports indicate that the more stable 10.2 jailbreak version is about to get unleashed.

Apple December 29, 2016

Some AirPods Users Having Battery Drain Problems With The Charging Case: What Is Apple Doing To Fix This?

Some AirPods users are experiencing battery drain problems with the charging case of the wireless earphones. Is there anything that affected customers can do to fix the problem?

Apple December 28, 2016

Apple Planning To Release 4.7-Inch, 5-Inch With Dual Rear Cameras, And 5.5-Inch iPhone 7s Models?

A new report claims Apple will launch three iPhone 7s models. The releases are said to be a 4.7-inch model, a new 5-inch variant and a 5.5-inch handset.

Apple December 29, 2016

Apple Releases First Research Paper On Artificial Intelligence: Is The Secretive Company Finally Opening Up?

Apple has published its first research paper, which focuses on artificial intelligence. For some, the important part of the news is that Apple published a paper at all, given the company's secretive nature.

Apple December 26, 2016

Apple Developers Unleash 'App Santa' Discounts: Up To 80 Percent Off Top iOS And Mac Apps

The annual 'App Santa' promotion went live and 2016 brings heavy discounts of up to 80 percent off on popular iOS and Mac apps. The limited-time deals will expire shortly.

Apple December 24, 2016

Next-Gen iPad Launch Could Be Delayed Beyond March 2017 Due To Apple Supply Chain Issue

The launch of the next-generation iPad could be delayed beyond March 2017 due to issues in Apple's supply chain. It was reported that the 10nm process of TSMC has returned lower-than-expected yield rate, which is the cause of the problem.

Apple December 25, 2016

Withings Products Pulled Out From Apple Stores: Why Were The Health Devices Taken Down?

Withings products such as the Body Cardio Scale can no longer be purchased through Apple's online and physical stores. Why did Apple take down the health-related devices in the middle of the holiday season?

Apple December 23, 2016

How To Take 360 Degree Photos On Your iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus: Quick User Guide

Since Facebook and VR got on board, 360-photos have become increasingly popular and the hype is going strong. Here's a quick guide on how to take 360-degree photos on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and share them on Facebook.

Apple December 24, 2016

Here Are Some Tips On How To Not Lose AirPods, Apple's New Easily Misplaced Accessory

Ever since they were unveiled, Apple's AirPods look like accessories that can easily be misplaced. Here are some tips on how not to lose AirPods, which are soon shipping out to customers.

Apple December 24, 2016

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Issues: Users Report Black Screens, Weird Tints And Emergency iPhone Cool Down Notice

Users have been reporting iPhone 7 Plus camera issues and a hardware fault is apparently to blame. Apple has been replacing the camera or the smartphone altogether, according to iPhone 7 Plus owners who've experienced camera issues.

Apple December 22, 2016

Apple Is Once Again Locked In A Patent Battle With Nokia: What Are They Fighting About This Time?

Apple and Nokia are once again locked in an international patent battle after settling such a lawsuit in 2011. What are the two companies fighting about this time?

Apple December 22, 2016

Apple Could Face Production Issues Of 2017 iPhone With OLED Displays As Efforts Depend On Japanese Supplier

A secretive Japanese company could prove critical in the way Apple meets future iPhone demand. The supplier has a near monopoly on a machine that can manufacture the component that the Cupertino company wants for its next smartphone.

Apple December 21, 2016

Apple No Longer Signing iOS 10.1 And iOS 10.1.1: Downgrade From iOS 10.2 Now Impossible

Apple is no longer signing iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 as it released the iOS 10.2 update last week. The move provides security and consistency for users but prevents downgrading from the latest version of the mobile operating system.

Apple December 21, 2016

LG UltraFine 5K Display Now Available From Apple Store: $974 Price Extended To March, Shipping Expected Before December Ends

Apple announced that the offer price for the new LG UltraFine 5K Display will be available until March 2017. It was originally set to last until the end of the year.

Apple December 21, 2016

Apple's iPhone AirPods Torn Down By iFixit: Impossible To Repair

Another iPhone product has been torn down by the folks at iFixit, and this time around, it's the AirPods. As one should come to expect, these devices are impossible to repair, and they are so bad to the point where they cannot be recycled.

Apple December 25, 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says 'Great Desktops' Are In The Pipeline: New Macs In The Cards

Tim Cook announced that great and powerful new Macs are looming in the horizon in an internal post addressed to Apple employees. He did not specify if the upcoming hardwares include the iMac, Mac Pro, and the Mac Mini.

Apple December 19, 2016

OLED iPhone 8 May Sport Curves On All Sides: Apple Reportedly Testing New Touch Controls

Apple has reportedly been testing new touch controls for an OLED iPhone curved on all sides. The use of plastic OLED would allow for extra flexibility, but the smartphone won't be foldable.

Apple December 19, 2016

Best New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Apps: Adobe Photoshop, 1Password, And More

Developers are now updating their software to take advantage of the MacBook Pro's secondary OLED display. Although it was only introduced last October, a number of apps are already using it in several ways.

Apple December 19, 2016

Ireland Not Happy About EU's $14 Billion Tax Order Against Apple: Did The EU Exceed Powers And Interfere?

Apple was ordered by the European Commission to pay $14 billion in taxes. Ireland is not happy about the decision and will lodge an appeal along with Apple to protect the country's tax regime.

Apple December 19, 2016

Top Engineer At Porsche Was Poached By Apple: Report

Apple reportedly poached Porsche engineer Alexander Hitzinger early in 2016 for its top secret automated vehicle project. The Cupertino company's dreams of an iCar might not be dead just yet.

Apple December 20, 2016

Best Apple Watch Series 2 Apps And Games: Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Out Of The watchOS 3 Wearable

While there are around 20,000 apps available for the Apple Watch not all of these are useful. Here is a list of some that you will most likely use, make you more productive and even enjoy.

Apple December 18, 2016

Don't Lose Or Break Your AirPods Bud: Apple Will Charge $69 For A Replacement

Apple has already announced the price tag of lost AirPods shortly after the wireless peripheral went on sale. The company allows for the replacement of only one piece, which could save money for those who lost or damaged just one unit.

Apple December 15, 2016

'Designed By Apple In California' Video Narrated By Jony Ive Now Open To All: Photo Book Explained [Video]

Jony Ive has resurfaced in a video promotion of the Designed by Apple in California book after rumors of his departure got floated about several weeks ago. The video, which discussed what the book meant for Apple, has been made available to all at YouTube.

Apple December 15, 2016

MacBook Pro macOS 10.12.2 Update Reportedly Improves Battery Life: Apple Quietly Rolls Out Fix?

New MacBook Pro users are reporting that the recently launched macOS 10.12.2 update is improving the battery life of their laptops, That said, Apple seems to have quietly rolled out the change.

Apple December 15, 2016

How To Downgrade From iOS 10.2 To 10.1.1 Or 10.1: Quick Tips For iPhone And iPad Owners

Apple packed iOS 10.2 with a slew of new features, but if you're unhappy with it for some reason here's how to downgrade to iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.1.1. There's only a small window to downgrade, so time is of the essence.

Apple December 14, 2016

iOS 10.2 Problems And Issues Appear Worse After Software Release: Battery Drain And EarPods Not Working In iPhone, iPad, And iPod Touch

Apple has just released iOS 10.2 to introduce new features and squash existing bugs. Some users are reporting the software update has actually made their devices worse.

Apple December 17, 2016

Apple Support App Now Available In The US: Set Genius Bar Appointments, Chat With Customer Service, And More

Apple's new Support app allows users to find product documentation, schedule appointments at a Genius Bar, and even chat with an Apple Support technician, among other things. It was first launched in the Netherlands.

Apple December 14, 2016

Apple's watchOS 3.1.1 Update Bricks Apple Watches, Gets Pulled Down: watchOS 3.1.2 Can't Come Soon Enough

After complaints that the watchOS 3.1.1 update has bricked Apple Watches, it has now been pulled out from the Watch app, indicating that it is currently getting tweaked. Apple Stores are also incapable of repairing the problem.

Apple December 14, 2016

Apple AirPods Now on eBay For As High As $1,590 As Shipping Estimates Slip To January: Is There Another Way To Buy The Wireless Earphones?

Listings for Apple's AirPods on eBay have prices reaching as high as $1,590, compared with the original price of $159. Is there another way to purchase the wireless earphones this holiday season?

Apple December 15, 2016

iOS 10.2 Update: The 5 Best Features For Your iPhone

After spending a long time in beta, Apple has now officially rolled out iOS 10. 2 for the public. Here are the five best features in the new software update.

Apple December 14, 2016

MacBook Pro macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Update: Removes 'Time Remaining' Battery Estimate, Fixes Graphics Issue

While Apple fixed a number of known bugs in the 2016 MacBook Pro, the recent MacOS Sierra update merely removed the battery life estimate that many users have been complaining about. There is no word yet if the feature will get reintroduced in future updates.

Apple December 14, 2016

Apple AirPods Release Date: Wireless Earphones On Sale Now, But Shipping Is Already Slipping

Apple has finally released its AirPods after months of delays. The wireless headphones are on sale now at the Apple Store and will start shipping soon, but the high demand is already creating backlog.

Apple December 13, 2016

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