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Divers salvage Chelyabinsk meteor chunk from bottom of Russian lake

Scientists have found a huge fragment of the meteorite that hit the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia in February.

SCIENCE October 17, 2013

Angry Birds takes to kart racing in new game Go!

The next Angry Birds game will have developer Rovio Entertainment trading slingshots for motor engines.

TECH October 17, 2013

BlackBerry Update: Cerberus mulls bid, KPMG migrates

KPMG's purchases 3,500 new BlackBerry 10 smartphones and plans on migrating to the smartphone maker's Enterprise Service 10, even as Cerberus mulls making a bid on the struggling company.

Business Tech October 17, 2013

Watch Dogs release delay hurts Ubisoft

Hacker themed open-world game Watch Dogs is being pushed back along with next-gen racer “The Crew.”

TECH October 17, 2013

Oreo cookies more addictive as cocaine (at least to rats)

Study conducted at Connecticut College reports that the famed snack Oreo cookies activated more neurons than cocaine or morphine.

LIFE October 17, 2013

SpaceX Grasshopper rocket sets new leap record

The Grasshopper prototype rocket of Elon Musk's SpaceX had a successful test launch on October 7. Its flight and successful return to its launchpad was recorded by a hexacopter drone.

Space October 16, 2013

EU approves tiny wireless pacemaker that eliminates need of surgery

The European Union has approved Nanostim pacemakers, which does not need any invasive surgery.

FUTURE TECH October 16, 2013

Felix Baumgartner record-breaking, supersonic freefall captured on helmet cam

On the first anniversary of Felix Baumgartner's supesonic skydiving feat, Red Bull released a new POV video of the adventure.

LIFE October 16, 2013

Nike FuelBand SE is funky and Apple-exclusive

Nike has unveiled the latest Nike+ FuelBand SE, which can be paired with iPhone and iPod Touch.

TECH October 16, 2013

Snowden/NSA journalist leaves the Guardian to join 'dream' job

Glenn Greenwald has left his job with the Guardian to join a "once-in-a-career dream journalistic opportunity."

LIFE October 16, 2013

Twitter snubs Nasdaq, will make market debut on NYSE

Twitter has confirmed that it will list IPO with NYSE and not Nasdaq.

Business Tech October 16, 2013

Apple stores looking to spruce up under Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts

Apple has taken on board Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who will join the company in spring 2014.

Business Tech October 16, 2013

Found: Fossil of 46-million-year-old mosquito with tummy full of blood

A fossilized mosquito with preserved blood components inside its belly has been discovered in northwest Montana.

SCIENCE October 16, 2013

Intel profit slips but beats estimates

Intel reports drop in Q3 profits but beats Wall Street estimates.

Business Tech October 16, 2013

18-foot-long carcass of oarfish found off California coast

A staff member of the Catalina Island Maritime Institute has found a dead 18-foot oarfish in the waters off Toyon Bay.

SCIENCE October 16, 2013

T-Mobile to kill grandfathered plans

T-Mobile has started sending out notices to existing customers still on grandfathered plans, letting them know that the switch to newer plans are scheduled to take effect starting November.

Business Tech October 16, 2013

Apple invite for Oct. 22 event has 'a lot to cover'

Come October 22, Apple is expected to announce new MacBook Pros, the iPad mini 2, as well as the iPad 5.

TECH October 16, 2013

Yahoo profit slips on low ad clicks but Mayer will stay

Yahoo has reported a 5 percent drop in overall revenue, and a 7 percent drop in display revenue generated by ad clicks.

Business Tech October 16, 2013

Ford teams up with University of Michigan to open new EV battery research lab

Ford is teaming up with University of Michigan to start the new EV battery research lab.

Car Tech October 16, 2013

BlackBerry tries to calm anxious customers with open letter

BlackBerry has issued an open letter to calm anxious customers who are concerned about the company's future.

Business Tech October 15, 2013

Star Wars: Rebels villain Inquisitor unveiled at New York Comic Con

Inquisitor, the bad guy for series set between Star Wars franchise prequel and original trilogy has been tasked with hunting down remaining Jedi Knights by Darth Vader.

LIFE October 15, 2013

Freak snowstorm kills tens of thousands of cattle in South Dakota

A massive snowstorm in South Dakota has killed thousands of cattle and has paralyzed the cattle ranching industry.

LIFE October 15, 2013

Microsoft joins phablet race with Windows Phone 8 update

Microsoft will soon begin pushing out the GDR3 update in the "coming weeks."

TECH October 15, 2013

Eminem single 'Rap God' released

Eminem's single 'Rap God' debuts on iTunes.

LIFE October 15, 2013

Brian Vickers NASCAR hopes dashed by blood clot

The racing season for NASCAR driver Brian Vickers is over due to a blood clot discovered in his right calf.

LIFE October 15, 2013

Regular bedtime reduces behavioral problems in kids

Sleeping early and following a regular bedtime schedule may help improve a child's behavior, a new study has concluded.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 15, 2013

Android 4.4 KitKat releasing soon: What you should know

Google is expected to release Android 4.4. KitKat soon. Ho different will it be from the predecessor?

TECH October 15, 2013

NSA is spying on email address book of millions of Americans

Email contact lists of millions of American are reportedly being spied on by the NSA.

LIFE October 15, 2013

Prosthetic limbs will soon offer advanced sense of touch

A group of researchers from the University of Chicago were able to come up with a set of sensory instructions to help develop artificial limbs with sensory inputs in the future.

Robotics October 15, 2013

BMW Series 4 Convertible to hit US early next year: Specs, features revealed

BMW has unveiled some specifications and features of the Series 4 Convertible, which will reach the U.S. in Q1 2014.

Car Tech October 15, 2013

HTC One Max out: What you need to know

HTC One Max is finally out. Can the Taiwanese high-end Android phone maker prove that it can still compete against Samsung and Apple?

TECH October 15, 2013

New Yahoo Mail not functioning well, irks users

The revamped Yahoo Mail is encountering auto-forwarding issues.

TECH October 15, 2013

Facebook buys mobile analytics start-up Onavo

Facebook has acquired Israel-based mobile analytics start-up Onavo.

Business Tech October 15, 2013

LG G-Flex curved smartphone looks delicious in leaked renders

With G-Flex, LG takes a shot at Samsung's Galaxy Round screen, curved at its horizontal axis.

TECH October 15, 2013

Science publication calls blogger 'urban whore', whips up internet storm

Biologist and science blogger Dr. Danielle N. Lee gets nasty response from editor from Biology Online for refusing free gig; science blogging community erupts.

LIFE October 15, 2013

Baby Hope case cracked after 22 years, killer cousin arrested

The mystery murder case of Baby Hope has been solved after 22 years and the victim's killer cousin has been arrested.

LIFE October 15, 2013

Diamonds strewn in Jupiter and Saturn's atmospheres: Research

Jupiter and Saturn may have diamonds in their atmosphere. Lots of them.

SCIENCE October 15, 2013

Quality matters, not price: iPhone 5s outselling iPhone 5c

Apple's flagship handset is outselling its lower end sibling more than two to one.

Business Tech October 15, 2013

Tech Talk: Is iPhone 5s TouchID really secure or just a marketing gimmick?

A couple of days after iPhone 5s with TouchID technology was launched, it grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons - a hacking group that calls itself Chaos Computer Club (CCC) said biometrics security couldn't prevent them from bypassing the lock screen and accessing all the data in the latest generation iPhone.

TECH October 15, 2013

NASA ban on Chinese scientists heavily criticized

A ban by NASA on Chinese participants to attend the Kepler conference has been heavily criticized by Chinese, as well as U.S. scientists.

SCIENCE October 14, 2013

iPhone 5s users spooked by BSOD (blue screen of death)

The iPhone 5s is encountering a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issue.

TECH October 14, 2013

Nancy Pelosi, Betty Ford and 7 others inducted in National Women's Hall of Fame

The late First Lady Betty Ford and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi are among the newest inductees to the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

LIFE October 14, 2013

MasterChef runner-up Josh Marks commits suicide

Josh Marks, runner-up of MasterChef Season 3, has been found dead. Authorities believe it was a suicide and his family revealed the chef's battle with mental disorders.

LIFE October 14, 2013

Woman charged for trying to engage hired killer to get rid of daughter-in-law

A 70-year old woman has been charged for attempting to have her daughter-in-law killed.

LIFE October 14, 2013

Captain Phillips is 'surreal,' highlights real dangers in high seas

Based on a true-life incident, the gripping maritime thriller "Captain Phillips" is "surreal."

LIFE October 14, 2013

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