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Ericsson CEO Vestberg says 'no, thank you' to Microsoft CEO rumors

Hans Vestberg of Ericsson has clarified that he is not interested in being Microsoft's next CEO.

Business Tech January 30, 2014

Obesity risk revealed as early as kindergarten

Is your child overweight at age 5? A new study suggests he's likely to be obese when he reaches teen years.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 30, 2014

SwiftKey Note comes to iOS with Evernote integration

SwiftKey Note has finally arrived on iOS, complete with Evernote integration.

Tech January 30, 2014

GoDaddy and PayPal criticized for @N Twitter hack

GoDaddy and PayPal's security systems are thrown into question after a hacker steals $50,000 @N Twitter handle.

Tech January 30, 2014

Will monarch butterflies cease to exist? No, but migration is at risk

The number of the migratory monarch butterflies are dwindling, threatening the annual winter migration that serves as symbol of unity between Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

Science January 30, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 leaks with QHD display and fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to have a QHD display and fingerprint scanner, according to well-reputed leaker Evleaks.

Tech January 30, 2014

Miracle: Texas girl plummets 3500 ft in skydiving accident, survives

A teen tried to fulfill her skydiving dream on her sixteenth birthday but things went wrong. She plummeted to earth from 3,500 feet. She must have done something - she survived - or it was just pure divine intervention.

Life January 30, 2014

Google inching closer to settling EU antitrust dispute

Google could escape a potential $5 billion fine if it makes more compromise on the antitrust issues that concern EU.

Business Tech January 30, 2014

Mexico water monster axolotl in danger of becoming extinct in its natural habitat

Mexican biologists fear that the axolotl may have finally disappeared from their natural lake habitats.

Science January 30, 2014

Motorola deal is win-win for both Google and Lenovo: Here's why

Google has finally decided to offload Motorola, but to an unexpected taker - Lenovo. Motorola was sold for around $10 billion less than what Google paid to acquire the smartphone maker but the latest deal is being billed as win-win for both Google and Motorola.

Business Tech January 30, 2014

Dutch court surrenders, allows Pirate Bay to sail again

The Pirate Bay ship is now free to sail in the Netherlands after an appeals court ruled that blocking it is ineffective.

Business Tech January 30, 2014

Nintendo president salary cut amid low profits

Nintendo profits and Wii U sales fell flat. Nintendo's president announced that he will halve his salary.

Business Tech January 30, 2014

Why is Yahoo fooling around with Tomfoolery?

Yahoo makes another big ticket acquisition by buying Tomfoolery to see the company through these difficult times, and bring ex-employees within its fold.

Business Tech January 30, 2014

AT&T Q4 profit looks up but shares slide as subscriber growth misses Street estimates

AT&T posted profits for Q4 2013 but its share price fell as the company revealed lesser-than-expected subscriber addition during the period.

Business Tech January 30, 2014

Twitter news partnership with CNN announced

Twitter announced a news partnership with CNN and Dataminr, which will make it easier for journalists to recognize breaking news on Twitter.

Tech January 30, 2014

Henry Molaison's (or HM) brain digitized to show how amnesia affects the brain

One of the most famous brains in the field of neuroscience, the brain of "H.M." was dissected into 2,401 slices in 2009. Now, the researchers have published their findings.

Science January 29, 2014

Facebook open servers save $1 billion

Facebook saved more than $1 billion with Open Compute servers in its data centers.

Tech January 29, 2014

Thermal flow control now a step closer to reality

Scientists have proposed a new heat flow technology to manage heat in electronic devices.

Science January 29, 2014

Whale shark slaughterhouse discovery in China exposes human greed for money

A factory slaughtering and processing endangered whale sharks have been discovered in China.

Science January 29, 2014

AMD unveils world's first 64-Bit ARM-based server chip: What you should know

AMD has unveiled the first-ever 64-bit ARM-based server chip.

Tech January 29, 2014

Google Chrome update for iOS now supports translation and eats less data

Google updates Chrome for iOS, which now supports translation and consumes less data.

Tech January 29, 2014

Windows XP support ends in April

Microsoft announced that it will end support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014.

Tech January 29, 2014

ICANN bombards us with new gTLDs

ICANN is set to shower us with several new generic top-level domain names or gTLDs.

Tech January 29, 2014

Build with Chrome lets you build your imagination, one lego brick at a time

Lego and Google have launched "Build with Chrome" on Tuesday. As of reporting, there have been no reports of lower productivity in offices worldwide.

Tech January 29, 2014

As broadband speed grows, so do Web attacks, warns Akamai

The State of the Internet report by Akamai delves into the growth in broadband speed.

Tech January 29, 2014

BlackBerry 10 update rolls out with picture passwords, offline browser reading mode, and more

The new update brings BlackBerry 10 in line with popular platforms such as Android andd iOS.

Tech January 29, 2014

Evernote data sync is now 4x faster

Evernote will now sync data four times faster than before.

Tech January 29, 2014

Saline IV bags shortage hits U.S. hospitals

Hospitals are now using smaller saline IV bags and healthcare service providers have been told to look for alternative solutions to cope with the shortage.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 29, 2014

Will Google kill Nexus in 2015?

If the rumors are correct, the Google Nexus brand could be on it way out soon.

Tech January 29, 2014

Google Chrome apps to unleash soon on iOS and Android

Chrome apps will hit the iOS and Android platform in the near future. Google has already released a tool that can help developers make this possible.

Tech January 29, 2014

Apple wants you to expect solar-powered Macbook soon

The next big MacBook announcement could showcase a solar charging feature. Or maybe not.

Tech January 29, 2014

TegraZone now compatible with all Android devices

TegraZone games are now available on non-Tegra devices running Android 2.2 or higher.

Tech January 29, 2014

Breath test can now detect lung cancer

Certain compounds found in a person's breath can give clues as to whether a person has a lung cancer or not.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 29, 2014

Bird-like drone can now perch on trees

A robotics company has helped equip a drone of the U.S. Air Force with robotic legs that can help it perch on trees and other surfaces.

Robotics January 29, 2014

Bubonic plague DNA discovered in teeth hints at future outbreak

The Black Death and the Plague of Justinian were caused by different strains of the same bacteria and scientists are warning of the possibility of future outbreak.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 29, 2014

Tim Cook hints iPhone 5c may be a flop

While Apple sold 51 million units of iPhones for Q1 of fiscal year 2014, the iPhone 5c might have pulled the figures down.

Business Tech January 29, 2014

Nintendo games mulling jump to mobile devices? No, just a rumor

Nintendo has hinted at finally joining the mobile gaming bandwagon. Mobile Nintendo mini-games may soon come out for various mobile platforms. Sounds too good to be true? Right.

Tech January 29, 2014

Obama lets tech giants disclose a bit more on US user data requests

The U.S. government has allowed technology and telecommunication firms to broadly disclose the number of national security letters and requests for information from FISC.

Life January 29, 2014

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas finally lands on Windows Phone Store: What you should know

Windows Phone 8 users, who are also GTA fans, can finally get their hands on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Tech January 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 promises to be more sleek and sporty

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will likely tout a curved display.

Tech January 29, 2014

Gun study shows U.S. kids most vulnerable

Twenty children in the U.S. are brought to the hospital everyday because of gunshot wounds.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 29, 2014

Leaked photo of Samsung Tizen smartphone ZEQ 9000 reveals little

A leaked image of ZEQ 9000 Samsung Tizen smartphone suggests that the handset may launch sooner rather than later.

Tech January 29, 2014

Intel Jarvis personal voice assistant may kill Siri by going offline

Intel's offline voice assistant - Jarvis - is gearing up to challenge Siri.

Tech January 29, 2014

Google Glass now comes with $225 prescription frames: What you should know

Google rolled out prescription frames for Google Glass. Will it help users blend in with the crowd?

Tech January 29, 2014

300,000 year old hearth in Qesem Cave holds clues on how our ancestors used fire

A recently discovered caveman hearth in Qesem Cave site in Israel may shed light on early human usage of fire.

Science January 28, 2014

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