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News followers on Twitter are more educated, younger and mobile-savvy than Facebook's

News consumers on Twitter are younger, more educated, and use mobile devices more, compared to people getting news through Facebook.

Tech November 7, 2013

Twitter IPO priced at $26 per share: Investors, underwriters to make millions

Twitter will officially go public Thursday with a per share price starting at $26, placing the value of the company at around $18 billion.

Business Tech November 7, 2013

Samsung promises dividend boost, dispels smartphone market saturation fears

Samsung has announced its plans to increase dividend yield and has dismissed market saturation fears in the smartphone space.

Business Tech November 6, 2013

Mediterranean diet helps women age gracefully

Per a new study, following a Mediterranean diet helps women live longer and age gracefully.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 6, 2013

Google+ business users get more privacy

Business users on Google+ will now get more privacy.

Business Tech November 6, 2013

UK embassy embroiled in German spying controversy

The British embassy in Berlin is embroiled in a spying controversy.

Photo Gallery November 6, 2013

Starfish graveyard along California coastline found, mysterious disease blamed

Starfish along the California coastline are getting infected by a baffling disease that turns them into slime.

Science November 6, 2013

Tesla Q3 revenue up but shares slide as outlook disappoints

Tesla has unveiled its financial results for Q3 2013 but shares of the company slipped due to company's weak future outlook.

Business Tech November 6, 2013

US govt tops Apple's list of customer data request

Apple has disclosed customer data sharing requests it has received from governments and the U.S. tops the list.

Life November 6, 2013

Flesh-eating giant platypus fossil found in Australia

A modern-day platypus might be considered by a lot of people as cute, but a newly discovered extinct species of the animal might not fit the description.

Science November 6, 2013

Elon Musk tops AskMen’s list of Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2013

Elon Musk takes the top spot in AskMem's Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2013.

Life November 6, 2013

Fox News warns world of Zombie apocalypse (or is it?)

The website of Fox News featured whimsical headlines on Tuesday suggesting the day of the dead is coming but apparently, it was just an "internal production error."

Tech November 6, 2013

New Yorkers have spoken: Bill de Blasio voted as city's 109th mayor

Bill de Blasio has been voted as New York City's 109th mayor.

Life November 6, 2013

Mulally, Elop shortlisted to be Steve Ballmer's successor at Microsoft

Microsoft has reportedly shrunk the list of front-runners for CEO position as Steve Ballmer's retirement nears.

Business Tech November 6, 2013

86-year old runner dies after setting New York City Marathon record

Joy Johnson, the oldest woman participant in the New York City Marathon, completed her run Sunday even after suffering a fall resulting to a head injury. She passed away the next day.

Life November 6, 2013

Google engineer recruited to fix Obamacare site

Obamacare website will have engineers from Google and Oracle to fix certain issues.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 6, 2013

Nexus 5 pretty easy to pry apart: iFixit

iFixit claims the Google Nexus 5 is very easy to tear apart. Good news for those who love to tinker.

Tech November 6, 2013

Mujjo unveils world’s first leather crochet touchscreen gloves for women

Mujjo's specially designed gloves mimic the conductive properties of human skin allowing touchscreen compatibility.

Tech November 6, 2013

Apple Arizona plant to create 2000 jobs

Apple is all set to grow its renewable energy-powered laboratory in Mesa, Arizona, which will produce sapphire crystals - the type used in iPhone 5s fingerprint scanners.

Business Tech November 6, 2013

Google Helpouts launched (but you'll need to pay)

The Google Helpouts experts will assist people in myriad of areas ranging from making your dishes to applying the right makeup, all via video chats.

Tech November 6, 2013

Microsoft strikes 20-year deal to buy wind power for its Texas datacenter

To meet the ever growing energy demands, software giant Microsoft has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement for wind energy in Texas.

Energy November 6, 2013

India joins Mars mission race

India's Mars Orbiter Mission is being considered as a well thought-out and a key milestone. Former ISRO Chairman K. Kasturirangan said that it will help boost New Delhi's credentials to join future collaborative international deep-space missions.

Science November 6, 2013

Ambitious Twitter raises price range as IPO buzz grows

Twitter Inc. has increased the price of shares for its initial public offering (IPO) by 25 percent, putting it on track to raise $1.75 billion.

Business Tech November 6, 2013

Google’s Eric Schmidt blasts NSA spying, calls it ‘illegal’ and ‘outrageous’

Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has lambasted National Security Agency (NSA) following reports that the agency has been spying on Google data centers, calling NSA's act of spying "outrageous" and potentially "illegal."

Life November 5, 2013

BlackBerry down and Thorsten Heins out as Fairfax takeover deal collapses

BlackBerry's tale of woes continued this week as it abandoned its sale process on Monday and announced that it will replace its chief executive and other top officials.

Business Tech November 5, 2013

Are teens deserting Facebook for good?

Facebook posted gains on its mobile business but it admitted that teenagers might be looking elsewhere.

Tech November 5, 2013

Alcatel Lucent seeks over $2 bn to fund recovery

Alcatel-Lucent is seeking $2 billion to put it on the recovery path.

Business Tech November 5, 2013

Google injects $608 mn to boost Finnish data centers

Google has secures its spot in Finland for the long term with a new datacenter.

Business Tech November 5, 2013

Wozniak hopes Apple cooperates with Google and Samsung instead of competing

BBC interviewed Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and he shared some interesting insights how tech companies should be.

Business Tech November 5, 2013

NSA, GCHQ worst offenders of mass surveillance: Edward Snowden speaks out

Edward Snowden speaks out against the NSA and GCHQ in a public manifesto.

Life November 5, 2013

iOS engineering head Henri Lamiraux retires

Apple's VP of engineer for iOS, Henri Lamiraux, has confirmed his retirement.

Business Tech November 5, 2013

Chromecast rival PLAiR 2 unleashed: What you should know

Chromecast has a new rival, the PLAiR 2.

Tech November 5, 2013

Biohacker implants computer chip inside arm to record body data

Humans entering the age of cyborgs? A man from Pittsburgh implanted a biometric device in his forearm without help of a doctor and without using anesthetics.

Robotics November 5, 2013

Facebook can predict romance and breakups: Study

A study by experts from Cornell University and Facebook used data to pinpoint couples and even predict who might break up, based on the quality of social networks they shared.

Life November 5, 2013

Dell Latitude 6430u ultrabooks stink of 'cat pee,' complain users

Users are complaining that the Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabooks smell of cat urine.

Tech November 4, 2013

iGoogle: RIP

iGoogle is dead. The search engine giant has finally implemented the shutdown of the personalized home page service after announcing it in July 2012.

Tech November 4, 2013

Apple promises to replace iPhone 5s defective battery

Apple has confirmed a battery manufacturing defect affecting a small number of iPhone 5s owners and promised to replaced the said units as soon as possible.

Tech November 4, 2013

Why did Anonymous hack Singapore's The Straits Times

An alleged member of the group Anonymous hacked Singapore's The Strait Times for purportedly misleading its readers about a protest video posted on YouTube.

Photo Gallery November 4, 2013

First Instagram ad unleashed: Michael Kors

The first Instagram ad has been released.

Business Tech November 4, 2013

Elon Musk's Hyperloop dream could become a reality as early as 2015

Hyperloop could become a reality as early as 2015.

Car Tech November 4, 2013

Speed record: Atlanta man drives from NY to LA in less than 29 hours

A man from Atlanta now holds the record as the fastest driver to drive across the United States, beating a record set in 2006.

Life November 4, 2013

AT&T wants to buy Vodafone as early as 2014

AT&T may want to acquire Vodafone as early as 2014.

Business Tech November 4, 2013

Tech giants want NSA snooping to end

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and more all show disapproval with NSA's surveillance.

Life November 4, 2013

Moto G plays peek-a-boo on Motorola website

The rumored Moto G smartphone plays peek-a-boo on the company's website but disappears soon after.

Tech November 3, 2013

Demystified: Google barge to host parties for Glassholes and not a secret lab

Google's barge will host invite-only parties and is not a secret data center as rumored earlier.

Life November 3, 2013

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