Google Android Wear paid apps don't work? Google issues a fix


Google has released a temporary fix to the issue of paid apps not working with Google Android Wear devices.

The temporary requires app developers to manually package the Android Wear APK so that the paid apps will begin working on the wearable technology devices.

The workaround is explained in detail at the official Android Developers Blog. Documentation on the wearable operating system has been updated to reflect the adjustments needed in packaging paid apps for Android Wear devices.

Android Wear apps are normally downloaded from the Google Play store along with the app's smartphone partner app. The app is supposed to install automatically to a paired Android Wear device through Bluetooth.

However, the component of the apps for the Android Wear devices aren't transferring, which is an issue in Google's app encryption procedures that is supposed to fight against piracy. 

The measure to fight against pirates is working against legitimate customers instead, as Android Wear devices are not able to find the apps in the encrypted packages.

With the workaround posted, users will have to wait for the developers of the paid apps that they downloaded to implement the fix before trying to re-install the downloaded apps. 

Android Developers, through Google+, is currently working on making the fix easier to implement than developers having to adjust codes in their apps for the users to be able to enjoy them. An update will be coming in the near future.

The issue is an unfortunate one for Google's Android Wear, as the first devices utilizing the wearable technology operating system are being rolled out. The LG G Watch has now been released, the Samsung Gear Live is now accepting pre-orders and the Moto 360 has a launch date coming soon.

Android Wear, which was announced on March 18, recently just made available third-party apps on the Google Play Store on July 4. Included in the first 25 third-party apps for Android Wear are Evernote, Hangouts, The Guardian, Maps, Pinterest and many more. 

Android Wear, unlike the Android operating system being used for smartphones and tablet computers, is free from customizations from manufacturers, meaning that Android Wear will look exactly alike among all devices from different manufacturers. While this decision by Google will be against the open-source nature of Android, it will greatly improve the fragmentation and confusion issues of the operating system. Manufacturers may complain about lacking differentiation in their Android Wear products, but that could be carried out in hardware and device features.

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