Google's Inbox By Gmail Update Includes Smart Reply Feature


Inbox by Gmail just got smarter.

Google is launching a new feature called Smart Reply for Inbox that essentially generates responses geared toward your emails. To save time, users can simply choose one of the suggestions that's most appropriate to the email and hit send. The new feature will be available for Inbox via Android and iOS devices Wednesday.

An example of the new function shows an email with "Vacation Plans" as the subject. In the body of the message, the user is asked: "Do you have your vacation plans set yet? When you do, can you send them along?"

To that, Smart Reply generates three responses: "No plans yet." "I just sent them to you." "I'm working on them."

To save the time it would take to type in a response, you can simply choose one of the suggested Smart Reply retorts, which will fill the email's message field, and hit send.

Speaking to The Next Web at the Web Summit Monday, vice president of Google for Work, Amit Singh, says the company's updated Inbox uses machine learning technology to intelligently predict a response to a wide range of emails. The technology is similar to how Google pinpoints spam in your inbox.

The more you use Smart Reply to answer your emails, the more it should reflect your writing style, Singh added.

Anything to speed up the process of answering emails sounds great, however, as the Smart Reply technology is only beginning, just make sure to not choose the wrong suggested response and hit send in haste.

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