First Boy To Be Featured In Moschino Barbie Commercial Is 'Fierce'

Mattel's latest 30-second ad for Barbie gets it right again! After a previous campaign saw little girls dreaming they could be whatever they wanted to be whether it be a soccer coach or a vet or an anatomy professor, this new commercial breaks gender stereotypes and throws them out the window by featuring a little boy to promote the new limited edition Moschino Barbie.

Not only is Barbie clad in fashion designed by the Italian powerhouse, a little boy with an adorable curly blonde mohawk proudly plays with Barbie – because boys can!

“Moschino Barbie is so fierce!" he exclaims as he holds his Barbie and places her designer black and gold purse on her arm.

Our hearts completely belonged to this kid the moment he winks at the camera at the end of the video.

Moschino Barbie was a hit as well. The $150 doll went on sale last week and was sold out in less than an hour.

According to reports, Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott has always used Barbie as one of his major inspirations. Although he has already dressed the likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, Scott said that dressing Barbie was a dream come true.

“The thing I love about Barbie is that she is the ultimate muse and inspired me to become a designer,” he said in an interview.

Other little boys who are now grown up can also appreciate seeing a male featured playing with a Barbie without fear of judgment alongside his female playmates.

“This almost made me cry! I used to play with my sister's Barbies and felt such shame afterward. I'm so glad we can just let kids be kids,” posted one commenter on the video's YouTube page which has gone viral.

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