New 'Dark Force' Motorcycle From Ural Rocks A Lightsaber For The Dark Side

Ural just unveiled an awesome new motorcycle designed with Darth Vader fans in mind: meet the "Dark Force," which comes with its own lightsaber.

"Star Wars" and its universe generate a lot of hype from countless fans (of all ages) worldwide. Throughout the years we've seen plenty of cool products and gadgets inspired by the classic sci-fi trilogy and the latest one comes in the form of a sleek two-wheeler properly named the Dark Force.

Any "Star Wars" fan knows that Darth Vader, born Anakin Skywalker, drove some pretty awesome vehicles such as the customized TIE fighter, podracers, combat spacecraft and more.

The new Dark Force motorcycle from Ural Motorcycles seems to fit just perfectly in the scenario, rocking a great dark design with plenty of elements worthy of Darth Vader. Ural completely blacked out the body of the motorcycle, as well as its engine and exhaust pipe so you get a dark, mean-looking beauty that looks gorgeous and even rocks a red lightsaber to complement its LED lighting.

"From a factory far, far away; nestled in the Ural Mountains, comes the Dark Force. Standard equipped with Lightsaber®, LED lighting, and fully blacked out to hide you in the shadows," boasts Ural.

Ural's bikes also come with sidecars, and the Dark Force is no different. Maybe that apprentice you want to protect from The Emperor could use the spare seat?

"Inspired by the world of Star Wars®, we created a motorcycle that lets your inner child explore the dark side with little damage to the real world balance of power. Come to the dark side...we've got sidecars!"

In addition to the dark flair and the lightsaber, the Dark Force features an air-cooled, 749cc two-cylinder engine that delivers 41 horsepower, a 2.9-cubic foot truck that's waterproof, and a big Enduro bench seat to make the dark side more comfortable.

Ural's new Dark Force motorcycle is limited-edition and only 25 units will be available in the U.S., each selling for a starting price of $14,999. Interested customers will also be able to choose various upgrades to fit onto the bike. Ural lists a number of select dealers that have the Dark Force in stock and allows customers to reserve the motorcycle through its website. Lastly, the Dark Force comes with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, or an optional three-year warranty that costs $850.

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