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Google's Parent, Alphabet, Announces Deal With Avis To Manage Self-Driving Cars

Google's parent company, Alphabet, has announced a deal with Avis to manage its line of self-driving cars. Such a partnership will allow Alphabet to expand its hold in the industry.

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In Self-Driving Car Case, Tesla Is Found To Be Not At Fault, Here's Why

In the first fatal car crash involving a self-driving car, Tesla has been found not at fault. The investigation is ongoing, but a recently released report concludes that Tesla's autopilot systems did not cause the crash.

Car Tech June 20, 2017

NTSB: Tesla Model S In Fatal 2016 Autopilot Crash Issued Repeated Warnings To Driver

The National Transportation Safety Board has released new details about a car crash last year involving Joshua Brown and his Tesla Model S. The board, however, hasn’t yet concluded on what caused the crash.

Car Tech June 20, 2017

Ford Reveals Full Details Of The Refreshed F-150 And The 2018 Expedition

Ford revealed the details of its upcoming 2018 Ford F-150 pickup and 2018 Ford Expedition SUV vehicles. Both cars will get greater power due to increased transmission efficiency and reduced weight as a result of their aluminum bodies.

Car Tech June 17, 2017

Audi A8 Teaser Video Gives A Sneak Preview Of The Car's Self-Parking Feature

Audi released a new teaser video for its upcoming luxury vehicle Audi A8. The teaser showed the impending car’s self-parking skills and offered a peek into its interior and exterior.

Car Tech June 15, 2017

Tesla Model X Rated As Safest SUV Ever By NHTSA: Here's What Happens When It Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave a perfect five-star crash rating on the Tesla Model X after the electric SUV was subjected to a series of crash tests. This makes it the safest SUV in the market.

Car Tech June 14, 2017

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Will Take Leave From Company Due To Scandals

Uber has been through a trying few months from the Waymo lawsuit and the workplace scandals that emerged. Amid all this chaos, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will be taking a leave of absence from the company for an undisclosed amount of time.

Car Tech June 13, 2017

Tesla Drives Past BMW To Become The 4th Most Valuable Car Company In The World

Tesla overtook BMW to become the fourth most valuable car company in the world, after Toyota, Daimler, and Volkswagen. This sudden growth was brought by investors' confidence in the electric carmaker and its CEO Elon Musk's vision.

Car Tech June 10, 2017

Tesla Model X Airbag Issue Announced, But It Will Get The Smoothest Fix: No Recall Necessary

Tesla notified customers that some Model X vehicles sport an anomaly with the passenger airbag. Rather than issuing a recall, however, the company is patching things up with an OTA update this weekend.

Car Tech June 9, 2017

Honda Shares Plan Of Introducing Autonomous Vehicles By 2025

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo revealed that his company would launch level 4 autonomous vehicles by 2025. He also talked about Honda's association with Alphabet-owned Waymo and what the two companies may work on together.

Car Tech June 9, 2017

Here's The First Official Teaser For The Tesla Model Y: What Does It Reveal About The Electric Crossover?

Tesla released the first teaser image for its upcoming electric crossover, the Model Y. What does the image reveal about the vehicle, and what do we know so far about it?

Car Tech June 8, 2017

Toyota Sold Remaining Tesla Stock Last Year: From Partners To Electric Car Rivals

Spokespersons for Toyota revealed that the biggest carmaker in Japan has sold its remaining stake in Tesla. Toyota and Tesla, previously partners, are now rivals in the burgeoning electric car industry.

Car Tech June 5, 2017

Toyota Making Flying Car For Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Toyota has funded a startup company to develop a fully functional flying car in time for the 2020 Olympics. Engineers plan for a manned test flight in 2019.

Car Tech June 4, 2017

Waymo Using Its Self-Driving Car Technology To Develop Autonomous Trucks

A report stated that Alphabet-owned Waymo was developing its autonomous car technology for semi-trucks as well. Sources close to the company claimed that it had already started testing these semi-trucks in its privately-owned California track.

Car Tech June 3, 2017

Meet Rolls-Royce Sweptail: The Most Expensive New Car

Rolls-Royce Sweptail, a two-seater coupe is hailed as the most expensive car. The car, which was in making since 2013, was manufactured on request and was sold for $12.8 million.

Car Tech May 29, 2017

BMW Teases The M8 At The M Festival [Video]

BMW unveiled its M8 performance car at the BMW M Festival being held at Nurburgring. The company did not mention any specs, but fat tires and four rounded tailpipes were evident in the car.

Car Tech May 29, 2017

Tesla In Trouble? Model X Sales Struggling, Model 3 Name Causing Confusion With Model S

Tesla could be in trouble due to issues concerning the Model X and the Model 3. Sales of the Model X are struggling despite a friendly market for luxury SUVs, while the name of the Model 3 is causing confusion.

Car Tech May 27, 2017

Lawsuit Alleges GM Installed Devices In Its Trucks To Cheat In Emission Tests

In a class action lawsuit, General Motors was accused of rigging its diesel vehicles to pass emission tests successfully. The carmaker was accused of fitting its heavy-duty truck models with defeat devices to pass the tests.

Car Tech May 27, 2017

BMW Concept 8 Series Officially Revealed At Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

BMW unveiled its Concept 8 Series vehicle in Italy. The concept car model shown off at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este sported a stylish and sporty interior and exterior design.

Car Tech May 26, 2017

Graco Recalls More Than 25,000 Child Car Seats Over Safety Issues: Here Are The Models Affected

Graco has recalled 25,494 My Ride 65 child car seats that failed the NHTSA's safety tests. Here are the affected models and what to do in case you have one.

Car Tech May 25, 2017

Dodge Confirms Price Of The 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, Exclusive Demon Crate Available Only For $1

Dodge revealed the price at which it’s upcoming 2018 Challenger SRT Demon muscle car would retail in the United States. The company also revealed the list of options and colors in which the vehicle would be available.

Car Tech May 24, 2017

Tesla Model X Saved Groom's Life The Night Before His Wedding: Car Safety FTW

A groom got into an accident the night before his wedding, when a stolen Honda Civic smashed into his Tesla Model X at 65 miles per hour. The man says the Model X saved his life thanks to its safety-first design, shielding him from in the violent impact.

Car Tech May 20, 2017

A Look At Lidar, The 54-Year Old Technology Fueling Google And Uber's Self-Driving Ambitions

Google and Uber went to court over a half-century-old technology known as lidar. Here's a lowdown on lidar and how it affects the self-driving car industry.

Car Tech May 15, 2017

Audi And Volvo To Feature Next Generation Of Google's Android Auto In Newest Cars

With Google I/O around the corner, the company continues to search for partners to make a car running entirely on Android. Thanks to Volvo and Audi, it may have just taken the next step.

Car Tech May 16, 2017

Lyft And Waymo Team Up To Bring Self-Driving Cars To The Streets First

More companies are investing in bringing self-driving cars to the public. Lyft and Waymo look to shake up the landscape with a collaborative deal to become the first to get autonomous vehicles on the streets.

Car Tech May 15, 2017

Elon Musk Posts Footage Of His New Underground Tunnel Project, And It's Far From Being Boring [Video]

Elon Musk shared new footage of The Boring Company's underground tunnel, designed to whisk vehicles at high speed across great distances. The video comes with a warning, however, as it may trigger seizures or cause motion sickness.

Car Tech May 13, 2017

Tesla Model Y Coming Soon: Elon Musk Teased Exciting Details About The Upcoming Electric Compact SUV

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared several exciting details about the upcoming Model Y. The electric compact SUV is expected to start production as early as late 2019, and will be as affordable as the Model 3.

Car Tech May 5, 2017

Meet Workhorse W-15, An Electric Pickup Truck With Extended Range

Workhorse Group unveiled its hybrid pickup truck, dubbed the W-15 at the ACT Expo event. The vehicle would feature a 60 kWh battery along with a BMW-sourced gas engine.

Car Tech May 3, 2017

Samsung Gets Green Light To Test Self-Driving Cars

The South Korean Ministry granted Samsung permission to test its self-driving technology in the country. Samsung previously stated that it would work on creating autonomous driving technology, but not a car.

Car Tech May 2, 2017

Lexus SUV Spotted Testing Apple's Self-Driving Software

Leaked images revealed Apple is testing its self-driving software on the Californian streets. A white Lexus RX450h SUV with several radars and camera equipment attached was visible in the leaked pictures.

Car Tech April 28, 2017

Uber To Demonstrate Network Of Flying Cars In Dallas And Dubai By 2020: Amazing Project Or Crazy Plan?

Uber is planning to demonstrate a network of flying cars in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai by 2020. To achieve the aggressive goal, the ride-hailing service has entered partnerships with several manufacturers, startup ChargePoint, and the city of Dubai.

Car Tech April 25, 2017

Google's Waymo Offers Free Self-Driving Car Rides To The Public In Phoenix And You Can Apply Now

Google's Waymo has started taking applications to offer free rides in its self-driving minivans in Phoenix, Arizona. This marks the first time Waymo opens its services to the public and interested customers can apply for a ride starting today.

Car Tech April 25, 2017

Meet Kitty Hawk: A 'Flying Car' That Does Not Look Like A Car

Kitty Hawk, a startup backed by Google’s Larry Page, has just piloted its first flying aircraft prototype. But its vehicle of the future is not meant to hit roads, to be clear.

Car Tech April 25, 2017

Apple's Self-Driving Car Plans Revealed Via DMV Documents: 'Apple Automated System' To Compete With Google, Uber Autonomous Tech

Documents detailing Apple’s self-driving plans, which includes an autonomous software in addition to a training program, have now surfaced on the web. Reports say the plans are part of Apple’s forthcoming self-driving road tests in California.

Car Tech April 22, 2017

Slovakia-Based Startup Now Ready To Accept Preorders For $1 Million Flying Car

A Slovakia-based startup launched a true flying car that can be used both on land and on air. AeroMobil doesn’t come cheap, but it is a truly unique vehicle.

Car Tech April 21, 2017

Tesla Recalls 53,000 Model X And Model S Over Potential Parking Brake Defect

Tesla issued a voluntary recall for its Model X and Model S vehicles owing to a possible manufacturing defect in the parking brake. The carmaker recalled 53,000 vehicles manufactured from February 2016 to October 2016.

Car Tech April 22, 2017

Volkswagen Reveals Electric Concept I.D. CROZZ At Shanghai Auto Show

Volkswagen unveiled its concept for an all-new electric SUV crossover dubbed I.D. Crozz at the Shanghai Auto 2017. The concept car is equipped with AR and auto-pilot capabilities, which sets it apart from other EVs.

Car Tech April 19, 2017

Tesla Adjusts Electric Vehicle Price Tags: $5,000 Off For Entry-Level Model S, With More Features

Tesla has made several adjustments to the price tags of its electric vehicles, including reducing the price of the Model S 75 and Model S 75D. The company's cheapest vehicle for now, the Model S 75, costs only $69,500.

Car Tech April 18, 2017

California DMV Confirms Apple Is Now Permitted To Test Self-Driving Cars, Adds To List Of Companies Testing In State

Apple Inc., is now officially added to the list of companies permitted to test autonomous vehicles in California. Their name on the list stands as a silent confirmation to the company’s movements in the growing autonomous vehicle industry.

Car Tech April 15, 2017

Tesla Planning To Unveil Electric Pickup Truck And Semi Truck: Elon Musk

Elon Musk revealed the future projects and launches from Tesla via a tweet. He shared that the company would unveil an electric semi-truck in September and a battery-powered pickup within two years.

Car Tech April 15, 2017

Elon Musk On Investors Calling For Board Change: 'Buy Ford Stock'

Some Tesla investor groups called for a shakeup of the company's board. CEO Elon Musk responded to the dismayed investors by telling them to buy shares from rival Ford.

Car Tech April 14, 2017

Honda Reveals Clarity Plug-In Hybrid And Clarity Electric At The New York Auto Show

Honda revealed two new models in its Clarity series. The carmaker announced the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and the Clarity Electric Vehicle, both of which will join the already available Clarity Fuel Cell.

Car Tech April 13, 2017

Acura Unveils 2018 TLX Sedan: Specs, Features, And More

Acura has introduced its latest luxury sedan, the 2018 Acura TLX. This refreshed version of the 2014 Acura TLX features improved exteriors and bumped-up electronic internals.

Car Tech April 13, 2017

Lincoln Reveals 2018 Navigator: Specs, Design, Release Date, And Price

Lincoln unveiled its 2018 Navigator during the ongoing New York Auto Show. The family SUV makes significant improvements over its predecessor in terms of luxury, noise reduction, and interior technology.

Car Tech April 12, 2017

Dodge Reveals 2018 Challenger SRT Demon: 'Most-Powerful Muscle Car Ever'

Dodge announced its 2018 Challenger SRT Demon muscle vehicle during the ongoing New York Auto Show. The vehicle is touted to be the most powerful muscle car with an 840-horsepower engine and 770 pound-feet torque.

Car Tech April 12, 2017

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