Google Reportedly Working On Artificially Intelligent Messaging App To Go After Facebook Messenger

24 December 2015, 5:19 am EST By Dave Calpito Tech Times
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Google is reportedly working on a new messaging app equipped with artificial intelligence. 

To catch up and take on Facebook Messenger, Google is said to be developing a new app that will not only let you chat with your friends but answer your queries as well. 

Chatbot Technology

If the rumor is to be believed, the Mountain View-based company is said to incorporate chatbots into the app, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal. These chatbots will be able to go through Google's index to answer users' questions via a text message. 

Release Date

It is not yet clear when Google plans to roll out this messaging app. The WSJ's sources also did not mention if the app already has an official name.

Possible Rivals

Portio Research says messaging apps are among the most popular mobile apps, with more than 2 billion users right now. 

Among the popular messaging apps include WhatsApp and Messenger, which are both owned by Facebook. Tencent's WeChat is also popular across China, thanks to features beyond messaging, such as the ability for users to pay bills, shop and book appointments. 

It seems that Google Hangouts cannot catch up, which is why Google must be focusing its attention on yet another messaging app that can compete with other apps. 

Google veteran Nick Fox is reportedly leading the team that has been working on the new app for more than a year now. Earlier this year, Fox became Google's vice president of communications products. 

In October, Google was reported to have attempted to buy 200 Labs, a startup focused on creating chatbots. However, the firm reportedly declined. 200 Labs works on technology that can allow a chatbot to answer an inquiry, which is what Google is reportedly working on. 

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