Secret 'Google Workshop' feature will bring Moto X-like customization features to Nexus smartphones and tablets


Google is taking a page out of Motorola's Moto Maker customization service. 'Google Workshop' will allow users to create customizable Nexus cases in addition to live wallpapers.

Leading up to the official announcement of the Moto X, there were reports that Motorola would allow users to customize the look of the smartphone when ordered through the company's online store. When the smartphone was unveiled, Motorola also showed off its Moto Maker customization service that was initially an exclusive to AT&T. Customers would be able to purchase a Moto X through the Moto Maker website and make the device a little more unique and personal.

Moto Maker has since become available to all major U.S. carriers offering the Moto X. The process starts out by allowing users to choose between a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB Moto X. Customers then move on to customizing the look of the smartphone by choosing various plastic color back cases in Cool, Neutral, or Warm color palettes and it even offers Natural rear cases that have been constructed out of genuine wood. It offers users a choice of black or white front color, along with anodized aluminum accent colors for its power, volume buttons, and rear camera ring. The company also added "The College Collection" in March, which allows users to choose a customized Moto X with their favorite college colors and logo.

Google will reportedly offer a similar service to Nexus users in the future and screenshots and details have just leaked. Android Police is reporting that Google is exploring a tool that it's currently calling "Google Workshop", that will allow Nexus users to create custom cases and live wallpapers. The screenshots show the service being used with the Nexus 5 smartphone only, but will likely be available on all Nexus devices purchased through Google's Play Store.

Users will be able to create custom cases and live wallpapers using two main tools. The "MapMe" tool will create cases and wallpapers based on a location and let users design the look of their map using different colors and text. The live wallpapers will show location-specific weather or tweets.

The second tool is called "Moments" and Google describes it as "bring your phone to life with moments you love." Users will be able to upload photos and choose one to be used for the customized case, while the other photos can then be used to create live wallpapers.

There's no word on when we'll actually see this Google Workshop go live, but it certainly shows that Google is planning to keep its Nexus smartphone and tablet series around and make them more customizable.

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