Apple Working On Truly Wireless Earbuds For iPhone 7: Report


Apple may launch a new type of "premium" earbuds this fall following its acquisition of Beats Electronics. The new product is said to be truly wireless and may potentially be released alongside the iPhone 7.

The design may most likely resemble those of Motorola Hint and Bragi's new Dash headphones, in that they will not have a connecting cable between the right and left ear pieces. Apple may also create ear sleeves with different sizes just like Motorola and Bragi.

As for answering calls, Apple may develop a control system for managing calls and activating Siri. For comparison, Bragi's has a built-in button for call answering purposes.

To enhance communication via phone calls and Siri, the company is expected to build an accessory or develop a system that involves a noise-cancelling microphone, amid Apple's lack of prior in-line remote program.

Rumors previously said that Apple will ditch the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack for the iPhone 7. For users to charge their devices, they will have to have headphones connected via the Lightning port or turn to Bluetooth for wireless connection. In 2014, iOS began to enable headphones for Lightning, and the new EarPods are also said to support this.

Interestingly, the rumored wireless Apple/Beats earbuds will have no ports for charging. Unlike the current wireless Beats, which has a mini-USB port, the new earphones will most likely come with a case that can also function as a rechargeable battery to amp up the device when not in use. Without using the case, reports say it will have a sub-4-hour battery life given that the pair is entirely separated and requires double wireless chips and separate batteries. Apple is said to have tried the technology last month with a battery case for the iPhone 6.

The overall hardware is still in the process of development. "While Apple hopes to launch the new earphones this fall, the hardware is still in progress and could be delayed by battery life concerns," says Marc Gurman from 9to5Mac.

Although the new earphones and iPhone 7 will be released at almost the same time, the two products will not be bundled together, reports say. The new earphones will be marketed as a premium alternative to the new version of the EarPods.

Prices have not yet been revealed but comparable earphone models from Bragi are sold at about $300.

In October 2015, Apple registered the "AirPods" trademark so any new earphone product developed by the merged firms will most likely carry that name.

Since Apple acquired Beats, it has released Apple Music and created minor updates to existing headphone products.

The rumored earphones will be the first major hardware device of the merged firms.

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