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Newly Renovated Pilgrim Ship Replica Mayflower II Returns To Plymouth

Mayflower II has returned to its home in Plymouth. The replica of the ship that transported Pilgrims back in the day has been newly renovated.

Life & Style June 8, 2016

Leaping Eel Confirms Myth On How The Snake-Like Fish Stuns And Attacks Land Predators

A new study was able to confirm the old myth about how electric eels attack predators. The author was able to discover the attack mechanism of the animals, which he found bizarre at first.

Animals June 7, 2016

World's Space Agencies Agree To Use Satellites To Monitor Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Space agencies in the world have agreed to share their satellite findings to help monitor greenhouse gas emissions. Through this, there will be richer data that experts can compare and get information from.

Space June 6, 2016

Women Should Take Hormonal Drugs For 10 Years To Prevent Return Of Breast Cancer

Researchers found that taking hormonal drugs for 10 years, instead of five, may help prevent breast cancer from coming back. The study may pave the way for new and more effective breast cancer therapy in the future.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2016

Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Can Be Transmitted By Kissing And Oral Sex

Zika virus may be transmitted via oral sex or kissing, a new report has found. The public is cautioned about the disease's mode of transmission.

Public Health June 5, 2016

Luxembourg Allots $223 Million Fund For Space Mining Ventures

Luxembourg has taken another big step in putting itself on top of the space mining industry. The small European country released $223 million in funds for asteroid mining.

Space June 4, 2016

Undiagnosed Dementia Ups Risk Of Older Adults To Perform Dangerous Activities

Older adults with undiagnosed dementia are more likely to engage in unsafe activities, a new study found. Because their families and friends are unaware of the medical condition, these people are left in risky situations.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 4, 2016

What Is Fentanyl? Accidental Overdose Of This Drug Killed Prince

Authorities have concluded that Prince died of fentanyl overdose. The opioid is a potent painkiller that is said to be deadly even in small doses.

Public Health June 3, 2016

Researchers Inch Closer To Developing Non-Allergenic Peanuts

Scientists may have found a way to create non-allergenic peanuts. The discovery may pave the way for healthier peanut products that all people can eat.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 3, 2016

Scientists Announce Plans To Create Synthetic Human Genome In The Lab

A synthetic human genome project is on its way as scientists unveil their plans to help in human health and agricultural sectors in the most ethical way possible.

Biotech June 3, 2016

Zika Discoverer Leaves Treasure Trove Of Data On Mosquito-Borne Virus

Work of the man who first discovered Zika virus was found in the archives of the University of Glasgow. The slides, images and hand-written notes may help ongoing Zika researches.

Public Health June 3, 2016

FDA Proposes Guidelines To Reduce Salt In Restaurants And Packaged Food

FDA has released a draft guidance to help lower salt content of food products commonly sold in U.S. restaurants and supermarkets. The proposal aims to decrease Americans' salt consumption and subsequently improve their health.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 2, 2016

Instagram Unveils New Tools For Small Businesses

Instagram has introduced new tools for business owners who use the app for business purposes. The new tools include creating business profiles, getting client insight and having a chance to promote products.

Business Tech June 2, 2016

Family History Of Heart Disease, Diabetes Ups Cardiometabolic Risk For Children

Children with a family history of heart disease and diabetes were found to more likely have increased cardiometabolic risks. The study stressed on the impact of family history, which should motivate parents to change the family's lifestyles as appropriate.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 2, 2016

Chemicals In Plastic Food Containers May Irreversibly Weaken Children's Teeth

Chemicals found in plastic food containers may damage children's teeth beyond repair. These chemicals were found to disrupt teeth enamel function, which provides dental protection.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 2, 2016

Milky Way Measurement Reveals Galaxy Is Lighter Than Previously Thought

The mass of the Milky Way galaxy has been a puzzle for many astronomers. Now, a young scientist was able to come up with a technique to better measure the galaxy's mass.

Space June 2, 2016

WHO Rejects Call To Postpone, Cancel Rio Olympics Because Of Zika Virus Threat

The World Health Organization said there is no need to cancel or postpone the Rio Olympics in Brazil as it will not have any significant bearing in the international spread of the disease.

Public Health June 1, 2016

Mantis Shrimp Inspires Design For New Generation Of Super Strong Materials

The mantis shrimp has inspired a design for new-generation super strong materials. The newly discovered features of the marine animal may help pave the way for the development of highly advanced aircraft, armor and other devices.

Animals May 31, 2016

Premature Babies At Increased Risk For Osteoporosis In Adulthood

Premature babies may have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Experts found that adults from premature and low-weight births have low bone mass and bone density.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 31, 2016

Flame Retardants May Up Thyroid Disease Risk In Women

Flame retardants may increase the risk of women to develop thyroid disease, a new study found. Experts discovered that postmenopausal women are particularly more at risk.

Public Health May 31, 2016

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