Google 'Expeditions' Introduces Virtual Reality Trips To The Great Barrier Reef And Buckingham Palace

Along with total immersion, one of the lures of a virtual reality experience is taking people where they've never been before.

After Google's Expeditions virtual reality software already took students on virtual reality treks through the Great Wall of China and Mars last year, it has introduced the Great Barrier Reef and Buckingham Palace as two more VR destinations to be fully immersed in, as reported by Engadget.

Sir David Attenborough designed the Great Barrier Reef experience, while there's a YouTube 360 video of Buckingham Palace, whose virtual tour starts at the Grand Staircase, before going through some of the State Rooms and highlighting art from the Queen's exclusive Royal Collection. The clip can be viewed in virtual reality or 360-degree format.

Engadget is additionally reporting that upwards of 500,000 students have participated in Google's Expeditions Pioneer Program, which launched last September with the goal of schools and their students learning and exploring on virtual reality field trips taken right in their classrooms. 

In attempt to enhance and help push the experience forward, Google has launched a beta version of its app for select schools to sign up for. All it would entail is for schools to sign up for the Android beta app here and then download it once approved.

While the Great Barrier Reef and Buckingham Palace are the newest experiences available, additional virtual reality locations will be added in the coming months.

What other thrilling destinations around the world would you like to see Google Expeditions add in the near future?

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