Best Mobile Apps To Explore If You're Housebound Because Of Winter Storm Jonas

Winter Storm Jonas may have possibly confined you to the comforts of your home over the weekend. The rough weather may be a dampener but there is no reason why the cold should keep you from being informed or having some fun when you're unable to leave the house.

With the snowstorm anticipated to last until Sunday, make sure you have the heating up and stay safe. It's a good time to slip into your onesies and curl up with a hot cup of cocoa by the fireplace.

If you start getting bored and need a reprieve from counting the snowflakes, fret not as we have some of the best mobile apps you can explore to help you through the blizzard.

NOAA Snow Forecast

While most weather forecasts are generic or offer predictions for a region or city, this app shows information specific to your town or neighborhood for the coming days. You will only see the snow forecast for your area and the app also has a bar graph that indicates the inches of snow expected during the day.

The app costs $1.99 and is available for Android and iOS.


A fun way to alleviate boredom when snowed in would be to use the Kimoji app to send messages.

This is the official app from Kim Kardashian and quite entertaining especially if you challenge yourself to send messages as Kimojis.

Download the app for iOS.

Weather Underground

This app will give you all the weather updates and is your one-stop shop for Jonas-related news. You can see webcam footage and a live blog with updates on the winter storm. The severe weather section is also handy and gives an in-depth map of the United States along with state-by-state warnings and alerts.

Download WeatherUnderground for iOS or Android.

Winter Survival Kit

This app is a handy companion in emergencies, especially if you have the misfortune of getting stuck when driving in the winter. The app helps you find your exact location, call emergency services and communicate with loved ones. It even lets you know how long the engine can run without you becoming a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Winter Survival Kit app will also help you calculate how long the car can run based on the amount of gas in the tank.

Download the free app for Android or iPhone.

Photo: Fen Labalme | Flickr

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