Scott Snyder And Greg Capullo Are Leaving DC's Best-Selling 'Batman' Comic


Since the New 52 reboot, DC's main Batman comic from writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo has been a homerun each and every issue. There is a reason it is DC's best-selling comic month after month.

That, however, might soon change. Come summertime as part of DC's latest relaunch initiative, Batman will become a bi-monthly comic instead of a single issue per month book. That change looks to have Scott Snyder jumping ship from Batman to Detective Comics, which will stay a once a month title. Snyder will still be writing Batman, as Detective Comics also stars the Caped Crusader, but it looks like Greg Capullo won't be coming with him.

The artist confirmed as much on Twitter when asked by a fan earlier this week.

With Snyder going over to Detective Comics and Capullo leaving Batman behind entirely for the time being, the question begs to be asked: will Batman continue to be DC's best-selling comic? No doubt the shift to a bi-monthly schedule is to capitalize on the book and character's popularity, but what if Snyder's Detective Comics begins to outsell the main Batman book? It's certainly possible, as Snyder has delivered one heck of a run on Batman so far. He wrote Detective Comics before tackling the main Batman book, but close to 50 issues later, people will see Snyder's name on Detective Comics later this year and know that it will be a quality read.

That could catapult Detective Comics to the top of the charts. As for Capullo, this won't be the last time he and Snyder work together. As Bleeding Cool reports, the two are working on a project together for later this year. Given how well the two have worked together in the past, whatever they are working on will most definitely be required reading. 

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