Instagram Turns On Multi-Account Support For Mobile

Instagram has announced that it will officially launch multi-account support for users of its mobile app, meaning that users can now maintain more than one account on one device.

Adding a new account is pretty easy — users simply have to head to the settings menu to add a new account, after which, they can tap their username to switch between accounts. The profile picture of the account that you're using will also be displayed more prominently, ensuring that you don't lose track of which account you're using.

Instagram first added the feature to the Android app, and then began testing it on iOS. Now, however, everyone will have access to the feature.

According to Instagram, users will be able to get push notifications for any account they're logged into on their device, as long as those accounts have push notifications turned on. According to the blog post, this will also depend on when the last time was that you logged into that account and the number of devices logged into it.  

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