Instagram is making life a little bit easier for users with multiple accounts with a new feature that lets them easily switch accounts without having to log in or out multiple times.

The photo-sharing website is quietly rolling out a beta update that adds multi-account support for the mobile app. Version 7.12.0, however, is currently only available for Android users. It's still unclear when iOS users will be able to access the beta and when the general public will be able to see the feature available for them.

The update, which Android Police says has been around for quite some time now, is available only as an APK download via APK Mirror. Interested users may also sign up for Instagram's official beta testing program and grab the account from there. Not all beta testers will see the new feature, though. Apparently, multi-account support is coming as a feature update, and Instagram is rolling it out in waves before it reaches everyone.

If you're already on the app's beta version, open Settings and scroll to the bottom of the list. Right below Clear Search History, you should find an option to Add Account. If you don't, the feature likely hasn't reached your phone yet, but you can expect it to arrive soon. To add an account, simply key in your username and password. That account should be added to a selector menu on the upper left corner on the screen, where you can simply tap accounts to switch, just like Gmail users can. From now on, active accounts will show up in this section to show you which of your accounts you are using. You can also sign out of multiple accounts one by one or simultaneously in the Settings menu.

Most users will probably not bother with this new feature, but there are quite a few users who might find it useful. People who use Instagram for work should be happy to see a new feature that makes it easier for them to switch between their personal and work accounts. Social media managers, for instance, and people with Instagram accounts dedicated to their cats, dogs and their obsession for Nutella can save a bit more time with multi-account support.

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