BitTorrent Rolls Out $4.95 Annual Subscription Tier That Removes uTorrent Ads

If you're sick of those ads all over uTorrent, BitTorrent has a solution: a new paid subscription service that costs $4.95 per year.

Superior tiers that promise to eliminate ads always come at a cost, but BitTorrent's new offer is quite reasonably priced. The new annual subscription service promises to remove all ads from uTorrent, but it doesn't bring any additional benefits like the Pro tier.

The more expensive Pro tier costs $19.95 per year and not only eliminates ads but also includes automatic protection against virus and malware, as well as premium customer support to assist with any issues. Pro tier subscribers can also stream torrents instantly and convert downloads so they can play them on any device.

The new tier doesn't offer any of those extra benefits, but it's nonetheless significantly cheaper. If removing ads is all you want, then this $4.95 subscription service could be the perfect fit.

"This gives users the option of avoiding any and all ads in the client," says the uTorrent team. "It's exciting to us because it gives users the ability to avoid advertising at 25% of the cost that it used to be – about 5 dollars a year instead of 20 dollars."

How To Upgrade To An Ad-Free uTorrent Experience

To opt for a paid subscription and get rid of uTorrent ads, simply head over to uTorrent's dedicated website and select "Upgrade to Ad-Free."

From there, you'll see the new option to get the $4.95 tier and pay for it via various methods, including PayPal or credit card. Complete this step with the necessary payment details and wait for the payment confirmation via email. Once you receive it, you will be able to install uTorrent Ad-Free in two ways.

One method is to click on "Bundle Installer," which will get you an executable file that will take you through the installation process. The second method is to click on the "Personal License Key" link, download a file and drag said file into your existing client. This will trigger an automatic update.

The popular uTorrent has come a long way since it first started out. Originally launched back in 2005, uTorrent became part of BitTorrent one year later, in 2006. The company made notable progress since then, adding a slew of new features and improvements and gaining an impressive user base worldwide.

The new tier is a welcome addition, but uTorrent promises to keep working to enhance the experience.

"The updates and improvements to μTorrent software are ongoing," adds the company. "You can always track release notes here. In addition, our quest for new models and offerings is perpetual. Watch this space for news on that front."

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