Kickass Torrents (KAT) now allows users to stream torrent videos free of charge thanks to Torrents Time, essentially becoming the Netflix of torrents.

Torrents Time is a browser plug-in that lets online users stream videos on any torrent website that has adopted the software. In other words, there's no need to download a file using a third-party client such as uTorrent to access video content.

Just recently, The Pirate Bay implemented the tool, and it immediately turned into the world's largest streaming website. This time around, KAT is jumping on the bandwagon.

On a torrent video page, KAT now has a dedicated section at the bottom called "Online Streaming with Torrents Time."

As everyone can see, there's a Stream Torrent button beside the Download Torrent one, but just to be clear, that's not the Torrents Time streaming option.

If the Torrents Time portion is not showing up on the webpage, simply turn off any ad blocker.

From here on out, the process is similar to that on The Pirate Bay. If the browser plug-in is not installed yet, clicking on the black and white play button will install the software. If it's already installed, it'll open up a video player instead.

It'll also bring up an advertisement about VPNs, warning the user that their IP address is exposed and that it's risky to continue without it. It offers the same deal, where prices start at $1.99, and it can be skipped as well.

The tool will then find peers who have the content via trackers, DHT and PEX and buffer the video. After it gathers enough, the stream will finally start. A quick word on the quality – it depends on the speed of the user's Internet connection. Regarding the video player, it has full support for subtitles, Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA.

Torrents Time is currently compatible with Windows 7 or later and OS X 10.8 or newer and browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. While Microsoft Edge is not on the list yet, the developers are reportedly working on support for Safari.

As of right now, KAT is considered as the largest torrent-focused website, with The Pirate Bay coming in a close second. On that note, KAT could arguably take the title of the biggest streaming website in the world soon enough.

However, everything's not exactly going as smoothly as the developers hoped, as the Netherlands anti-piracy group BREIN has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Torrents Time just days after they launched the software.

"[Torrents Time] structurally and systematically facilitates, enables and participates in the making available of infringing content without the authorization of the respective copyright and neighbouring rights holders," BREIN says, noting that Torrents Time is an "illegal application" that allows illegal distribution of films and TV shows.

As expected, Torrents Time is not backing down from the fight, quickly sending out a reply to the anti-piracy group.

"No court has ever ruled that Torrents Time breaches any right of any sort, including copyrights and neighbouring rights, for two main reasons: One: It was published less than 3 days ago, and two: It was carefully crafted not to do anything whatsoever so as to breach copyright or neighbouring rights," the creators of Torrents Time says.

It remains unclear which one will come out as the victor in this legal battle, but at any rate, Torrents Time is still up on a lot of torrent websites, with many others intending to follow suit.

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