Looks Like The 'Crash Bandicoot' Reboot Might Not Be Happening After All


If there is one PlayStation character that represented Sony's gaming platform in the early years, it was Crash Bandicoot. The quirky Naughty Dog-created character starred in numerous critically acclaimed platformers and spin-offs over the years, creating a massive fanbase that still persists to this day. In recent console generations, however, the character has fallen out of the spotlight, making a reboot a heavily talked about possibility.

There have long been talks about Sony bringing the character back for a PlayStation 4 revival, but so far there hasn't been any solid evidence that this is actually the case.

You can add another debunked rumor to that list now, though it doesn't mean the Crash Bandicoot reboot couldn't still happen. Over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair, the director of NECA Toys told Destructoid that the company has multiple projects going on with Sony. He goes on to praise Sony's game line-up before stating "I see they're bringing Crash Bandicoot back, so there's some great stuff there."

Many fans, when taken along with a recent teaser image for a redesigned Crash Bandicoot posted by the official PlayStation Middle-East Twitter account, seemed to believe that a reboot was all but official.

That, however, isn't the truth. GameSpot followed up with NECA about the comments and received word that the company is not working on a Crash Bandicoot figure and that it had no knowledge of a game in the works.

"It's not the case," a NECA representative told the site. "Someone has misunderstood a comment he made. Randy saw a faked fan-made image right before he came to the show and said that if the game were coming back, we'd love to do figures."

While there is no longer additional evidence to support a Crash Bandicoot revival, it certainly could still happen. It remains to be seen if the image posted by PlayStation Middle-East was simply a tribute or a hint of something greater, and it's no secret that Sony does want to bring the character back. Perhaps an announcement of some kind will come during E3, but until then, fans will just have to hold their breath.

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