Verizon Brings Back 24 Free GB Data Every Year Promo: Here Are The Details


Verizon Wireless subscribers who do not get their fill of free data and hanker for more can now whoop in glee! Why? Because the U.S. network operator is bringing back its popular 24 GB of free data each year promo users' way.

On Tuesday, Verizon announced that it is bringing back the "24 Free GB of data every year for life" promo following its lastet gadget deals. This deal will be available to Verizon subscribers who either activate or upgrade to a new handset with the carrier's Verizon XL plan or larger agreements.

Thanks to the promo, subscribers will be able not only to surf online for longer duration, but also stream music and shows – all for free.

"Whether you're an existing customer or switching over from another provider with a poor network, you'll receive 24 GB of bonus data every year when you upgrade or activate a new phone with device payment on XL or larger Verizon Plans. Available for a limited time, the 24 GB of bonus data is added as 2 GB of monthly bonus data and is shareable," says Verizon Wireless.

For the unfamiliar, the Verizon XL plan begins at $80 each month and entitles users to 12 GB of free data per month. Thanks to the promo this becomes 14 GB each month. The Verizon XXL plan on the other hand is $100 each month and gives users 18 GB of free data per month, which post the promo will get bumped to 20 GB each month.

All the lines in an account will be eligible for the Verizon promo. So basically, if a subscriber has four lines on their account with the XL plan, they will be getting 8 GB of data free each month. This translates to a cool 96 GB of shared data for an entire year.

Since the Verizon promo will run "for life" as the company asserts, one need not fret over the deal being ended abruptly by the network operator.

Verizon lists the benefits of additional 2 GB of data. You can download or upload nearly 600 photos. The data will enable you to surf the Internet for 89 hours or stream ten 30-minute TV shows which are HD. You can use the extra data to stream 512 songs or stay updated with Facebook Newsfeed for nearly 102 hours. Alternately, the extra data can go towards making 150 high bandwidth video calls or navigating on Google Maps for up to 34 hours.

Eligible Verizon subscribers will be able to share the additional 2 GB of free data each month with all the devices in their account. This includes connected devices and tablets.

The only caveat the carrier notes is that when a user is activating or upgrading their plan, "tablets and connected devices are not eligible to receive the 2 GB monthly bonus data."

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