Windows 9 set to be unveiled on Sept. 30: The changes you should expect

22 August 2014, 9:32 am EDT By Vamien McKalin Tech Times
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A new report has claimed that Microsoft is aiming to preview Windows 9 in September at a special press event. Folks close to the situation are claiming that the company plans to highlight some of the new features it hopes to bring Windows back from the gutter.

The exact date of the event is set for Sept. 30, though we are not certain of the time and place. We're also not certain if the company plans to showcase any new hardware for Windows desktop or Windows on mobile.

For now, many sources claim that Windows 9 in its current state is codenamed "Threshold," and it is mainly designed to bring back many of what computer users have come to love from Windows 7. Many features from Windows 8 are expected to return, but users should get the chance to choose if they need these features during installation.

For example, if users want nothing to do with the Modern user interface on their desktop, then they could simply option out.

Microsoft is also aiming to remove the Charms Bar, along with adding a new start menu that should function similarly to the start menu in Windows 7, but more user-friendly. Furthermore, the preview version of Windows 9 is expected to launch with Cortana. However, it is not yet certain if the digital voice assistant will be available for preview come Sept. 30.

Windows 9 is not the only thing Microsoft is working on. There's a reason why the company did not release a Surface 3 tablet alongside the Surface Pro 3, and that is because Microsoft is busy combining Windows RT with Windows Phone.

According to sources, Microsoft could put this new combined operating system in the spotlight at the event to get developers excited.

We here at Tech Times are very much interested to see what Microsoft brings to the table with Windows 9. A failure to innovate and wipe the bad taste of Windows 8 from the air would likely push the company into a corner, one that would be difficult to emerge from.

It is clear that Microsoft has no choice but to come with all guns blazing, or leave the operating system market for good.

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