Apple Invites Media To March 21 Event, Expected To Unveil iPhone 5SE

10 March 2016, 2:31 pm EST By Mark Lelinwalla Tech Times
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In addition to the smaller four-inch smartphone, the company is also expected to unveil a new iPad.  ( Bryan Thomas | Getty Images News )

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On Thursday, Apple sent out invitations to select media to attend a March 21 event at its Cupertino, Calif., campus. Mashable and other websites believe this event will confirm the long-rumored reports about the technology company revealing its new iPhone 5SE four-inch smartphone. That's just the beginning of what could be many announcements of the day.

That being said, Apple doesn't give away much on the invitation, only using the phrase, "Let us loop you in," paving the way for everyone to speculate more — and some to salivate — over the next 11 days.

(Photo : Apple)

The four-inch 5SE smartphone is expected to tout an A8 chip along with an 8-megapixel camera, marked with its widely rumored $450 price tag, which would be considerably less than the company's bigger iPhone 6s and 6s Plus smartphones.

The event could also reveal an iPad Air 3, widely rumored as well, although some expect the 9.7-inch tablet to merely have the name "Pro" attached to it. In addition, the 21st could include some type of announcement about the Apple Watch, considering the event draws near to the wearable device's one-year anniversary. That could be something to the effect of more watch band styles and colors, if not something more significant.

Interestingly enough, Apple's media event will be held a day before a federal court hearing over the company's battle with the U.S. government about a locked iPhone.

For the next 11 days, though, the media will likely speculate over the "let us loop you in" tease on the invitation, with a Wall Street Journal blog already guessing that it could just simply be a play on Apple's Cupertino address of One Infinite Loop or a less-likely chance of it having something to do with a hyperloop.

With all the speculation swirling around Apple and its latest reveals, the company could easily hit us with a surprise that hasn't been rumored as well.

So, stay tuned.

For those who aren't members of the media, the entire March 21 event will be live-streamed on Apple's website, in addition to Apple TV.

If the new iPhone 5SE and iPad announcements pan out, what else would you like to see Apple include in its announcements?

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