Microsoft HoloLens Lets You Design Your Dream Kitchen At Some Lowe's Home Improvement Stores


Microsoft and Lowe teamed up in a pilot project that will deliver augmented reality simulations to some of Lowe's home improvement stores.

Lowe will use the augmented reality visor from Microsoft to give its customers a clear image of various design options for their appliances and kitchens, without the hassle of actually assembling them.

The first place where the pilot will be deployed is Seattle, where Lowe's clients will be able to virtually assemble and visualize kitchen layouts. By making use of HoloLens's holograms, buyers will be able to analyze a number of faucets and gauge the necessary dimensions of kitchen islands.

The second part of the program is scheduled for North Carolina.

HoloLens users will save time and money while hologram-designing their kitchen. If the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" holds true, then maybe a hologram of a fully equipped kitchen is worth a few thousands at the least.

Microsoft uses the term "mixed reality" to refer to augmented reality overlayed on the real world, and points out that the technology gives clients a level of flexibility they never encountered before.

"A miniature hologram kitchen allows for a bird's eye perspective of the kitchen," Microsoft writes on its blog.

Should the program deliver the expected results, the company will expand into other areas of home remodeling.

Scott Erickson, HoloLens' general manager explains that "kitchens and showrooms are just the beginning." The advantages that this system presents to refurbishing of interior spaces are consistent.

Erickson notes that people usually use tape or cardboard of their upcoming furniture to make sure that the volumes align nicely with the room, and using Microsoft's HoloLens takes this to the next level.

"Imagine a more high-quality, easily modifiable replacement to that task," he says.

A HoloLens variant targeted at developers starts selling on March 30 for no less than $3,000. The beginning of the sale coincides with the debut of the company's annual Build developer conference.

There is a big chance that Microsoft will go into further detail about its HoloLens headset at the conference, and we will keep you posted as soon as we find out.

Meanwhile, read all about the HoloLens limitations and specs in our earlier coverage.

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